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Saturday, December 29, 2018

HEAGY-HECK, Margaret

This old photograph was found at the Times Remembered Antique store in Ventura, California. I did not buy this, but if it is your ancestor, I can tell you where to locate it in the store.

The photo is of MARGARET HEAGY-HECK (8Nov1797 - 22Jan1871). Framed and behind glass, the booth owner is asking $79 so I did not buy it. But the back of the item contains a treasure-trove of genealogical information. So I snapped a photo on my cell phone of the front and the back. I was able to add some other names and dates during the research process.

MARGARET HEAGY-HECK is a daughter of George HEAGY and Hannah (possibly SHLETZ, or SLETZ). The family was from the area of Newville, PA. George Heagy is buried at White Church Cemetery in Gettysburg PA.

Margaret married Daniel HECK (3Jan1789-17May1849) and they had 9 children, two of which died in infancy. Among their offspring were:
Hannah (born 1817)
Maria (1822, m. Jacob KLINE)
Rebecka Ann (1827-1911, m. Henry SOUDER)
John A. (1831-1900, m. Sarah BEST)
James Henry (1833-1902, m. Jane Mary TRITT)
William Charles (1835-1893, m. Lucinda ROOF)

Whoever owned the photograph last was descended from James Henry HECK and Jane Mary TRITT, as further descendency through this couple is listed on the reverse of the photo.

James Henry and Jane Mary were the parents of:
Martha Belle "Mattie" HECK (1860-1944, m. Edward P. MUNN, 1855-1942)
James Oscar HECK (1861-1894)
Clyde T. HECK (1876-1949)

Martha's husband Edward was a son of John Calvin MUNN and Ruth Ellen CURTIS. Martha and Edward were the parents of:
Ray Edward MUNN (1881-1974, m. Myrtle BROER)
Paul Heck MUNN (1885-1944, m. Maude GREEN), and they were the parents of:
--Edward Payson MUNN (1909-1975)
--Donald Clare MUNN
--David MUNN
--Marjorie MUNN
--Lillian MUNN

The notes on the back of the photo state that David married Anne King KRUGH (1920-1987), but this is incorrect. Donald Clare MUNN married Anne King KRUGH and had children Donald C. Jr. and Judith Ann. 

Donald C. MUNN Jr. married a woman whose name starts with M (writing is very faint) and may be Melanie (?) and they had children Jennifer and Anne (?).

I found a later image of Margaret Heagy-Heck on which had been posted to a couple of different family trees. She is much older in this image, but I am certain this is the same person. Especially noticeable is Margaret's left eye which is more open than the right eye. This is visible in both photos.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

SHAFER, KEMP, TODD photo album


This lovely little photo album was acquired from the South Florida Fairgrounds Antique Show, December 2018. It contains 37 photographs, 22 of which are identified, mostly of SHAFER, KEMP and TODD surnames. Most of the photos appear to have been taken between 1863-1895. Many are tin-type.

The album is roughly 5 x 6.5 x 2 inches, and was covered in a royal blue velveteen at one time, but has since been worn off by a century of caresses in the hands of loved ones. 

I paid $100 to bring this album home so I could start researching it, which is well beyond my normal budget. But others who engage in this same line of genealogical service will understand precisely when I say that it was too precious to leave behind. This many related photos together in one spot is a rare find. If I had left it there, how do I know that the next person would not have bought it to cannibalize the photos for some God-awful craft project? …… OK - end of soap-box rant.

I think the photos in the album may be ordered by importance, or closeness, to whoever owned the book. I will present the photos here in the same order in which they appear in the album. 

With this many clues all together, it was pretty easy to find the correct family on This first photo is a tin-type which shows George N. SHAFER (1819-1891) and his wife Mary Ann BROWN (1827-1902). George was born in Tennessee to parents John SHAFER and Anna Catherine RINKER.  Mary was born 27 July 1827 in Butler Co. OH to parents Jacob BROWN and Lydia MURPHY.

