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Sunday, May 31, 2020

BADSKY, Lena (Lawrence KS)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Lena Badsky, BU Graduate 1907"
PHOTO TAKEN: Ringer Studio, Baldwin KS, 1907
PURCHASED: sent to me by Ms. Kleppinger; "friends of her grandmother"

A follower of this blog recently sorted through photos left by her grandmother and found several identified ones of people not related to her family. These were friends and classmates of her grandmother in the early 1900's in mostly Kansas and Iowa. Ms. Kleppinger was very generous in gifting these to me, so I could start the research on them, and hopefully re-unite some of them with their families.

There were two photos of LENA BADSKY in the group. The other is shown at left. A note sent with these two images explains that "BU" is Baker University in Baldwin City, KS. A quick Google search finds that Baker is a Liberal Arts College.

Lena S. Badsky was born Sept 1885 to parents Jacob Badsky (1850-1933) and Nancy Sizer (1859-1949).

The family is found on the 1900 Census in Elk, Osage County, KS, some 20 miles west of Baldwin.

1900 Census > KS, Osage > Elk
BADKSY, Jacob, head, Oct 1850, 49, born in WV of German parents, farmer
BADSKY, Nannie, wife, Nov 1859, 40, married 22 yr., 4 of 4 children living, born in VA of VA parents
BADSKY, Bertha T., dau, Jly 1880, 19 s, born in KS of WV and VA parents, at school
BADSKY, Carrie A., dau, Mar 1884, 16 s, born in KS, at school
BADSKY, Lena S., dau, Sept 1885, 14 s, born in KS, at school
BADSKY, Mary A., dau, Mar 1887, 13 s, born in KS, at school

This photo of Lena was likely taken around 1903, and was found elsewhere on the internet at a website called "Slices of Time" which is engaged in the same project that I am.  Slices of Time also has a photograph of Lena's parents Jacob and Nannie.
(click for larger)

Lena opened a China Shop after graduating from Baker. This story from the Lawrence Daily Journal was published 05 October 1908.

By the time of the 1910 Census, the family is residing in Lawrence KS.

1910 Census > KS > Douglas > Lawrence
BADKSY, Jacob, head, 58, born in VA of German parents, stock man
BADSKY, Nannie, wife, 50, born in VA of VA parents, artist - china painter
BADSKY, Bertha T., dau, 30 s, born in KS, no occup
BADSKY, Carrie A., dau, Mar 1884, 16 s, born in KS, at school
BADSKY, Lena S., dau, 24, born in KS, artist - china painter

Married to Talmadge DeWitt FUNK Jan 14, 1914.

1920 Census > KS > Douglas > Lawrence
FUNK, T D, head, 36, born in IL of IL parents, undertaker
FUNK, Lena, wife, 35, born in KS, no occup
FUNK, Frances E., dau, 4yr11m, born in KS
FUNK, Lena B., dau, 1y6m, born in KS

Her daughter Frances married a Cummings.

Lena Badsky-Funk died July 23 1981 and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence.

Monday, May 25, 2020

HEACOCK and PLOTTS (Greenwood PA)

HEACOCK FAMILY PHOTOS (Click for larger)

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTOS: Amy Heacock, Anna Heacock and Katherine Plotts
PHOTO TAKEN: various studios in Pennsylvania, ranging from 1870-1905
PURCHASED: 2015 July Brandywine River Antiques, Chadds Ford PA

Lydia Katherine Plotts and her aunt Amy
According to Quaker Meeting records, AMY was born 20 Feb 1869 to parents Jesse Heacock (1820 son of Joseph Heacock and Margaret Kester) and Lydia Parker (1823 dau of Jonathan Parker and Lucina Moore).  

Amy's older sister ANNA (b. 1853 in Greenwood) married George Fletcher Plotts (b. 1846 son of George and Catherine Plotts) and had ten children including daughter Lydia Katherine Plotts (born 1884).

1880 Census > PA > Columbia > Greenwood
HEACOCK, Jesse, 60, head, farmer, born in PA to PA parents
HEACOCK, Lydia, 57, wife, keeping home, born in PA to NJ parents
HEACOCK, Joseph J., 29, son, truss maker, born in PA
HEACOCK, Susan, 19, dau, helping in house, born in PA
HEACOCK, Abigail H., dau, at school, born in PA
HEACOCK, Amy, 11, dau, helping mother, born in PA

Anna Heacock (circa 1868-1870)
In Oct 1902, ANNA Margaret Heacock-Plotts' husband George Fletcher Plotts died, leaving ANNA a widow with several children still at home. I am not certain if she remarried. ANNA (born 1853) died at age 80, on Jan 28, 1934.

At age 40, AMY appears on the 1910 Census, living with her older brother Joseph on a farm in Greenwood. She works as a dressmaker.

March 1, 1911 AMY married recently widowed Daniel Ashelman (born 2 May 1855 to parents John Ashelman & Elizabeth Kline). His death certificate in 1946 states he is married to AMY Heacock who is 77 at that time (b. abt 1869).

According to Pennsylvania Certificate of Death, AMY Ashelman died of heart disease 24 Nov 1956, at age 87.

Because this group was a bit confusing as I was sorting it out, and kept confusing Amy and Anna, I found it helpful to create a descendancy list, starting with the parents Jesse & Lydia:
Jesse Heacock (1820-1903) m. Lydia Parker (1823-1907)
  1844 - Lucy Heacock (d. 1845, age 4mo)
  1846 - Elma Heacock (d. 1867, age 21) unmarried
  1848 - Acintha Heacock (d. 1876, age 28) unmarried
  1850 - Joseph J. Heacock (d. 1914) unmarried
  1853 - ANNA MARGARET HEACOCK (d. 1934) m. George Fletcher Plotts (1846-1902)
            1880 - Mabel Elizabeth Plotts
            1881 - Joseph Edward Plotts
            1883 - LYDIA KATHERINE PLOTTS (d. 1946)
            1884 - George Fletcher Plotts Jr (d. as infant)
            1885 - Jesse Heacock Plotts
            1887 - Tracy Robinson Plotts (d. 1893, age 6)
            1892 - Edith Augusta Plotts
            1895 - Mildred Margaret Plotts
            1896 - Grace Greenwood Plotts
            1900 - Dwight Plotts
  1855 - Sarah Edith Heacock (d. 1913) m. James Lemuel John (1852-1915)
  1858 - Eli Haines Heacock (d. 1880, age 22)
  1860 - Susan Heacock (d. 1935) m. Thomas Clark Kester (1856-1925)
  1863 - Abigail Hutchinson Heacock (d. 1890) unmarried
  1869 - AMY HEACOCK (d. 1856) in 1911 m. Daniel Ashelman (1855-1946)
            These children are from Daniel Ashelman's previous marriage:
            1879 - Candice Ashelman
            1881 - Samuel Ashelman
            1884 - Rolston Ashelman
            1886 - Belva Ashelman
            1888 - Julia May Ashelman
            1892 - Oma Ashelman
            1894 - Bud Ashelman

