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Friday, April 5, 2019

LYON, Edwin C. & ANTHONY, Carrie V.

EDWIN LYON and Carrie Victoria ANTHONY
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UPDATE - This photo of Edwin and his wife has been claimed by a relative and is going home!

Identification on photo: "Eddie Lyon & wife"

Photo taken: Leavenworth Studio, Boyne City Michigan, circa 1907

Purchased: Jan 2019 Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

The photograph shown at left was found online in an family tree and I DO NOT have that one in my possession. But I show it here for comparison. This photo is said to be identified as the wedding of Edwin C. Lyon and Carrie Victoria Anthony. Also in the photo is Carrie's sister Cora Anthony and her future husband. The priest at right has his eyes closed due to the camera flash. The image is rather blurry, but one can see that the wedding couple's clothing is very similar. Carrie may have her sleeves rolled up (or removed) in the seated version.

Edwin Clarke Lyon (b. 27 Sep 1877) is a son of Hervy Lyon (1836-1927) and Louisa J. Handshy/Handsley? (1846-1895).  In 1907, he married a school teacher Carrie V. Anthony (1884-1934) whose parents are not known but reported by Carrie on the 1920 Census as being born in NY.

Edwin registered for the WWI Draft, stating his occupation was "pipe-fitter for Boyne City Chemical Company."  At some point Edwin and Carrie moved to Memphis Tennessee where he continues to work in the Chemical industry.

1934 City Directory > Memphis Tennessee
LYON Edwin C (Carrie V) foreman Forest Products Chemical Co. r 1463 Maplewood

First wife Carrie died in 1934 in Memphis TN and is buried in Boyne City, Michigan.

Edwin remarried Mattie Belle Lyons.

Edwin died 24 Dec 1963.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

REMALEY, Violet and Lillie


Identification on photo: Violet Remaley, Lily Remaley

Photo taken: Nelson Studio, Tarentum PA, circa 1905-06

Purchased: 2019 Jan at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

These are two of the daughters of Anthony Remaley and Mary Lorena Daugherty. Violet Bell Remaley was born 9 Feb 1885. Lillie Caroline "Cora" Remaley was born 13 Oct 1888. Lillie's twin, Linda, died in 1904. Lillie's name often appears as "Lily."

1900 Census > Pennsylvania > Allegheny > Harrison
REMALEY, Mary L., head, widowed, 37, Aug 1862, born in PA of PA parents, no occupation
REMALEY, Olive, daughter, 16, Nov 1883, born in PA of PA parents
REMALEY, Violet, daughter, 15, Feb 1885, born in PA of PA parents
REMALEY, Linda (twin), daughter, 11, Oct 1888, born in PA of PA parents
REMALEY, Lillie (twin), daughter, 11, Oct 1888, born in PA of PA parents

(Violet and Lillie also had a brother Joseph (1892-1957) who should be on the 1900 Census, but isn't. I cannot imagine why not.)

Violet married Jonathan Minnick (a box maker at a glass company) on 5 May 1906. She had twins in 1910.

1920 Census > Pennsylvania > Beaver > Freedom
MINNICK, John, head, 35, born in PA of PA parents, brakeman for railroad
MINNICK, Violet, wife, 34
MINNICK, Forest, son, 12, born in PA
MINNICK, Evelyn, daughter, 9, born in PA
MINNICK, Joseph, son, 9, born in PA
MINNICK, Marion, daughter, 6, born in PA

Violet's husband John Minnick died 12 Oct 1939.

1940 Census > Penns > Allegheny > Brackenridge
MINNICK, Violet, head, 55 widowed
MINNICK, Forrest, son 32, laborer at steel mill
MINNICK, Joseph, son, 29, clerk at steel mill
MINNICK, Marian, daughter, 27, clerk in bake shop

Violet Remaly-Minnick died 29 Jun 1949 in Brackenridge PA at age 64, widow of John A. Minnick. Informant was son Forrest Minnick. Buried in Mt Airy Cemetery, Allegheny County, PA.

Violet's children:
  • Forrest W. Minnick (1907-1977) (Sgt in WWII)
  • Evelyn Delphine Minnick (1910-1995) (twin) m. Charles F. Woods
  • Joseph Dalton Minnick (1910-1963) (twin)
  • Marian Luella Minnick (1913- ) m. Max H. Cribbs
Lillie married Alfred J. Hartman on 4 August 1906.

Her young family appears on the 1910 Census:

1910 Census > Pennsylvania > Westmoreland > Vandergrift Heights
HARTMAN, Alfred, head, 25, md 4 yrs, born in PA of PA parents, works in sheet metal mill
HARTMAN, Lillie, wife, 22, mother of 2, both living, born in PA of PA parents
HARTMAN, Linda, daughter, 3, born in PA
HARTMAN, Glenn, son, 1y4mo, born in PA

Sadly, Lillie would not live to see the 1920 Census, as she died 19 Oct 1918, at age 30 of pneumonia.

As far as I can ascertain, this is the list of Lillie's children:
  • Linda May Hartman (1 May 1907 - 1975) m. Mark Boettner
  • Edward Glenn Hartman (7 Oct 1908 - 1989) m. Lucy Rizzardi
  • Norman Hartman (1910-1979) m. Bessie Grace Laughery
  • Edna Madeline Hartman (1912-1980) m. Roy Oliver Hines
  • Joseph W. Hartman (1917- )

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

KRISCHKE, Alice Jane


Identification on photo: Allice Krischke

Photo taken: J.A. Edmiston, photographer, Canton Illinois, circa 1880-84

Purchased: 2019 Jan at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

It was only with the aid of people on various FaceBook genealogy groups, that we were able to decipher the handwriting that identified the subject of this photo. In the end, we all agreed on "Allice Krischke", especially after noting that the capital K is not connected, and neither is the smaller k toward the end of the surname.