The 1880 Census > Indiana > Cass > Galveston
SHAFFER, George N., 62, head, Hotel keeper, born in TN of VA parents
SHAFFER, Mary A., 51, wife, keeping house, born in OH of VA & NJ parents
TODD, Eva, 23, daughter, asst housekeeper, born in IND
TODD, Morris C., 2, grandson, born in IND

They appear to have had 8 children. Through various sources, I have assembled this list of offspring:
  • John A Shafer (1846-1868) died age 22
  • Louisa A Shafer (1849-1928) age 81
  • Otterbein D Shafer(1851-1867) age 16
  • Corp. Edward A Shafer (1854-1878) age 24
  • Eva O Shafer (1857-1904) age 48
  • Aaron Castle Shafer (1864-1943) age 79
  • Elsie Shafer (1869-1869) age 0
  • Philander Shafer (1870-1870) age 0

Aaron Shafer married Fannie G. CLARK and had six children of his own:
  • Ralph Hoyt Shafer (1891-1899) age 8
  • Fred Waldo Shafer (1893-1899) age 6
  • Paul C Shafer (1895-1977) age 82
  • Mary Ruth Shafer (1897-1909) age 12
  • Keith M. Shafer (1899-1948) age 49
  • Dorthea Shafer (1905-1975) age 70

Eva married James H. TODD (July 1852 - ). They had 2 sons:
  • Maurice (1878-) married Sarah J Anderson in May 1903.
  • Roger S. Todd (abt 1881- )

On the 1900 Census, the family is living in Topeka KS. James works in the insurance industry. Eva is 43yo. Roger is 19 and works as a Railroad Clerk. Maurice is not listed in the household. There is a servant Sarah McKill.

These two young ladies are not identified, and not entirely sure if they are of the same person, or sisters. (They may be marked on the back, but the paper sleeves of the album are quite delicate, and I don't wish to cause any damage to it.) Might be earlier images of Eva.

Here is another image of Mary Brown Shafer, matriarch of the Shafer clan.

Here is another image of George and Mary's son Aaron. This is a tin-type.

This one is not identified. Appears to be two male siblings of near the same age. This is tin-type which appears to have been taken in the mid- to late-1860s.

Although unnamed, this looks a great deal like another son, Edward A Shafer, and I suspect this may be him, but could also be any of the other sons of George and Mary. There was a son Otterbein who died at age 16 in 1867. This photo was taken around that time and shows a boy in his mid-teens, so that is a possibility.

Although this album page is not identified, I know this person is Corporal Edward A Shafer, as I located the same image identified in an family tree. According to US Army record, he enlisted May 8, 1876 in the 6th Infantry, at age 22, and was killed Dec 13, 1878 "by a shot maliciously fired by Pvt John Smith, same Company, at Fort Buford, Dakota Territory."

Another image of Mother Mary. This one shows the photo was taken in Kokomo, Indiana, and shows Mary at an older age than previous photos. Probably taken around 1890-1895.

This tin-type shows father George probably in his 60s.

This tin-type shows the two sons of Eva and James Todd; Maurice (born 1878) and Roger (born 24-Mar-1881).

Roger Seward TODD, the younger brother, lived to age 56, dying 3-Nov-1937 in Amarillo Tx, where he was residing at the Palo Duro Hotel and working as a traveling salesman. He was married to Caro Frances Slusher, and their home was in Kansas City MO.

This obit for Roger was found in the Kansas City Times, edition of Nov 5, 1937. He appears to have had no children of his own, as survivors mention brother Maurice (Hutchinson KS) and two step-children.

While these two small photos are identified as Maurice & Roger Todd, I believe they are both of the same person (Maurice). Clearly the young man in both photos is wearing the same clothing. If this is an example of two individuals dressed identically, then both fellows are at or near the same age. The photos were taken in the same studio, apparently in the same sitting. Maurice and Roger were separated by three years, so the identification cannot be accurate.

This photograph is identified as "Aaron Shafer, Louisa Angeline Shafer Kemp's brother." Aaron was born in 1864 and appears to be between 10-13 in this image.