Quaker records for HEACOCK family
(Click any image for larger)

ADDITIONAL INFO - Lydia is a first cousin of Harry Buck as her aunt Mary Catherine Plotts married Theodore Buck and had Harry Buck as their first child.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

HUME, Myron (Oberlin OH)


PHOTO TAKEN: Arthur Studio, 131 W 42nd street, New York, circa 1931
PURCHASED: 2016 August Route 127 World's Longest Yard Sale

This is Myron Kinney Hume, born 23 May 1904 in Meridian (Cayuga County) New York, to parents Willis P. Hume (1861-1939, clergyman) and Etta Louise Kinney (1870-1955).

1920 Census > NY > Niagara > N. Tonawanda
HUME, Willis P., head, 57, born in OH of OH parents, clergyman
HUME, Ella L., wife, 49, born in CT of CT parents
HUME, Donald C., son, 16, born in NY of OH and CT parents
HUME, Myron K., son, 15, born in NY
HUME, Fulton W., son, 14, born in NY
HUME, Millicent, dau, 8, born in NY
HUME, Harry Stewart, son, 8, born in NY

By the time of the 1930 Census, the family had returned to father Willis' hometown of Oberlin OH.
Myron graduated from Oberlin College.

1930 Census > OH > Lorain > Oberlin
HUME, Willis P., head, 68, retired minister
HUME, Ella L., wife, 60
HUME, Myron K., son, 25, no occupation
HUME, W. Fulton, son, 24, no occupation
HUME, Millicent W., dau, 19, no occupation
HUME, Hewitt, son, 19, no occupation

Ordained as minister in 1932.

1940 Census > OH > Erie > Milan
HUME, Myron K., 35, minister Presbyterian Church
HUME, Janice, wife, 24, born in OH

May 8, 1954 - Died by his own hand. Obit in Elyria OH Chronicle Telegram mentions two children among his descendants/survivors:
 widow - Janice Ruth Hume (She remarried in 1955 to Louis Leroy Russell of Gowanda NY. Janice died in East Aurora NY 18 Feb 2012 at age 97)
 Elliot Hume (b. abt 1941)
 Diana Hume (b. abt 1948)

His memorial page at has this brief obituary on him:
Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #119.
HUME, Rev. Myron K., beloved husband of Janice Ruth, father of Elliott and Diana; son of Mrs. W.P. Hume of Putnam, Conn., brother of Dr. Donald of Alliance, O., Dr. W. Fulton of Hamilton, Stewart of Youngstown and Mrs. Millicent Arimizu of Mount View, Hawaii; residence, 12804 Speedway Overlook. Friends received at Dougherty Funeral Home, 13613 Euclid Ave. Services Monday evening at 8 p. m. with Dr. Robert L. White of Old Stone Church. Interment Westwood Cemetery, Oberlin, O., Tuesday. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made payable to the Cleveland Mental Hygienic Assn., and sent to the family residence.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

HAUG, Olaf and Emma (Grafton ND)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Venlig hilsen, til Thea Haug, ifra Olaf og Emma"
PHOTO TAKEN: Bindahl Studio, Grafton ND, circa 1909
PURCHASED: 2016 Springfield OR Antique Peddlars Mall

UPDATE - This photo of Olaf and Emma has been claimed by a relative and is going home!
The inscription on the back translates as "Best regards to Thea (or Theo) Haug from Olaf and Emma". While this does not give a surname of the sitting couple, I believe it is the same as the recipient.

There was an Olaf Einarson HAUG and wife Emma MELDAHL-Haug living in Skagen township Minnesota, which is merely 80 miles east of Grafton ND. This Olaf was born around 1873 and Emma (Meldahl), who was born around 1883. 

1920 Census > MN > Roseau > Skagen
HAUG, Olaf E, head, 47, imm. 1880 nat 1897, born in Norway, farmer
HAUG, Emma, wife, 37, born in MN of Norwegian parents
HAUG, Elmer, son, 23, born in MN, farm labor
HAUG, Mabel, dau, 7, born in MN
HAUG, Einar, son, 6, born in MN
HAUG, Olaf Jr, son, 4, born in MN
HAUG, George, son, 3y2m, born in MN
HAUG, Karl, son, 1y7m, born in MN
MELDAHL, Ole, father-in-law, 72, wd

Based on the ages of their children on the 1920 Census, it is clear that Emma was a second wife. This couple was married 12 Dec 1909 at the Skjeberg Luthern Charch in Drayton ND which is about 20 miles from Grafton. This may have been their wedding photo.

Olaf was born in Aasnes, Solør, Norway on 27 Feb 1872. His parents were Einar Tostensen Nyen Haug (1831-1924) and Mathea Pedersdatter Kokkin (1829-1897). 

He had many siblings, but one of them was an older sister was named Thea Haug and I was able to find that Thea's daughter Olivia relocated to Washington State after the death of her husband in 1940. This may explain how the photo ended up in on the West Coast.

He died 29 Jun 1966 in Badger MN.

His first wife was Nellie Hawkins died in 1904.

HOOKER, Edith (Hardwick VT)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Edith Hooker, age 6 months, Sanford's girl"
PHOTO TAKEN: Spaulding Studio, Hardwick VT, circa July 1906
PURCHASED: 2017 Traditions Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

This is Edith Margareta Hooker, born in Hardwick VT, 29 Jan 1906 to parents Sanford Holmes Hooker (1876-1930, son of Lorenzo K. Hooker & Elizabeth Balan) and Daisy Walcott (1885-1936, dau of William G. Walcott & Mahala __).

1910 Federal Census > Vermont > Washington > Plainfield > Depot Street
HOOKER, Sanford H., head, 33, m. 6 yrs, born in VT to Canadian parents, horseman at livery stable
HOOKER, Daisy W., wife, 25, 2 living of 3 children born, born in VT of VT parents
HOOKER, Edith M., 4m born in VT
HOOKER, Laural S., son, 2, born in VT
HOOKER, Lizzie K., mother, 65 wd, born in Canada of Canadian parents

The 1920 Census is virtually the same, except that the family is now residing on School Street, grandmother Lizzie is no longer in the household and presumably deceased, and Sanford's job is "driver of a team".

