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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Denver Colorado,
photo taken circa 1895-1900

UPDATE - This photo has been claimed by a grandson of Anna Berquist, and is going home!
I am not entirely certain who is who, but based on the location of the names on the back of the photo, I surmise that the woman on the right is Anna Berquist and the woman on the left is Olivia Gummerson.

1900 Federal Census, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hovey Street
ANDERSSON, Carl, head, 47 (Mar 1853 Sweden), imm. 1887, works as machine hand
ANDERSSON, Christina, wife, 44, (May 1856 Sweden)
ANDERSSON, Anna W., daughter, 20 (Mar 1880 Sweden), employed in brass lacquering
ANDERSSON, Ester M., daughter, 15 (May 1885 Sweden), at school
NEILSON, Christina, mother-in-law, 77 (Nov 1822 Sweden)
ERICKSON, Mary C., niece, 7 (July 1892, born in Michigan)

1910 Federal Census, Denver Colorado, Wyandotte Street
BERQUIST, Chas A., head, 36, born in Michigan to Swedish parents
BERQUIST, Anna W., wife, 30, born in Sweden
BERQUIST, Wesley C., son, 3, born in Michigan

1920 Federal Census, Dever Colorado, 2917 W. 25th Ave
BERQUIST, Charles A., head, 45yo, born in Mich. to Swedish parents, works as a painter and paper-hanger
BERQUIST, Anna W., wife, 39yo, b. abt 1881 in Sweden, inn. 1887, nat. 1894
BERQUIST, Wesley C., son, 13, born in Michigan
BERQUIST, Chester H., son, 7, born in Colorado has a Berquist fanily tree which shows that Charles Alfred Berquist (1874 MI - 1923 CO) was married to Anna Wilhelmina Andersson of Sweden (1880 - 1956.) She is a daughter of Karl Andersson and Christina Kajsa Andersdotter. She died 18 Dec 1956 in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Son Wesley Charles BERQUIST (1906-1976) worked as a bank clerk in Grand Rapids Michigan and married Evelyn Gertrude Sprick (daughter of Henry Sprick and Christine Pleune) in 1935. They had sons Paul and Phillip.

As for OLIVIA GUMMERSON, I am not able to find any information yet for her.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

KEMPER, William and Emma

This photo of William and Emma Kemper was located at a large antique fair in West Palm Beach Florida.

The photo was taken around 1899 or 1900 in East St. Louis Illinois, but the couple apparently lived on the Missouri side of the river, as they appear in the 1900 Federal Census in St. Louis Missouri.

Here is what I have been able to glean so far, using sources like and

1880 Census, St. Louis MO, Benton Street
KEMPER, William, 48, head, Teamster, born in Germany of German parents
KEMPER, Mary, 43, wife, keeping home, born in Germany of German parents
KEMPER, William, son, 6, at school
KEMPER, Dora, daughter, 4
KEMPER, Henry, son, 1

(Note - living next door are the Tiemann family of Henry and Kate, and their 1yo son William. I wonder if this is the same William Tiemann who later married William F. Kemper's little sister Lydia who would come later [1887].)

1900 Census, St Louis, MO, 2928 St Louis Avenue
KEMPER, William F., Head, b. Sept 1874, 25yo, born in Missouri of German parents, clerk in a shoe
KEMPER, Emma, wife, b. May 1878, 22yo, born in Missouri of German parents

1920 Census, St Louis, MO, 2537 Benton Street
KEMPER, Mary A., Head, widowed, 70, imm 1852, nat 1870, born in Germany
KEMPER, William F., son, widowed, 45, born in MO of German parents, works in furniture factory
KEMPER, Harvey, grandson, 18, cutter in shoe factory
KEMPER, William F., grandson, 15, errand boy at a bank
KEMPER, Marie A., daughter, 30, seamstress at skirt factory

1930 Census. St. Louis, MO, 2536 Benton Street
KEMPER, Maria, Head, 80, born in Germany
KEMPER, William C.F., son, 56, cabinet maker in chair factory
TIEMANN Lydia S., daughter, 42

1940 census, St. Louis MO, 2536 Benton Street
KEMPER, William C.F., head, 66, widowed, cabinet maker in chair factory
TIEMANN, Lydia E., Sister, 52, widowed, no occupation

William's sister, Lydia E. Kemper Tiemann (1887-1955), was widowed in 1927 when her husband William Tiemann died.

This couple's son, William F. Kemper, was born 23 April 1904, died 17 Jun 1995. Married to Lillian May Strotz (1905-1993).