This is Louisa Shafer Kemp, born in 1843, probably around age 20-23. This tin-type appears to have been taken around the time of the Civil War. Louisa Shafer married William KEMP (1843-1933). 

William Kemp is the husband of Louisa A. Shafer. He was born 2 Aug 1843 in Ohio to parents Thomas Kemp and Elizabeth Eleanor Moore. He and Louisa had children Lillian Kemp-McClure (1869-1951) and Estelle Kemp (1871-1890). 

William had many siblings:
  • Maurice Moore Kemp (1845-1932/35)
  • George Kemp (1847-1915)
  • David Jackson Kemp (1849-1918)
  • Sarah Hannah Kemp (1851-)
  • John L Kemp (1855-1936)
  • Finley Leonard Kemp (1859-1933)
  • Emily Jane Kemp (1861-1936)
  • Franklin Theodore Kemp (1864-1886)

This is William Kemp's brother George.

This photo is labeled Hannah Sarah Kemp Ware. She married George Elisha Waire (or Ware).

Two young boys ... at least I think these are two different people. Same studio and chair. I wonder why the young man is pointing his right index finger.

I think these may be siblings. They look a great deal alike. Also, I think the young woman is Emily Kemp-Work. I found this later photo (see below) of Emily Kemp-Work on Ancestry, taken circa 1895. There is a strong resemblence. She was born 1861. In this tin-type, the girl looks to be about 10 or 11, so if it is Emily this photo was taken in about 1871. It this IS Emily, then we can safely assume the boy, whose photo was likely taken the same day, is either her three-year younger brother Franklin, or her two-year older brother Finley.

I do not possess this photo

This is David Jackson Kemp, and his wife identified only as "Mrs. David Kemp" which tells me whoever labeled the photos was not close enough to her to be sure about her name. FYI- her name was Mary Ella Duncan.

This photo is of an unnamed Kemp of Kokomo, Indiana. It may be another image of David Kemp. There appears to have been a first name written, then erased.

Possibly another Kemp sibling - based on where this appears in the album.

Lillian Kemp McClure
The final photo in the album is of a little girl circa 1875 labeled Lillian Kemp McClure, who is a daughter of William Kemp and Louisa Shafer. She is a first cousin of Maurice and Roger Todd.

She grew up and married Charles A. McCLURE (1855-1905) and had at least one child; Leota McClure-Cook (1902-1990).

Leota McClure married Clayton M. COOK (1903-1991) and had five children:
  • Coralie Cook-Harrison (1927-2006) m. Richard Harrison (d. 9 Aug 2005)
  • Charles William Cook (1928-1999)
  • Richard Benjamin Cook (1932-1995)
  • Clayton McClure (Corunna Michigan)
  • Bob McClure (Simi valley CA)

I actually suspect Lillian may have been the person who assembled the photos in the album and labeled them, either that or a child of hers. The photos all seem to "intersect" where the Shafer and Kemp families come together; that is to say the connection of Louisa Shafer and William Kemp.

I designed a rough "family tree" grid that shows the relationship of the identified people in this album. You can click it for a larger image.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

PERKINS, Mary Elizabeth

PERKINS, Elizabeth

Identification on photo: Elizabeth Perkins
Photo taken: Moody Studio, Salem, Massachusetts, 1913
Purchased: Feb 2017 at Traditions Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

Here is the photo of Elizabeth PERKINS, taken in 1913, by F V Moody Studio in Salem Massachusetts. The photo is enclosed in a bifold paper folder, with onion-skin type layer directly over the photo. On the outside of the brown paper folder, there is an embossed symbol (see at right), which on close examination looks like a High School stamp. It says Beverly at top and BHS within the year 1913 at bottom.

If this was a graduation photo, taken in 1913, then Elizabeth (assuming around 18 years of age at this time) would have been born around 1895.

