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Sunday, December 31, 2017

WEST, Henry


Identification on photo:  Henry West
Photo taken: Benjamin Studio, De Ruyter, Madison County, New York circa 1885
Purchased: Aug 2017 Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week

This photo of Henry West is rather faded, but I was able to manipulate the digital image to bring out more definition.  I include both versions here.

De Ruyter is a small community southwest of the Madison-Bouckville area where I acquired the photo. finds a Henry West, age 16, on the 1870 Census for Lincklaen, NY, which is a village about 8 miles south of De Ruyter. Earlier State Census records include older siblings Rosalinda and Charles. His mother's maiden name is possibly Ward.

1870 Census, NY > Chenango > Lincklaen
WEST, John, 52, farmer, born in Herkimer County NY
WEST, Eliza, 52, keeping house, born in Herkimer County, NY
WEST, Laura, 22, Chenango County
WEST, Anna, 18, Chenango County
WEST, Henry, 16, Chenango County
WEST, Mary, 14, Chenango County
WEST, Jerrie, 8, Chenango County

1880 Census, NY > Chenango > Lincklaen
WEST, John, 62, head, born in NY, farmer
WEST, Eliza, 61, wife, born in NY
WEST, Laurie, 30, daughter, born in NY
WEST, Henry, 25, son, farm laborer, born in NY

1891 July 9 - the newspaper "The Weekly Gleaner" of De Ruyter NY, mentioned Henry West. It is a fairly mundane mention (see middle paragraph at right), but verifies that he was living in the area at that time.

1898 Dec 15 - the "DeRuyter Gleaner" reports that Henry West of Lincklaen is recently married. Sadly they do not report his bride's name.

1910 Federal Census, NY > Cortland > Homer
WEST, Henry, head, 55, widower, born in NY of NY parents, laborer

There is also a Henry West, of about the same age, who lived and died in Binghamton, but I have to believe the Henry West in this photo is the one who lived nearer the De Ruyter area.

Sadly, I can find no more than this without a visit to the Chenango County Historical Society.

PORT, Thomas G.


Identification on photo: THOMAS G. PORT
Photo taken: Singhi Studio, Binghamton, NY, circa 1885
Purchased: Aug 2017 Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week, New York

I have previously researched photos from Binghamton, which were taken at the Osborn Studio. Emerson Osborn bought out Wellington G. Singhi's business in 1885. Therefore this photo must have been taken about that time, but not later, as it bears the stamp of Singhi.

The very small lapels of the jacket were fashionable from about 1884-1889.

His parents are George Port (1816-1892) and Julia Thomas (1927-1912).

1875 State Census New York > Broome County > Binghamton
PORT, George, 58, retired farmer
PORT, Julia, 58, wife
PORT, Thomas G., 25, son, Clothing Clerk

1878 - married Leora A. (unknown surname)

1880 Federal Census, New York > Broome > Binghamton > 121 Oak Street
PORT, George, 62, retired farmer, born in NY
PORT, Julia E., 62 wife, keeping house, born in NY
PORT, Thomas G., 31, son, clerk in store, born in NY
PORT, Leora A., 28, daughter (in-law), at home, born in NY

1900 Federal Census, NY > Broome > Binghamton, 114 Henry Street
PORT, Thomas G., head, b. 1850, 49y, married 22yrs, cigar packer
PORT, Leora A., wife, 1852, 47, no children

Thomas died 21 Mar 1912.

His widow Leora died 31 Aug 1925.

Saturday, December 30, 2017



Identification on photo: LOUISE WILCOMB, age 21 months
Photo taken: J.W. Baker Studio, San Francisco, circa 1895
Purchased: August 2017 at the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week, New York State

This picture appears to have been taken in the mid-1890s. quickly found Louise. She was born 1894 to parents Charles Presby Wilcomb (Curator for the Oakland Public Museum) and Addie Corinne Nichols.

1910 Census California > Alameda > Oakland > 1218 Oak Street
WILCOMB, Charles P., head, 45, born in New Hampshire to NH parents, Museology
WILCOMB, Addie C., wife, 40, married 17y, 1 child, born in NH of NH and ME parents
WILCOMB, Louise, daughter, 16, born in California

1913-Aug-4  Addie Wilcomb died at the age of 43.

1915-Jun-23 Charles Wilcomb died at age 50, following an attack of peritonitis.

(Click for larger view)

1919-Dec-24 Louise at age 25 married Elliot Blake Jordan (26), son of F.S. Jordan and Mary Blake. Elliot worked for Standard Oil Co. at the time.

1920 - daughter Eleanor Corinne Jordan is born.

Louise lived to age 77, passing in 1971. Her husband passed in 1973.

Friday, December 29, 2017


Identification on photo: EMMA VAN HEUFELN
Photo taken: Leigh, Colfax County, Nebraska, circa 1910
Purchased: Dec 2017 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

Back in 2014, I bought a cluster of related family photos (members of the Franzen and Van Heufeln families) at a booth at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, at their March Antique Show.  I was successful in sending the lot of them back home to their family, but I was not keeping very good records back then, and am left with no record of where or to whom I shipped them.

Now it is December 2017 and I have visited the same booth at the same monthly Antique Show, and what do you know? - I have found another Van Heufeln.

