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Sunday, May 15, 2022

PERKINS, Anna Belle (Bangor ME)


INDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  "Anna B. Perkins, U. of M."

PHOTO TAKEN: Chalmers Studio, Bangor ME, circa 1912

PHOTO ACQUIRED: May 2022 Athens Schoolhouse Antiques

1892 Birth Records states that Anna was born Sept 16, 1892. Father William N Perkins is a mail carrier. Maiden name of mother is Ursula Grindle.

1900 Federal Census > Maine > Hancock County > Brooksville

PERKINS, William N., head, 48, May 1852, born in Maine, farmer

PERKINS, Vesty M., wife, 41, Aug 1858, born in Maine

PERKINS, Jeremiah W., son, 22, Dec 1878, born in Maine, sailor

PERKINS, Herbert H., son, 20, Sep 1879, born in Maine, teamster

PERKINS, Seymour, son, 16, July 1883, born in Maine, sailor

PERKINS, Ray, son, 13, July 1886, born in Maine, at school

PERKINS, Bernice, daughter, 11, June 1888, born in Maine, at school

PERKINS, Anna B., daughter, 6, Sept 1892, born in Maine, at school

PERKINS, Hope, daughter, 1, Apr 1898, born in Maine

At the time of this census, there is an elder sister Vesta Ursula Perkins, age 25, but she is already out of the house at this time. I wonder if the wife Ursula was also known as Vesta Urusula, since she is shown as "Vesty" on the Census.

Anna graduated High School in 1910. Anna Belle Perkins attended University of Maine, studying Romance Languages. She was also active in the yearbook board, and Deutscher Verein (German Club).

1920 Federal Census > New York > Erie > East Hamburgh

MANN, Herbert C., head, 32, born in NY, Doctor in General Practice

MANN, Jennie E., wife, 31, born in NY, no occupation

MANN, Ruth, daughter, 5, born in NY

PERKINS, Anna B., boarder, 27, born in Maine, High School teacher

1950 Federal Census > New Jersey > Passaic > Newark

PERKINS, Anna B., head, 57, born in Maine, Latin teacher at Public High School

CROCKER, Louise S., partner, born in Massachusetts, Latin teacher at Public High School

BRITTEN, Marian G., partner, born in NY, History Teacher at Public High School

This obit was carried in the 03 December 1963, Bangor Daily News:

(Click for larger)

ANDREWS, Ruth (Bethel, ME)

Ruth B. ANDREWS, circa 1895


PHOTO TAKEN: appears to say "Butler" Studio, Bethel, Maine, circa 1895

ACQUIRED: May 2022, Athens Schoolhouse Antiques, Athens KY

This is Ruth Andrews, born in Stone Haven, Maine, in about 1855. Her parents Abel ANDREWS (1807-1884) and Lucinda BRICKETT (1817-1884)were farmers in Oxford County, and had at least 13 children:

 - Eldin B. Andrews (1836 - )

 - James E. Andrews (1838-1864)

 - Edgar D. Andrews (1839 - )

 - Joseph B. Andrews (1841- )

 - Solomon C. Andrews (1843 - )

 - Dean W. Andrews (1845 - )

 - George L. Andrews (1847 - )

 - Ellen M. Andrews (1849 - )

 - Abby A. Andrews (1851 - )

 - Ruth B. Andrews (1854 - 1921) m1 Eugene PRESCOTT, m2 Chelsey Anthony BOWEN.

 - Catharine W. Andrews (1856 - )

 - Lucinda Andrews (1858 - 1864)

 - Abel Andrews (1860 - )

She and her sisters were apparently gifted in "needle and fancy-work", as in Sept 1903, Ruth won the first-place award at the State Fair for "Best Specimen Hand-crocheted lace", 2nd-place in "Slide-board scarf", and her sister Ellen won second-place in "Best pillow shams."

At age 51, in 1906, married Eugene Prescott, a divorced spool-maker in Bethel.

She later married C.A. BOWEN, and both are buried at Pleasant View Cemetery in Livermore Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine.

I find no evidence that she had any descendants.

COPP Family (Groton CT)


Three of the COPP sisters

As I acquired seven photos from the same family at the same Antique Show (May 2022 Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show, Athens Kentucky) I'd like to present them here in a single post.