There is a Mary Elizabeth Perkins who was born 3 June 1895 in Wenham, MA (a small town next to Beverly). Stephen P. Hall, the former Executive Director of the Beverly Historical Society & Museum, who helped immeasurably with this research, tells me, "It was common of the students in Wenham to transfer over the Beverly High prior to WWII, because Wenham was too small to have their own High School."

Elizabeth was a daughter of Frank Ellis Perkins (1856-1930) and Mary Frances Dodge (1869-1928). Her siblings were Ralph Willis Perkins (1888-1958), Lawrence Webster Perkins (1890-1891), Ruth Dodge Perkins (1892-1982) and John Millard Perkins (1897-1929).

1920 Census > Mass > Essex > Wenham
PERKINS, Frank E., head, 63, born in Mass of Mass & NH parents, poultry farmer
PERKINS, Mary F., wife, 51, born in Mass of Mass parents
PERKINS, Ralph W., son, 31, born in Mass, bookkeeper at Gas & Elect Utility
PERKINS, Ruth D., daughter, 27, born in Mass
PERKINS, Elizabeth M., daughter, 24, born in Mass, Bookkeeper at Insurance Co.
PERKINS, John M., son, 22, born in Mass, machinist in machine shop
PERKINS, Emily F., 32, daughter-in-law, born in Mass
PERKINS, Frank E. Jr., 5, grandson, born in Rhode Island
PERKINS, Eleanor K, granddaughter, 4, born in Rhode Island

The Emily mentioned on the 1920 Census as daughter-in-law, is Emily Dalrymple, who was the wife of Ralph. Emily was also the mother of Winthrop Perkins (1920-2008) and Laurence D. Perkins (___) who were not yet born during the time of the 1920 Census. The 2008 obit for Winthrop mentions surviving sister Eleanor K. Perkins and cousins John F. Perkins and John M. Perkins. Another cousin Maynard M. Perkins predeceased him. The obit does not mention any children for Winthrop.

Elizabeth married Andrew Miles Herrold (1891-1975).  She died 11 Oct 1979 and is buried in the Wenham Cemetery next to her husband and parents.

Stephen Hall also included the following information: "Although given her mother's name of Mary, she was known (and listed on the census records of 1920) by her middle name of Elizabeth. As late as the 1940 census she was still "single" and living with her sister Ruth. She was bookeeper of decades with an Insurace Agency. It looks like she married late in life to Andrew Miles Herrold," and produced no offspring. However, her brothers Ralph and John had descendants, and I will focus my search there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

DARLING Family of Cherryvale KS

DARLING Family photos

These four images were located yesterday at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show. All four photos were taken at the same studio in Cherryvale Kansas, although the photographer's mark is different on each mat. The two photos of the adult couple were problably taken in the same year, if not on the same afternoon.

Will and Nellie (Swart) Darling
Cramer & Munger, Cherryvale Kansas

This first photograph was probably taken around 1895. William appears to be in his upper 20s, Nellie appears to be in her lower 20s. Nellie is wearing a pleat-fronted dress with a fancy trim around the collar and a flower-shaped brooch at the neck. Will is wearly a suit with faint stripes which is casually worn unbuttoned, a tie with crossing double lines in the pattern, and a diamond shaped tiie-pin with a letter "S" on it. Will also appears to have either a lazy left eye, or a glass eye, or possibly suffered an injury which resulted in this appearance.

This second image contain many similarities to the first image. Nellie is wearing a similar dress, although the front pleats look to be more loose or open. Otherwise, the hairstyle is identical as is the flower brooch at the neck. Will is likely in the same suit, but buttoned up, same tie and same "S" tie pin.

"Uncle Merrill Darling"

Uncle Merrill Darling
Cramer Studio, Cherryvale Kans.
This photo was taken around 1900-1901. Merrill looks to be around 1 year old.

Nellie Darling, age 4 mo.
Cramer Studio

William Darling (1867-1934) is a son of C.J. Darling and Ruth Jane Meeker (who died when William was about 4 years old).