23 Sept 1926 she married Irving Erwin Stone.

20 Aug 1930, her father Sanford Hooker died in Hardwick.

1930 Federal Census > VT > Caledonia > Hardwick > Wolcott Street
STONE, Irving, E., head, 26, m. at age 21, born in VT of VT parents, auto mechanic
STONE, Edith M., wife, 24, m. at age 18, born in VT
STONE, Thelma Edith, dau, 4y6m, born in VT
STONE, Mynard(?), son, 2y11m, born in VT
STONE, Sylvia Alice, dau, 1y9m, born in VT
HOOKER, Daisy, mother-in-law, 45 m, m. at age 19, born in VT

Mrs. Daisy Hooker died 15 Jan 1936.

1940 Census > NH > Coos > Berlin
STONE, Irvin, head, 36, tractor operator at paper mill
STONE, Edith, wife, 34
STONE, Thelma, dau, 14
STONE, Maynard, son, 12
STONE, Sylvia, dau, 11
BERWICK, Irene, half-sister, 24 s, maid at private home

Her brother Laural S. Hooker (1907-1970) is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Hardwick VT.

I could not find any documentary evidence of Edith's life after the 1940 Census.

HANSEN, Louis and Jensine (Jamestown NY)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Louis Hansen, Jensine Maria Kaford, taken before their marriage, Dec 24, 1890"
PHOTO TAKEN: Camp Studio, Jamestown NY 1890
PURCHASED: 2014 "Somewhere in Upstate New York"

1910 Census > NY > Chatauqua > Jamestown
HANSEN, Louis C., head, 48, born in Denmark, imm. 1883 nat, woodworker in furniture factory
HANSEN, "Signe" M., wife, 44, born in Denmark, imm. 1887
HANSEN, Martin, son, 17, born in NY, salesman for retail grocery
HANSEN, Mabel M., dau, 15, born in NY
HANSEN, Anna, dau, 13, born in NY
HANSEN, Camilla E., dau, 10, born in NY

1920 Census > NY > Chautaqua > Jamestown
HANSEN, Louis, head, 58, born in Denmark, imm. 1883, naturalized, woodworker for furniture mfg
HANSEN, Jensine, wife, 52, born in Denmark, imm. 1887 naturalized
HANSEN, Anna L., dau, 23 s, born in NY, bookkeeper grocery store
HANSEN, Camilla A., dau, 20 d, born in NY, candy maker at factory

1930 Census > NY > Chautaqua > Jamestown
HANSEN, Louis, head, 68, m. at age 28, born in Denmark, imm. 1883, naturalized, machinist for furniture mfg
HANSEN, Jensine, wife, 63, m. at age 23, born in Denmark, imm. 1887 naturalized
HANSEN, Anne, dau, 33 s, born in NY, no occupation
HANSEN, Camilla, dau, 30 d, born in NY, weaver at towel mill

The 1930 City Directory reveals that Camilla works at the Chautaqua Towel Mills.

1940 Jamestown City Directory
HANSEN, Anna L. bkpr Tordoff & Sons r823 Newland Ave W
HANSEN, Louis C (Jensine M) h823 Newland Ave W
HANSEN, Martin C. (Ruth H) formn AMCCo h54 Dearborn

Louis died in Jamestown on 20 Aug 1942 and buried 22 Aug 1942 at Sunset Hill Cemetery in the Jamestown suburb of Lakewood. The same stone bears inscriptions for:
  Louis C. 1861-1942
  Jensine M. 1867-1944
  Anna L. 1896-1970

Thursday, May 21, 2020

McKOWN-HAWKE, Adelaide (Tunkhannock PA)


UPDATE - Adelaide has been claimed by a great-nephew and has gone home!

PHOTO TAKEN: A.P. Miller Studio, Tunkhannock PA, circa 1890
PURCHASED: 2017 August Madison-Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

The back of the photo bears the hand-written name, in pencil, "Adelaide McKown (partially erased) Hawke"

This is Mary Adelaide McKown-Hawke (born 8 Mar 1867) to parents Nathaniel Aylesworth McKown (1838-1902, son of William McKown and Celestina _ ) and Clarina Robinson (1840-1929, dau of William Riley Robinson and Cynthia Stevens). 

1900 Federal Census > PA > Wyoming Co. > Tunkhannock
McKOWN, Nathaniel, head, Mar 1838, 62, born in PA of Irish & NY parents, traveling salesman
McKOWN, Clarina, wife, Aug 1839, 60, born PA of PA parents
McKOWN, Adelaide, dau, Mar 1867, 33 s, born in PA, school teacher
McKOWN, George, son, Sep 1873, 26 s, born in PA, Life Insurance
McKOWN, Charles P., son, Mar 1875, 25 s, born in PA, general merchant
McKOWN, Frances Jae, dau, Sep 1877, 22 s, born in PA, sales lady

I found this lovely little vignette on an Ancestry tree of a young Adelaide McKown around age 10, take around 1877-1878, along with other members of her family. I have included those of her parents as well as the photo of Adelaide for comparison, but not the entire family. (Remember - I do not possess these following images. They are supplied here for informational purposes only.)

(Click for larger)
January 20, 1902, she married Francis Hawke. I am finding very little on him. He appeared on the 1910 Census in which the couple is living in Tunkhannock with Adelaide's widowed mother. But by the time of the 1920 Census, Adelaide is living alone with her widowed mother Clarinda, no husband or children, although she is described as "married." In 1911 he is reported by the local paper as being engaged in business in Maurer NJ.

1920 Federal Census > PA > Wyoming> Tunkhannock
McKOWN, Clarina, head, 80 wd, no occupation
HAWKE, Adelaide, dau, 53 m, teacher in Grade School

Adelaide died 14 July 1952 in Tunkhannock PA. This obituary was carried in the Scranton Tribune 16 July 1952.

