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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

LAKE, Harry (Bedford IA)



IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Harry Lake, Bedford Iowa"

PHOTO TAKEN: unknown location and photographer, but likely Bedford Iowa c. 1904

PURCHASED: This image is part of a group of old photos sent to me by Carol Kleppinger, and are assumed to be friends of her grandmother Florence Ream.

This is Harry Clifford Lake, born 27 June 1882 in Conway, Iowa, to parents Albert Enos Lake (1850-1940) and Sarah L. Reed (1848-_).

The family is found on the 1900 Federal Census:

1900 Federal Census > Iowa > Taylor > Bedford

  • LAKE, Albert E., head, Sept 1850, 49, born in Mass of Mass parents, County Treasurer
  • LAKE, Sarah L., wife, July 1848, 51, born in Mass of RI & MA parents
  • LAKE, Walter H., son, Mar 1878, 22 single, born in Iowa, Deputy Treasurer
  • LAKE, Harry C., son, Jun 1882, 17 single, born in Iowa, at School

Harry married Harriet "Maud" Barr, and they had two daughters and two sons:

  • Julia Lake (1921) m. Ferringer
  • Harriet Alberta Lake (1922-2009) m. John R. Morgan
  • Harry J. Lake (1924-2000) m. Mary Grace Gangemi
  • Clifford John Lake (1928-2002)

The family is found on the 1930 Census:

1930 Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Indiana County

  • LAKE, Harry, head, 47, born in Iowa of Mass parents, specialty salesman food products
  • LAKE, Harriet Maude, wife, 34, born in PA of PA parents
  • LAKE, Julia, dau, 9, born in PA
  • LAKE, Alberta, dau, 7, born in PA
  • LAKE, Harry Jr, son, 5, born in PA
  • LAKE, Clifford J., son, 1yr 7mo, born in PA

Harry died 1 Jun 1976 (age 93) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. His memorial at Findagrave can be found here.

LAKE, Viola (Mrs Foster) (Mankato KS)




PHOTO TAKEN: Ladd Studio, Mankato KS, 1924

PURCHASED: These three images are part of a group of old photos sent to me by Carol Kleppinger, and are assumed to be friends of her grandmother Florence Ream.

This is Viola Matilda Lake, born 9 Aug 1904 in Jewell County Kansas to parents Ralph Emmet Lake (1884-1959) and Bertha Viola Watson (1884-1964).

1920 Federal Census > Kansas > Clay > Chapman

  • LAKE, Ralph E., head, 38, born in Kansas of Iowa parents, farmer
  • LAKE, Bertha, wife, 35, born in Kansas of Scottish & Irish parents
  • LAKE, Viola M., dau, 15, born in Kansas
  • LAKE Emmet Charles, son, 13, born in Kansas

Viola Lake married on 8 Sep 1925 to Jay Madison Foster (1896-1959).

This Marriage Notice was in the 10 Sep 1925 edition of the Belleville Telescope, Belleville KS.

1930 Federal Census > Kansas > Republic > White Rock

  • FOSTER, Jay M., head, 33, born in Kansas of IL and IA parents, farmer
  • FOSTER, Viola M., wife, 25, born in Kansas of Kansas parents
  • FOSTER, Mary E., daughter, 3, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Dean R., son, 2, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Delpha J., daughter, 10m, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Mary E., mother, 67 widow, born in Iowa of IN and NC parents
  • FOSTER, Roy H., brother, 46, born in Kansas of IL and IA parents, farm labor

Two eldest children c. 1933-34

By the time of the 1940 Census, the family is farming in Madison Co. Ohio.

1940 Federal Census > Ohio > Madison > Deer Creek

  • FOSTER, Jay M., head, 43, born in Kansas, farmer
  • FOSTER, Viola M., wife, 35, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Mary E., daughter, 13, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Dean Riley, son, 12, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Delpha June, daughter, 10, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Warren Everett, son, 9, born in Kansas
  • FOSTER, Evelyn Bertha, daughter, 7, born in  Kansas

All 5 Foster children c. 1933

The children:

FOSTER, Mary Elizabeth (1926-2004) m. William Banks in 1952
  - BANKS, Nancy, m. Robert Cowee
  - BANKS, Karen, m. Richard Terhune
FOSTER, Dean Riley (1927-2011) m. 1) Mary Moberly, 2) Mildred M. Brockway
  - FOSTER, David
  - FOSTER, Paul m. Maria
  - FOSTER, John m. Maria-Diana
FOSTER, Delpha June (1929-1998) OSU Graduate 1951, dietician in NY hospital
FOSTER, Warren Everett (1930-1984) was in the army
FOSTER, Evelyn Bertha (1932-1955) teacher, died age 22 in auto accident in Colorado

Viola died 12 Nov 2003, age 99, at Columbus OH. She is buried at Deer Creek Township Cemetery, Lafayette, Madison county, OH. 