His family appears on the 1880 Federal Census > Kansas > Labette County > Osage
DARLING, C.J., 38, Farmer, born in Ohio of Ohio parents
DARLING, Martha A., wife, housekeeper, born in Ohio of Ohio parents
DARLING, James, 16, son, laborer, born in Ohio
DARLING, Ruth Jane, 15, daughter, works in home, born in Ohio
DARLING, William, 12, son, works on farm, born in Illinois
DARLING, Alonzo, 5, son, born in Kansas
DARLING, Charles, 1, son, born in Kansas

The woman in the two upper photos is Nellie Swart (1872-1939),  a daughter of James Boyd Swart and Mary Samantha Hoff. UPDATE - A photo of her sister Minnie SWART-FENTON (at right) was found at the same booth at the antique fair the following month. Her portrait was also created at the Cramer Studio. She married Alden Eugene FENTON.

Nellie and Minnie appear on the 1880 Federal Census > Kansas > Labette county > Osage
SWART, J.B., 41, farmer, born in Indiana of Virginia & Ohio parents
SWART, Mary S., 33, wife, housekeeper, born in Ohio of Md and Pa parents
SWART, Nelly, 7, daughter, born in Kansas
SWART, Minnie, 5, daughter, born in Kansas
SWART, William, 79, father, born in Virginia of Va parents
SWART, Julia Ann, 71, mother, born in Ohio of Ireland & Pa parents

William C. Darling married Nellie Swart 26 Oct 1892 in Independence, Montgomery County, KS. Will is 24, and Nellie is 20.

William and Nellie appear on the 1895 Kansas State Census.

Their first son Glenn S. Darling lived only one day. He was born and died on Christmas Eve of 1896.

1900 Federal Census > Kansas > Montgomery > Cherry
DARLING, William C., head, Dec 1867, 32, born in Ill of Ohio & Ill parents, farmer
DARLING, Nellie, wife, 27, born in Kans of Indiana & Ohio parents
DARLING, Merrill, son, 6mo, born in Kansas
There is also 15-yr-old girl named Barbey Darling in the household, who is likely a niece, but is described on the Census as "servant." She was born Jan 1881 in Kansas, of Ohio and Iowa parents.

1910 Federal Census > Kansas > Montgomery > Cherry
DARLING, William C., head, 42, born in Ill of Ohio parents, farmer
DARLING, Nellie, wife, 37, born in Kans of Indiana & Ohio parents
DARLING, Merrill, son, 10, born in Kansas

1920 Census > Kansas > Montgomery > Cherry
DARLING, William C., head, 52, born in Ill of Ohio & Ill parents, farmer
DARLING, Nellie S., wife, 47, born in Kans of Indiana & Ohio parents
DARLING, Merrill L., son, 20, born in Kansas, farming
DARLING, Nellie W., daughter, 7, born in Kansas

Merrill (25 Nov 1899 - 4 Feb 1981) married Merle M. Foster (1904-1999) on 27 March 1927. This insert was located in the Cherryvale Republican newspaper, edition of 16 May 1927.

1940 Census > Kansas > Montgomery > Cherry
DARLING, Merrill, head, 40, born in KS, farmer
DARLING, Merle, wife, 35, born in KS
DARLING, Keith, son, 6, born in KS

Merrill died 04 Feb 1981. According to this obit in the Wichita Eagle, he left survivors which included wife Merle, son William Keith Darling (1933-1997) and daughter Millicente Darling (born 1941, at age 57 married Jack Bishop, had no offspring). Also sister Nellie Copeland.

Merrill's sister Nellie (10 Nov 1912 - 1 Oct 1996) married John H. Copeland (1911-1988). I have yet to discover if Nellie and John had children.

However - - someone wrote the words "Uncle Merrill Darling" on the back of Merrill's photograph. That would either be the children of his sister, or the children of his wife's siblings.