As she left no children of her own, I will have to search for descendants of her siblings in order to find any existing family. Her parents had a total of six children, who are as follows:
1867 Mary Adelaide McKown (d. 1952) m. Frances Hawke
1868 Cecil Clay McKown (d. 1929) m. Lelia Good Wolff
       1898 James Wolff McKown (d.1967)
       1904 Alice Clarina McKown (d. 1963)
1870 Herbert Lee McKown (d.1932) m. 1) Elizabeth Hughes, and 2) Jeannette Hughes
1872 George Wilson McKown (d.1944) m. Maud LaPettee Dugan Smith
       1902 Nathaniel A. McKown (d. 1989)
1875 Charles Paxon McKown (d.1948) m. Mary Frances Jayne
       1901 Katherine J. McKown (d._) m. ___
       1905 Helen E. McKown (d._)
       1907 Clara M. McKown (d._)
1877 Frances J. McKown (d.1941) m. Luther S. Barlow
       1906 infant daughter
       1909 Homer Barlow
       1911 Charles Barlow
       1912 Mack Barlow

Sunday, May 17, 2020

GREENE, Willie (Rutland VT)


PHOTO TAKEN: Moore Studio, Rutland VT, circa mid-1890s
PURCHASED: 2018 Aug Glenwood Manor Antiques, Queensbury NY

If the photo was taken around 1895, and if Willie is in his late 20s-early 30s, then we are looking for a man born in the range of 1865-1870. I think his surname has an "e" at the end, as most documents contain it.

There are several "Willie Green"s living in Vermont around the time this photo was taken. However, only one lived in close proximity to Rutland. That was William "Willie" J. Green (b. abt 1868) living in Danby VT (about 20 miles south of Rutland). His parents were Job Green (1823-1898) and Frances C. Perkins (1830-1901). I have found a photograph of his father Job online, and Willie bears a strong resemblence to him.

The children of Job & Frances are:
1850 - Eliza Green (d._)
1853 - Lois Green (d. 1925) m. Charles May Clark
1858 - Hattie Adel Green (d. 1953) m. George E. Townsend
1859 - Charles H. Green (d. 1943) (railroad work) m. Paulina Weiner
1864 - George W. Green (d. 1926) (hotel clerk)
1868 or 1870 - William J. Green (d. 26 June 1928) (Railroad engineer) m. Mary Eva Loyzelle

At the time of the 1880 Census, he was twelve years old.

1880 Federal Census > VT > Rutland > Danby
GREEN, Job, 57, head, born in VT of RI parents, farmer
GREEN, Frances, 49, wife, born in VT of VT parents, keeping house
GREEN, Charles, 21, son, born in VT, farm labor
GREEN, Lois, 25, daughter, born in VT
GREEN, George, 17, son, born in VT, farm labor
GREEN, Willie, 12, son, born in VT, attending school
TOWNSEND, Hattie, 22, daughter married, born in VT

Willie married Mary Eva (or Ava) Loyzelle (b. 1876) and had a daughter:
   1902 - Veronica Ethel Green (d. 1980) m. Wilbur Alson Atkins

Willie died in Springfield VT in 26 June 1928, and was conveyed to the Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

GARDINER Family (London, ENG)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Lydia (Smith) Gardiner (Mrs. Fred G.), with Florrie (Mrs Shirley Hodson), Winnie and Harold"
PHOTO TAKEN: Turner Studio, 10 Barnsbury Park North, London, circa 1893
PURCHASED: 2019 Brandywine River Antiques Mall, Chadds Ford PA

With so much detail written on the back of the photo, it was easy to find this family tree in

This is Lydia Jane Smith (a music teacher), born 1857 to parents John Smith (wholesale milliner) and Mary Jane Carter. 

She married Frederick A. Gardiner (b. 1856) and had the following children:
  1885 - Florence Anne Gardiner (d. _) m. Shirley Hodson (son of noted artist Samuel John Hodson)
  1886 - Harold Gardiner (d. _) m. Constance Mabel Hare
  1888 - Winifred Mary Gardiner (d. early 1980, in London)

Lydia had tons of siblings. The complete list of her parent's 14 offspring are:
  1851 - Alice Mary Smith (she worked as the manager of her father's hat shop which employed 45)
  1853 - Ellen Hannah Smith (d. 1940) m. Frederick Wood (relocated to Australia)
  1854 - Amy L. Smith
  1857 - Lydia Jane Smith, m. Frederick A. Gardiner
  1858 - Anna B. Smith (d. 1957) m. Francis Black (Annie worked as a music teacher)
  1860 - John A.H. Smith (d. 1915)
  1862 - George A. Smith  (listed as an undergraduate student on 1881 Census)
  1864 - Emma Amelia Smith, m. __ Carter
  1865 - Ada Prescott Smith (listed as a governess on 1881 Census)
  1866 - Herbert E. Smith
  1868 - Harold G. Smith, m. Annie Laetitia Child
  1871 - Florence A. Smith
  1871 - Frances Edith Smith (d. 1952) m. Arthur John Robbins
  1874 - Frederick B. Smith (d. 1948) m. Emily __

1901 England Census > Middlesex > Hornsey > "Invermaid"
GARDINER, Frederick, head, 45, born in Essex, Leed Merchants Manager
GARDINER, Lydia, wife, 44, born in London
GARDINER, Florence, dau, 16, born in London
GARDINER, Harold, son, 15, born in London
GARDINER, Winifred, dau, 14, born in London
SMITH, Frederick B., boarder, 25, solicitor, born in London (poss. Lydia's brother)

Lydia died at age 49. (Source: England & Wales, Probate Calendar of 1906)
Lydia Jane GARDINER of "Invermaid" Chorley Wood-west Hertfordshire (wife of Frederick Ambrose Gardiner) died 17 Feb 1906. Probate London 21 April to the said Frederck Ambrose Gardiner gentleman and Ernest Rabone Stockbroker, Effects £9478 15s. 7d.

1939 England and Wales Register > Sussex > Hailsham
HODSON, Shirley S., 17 July 1879, Solicitor
HODSON, Florence A., 22 June 1884, unpaid domestic duties
HODSON, Edith, 16 Feb 1849, private means
MARSHALLSAY, Henry, 7 Apr 1891, gardener handyman
MARSHALLSAY-LANGRISH, Annie Mary, 7 Nov 1890, cook housekeeper

Shirley Hodson and Florence Gardiner-Hodson had a daughter Shirley Audrey Hodson (b. 1903, died 15 Jan 1926 at age 22, in Calcutta India).

Harold Gardiner, born 9 Jan 1886, became a surgeon in Surrey (Maldon & Coombe), married to Constance Mabel Hare, and had son Peter A. Gardiner in 1913 who also became a doctor, and a daughter Margaret Gardiner (b. 1914). Peter married Bridget Mary Carnegie (1920-1999) and had daughter Annabella J. Gardiner (1944-2004) who became Mrs. Richard Dreaper.