Her memorial at Find-a-Grave

Saturday, December 26, 2020

PUTNAM, Leslie R. (Bedford IA)



PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer, circa 1904

PURCHASED: This is part of a group of old photos sent to me by Carol Kleppinger, and are assumed to be friends of her grandmother Florence Ream

As you can see, the lower third of this photo card is broken, but it's hanging in there.

The photographer's mark appears to say "Midder's" but no location is given. Leslie Putnam attended a number of colleges, and this could have been taken in any of those locations. There were multiple people named "Leslie R. Putnam" but I am certain I have the correct one because this one went to high school in Bedford Iowa, the same school as Florence Ream, in whose possessions these photographs were kept.

Leslie R. Putnam, born 6 May 1885, on the 1900 Census for Bedford Iowa. His father is Henry Harrison Putnam (1840-1911) and his mother is Cornelia Ann Chamberlain (1848-1928).

1900 Federal Census > Iowa > Taylor > Bedford

  • PUTNAM, H., head, Aug 1840, 59yo, born in VT of Mass and VT parents, farmer
  • PUTNAM, Cornelia A., wife, Nov 1848, 51, born in NY of Mass and NY parents
  • PUTNAM, Etta G., dau, Dec 1872, 27, born in IL, asst county supt school
  • PUTNAM, Irving E., Oct 1878, 21, born in Iowa, at school
  • PUTNAM, Charles H., son, Jul 1881, 18, born in Iowa, at school
  • PUTNAM, Clyde C., son, Apr 1883, 17, born in Iowa, at school
  • PUTNAM, Leslie R., son, May 1885, 15, born in Iowa, at school
  • PUTNAM, Stella B., dau, Jan 1891, 9, born in Iowa, at school

Leslie married Neva Vay Smith (1889-1970), daughter of Stephen P. Smith and Lucy L. Stapleton.


One of the most beautiful home nuptial events which have taken place in Morrison in recent years was the wedding of Professor Leslie Ray Putnam of Helena, Mont., and Miss Neva V. Smith, which was solemnized at the residence of the bride's mother on North Base street. The ceremony was performed by Rev. I. E. Putnam of the Albany Park M. E. church of Austin, a brother of the groom, assisted by Rev. W. J. Abel, pastor of the M. E. church in this city. The vows were taken at 8:30 o'clock in the presence of a number of relatives and close friends of the contracting parties. The couple was attended by Miss Veda Maud Smith, sister of the bride and Rev. Charles Putnam, pastor of the Bethel M. E. church of Chicago, a brother of the groom. Mr. Putnam, as well as his bride, is a graduate of the College and Conservatory at Mt. Vernon, Ia., and at the present time he is one of the professors in the Montana Wesleyan University at Helena, having supervision of the music and teaching history. Mrs. Putnam has been elected instructor in the conservatory and will give instruction in voice culture and on the piano. Those from out of town who attended the wedding were; Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Putnam of Bedford, Ia., Rev. I. E. and C. H. Putnam of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Orton Chamberlin of Lyndon, Charles, Fred and Edward Stapleton with their wives of Edgely, N. D., Madge Shafer of Port Byron, Hiram Smith of Fulton, Louise Lte of Amboy and Miss Coral Allen of Sterling. [The Sterling Evening Gazette, Sterling IL,  24 Dec 1910 Pg 2]

1930 Federal Census > Iowa > Jefferson > Fairfield

  • PUTNAM, Leslie R., head, 44, born in IA of PA? parents, Teacher at Public School
  • PUTNAM, Neva, wife, 39, born in IL of PA and IL parents
  • PUTNAM, Paul L, son, 18, born in Montana
  • PUTNAM, Loren S, son, 16, born in IL
  • PUTNAM, Louise V, dau, 7, born in SD
  • SMITH, Lucy L, mother in law, 68, widow, born in IL of English parents

Their children:

  • Paul Leslie Putnam (1912-1897) m. 1) Betty Ann Phillips, 2) Frances Smith
  • Loren Smith Putnam (1914-2006) - Professor of Zoology at Ohio State Univ. 1935 Graduate of Murray State College, m. Mildred Miller.
  • Louise V. Putnam (abt 1923-2000) m. Herbert L Carter

WWII Draft Registration shows a lot of useful information. His middle name is Ray. He was born 6 May 1885. At that particular time he was employed by Murray State College in Kentucky.