UPDATE - As I was filing away the photo for Minnie Swart, I discovered that I had acquired, more than a year earlier, a photograph of James B. SWART (shown here), who is the father of Minnie and Nellie, and is mentioned above in the census records. I do not need to do much research on him, as his memorial at contains the following very thorough biography:

HON. J.B. SWART - farmer and stockgrower, Section 35, Township 31, Range 17, P. O. Cherryvale. November, 1869, he located at Sherman City, Kan., and in January, 1870, took a claim where he now resides. His farm consists of 480 acres of fine improved land with good buildings, orchard and small fruit complete.
He was born in LaGrange County, Ind., November 4, 1840 (stone shows 1838), a son of William and Julia A. Maxwell Swart. The father was born and raised in Loudoun County, Va., and is of Holland descent. He married the mother in Muskingum County, Ohio, which was his native county, and in 1834 moved to LaGrange County, Ind., living there forty-six years. Both of them came to Kansas in 1880 to reside with J.B. The father died January 23, 1881. He was born June 29, 1801; the mother is still living. She was born February 20, 1809.
J.B. is the third child, and when eighteen years of age he enlisted in Company I, Forty-eighth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was in the battles of Vicksburg, Corinth, Mission Ridge, Atlanta and with Sherman to the sea, then to Washington, D. C. and was mustered out at Indianapolis, Ind.
He then attended college for some time and then turned his attention to farming.
November 7, 1867, he married Miss Mary S. Hoff, a native of Ohio, born in 1846, a daughter of Abraham and Susan Hoff. The father is of Maryland the mother of Ohio. They settled in Indiana in 1852.
Mr. and Mrs. Swart have a family of three children - Nellie F., Minnie M., and Anna Mabel.
Mr. S. has always been a stanch Republican. In 1880 he was elected a member of the Legislature from Labette County by a majority of 480 votes.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


21 years old, June 1899

Bapt. 4 Mar 1875, Evangelische Kirche, Metzingen, Wurttemberg GER
Father: Gottlieb Michael Schmauder (b. 11 Oct 1842, son of Johann Heinrich Schmauder & Maria Katharina Burkhardt.)
Mother: Christina Friedrick Eberhard-Schmauder (b. 16 Oct 1843, dau. of Johann Phillip Eberhard & Friedericka Rosina Eberhard)
Gottlieb and Christina were married 27 Aug 1868 at Metzingen.

Carl immigrated to America in 1889 (according to census records) at age 14. I have not located a passenger manifest for his voyage, so I not know if he came alone or with other relatives.

Carl & Kathe Schmauder, 1900

Katharina Schmauder
20 years old
In the 1900 Census Carl is found living in Brooklyn with wife Kathe "Kate" Katherine Schmauder, born May 1877, who immigrated to US in 1895. His occupation is "foreman" but I cannot tell the industry. I have not been able to find the maiden name of Kathe.

Carl becomes naturalized in 1902, a few months before the birth of his first son Carl August George Schmauder, referred to simply as August in census records.

Something happens in 1903 (perhaps illness of parent) and Carl and Kate take their infant August back to Bempflingen Germany to the family farm.

Among the Schmauder family photos was this image of a restaurant in Bempflingen. Apparently, it is called the "Bahnhof Restaurant" and is/was situated near the train depot in Bempflingen, on Bahnhofstrasse (Depot Street). I do not generally acquire images of buildings, but this one had writing on the reverse, and while I do not speak or read German too well, it appears to have a person's name and other data; "Theodor Roberts birth-house 1906, Bahnhof Restaurant, Bempflingen, Wurttenberg."

(Click for larger image)
This image of the Bahnhof Restaurant was located online in the form of an old souvenir postcard for sale on eBay. The image in lower left is clearly the same building, and shows that the restaurant faces the tracks. (You may click any image on this page to see a larger version.)

I do NOT possess the vintage postcard. I include the image here for further information only.

Here is a Google map of the town of Bempflingen Germany nowadays, with streets Stiegelstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse, near the depot, circled.

World War I happens (1914-1918).

(Click for larger version)

Here is a photo of Carl (probably two decades older than the photo of him at top) at the Bempflingen farm. The inscription on the reverse says something like (and correct me or feel free to expand on what I am missing) : "Father Carl Schmauder with his foal Leisel in Bempflingen. Uncle Gottlob Decker house #4 Stiegelstrasse. Father Schmauder oversaw the Decker farm, during the war years 1914-1918 when Uncle Gottlob Decker was serving in the 123rd Grenadier Regiment."