Youngest sister Winifred Mary Gardiner, born in 1888, died in London in early 1980. I find no record of a marriage for her.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

GERMAIN, Guy and Mabel (Grundy County IL)


UPDATE - this photo has been claimed by a great-great grandson of Guy and is being sent home to family.

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Mabel Goold (31 in June) Guy Germain, Fall of 1898"
PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer and location (prob Grundy Co, IL) fall 1898
PURCHASED: 2017 March, Stuart Antique Show, Martin Count (FL) Fairgrounds

These are siblings Guy and Mabel Germain, children of Louis Germain and Mary Adaline Stone, of Grundy County Illinois.

Their father Louis was an impressive man and a well-known early settler of the region. He was soldier in the Civil War and at the time of his death was the last-surviving of the bodyguard detail guarding the remains of President Lincoln prior to his burial. This biography for Louis Germain was included in the 1882 book "History of Grundy County, Illinois."

(Click for larger)
This death notice for Louis was published in the 14 Nov 1921 Chicago Tribune.

Children of Louis and Mary Germain were:
 1860 - Carrie Germain (d. 1863, age 3)
 1862 - Lottie Germain (d. 1862, infant)
 1865 - Eva Stone Germain (d. 1933) m. George L. Wilkinson
           1887 - Dimmis Wilkinson (d. 1894, age 7)
           1895 - Louis Germain Wilkinson (d. 1970)
           1900 - Jean Laura Wilkinson (d. _) m. William Lathrop
                     1926 - Dimmis Adeline Lathrop (d. 2017), m. Stuart Weller
                     1930 - Julie Ann Lathrop (d. 1977)
 1867 - Mabel Germain (d. 1959) m. Hiram Baker Goold
           1892 - Lucille Goold (d. 1895, age 3)
 1873 - Grace Estella Germain
 1881 - Guy Louis Germain

GUY LOUIS GERMAIN was born 11 Aug 1881 per WWI Draft Registration, (although some documents say March 1878) in Gardner Illinois. He worked on his father's farm, and later in life was a mail-carrier. Guy married 1) Rhoda Syntha Davis, and 2) Hazel Fredrickson.

1900 Federal Census > IL > Grundy > Greenfield
GERMAIN, Louis, head, 61, Mar 1839, born in NY of French and NY parents, retired farmer
GERMAIN, Mary A., wife, 55, Mar 1845, born in IN of PA parents
GERMAIN, Guy, son, 22 s, Mar 1878, born in IL of NY and PA parents, grocery clerk

Guy went to farm in Jackson, Wyoming circa 1903, married Rhoda Syntha Davis and had the following children:
 1905 - Leota A Germain (d. 1999) m. Kenneth Bourgo
 1908 - Louis Guy Germain (d. 1981) m. Dorothy A. Dunn
          1939 - Kay Germain (d. 2010)
 1912 - Ivan Forester Germain (d. 1999) m. Gwen E. Burkhardt
          1941 - Gerald Davis Germain (d. 2010)
 1916 - Bernice G. Germain (d. 1919, age 2) buried at Braceville-Gardner Cem. in Illinois
 1919 - Mabel Germain (d. _) m. Russell James Gilligan
          19__ - son
          1939 - Peggy Marie Gilligan
          1950 - Jan Richard Gilligan (d. 2012) m. Janice Ganz
                    - three children
          1953 - Jon Raymond Gilligan (d. 2003)

Around 1918 he returns to Illinois (his youngest daughter is born in Illinois), presumably to help his father with the farm. His WWI Draft Registration shows his employer as his father. By the time of the 1920 Census, his occupation is mail carrier.

1930 Federal Census > IL > Grundy > Garfield
GERMAIN, Guy L., head, 48 dv, born in IL of NY and IN parents, mail carrier
GERMAIN, Louis G., son, 21 s, born in WY of IL and UT parents
GERMAIN, Ivan F., son, 18 s, born in WY of IL and UT parents

1940 Federal Census > IL > Grundy > Gardner
GERMAIN, Guy, 59, retired mail carrier
GERMAIN, Hazel M., wife, 30, born in IL
GERMAIN, Eleanor M., daughter, 5, born in IL

Youngest daughter Eleanor Marie Germain (1935-2015) married George W. Phillips.

Guy Germain died 11 May 1941, buried at Braceville-Gardner Cemetery.

Sister MABEL B. GERMAIN was born in June 1867. She married in 1890 to Hiram Baker GOOLD (son of Hiram C. Goold). Based on info in the 1900 Census, the couple had 2 children which did not survive to the date of the Census.

1900 Federal Census > IL > Grundy > Morris
GOOLD, Hiram B., head, June 1862, 38, m. 10 yrs, born in IL of NY parents, landlord
GOOLD, Mabel, wife, June 1867, 32, 0 of 2 children living, born in IL of NY and IN parents

Her husband Hiram Goold died in 1913.

1930 Federal Census > IL > Grundy > Morris
GOOLD, Mabel B., head, 62 wd, no occupation
GERMAINE, Anna (?), mother, 88 wd, no occupation
PETERSON, Dorothy, servant, 17 s, born in IL of IL parents, house work

Mother Mary Adaline Stone-Germain died 16 Aug 1935 (age 94).

Mabel Germain-Goold died in 1959.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

GELENSKA, Mary (La Crosse WI)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Mary Gelenska's Communion picture"
PHOTO TAKEN: Mould Studio, La Crosse WI, circa 1897
PURCHASED: 2020 January, Traditions Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

I believe this is Marie "Mary" GELENSKY (also seen as Gelenski, Galenska), born 1882 to parents Johann "John" Galenski and Minna Ganey.

1900 Federal Census > WI > La Crosse > La Crosse > 507 Kane
GELENSKY, John, head, June 1842, 57 wd, born in Germany, laborer at stone quarry
GELENSKY, August, son, Aug 1870, 29, born in Germany, laborer at saw mill
GELENSKY, Leo, son, Nov 1873, 26, born in Virginia, laborer at saw mill
GELENSKY, Mary, dau, Sep 1882, 17, born in Wisconsin
GELENSKY, Agnes, dau, Jan 1886, 14, born in Wisconsin, sewing in rubber mill

1905 State Census > WI > La Crosse > 507 Kane Street
GELENSKY, John, head, 63, born in Germany, retired
GELENSKY, August, son, 35 s, born in Germany, works at saw mill
GELENSKY, Lee W., son, 32 s, born in WV, works at B-works
GELENSKY, Marie, dau, 22 s, born in WI, works at home
GELENSKY, Agnes, dau, 19 s, born in WI