The tight finger-curls framing the face were popular in the late 1870s and then again in the 1920s. The dress is current to about 1880-1884.

There was a large Krischke family living in Canton Illinois and they appear on the 1880 Census.

1880 Census > Illinois > Fulton > Canton
KRISCHKE, Joseph, 51, butcher, born in Austria of Austrian parents
KRISCHKE, Mary, 43, wife, born in KY of KY parents
KRISCHKE, Byron, 20, son, butcher, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Alice, 18, daughter, at school, born in IL
KRISCHKE, May, 17, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Flory, 15, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Frank, 13, son, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Lizzie, 10, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Charles, 9, son, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Estella, 7, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Eddie, 5, son, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Maud, 3, daughter, at home, born in IL

At age 28, on 29 May 1889, Alice married 29 year old Edgar Bredwell, a salesman in Canton, a son of Sylvester Bredwell and Martha Heins. The marriage records indicate that Alice is a daughter of Joseph Krischke and Mary C. (Johnson).

1900 Census > Illinois > Fulton > Canton
BREDWELL, Edward, head, 39, July 1860, born in Il of MD parents, bartender
BREDWELL, Alice, wife, 38, Aug 1861, born in Il of Hungarian and KY parents
BREDWELL, Marion, son, 9, Apr 1891, born in IL, at school
BREDWELL, Joseph, son, 7, May 1893, born in IL
BREDWELL, Eleanor, daughter, 4, Nov 1895, born in IL
BREDWELL, Lela, daughter, 18, Aug 1881, born in IL

(Lela is Edward's daughter from a first wife Mary Brokaw who died in 1885.)

1910 Census > Illinois > Fulton > Canton
BREDWELL, Edward, head, 49, born in Il of OH & IN parents, salesman gen. merch.
BREDWELL, Alice J., wife, 48, born in Il of Austr-German and KY parents
BREDWELL, Marion E., son, 18, born in IL, driver of a grocery wagon
BREDWELL, Joseph Y., son, 16, born in IL, baker in a bakery
BREDWELL, Elinor, daughter, 14, born in IL

Edgar Bredwell apparently died around 1918. There is a Civil War pension that Alice applied for Aug 3, 1918 and her name appears on the line "widow."

By the time of the 1920 Census, Alice Bredwell is living with her brother Charles Kreschke, who runs a meat market. Both report their father was born in Austria.

In the 1930 Census, Alice still resides with her brother Charles in Canton. Her son Joseph moves in shortly afterward.

1932 City Directory for Canton IL
Bredwell, Alice J. (wid Edgar) h150 Martin av
Bredwell, Jos Y. baker Hartstirn's Quality Bakery r150 Martin av
Krischke, Chas H. meatcutter h150 Martin av

1940 Census > Iowa > Wright > Eagle Grove
LONNING, Edwin, head, 49, chiropractor
LONNING, Eleanor, wife, 44
LONNING, Edwin Jr., son, 21, mill? worker or news? worker
LONNING, Bettie J., daughter, 7
BREDWELL, Alais J., mother-in-law, 78

Alice Jane Bredwell died in Globe Arizona, May 12, 1941 at the age of 79 yrs, 8 month, 17 days. Her usual occupation was housewife. Her father Joseph Krischke was born in Silesia Austria. Her mother Mary E. Johnson was born in Lewis Co. KY. The informant is her son "Edgar" whom I take to be Marion E. Bredwell. He is also buried at the same BPOE Rest Cemetery, so I assume she was living with him at the time. Her Findagrave memorial is at this link.

Here is her obituary in the Miami Arizona paper.


UPDATE - Lena has been claimed by a relative and  is going home!

Identification on photo: LENA SEVERANCE STABLER

Photo taken: White Studio, Ann Arbor MI, circa 1930-1935

Purchased: 2019 Jan at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

This photo of Lena Severance-Stabler was taken probably between 1930 and 1935 in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Lena was born 29 Aug 1907, the daughter of Earl Severance (1882-1948) and Grace De Groot (1885-1956). She had an older brother Aaron (1905-1985).

She appears on the following Federal Census records:

1920 Census, Michigan, Oakland Co., Lyon.
SEVERANCE, Earl, head, 37, born in MI of MI parents, farmer in general farming
SEVERANCE, Grace E., wife, 34, born in MI of MI parents
SEVERANCE, Aaron, son, 15, born in MI of MI parents
SEVERANCE, Lena, daughter, 12, born in MI of MI parents

1930 Census, Michigan, Jackson Co., Grass Lake.
SEVERANCE, Earl, head, 47, farmer in general farming
SEVERANCE, Grace E., wife, 45
SEVERANCE, Aaron, son, 25
SEVERANCE, Lena, daughter, 22, Typist at Printing Office
DeGROOT, Carrie, mother-in-law, 67, born in MI of MI parents,
POWER, Jane, grandmother, 89, born in MI of NY and NJ parents

Lena attended Ann Arbor High School, and I was able to find this photograph of her in the 1927 Year Book.

In August 1935, Lena married Donald G Staebler (1910-2017), son of Albert J. Staebler (1877-1951) and Ella L. Goodell (1881-1977). Donald attended Ypsilanti High School, graduating in 1929. He attended Michigan State Normal College (now Eastern Michigan University) graduating in 1934 with a BS in Industrial Arts, and a life Certificate to teach.

At the time of their marriage, Donald (age 25) was employed as a teacher in Ann Arbor, and Lena (age 27) was employed as a saleslady at S.S. Kresge Company.

Lena died 1991.

Lena's husband Donald lived to the ripe old age of 106. They are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Dixboro, Michigan.