(Click for larger)

An article in The Paducah Sun 1966, covering a Benefit Concert to be held in nearby Murray KY, had much to reveal on Leslie Putnam's background. In part it said "Born at Bedford Iowa, he earned the BM and BS degree from Cornell College; did graduate work at Northwestern University and Garrett Biblical Institute where he received a music degree. He was awarded the MS degree in education at Kansas State College and studied voice at Chicago Musical College, Lamont School of Music in Denver and was baritone soloist with the Cornell College Choral Society and the Kansas State Choral Society."

Click for larger
There was a music scholarship at Murray College named in his honor.

Leslie died 21 Nov 1969 at age 84. He and his wife are buried at the Murray City Cemetery, in Murray Kentucky. Obit is from The Paducah Sun, 21 Nov 1969.

Friday, December 25, 2020

KIRKPATRICK, Charles (Bedford IA)



IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: Charles Kirkpatrick, 1904, Teacher Bedford High School

PHOTO TAKEN: Siegel-Cooper & Co., Chicago IL, 1904

PURCHASED: This is part of a group of old photos sent to me by Carol Kleppinger, and are assumed to be friends of her grandmother Florence Ream

Charles Kirkpatrick was born 1876 in Spencer, Clay County, Iowa to parents Dougas Kirkpatrick and Cordelia E Davis.

He was a teacher or professor at Bedford High School for a number of years before relocating to Seattle around 1906, where he also taught and worked in school administration. It was in Bedford Iowa that he would have been acquainted with the above-mentioned Florence Ream. He clearly made an impression upon her as she kept his photograph among those of her other friends. She must have valued his memory.

Charles' first wife was Mabel Cordius Hardenbrook (b. 1876 in Iowa) to whom he was married 4 years up until her death in Seattle in 1909.

His second wife was Seattle socialite Edith Lilian Allen (b. 1887) to whom he was married 3 years up until her death from illness in 1916.

(It is believed that neither wife produced any offspring, so I will not be finding descendants who might wish to receive this photograph. Perhaps a relative will step up and offer him a home.)

In 1919, Charles who was at that time principal of the Broadway High School in Seattle (see image at left), tendered his resignation owing to his own ill health. 

Charles Kirkpatrick died in 1924 in Washington State, and is buried with family at the Riverside Cemetery, Spencer, Iowa.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

LOW, Elizabeth (New Berlin NY)



UPDATE - This photo of Elizabeth Low has been claimed by a relative and is being sent home.


PHOTO TAKEN: Talbot's Studio, New Berlin, NY, circa 1905

PURCHASED: 2018 August, Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week

This image is of a young woman around 14 or 15 years old. It appears to have been taken a bit before the New Berlin High School photos of 1909, so I place it about 1905. That means the young woman was born around 1890.

Checking in at, a likely suspect comes up immediately. I believe this is Elizabeth Lowe (or Low), born 16 Jan 1890, died 1939, at the age of 49.

Her parents were Mark Lafayette Low (1858-1917), a farmer, and Ella Agnes Barber (1858-1920).

On the 1910 Census, I find that Mark Low's farm was directly adjacent to that owned by Fred & Charity Matteson (previously posted here) and looking back at that post, I see that Charity Matteson had a maiden name of Lowe (or Low). She was a daughter of Thomas Lowe (1820-1891) and Elizabeth Ann Phillips (1826-1892), as is Mark Low, so they are siblings. This also further verifies that I have the correct Elizabeth Low, as the photos were acquired at the same time, and at the same antiques booth.

Also, Elizabeth's mother Ellen Barber is a sister of William Barber (previously posted) and of Charlotte Barber who married Howard Kneeland (previously posted).

Elizabeth married Ray Leslie Chapin in 1911, who operated a dairy farm in nearby Pittsfield, Otsego County, NY (about 7 miles away from New Berlin. Ray is a brother of Lester Chapin (Previously posted).

Elizabeth and Ray had two sons; Robert (1917) and Donald (1924).

It has become evident to me that the person who collected all these "New Berlin" photos that I had previously posted and bought all together (and seemed to be related in some way) is Elizabeth Lowe (1891-1939). She would have been a classmate of those pictured in the Class of 1909 photos . Her father was Marquis Lafayette "Mark" Lowe (a brother of Charity Lowe) which makes her a niece of Uncle Fred and Aunt "Chat" Matteson, and may have written the inscription on the back of that one. I have already sent hone Fred & Charity, and I did not keep a digital image of the inscription. Elizabeth married Ray L Chapin (a surname on other photos found in this same batch). 

The most convincing piece of evidence is the handwriting of Elizabeth which is beautiful and distinctively leans backward. Here is the back of the photo of Edith Pope , one of Elizabeth's high school pals.

Compare this with Elizabeth's own signature, taken from her Wedding Certificate in 1911.

I am not sure why she died so young. 

Elizabeth is buried at Fairview Cemetery in New Berlin, Chenango County, NY.