Mary married Frank Warner (about 1907?) and had children:
   1908 - Earl Warner
   1911 - Frank E. Warner Jr. (d. 14 June 1985) m. Amelia Eppens (d.1969)
   1913 - Mary Warner (d.1988) m. Ray W Hoogenhous (1912-1978 Killeen TX)

1920 Federal Census > WI > La Crosse > La Crosse > 814 Gillette St
WARNER, Frank A., head, 36, born in MI of MI parents, street railway conductor
WARNER, Mary E., wife, 37, born in WI of Polish parents
WARNER, Earl, son, 10, born in WI
WARNER, Frank, son, 8, born in WI
WARNER, Mary, dau, 6, born in MI

Many in Mary's family worked at La Crosse Rubber Mills
which was the largest employer in the town.
1930 Federal Census > WI > La Crosse > La Crosse > 1013 Caledonia St.
HOOGENHOUS, Ray W., head, 18, born in WI of Dutch and WI parents, retail grocery salesman
HOOGENHOUS, Mary, wife, 17, born in MI of MI and WI parents
WARNER, Frank, father-in-law, 46, born in MI of MI parents, shoemaker in rubber shoe factory
WARNER, Mary, mother-in-law, 47, born in WI of Polish and German parents, stitcher in rubber shoe fcty
WARNER, Frank, brother-in-law, 18, born in WI, works in rubber shoe factory

Mary died on Christmas Eve 1938 at age 56. This obit was located in the La Cross Tribune, 24 Dec 1938.

Mary's sister Minnie on her wedding day 1899

Sibling - Minnie (born Sep 1880) m. John "Jack" Saley on 30 Aug 1899 at home of John Gelenski.
              1900 - Clifford Leslie Saley, m. Helen Eckhardt
              1908 - Agnes Saley, m. Gordon Blankenship
Sibling - Anna K., m. Albert Wells.
Sibling - Leo W. died Jan 1947.
Sibling - August died 18 May 1955, unmarried, buried at Catholic Cemetery of La Crosse WI. Veteran Sp-Am War.
Sibling - Agnes, m. McCullum (Acton IN).

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

GREENE, Edna (Watertown NY)


PHOTO TAKEN: Sargent Studio, Watertown NY, circa 1888
PURCHASED: 2017 August Madison-Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

I find historical documents that sometimes spell Edna's name as "Green" and sometimes as "Greene".
There is an L. Edna Greene-Hines (1886-1957) buried at the Brookside Cemetery, in Watertown NY. She was born to parents Charles Henry Greene and Catherine "Cassie" Shorey.

1900 Federal Census > NY > Jefferson > Watertown
GREEN, Charles, head, Mar 1848, 52, born in OH of VT and ENG parents, carpenter
GREEN, Cassie A., wife, Mar 1849, 51, born in CAN of CAN & NY parents, imm. 1855
GREEN, S. Leona, dau, Jan 1878, 22, born in NY, saleslady at dry goods store
GREEN, Susie C., dau, Feb 1882, 18, born in NY, milliner
GREEN, L. Edna, dau, Jun 1886, 13, born in NY, at school
SHOREY, C. Mortimer, brother-in-law, Aug 1851, 48, born in CAN, shipping clerk
SHOREY, C. William, brother-in-law, Sep 1859, 40, born in NY, undertaker

1920 Federal Census > NY > Jefferson > Watertown
GREEN, Charles, head, 71, carpenter
GREEN, Catherine, wife, 70
GREEN, Leona, dau, 40 s, saleslady at retail dry goods store
GREEN, Sue, dau, 36 s, no occupation
GREEN, Edna, dau, 32 s, accountant insurance firm
SHOREY, Mortimer, brother-in-law, 68 s, no occupation
SHOREY, William, brother-in-law, 60 s, no occupation

Edna was married in Watertown on 27 June, 1923, to Harry Stanley HINES, a x-ray technician and WWI veteran in the medical corps, (b. 1896, son of Burt Hines & Minnie Birdseye). At that time, Edna was 35 yrs old and working as a High School teacher. (Note - I find historical documents sometimes spelling her husband's surname as "Hines" and sometimes as "Hinds".)

Edna was a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), successfully tracing her lineage to Thomas Green (1753-1813) a serving private at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

On her headstone, her name is spelled "L. Edna Greene Hines." 

Sadly, Harry's headstone reports that he died at age 30, in 1926, when he and Edna had been married only 3 years. And it appears that the couple had no children, so I won't be finding any descendants. 

Well this is bad news - descendants of her siblings are apparently nonexistent also.

Sister Susie died unmarried in 1920.
Sister Leona died unmarried in 1955.

GIESY, Mabel and Maude (Pocahontas IA)


UPDATE - This photograph has been claimed by Maude's granddaughter, and has gone home!

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Maude & Mabel Giesy, daughters of Wm Giese"
PHOTO TAKEN: Silvers Studio, Fonda IA, circa 1900
PURCHASED: 2019 Brandywine River Antiques Mall, Chadds Ford PA

These sisters are Maud and Mabel GIESY, the daughters of Carl Frederich Wilhelm GIESY (born 1868 in Schoenfeld Germany) and Mary H. HOPPIE (1875-1968, born in Iowa).

1900 Federal Census > IA > Pocahontas > Colfax
GIESY, William, head, Mar 1868, 32m born in Germany, farmer, imm. 1876 (alien)
GIESY, Mary, wife, Nov 1875, 24, born in Iowa of German parents
GIESY, Maud, dau, Feb 1894, 6, born in Iowa
GIESY, Mabel, dau, Aug 1895, 4, born in Iowa
GIESY, Jessie, son, Feb 1899, 1, born in Iowa
GIESY, William, father, Feb 1823, 77, born in Germany, imm. 1872 (naturalized)

1910 Federal Census is pretty much the same, except that youngest daughter Dorothy has been added, being born 1903.

Maude Mae Giesy is married first to Daniel Engh, with whom she has two daughters:
  1913 Mary Margaret Engh (d. 2005) m. Frank Orin Hamilton
  1914 Mabel Dorothea Engh (d. 2004) m. 1) Marvin Meister, 2) Stanley Maschino, 3) Arthur Blesi

Maude's second husband is John Joseph Otto (1893-1979) with whom she has two more daughters:
  1925 June Loretta Otto (d. 2007) m. Herbert Peters
  1927 Janet Josephine Otto (d. 2003) m. Byron Poduska

Mabel married Richard Paul Wentzel (1894-1952) and had no children. She died in 1988 and is buried at Cedar Township Cemetery, Fonda Iowa.