Ellen COPP

Three sisters seen above are offspring of Belton Allyn COPP (1796-1858) of New London County, Connecticut. Belton Allyn COPP and his wife Betsey Ann Barber (1809-1894) had nine children:

 - Ellen Barber COPP (1834-1916) was the second wife of Christopher AVERY.

 - Sarah Maria COPP (1836-1915) married Frank LARRABEE.

 - Daniel Noyes COPP (1838-1921)

 - John Joseph COPP (1840-1914) married Ellen CHESTER.

 - Catherine Burdick COPP (1842-1932)

 - George Denison COPP (1845-1853) died at age 7.

 - Julia Stanton COPP (1848-1939)

 - William COPP (1850-1935)

 - Belton Allyn COPP Jr. (1854-1930) married Betsey W. AVERY (a daughter of Christopher AVERY and his first wife Sarah Smith.)

Sarah COPP                  Julia COPP


Belton's brother William Johnson COPP (1811-1889) married Charlotte Lindsay and among their four children was a son Joseph COPP, who married Mary Boyd and had a daughter Ethel Grace COPP (1876-1946). Ethel married Lewis CIVILL, and lived in California.

Ethel Grace COPP

This brings me back to Christopher Lester AVERY, the husband of Ellen COPP. His first wife Sarah Smith (1830-1869) provided him with four children: 

 - Latham Avery

 - Mary Louise AVERY (1855-1937) married a coffee merchant Pierre Louis SCHELLENS (1849-1935)

 - Ira Smith Avery

 - Betsey Wood Avery (1860-1930) married Belton Allyn COPP Jr.

Pierre SCHELLENS and wife Mary "Louise" COPP

Second wife Ellen COPP-AVERY produced a son and a daughter:

 - Christopher Lester Avery Jr.

 - Mary Jane Avery

In order to help me see the relationship between these people, I sketched up a rough family tree showing where each of these found photographs (in yellow) fit into the overall tree.

(Click for larger image)

Monday, April 11, 2022

STRICKLER, George and Elizabeth (Girard, KS)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Mr & Mrs Geo W. Strickler, Girard KS"

PHOTO TAKEN: Bell's Studio, Girard Kans, June, 1893

ACQUIRED: Among a group of photographs given to me by Carol Kleppinger (so I can find homes for them) - these are friends, schoolmates and acquaintances of her grandmother Florence Ream.

This is George Willard Strickler, a well-known figure in Girard Kansas at the turn of the century, and his wife Elizabeth (Cornwell) Strickler. They are respectively 50 years old and 44 years old in this photo.

George was born in Indiana (Shelby County) on 22 June 1843 to parents John Strickler (1804-1865) and Susan Willard (1811-1876). Elizabeth was born in Indiana (probably Shelby County) in August 1849 to parents John Cornwell (1809-1896) and Ann Mariah Tucker (1815-1876).

1880 Census for Sheridan Kansas finds George (age 36) and Elizabeth (age 30), with no children. George is the Post Master for the community.

1900 Census for Girard Kansas find the couple residing here. George is a "Dealer of General Merchandise". They report that they have been married 31 years, and have had no children.

1910 Census, Girard Kansas, shows that George is a Real Estate Agent.

The following obits contain better info than I could likely find and report on my own.

(Click for larger image)

Sunday, January 23, 2022

ANKENY, Jessie Valentine (Corning, IA)


UPDATE - Jessie Ankeny has been sent home to her granddaughter!

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  "Jessica Ankeny, Corning Iowa, Simpson College Graduate"

PHOTO TAKEN: Albert E. Peasley photographer, circa 1901

ACQUIRED: Among a group of photographs given to me by Carol Kleppinger (so I can find homes for them) - these are friends, schoolmates and acquaintances of her grandmother Florence Ream.

This is Jessie Valentine Ankeny, born in Quincy Iowa 27-Dec-1883 to parents Joseph Newcomb Ankeny (1861-1949) and Elma Henrietta Rogers (1864-1953). 

Her father was a son of Henry Giese Ankeny and Horatia Fostina Newcomb. Her mother was a daughter of Robert Wing Rogers and Martha Ann Fleharty.

