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Sunday, October 16, 2016

OKESON, Margaret Kilgore

16 months, 1897

This photograph of Margaret Okeson was located at the "Highfalutin Vintage and Antique Fair" in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The photographic studio which took the photo was located in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Using, I found that Margaret was born March 7, 1896.

Her parents were Hal Horace Okeson (son of James B. Okeson and Margaret Roosevelt Mason), and Irene McCoy Kilgore (daughter of James Harvey Kilgore and Emma Jane Rodgers). Horace and Irene were married 25 Apr 1895.

I was saddened to discover that Margaret died in 1903 at age 7. I have not been able to determine the cause. I was hoping to find a descendent to whom I could send this photograph, but perhaps I can find some other close relative.

Siblings were:
 Irene (1900-1970) married John Esh.
 Elizabeth (1904-1957) married Harry Gray.
 Eleanor (1906-1981) married John Clark.
 Virginia (1907-1907)
 Barbara (1909-1910)

Mother Irene Kilgore-Okeson died March 30 1916 of a "sudden illness" but death certificate says cause of death was "nervous exhaustion" with contributing factor Myocarditis.

Father Horace "Harry" Okeson died Jan 1935 of a sudden illness.

The family is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Altoona, Pennsylvania.