 Here is a postcard photograph of Grandmother Schmauder. The inscription on the back says "Grossmutter Schmauder, Neuffen, Wurttemberg, 1919". (I expect this is Christina Eberhard-Schmauder.)

Statement from the Affidavit officer
In January 1923, at the age 20, son August petitions for the right to return to America, where he was born, by right of of his US birth certificate, which he has in his possession. He states in his application that he was taken abroad by his parents, through no doing of his own. It was only after he reached maturity, when he could return on his own, that he asked to do so. He stated the family were farmers, and did not give aid to the enemy during the course of the War. Application was approved.

March 25 1923, August Schmauder sails from Hamburg in the S.S. HANSA to the port of NY. He states on the ship's passenger manifest that he will be staying with his Aunt Frieda Alber and cousin Eugen Nonnemacher in Ramsey NJ until he is situated. But by 1925, the Schmauder family he left behind in Germany have all returned to NY.

May of 1923, August's family follows him to the US.

Here is an image of the ship HANSA, on which August Schmauder returned to the land of his birth:

New York Passenger Arrivals at Ellis Island, 7 May 1923 - 11 May 1923.  This image is taken from the manifest of the ship S.S. SEYDLITZ, sailing from Bremen on April 28, 1923. It shows Carl, Katie and the two German-born children arriving in New York. The form also includes categories for age and occupation. To the right on the form, is a column requesting closest relative or friend in the town in which they resided. The parents have answered "Mr. I.L. Gottlob Decker" and the children answered "uncle."

(Click for larger)
(I can imagine a scenario where Carl needed to go back to Germany to run the family farm owing to illness or death  of his father. Then returned to US following death of his mother. But I have no factual evidence of this scenario.)

1925 State Census > NY > Queens > 1868 Cornelia Street
SCHMAUDER, Charles, head, 50, born in GER, foreman in company
SCHMAUDER, Kate, wife, 48, born in GER, housework
SCHMAUDER, August, son, 23, born in U.S., butcher
SCHMAUDER, Theodor, son, 18, born in GER, asst foreman in ice business
SCHMAUDER, Rose (Rosa?), daughter, 17, born in GER, finisher, candy boxer(?)

1927, January 26, Theodor Max Schmauder petitions for American citizenship. His application for citizenship reports the following data:  He is an iron worker, living on 84th street in Queens. He was born in Bempflingen GER on April 20, 1907. He entered the US on May 9, 1923 on the vessel Sydlitz, out of Bremen.

Daughter Rose Schmauder died 27 Dec 1929 in Queens NY at age 21.

1930 Census > NY > Queens > 84th Street
SCHMAUDER, Charles R, head, 55, born in GER, foreman in ice company
SCHMAUDER, Kate, wife, 53, born in GER, no occupation
SCHMAUDER, August, son, 27, born in NY, butcher in pork packing company
SCHMAUDER, Theodor, son, 23, born in GER, machinist in iron working

1940 Census > NY > Queens > 85th Street
SCHMAUDER, Theodor, head, 32, born in GER, machinist in tool mfg
SCHMAUDER, Helen, wife, 30, born in GER, no occupation
SCHMAUDER, Robert, son, 1, born in NY

1962 Carl Robert Schmauder dies at age 87 in Queens.

Sep 1986 Theodor dies in New Hyde Park, Nassau County, NY, at about age 79. His wife's maiden name was Helen Kramer. Their son Robert Thoedore Schmauder died 4 Mar 2001, and lived in Patchogue NY.

Robert Theodore Schmauder, at about 17 years old, appears in the 1956 Yearbook for Sewanhaka High in Floral Park NY. He is involved in "Automotive Technician, Lamba Hi-Y, Der Deutche Verien, Frosh Track, and Hall Squad".

In January 1960, he married Joyce A. Sherback.