Monday, May 11, 2020

GROSSHEIM, Rosa (Alton IL)


PHOTO TAKEN: Collins Studio, Alton IL, circa mid-1890s
PURCHASED: 2018 August Madison-Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

This is Rosa Grossheim, born in Alton IL 3 Mar 1874, to parents Johann Joachim "Jacob" Grossheim (1828-1909) and Anna Maria "Mary" Meinard (1832-1908). The family is found on the 1880 Census.

1880 Census > IL > Madison > Alton
GROSSHEIM, Jacob, 51, head, labrorer, born in Germany
GROSSHEIM, Mary, 48, wife, keeps house, born in Germany
GROSSHEIM, George, 20, son, laborer, born in IL
GROSSHEIM, Lizzie, 17, dau, at home, born in IL
GROSSHEIM, Mary, 15, dau, at home, born in IL
GROSSHEIM, Rosa, 6, dau, at school, born in IL
GROSSHEIM, John, 3, son, born in IL

Rosa married Sebastian Miller (1869-1924) in 1898.

1900 Census > IL > Madison > Alton
MILLER, Sebastian, head, Feb 1869, 31, m. 1 yr, born in Germany, glassblower
MILLER, Rose, wife, Mar 1874, 26, m. 1 yr, 1 of 1 children living, born in IL
MILLER, John M., son, May 1899, 1, born in IL

The 1920 Census gives a good view of all their children, who were all born in Illinois.

(Click for larger)
1920 Census > IL > Madison > Alton
MILLER, Sebastian, head, 50, born in France, imm. 1879, foreman at Standard Oil
MILLER, Rose, wife, 45
MILLER, John, son, 20, clerk in a store
MILLER, Louis, son, 18, country club keeper?
MILLER, Salome M, dau, 16
MILLER, Herbert J, son, 14
MILLER, Elizabeth, dau, 11
MILLER, Joseph, son, 9
MILLER, Rosemary, dau, 5

Her husband Sebastian Miller died in 1924. This story on the news of his death appears in the Alton Evening Telegraph, 27 Feb 1924.

Rose Grossheim-Miller died 23 Feb 1966.

GROESBECK, Frank and Edna (Hardin County IA)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Frank & Edney Goosbeck"
PHOTO TAKEN: Watters Studio, Eldora IA, circa 1898
PURCHASED: 2017 Traditions Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

This was a toughie! Whoever wrote the names on the back was not familiar enough with the family to spell the surname correctly. What is given as "Goosbeck" actually turned out to be "Groesbeck".

The photo was taken in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa. Once I accepted that the name could be misspelled, it became an easier task. I have located a Frank "Grossbeck" and his wife Nora Edna, on the 1900 Census for Union Iowa, about 10 miles south of Eldora (the county seat, and likely closest photographer). NOTE - Census taker has spelled the name wrong.

Frank is James Frank GROESBECK, son of James Groesbeck (1837-1916) and Susan Burr (1848-1922).

Edna was born Nora Edna UPDIKE, daughter of William Updike (1849-1906) and Sarah Sweet (1849-1915).

1900 Federal Census > IA > Hardin > Union
GROSSBECK, Frank, head, Apr 1879, 21, m. 1yr, born in IA of NY and PA parents, day laborer
GROSSBECK, Edna, wife, Jan 1879, 21, m. 1 yr, 1 of 1 child living, born in IA
GROSSBECK, Basil L., son, Mar 1899, 1, born in Iowa of Iowa parents

Frank's parents are enumerated next-door:
GROSSBECK, James, head, Oct 1836, 63, born in PA, liveryman
GROSSBECK, Susan, wife, Dec 1843, 56, born in PA of PA parents

Sept 1918, Frank registers for the WWI Draft, giving his full name as "James Frank Groesbeck", born April 22, 1879, occupation Drayman.

By the 1920 Census, the family has move 20 miles east to the township of Clay in Grundy County, Iowa. 

1920 Federal Census > IA > Grundy > Clay
GROESBECK, Frank, head, 40, born in Iowa of IL parents, dray man
GROESBECK, Edna, wife, 40, born in IA of MI and NY parents
GROESBECK, Bastle, son, 20, born in IA, teamster
GROESBECK, Wanda, dau, 14, born in IA
GROESBECK, Claude, son, 11, born in IA
GROESBECK, Ella, dau, 9, born in IA
GROESBECK, Robert, son, 2, born in IA

Frank died in 1955. This obituary gives more details about his life.

Edna died in 1959.

Their descendants:
1899 - Bastle Lloyd Groesbeck (d. 1939)
1906 - Wanda Lucille Groesbeck (d. 1985) m. Roland Briggs
1908 - Claude Everett Groesbeck (d. 1992) m. Johanna Markwitz, no offspring.
1911 - Della Rowena Groesbeck (d. _) m. Harold LeMay
         1938 - Connie LeMay-Wilson (d. 2017) m. Terry Wilson
1917 - Robert Lyle Groesbeck (d. 1970, served in WWII) m. Doris Delene Coffman

Saturday, May 9, 2020

FUHLRODT, Albert Fredrick (Fremont, NE)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Brother, Albert Fuhlrodt, Fremont 1891"
PHOTO TAKEN: Ed Weikhorst Studio, Hooper Neb., 1891
PURCHASED: 2016 June Cottage Grove (OR) Timeless Antiques

NOTE - there is a scratch on the photo, at the edge of his mouth. He is not really smoking a cigarette, if that is what you are thinking.

This is Albert Fredrick Fuhlrodt, born 21 Sep 1871 in Kankakee Illinois.

He parents are Conrad Alvin Fuhlrodt (1835-1891, a pedler born in Breitenbach Germany) and Elizabeth Hausfeld (1841-1913, born in Magdeburg Germany).
His siblings are:
 Ida Elizabeth Fuhlrodt (1869-1945) m. Schafersman
 Amelia A. Fuhlrodt (1873-1936) m. Lamb
 Emma Fuhlrodt (_) m. Felder (lived in Seattle WA)
 August C. Fuhlrodt (_) (lived in Santa Barbara CA) m. Ella Gertrude Thompson
   -- Alvin Fuhlrodt (1910-1972)
   -- Orville Fuhlrodt (1911-1946)
 Frank Fuhlrodt
 Will Fuhlrodt
 Conrad A. Fuhlrodt Jr. (1883-1961) (lived in Omaha)