1900 Census > Iowa > Adams > Prescott

  • ANKENY, Joseph, head, 38, Oct 1861, born in IA of PA & ME parents, farmer
  • ANKENY, Elma, wife, 36, Apr 1864, mother of 7 all living, born in IL of IL parents
  • ANKENY, Jessie, 16, Dec 1883, born in IA
  • ANKENY, Blanche, 14, Aug 1885, Iowa
  • ANKENY, Ralph, 12, Oct 1887, Iowa
  • ANKENY, Helen, 8, Oct 1891, Iowa
  • ANKENY, Homer, 6, Aug 1893, Iowa
  • ANKENY, Louisa, 4, Feb 1895, Iowa
  • ANKENY, Florence, 1, Sep 1898, Iowa

Jessie attended the High School (presumably with Florence Ream) in Corning Iowa, and later attended Simpson College (a Methodist liberal arts college) in Indianola Iowa. 

Upon graduation, Jessie became a missionary in China. She met and married Henry Veere Lacy in Foochow (also spelled Fuzhou) where he worked as a hospital administrator.

Husband Henry was a son of William Henry Lacy and Emma Nind.

Their four children were all born in China:

  • 1915 - Mary Nind Lacy-Buckley
  • 1917 - Henry Ankeny Lacy
  • 1921 - Louise Alice Lacy
  • 1924 - Dorothy L. Lacy

Jessie left China around 1939 and lived thereafter in California. She died 11-Apr-1979. She and her husband Henry are buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina California.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

OKEY, Ida Jane (Corning, IA)


(click for larger image)


PHOTO TAKEN: C.D.Tinsley photographer, circa 1901

ACQUIRED: Among a group of photographs given to me by Carol Kleppinger - these are friends, schoolmates and acquaintances of her grandmother Florence Ream.

Photographer C.D. Tinsley was operating in Corning Iowa from 1901 to 1902. Also, Miss Florence Ream was a student of 14 years of age, known to have resided near Corning from the years 1899-1901, leaving Corning in September of 1901. Florence is presumed to have been a student of Ida Okey, who was a teacher during that time. Therefore the photo of Ida Okey can be safely dated to the year 1901.

I love how the photographer did not cut off the hem of her dress in this image, carefully trimming around it and allowing it to flow out of the oval confine of the mat.

IDA OKEY was born 02-Nov-1871 in Corning Iowa and lived most of her life there. Her parents were Arthur Franklin Okey (a wealthy banker of the town, and son of Jeremiah Okey & Hannah Jane Smith) and Catherine Vernon (a daughter of Jacob Vernon and Catherine Smith).

1900 CENSUS > Iowa > Adams > Corning

  • OKEY, Arthur F., head, 58, born in OH of OH & PA parents, banker
  • OKEY, Catherine, wife, 58, born in OH of OH parents
  • OKEY, Ida J., daug 28, born in Iowa, school teacher
  • OKEY, Frank C, son 25, born in Iowa, lawyer
  • OKEY, Leonora, daug 20, born in Iowa

She also has an older brother, Charles Edward OKEY (1869-1955) and older sister, Flora (1867-1935) who were already out on their own by the time of the 1900 Census.

On 25-June-1903, Ida married Reverend Theodore Baker Turner (1870-1964), a son of Austin Beecher Turner and Almira Amanda Baker. Theodore's brother Daniel Turner was Governor of Iowa from 1931-1933.

Their seven children are:

  1. Theodore (b.1904), died in infancy
  2. Almira Turner (1906-1992)
  3. Lt. John Harold Turner (1907-1940) died in service, m. Mary Budd
  4. Catherine Vernon Turner (1909-2011) m. Richard Phillips
  5. Theodore B. Turner (twin) (1910-2009) m. Mary Sanders
  6. Austin Clifford Turner (twin) (1910-1959) m. Anne Hegeman
  7. Franklin W. Turner (1916-1999) m. Elizabeth Rupert

Upon her father's death in 1909, Ida inherited 480 acres of land about a mile southwest of Prescott Iowa. He had been ill and lingering near death for many weeks, the toll of which was heavy upon Ida's mother Catherine. A few months later, Ida's mother committed suicide in the attic of her daughter Flora's home in Corning, supposedly due to the mental anguish of her husband's recent death.

Ida Okey-Turner died 20-July-1932 and her obit was carried in the Adams County Free Press (Corning Iowa) edition of 21 July 1932. (click image for larger version).