Married Aline "Lena" Wilhelmina Schafersman (1875-1960) and had 6 children:
 Esther Laura Fuhlrodt (1896-1989) m. Julius Stork
 Arnold Alvin Fuhlrodt (1897-1984) m. Georgia Ann McDonald
    1925 - Warren Donald Fuhlrodt (d. 2017) m. Donna J. Cline
    1926 - Luree Ann Fuhlrodt (d. 2015) m. Geo. Leroy McDonald
             - Cheryl McDonald, m. Harvey McIntosh (lives in Sasketchewan)
             - Connie McDonald, m. Ken Greeley (Tucson AZ)
             - Gregg McDonald, m. Annette __, (Oklahoma Cty)
    1940 - Myrna Lee Fuhlrodt (d. 2005) unmarried
 Mae Fuhlrodt (1899-1997) m. Edward Michael  (lived in Missoula MT)
 Percy C. Fuhlrodt (1902-1958)
 Verne Fuhlrodt () (lived in Colorado Spgs)
 Norman Theodore Fuhlrodt (1910-2004) (lived in San Diego & Des Moines)
    Douglas Fuhlrodt (Orange CA)

Albert died 27 Oct 1929. He is buried at Ridge Cemetery in Fremont, Nebraska.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

EMERICK FAMILY (Paulding County OH)


UPDATE - This photo has been sent home to the grand-daughter of Clayton.

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Mrs. J E Emerick, R2, Latty, Paulding, OH"
PHOTO TAKEN: Unknown photographer, presumably Ohio, circa 1916-1917
PURCHASED: 2016 June, Athens KY Schoolhouse Antiques Show

What I thought was identification of the subjects on the back turned out to be a mailing address to the person the photo was sent to.  However, I am beginning to think the photo actually depicts the recipient and her immediate family, as genealogical clues appear to match so far.

Although no year is indicated, this appears to be circa 1916 to 1917 based on clothing.

This appears to be Jesse Edward EMERICK (1873-1949), son of Samuel H. Emerick and Mary Medaugh Hartzog. He was a farmer in Latty Township, Paulding County, Ohio.

His wife is Ellen Jane WRIGHT (1877-1950), daughter of Marcus E. Wright and Sarah Mills Lackey.

They had three handsome sons:
 1899 - Marcus Edward Emerick (d. 1965) m. Lavern E. Mellinger.
          1921 - Carlton L Emerick (d. 1983 in KY) m. Gathyl Downing
                  1949 - Barry Edward Emerick (d. 2004)
                  1957 - Tari Ann Emerick (d. 2012)
          1926 - Mark L Emerick (d. 2002) m. Mona Lee
                  ____ - Janna Gutman (Lima OH)
                  ____ - Nancy Emerick (of Lima OH)
          1930 - Rosalee Emerick (d. 2000) m. Richard Kennedy
          ____ _ Martha Jo Emerick-Ropp
 1902 - Clayton M Emerick (d. 1969) m. 1) Gail Greene, 2) Ethel R Smith
          1921 - Justine Lorraine Emerick (d. at age 7 days)
          1925 - Bettyanne Emerick (Dau of Gail Greene) m. Emery Diamond Jr
          ____ - son of Ethel Smith
          ____ - dau of Ethel Smith
 1915 - Gerald L Emerick (d. 1990)

1910 Federal Census > OH > Paulding > Latty
EMERICK, Jesse E., head, 36, born in OH of OH parents, general farming
EMERICK, Ellen J., wife, 32, 2 of 2 children living, born in OH of OH parents
EMERICK, Marcus E., son, 11, born in OH
EMERICK, Clayton N., son, 7, born in OH

Although the Census records do not give a detailed address, the WWI Draft Registration for Jesse gives his address as Route 2, Latty, Paulding County, OH. This is the same address given on the back of the photo.

1920 Federal Census > OH > Paulding > Latty
EMERICK, Jesse, head, 46, born in OH of OH & PA parents, farmer
EMERICK, Ellen, wife, 43, born in OH of OH parents
EMERICK, Clayton, son, 17, born in OH
EMERICK, Gerald, son, 5, born in OH

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

EGENBERGER and WOLF (Manhattan, NY)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Taken Sept 1892, Eunice Egenberger, 1 yr, Ethel Dot Wolf, 10 yrs, in front of 128 E. 31st St, NYC"
PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer, Sept 1892
PURCHASED: 2020 January, Traditions Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

This photograph was taken in Manhattan, in front of 128 E. 31st Street. This address was helpful in determining the identity of the child in the stroller.

The New York Index to Birth Records shows Eunice Egenberger born 15 Sep 1891 to parents Edward Egenberger and Annetta Egenberger (maiden name WOLF), who resided at 131 E. 31st Street in New York City. That address is directly across the street from where the photograph was taken.

By the time of the 1900 Census, two more children have been added and the family had moved to the Bronx.

1900 Federal Census > NY > NY > Bronx
EGENBERGER, Edward, head, Sep 1865, 34, born in NY of German parents, jeweller
EGENBERGER, Anneta, wife, Aug 1866, 33, born in NY of German parents
EGENBERGER, Eunice, dau, Sep 1891, 8, born in NY, at school
EGENBERGER, Julina, dau, Oct 1892, 7, born in NY, at school
EGENBERGER, Edward Jr., son, Sep 1894, 5, born in NY, at school

At the age of 18, Eunice was married to Harry Myron Taylor, a chauffeur by trade, and both bride and groom were living at that time in New Rochelle. Wedding was Dec 1, 1909. Groom Harry is a son of a jeweller George Taylor and his wife Arloa Eick. Sister Juliana Egenberger was one of the witnesses at Eunice's wedding. Juliana married Ross Ressler in Oct 1911.

Harry died Oct 1966 in Wall Township, NJ. His obit in the Asbury Park Press states he was a widower, his wife being Meda Brown-Taylor. No mention of Eunice. He has two surviving children; Mrs. Richard Dodd (of Wall Township) and George H. Taylor (Orlando FL). Are these children of Eunice or Meda? By the time of the 1920 Census he is married to Meda. Therefore Eunice either died or divorced prior to 1920.

Because Eunice's mother was born a Wolf, and the 10-year-old Ethel in the photo has a surname of Wolf, one can presume that Ethel is either a younger sister of Annetta Wolf, or a niece, more specifically - a daughter of her brother (if such existed).

I am having no luck finding her in Census records. If she was 10 years on in 1892, she was born in 1882 +/- and therefore no born yet for the 1880 Census. The 1890 Federal Census is missing (destroyed in fire) and a bane to genealogists everywhere. By the 1900 Census, she would have been 18 or 19 and possibly married, living under a new surname. Or she could be deceased or moved away.