This is Emma Van Heufeln, born 1895 in Nebraska.

Her mother, Zeide Ubben married Lumke Franzen in Germany, immigrated to America and had sons Heie, Ubbo and Frank Franzen. After her first husband died, Zeide married Henry Van Heufeln and moved her family from Illinois to Nebraska. There she had sons Herman, Edward and a daughter Emma.

Emma died at age 42 in 1929, in an Omaha hospital, and was survived by her brother Herman.


Identification on photo: GEORGE T. REYCROFT
Photo taken: Evans Studio, Binghamton NY, circa 1885?
Purchased: Dec 2017 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

This photo of George Reycroft was found in the same box of photos in which I found the previously posted photo of Charles Robert Stafford. George appears to be about 13 or 14 years old in this shot.

George was located on He was born in 1872, and died 1947. Buried at Floral Park Cemetery (near Charles Robert Stafford) in Johnson City, Broome County, NY.

George is the son of William Reycroft and Eliza Swanton. His siblings are Frederick, William Jr., Sarah, and Mrs. William Bennet. Eliza died in 1908.

1910 CENSUS, New York > Broome > Binghamton > High Street
REYCROFT, Fred, head, 42, born in NY, buffer at a tannery
REYCROFT, William F., father, 78, born in Ireland, no occupation
REYCROFT, Sarah, sister, 45, born in NY, public school teacher
REYCROFT, George T., brother, 38, born in NY, salesman at grocery

1912 Feb 19 - George's brother William C. Reycroft died suddenly in his tailor shop (see obit at right). William C. Reycroft and his family in the 1910 Census are living in the same house on Murray Street as John H. Stafford. His widow, Hannah, was the sister to John H. Stafford.

George married Pearl Jenks on 7 Apr 1914, and they bought a home on McNamara Street. George also began working as a Bookkeeper at a chemical company. Subsequent Census records show no children for this couple. George and his wife Pearl appear to be highly active in the Methodist Church, with Pearl often singing at funerals, along with Mrs. Robert Merilees.

1918 Apr 13 - George's brother Fred married Hannah Stafford, his brother William's widow.

Therefore .... George T. Reycroft and Charles Robert Stafford, are cousins.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

STAFFORD, Charles Robert

Identification on photo: CHARLES ROBERT STAFFORD

Photo taken: Osborn Studio, Binghamton, NY, circa 1899

Purchased: August 2017 Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week

The photographic studio of Emerson Osborn operated in Binghamton NY from 1885 to his retirement in 1908.

This young man appears to be about 5 years old, and the photo appears to have been taken in the late 1890s, so I can estimate a birth year of around 1893 or 1894.

There is a Charles Robert Stafford in Broome County, NY, who was born Jan 24, 1894 to parents John H. and Mary J. Stafford.

The family appears on the 1905 New York State Census, living in Binghamton (Broome County) NY.
STAFFORD, John H., head, 42, born in England, plumber
STAFFORD, Mary J., wife, 39, born in U.S.
STAFFORD, Charles R., son, 11, born in U.S., at school

1909 Feb 18, Charles' mother Mary Merrilees Stafford died.

1909 Sept 25, The Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin carried a story on the upcoming Binghamton Fair athletics meet on Sept 28. Charles R. Stafford is entered in the 100 yard dash, the 440 yard open, and the Five-mile marathon. Quote: "Charles Stafford, one of the youngest contestants, won second in the 100-yard dash at the Montrose Fair under the AAU rules. He is a promising athlete and is sure to make good."

The 1910 Federal Census shows a 16 year old Charles Stafford living in Binghamton.
STAFFORD, John H., head, 46, widowed, born in England, imm. 1882, plumber
STAFFORD, John Sr., father, 82, born in England, imm. 1884
STAFFORD, Sarah, mother, 79, born in England
STAFFORD, Charles, son, 16, New York, of English and Pennsylvania parents

Another family lives in the same house at that time:
REYCROFT, W.C., head, 40, born in NY to NY parents, tailor in a tailor shop
REYCROFT, Hannah, wife, 36, married 10 yr, has had 1 child (living), born in England of English parents
REYCROFT, William, son, 8, born in NY of NY and English parents

I mention the second family at this address only because I am in possession of another photograph from the same Antique Show, and it is also stamped with a studio mark from Binghamton, NY. The subject of the second photo is a "Geo T. Reycroft." (I will research that photo in the next post, and will perhaps solve the mystery of how these two families are related.)  But now, back to the STAFFORD family.

Charles is mentioned throughout the local newspaper 1909-1913 as a talented athlete and actor. Besides his skill at running track (athletics), he also played High School Basketball and had roles in plays staged by the local YMCA.

From the 21 Apr 1911 edition of the paper, here is a picture (at right) of Charles Stafford, in costume for a play called "Too Much Married". He would have been about 17 at this time.

Mrs Sarah Stafford (John's mother, Charles' grandmother) died in November 1911. Her obit in the Press and Sun Bulletin makes note of the fact that one of her daughters is named Anna Reycroft. (I wonder if that is the same person as the "Hanna Reycroft" who was living in the same house in 1910.)

Charles Robert Stafford died Oct 29, 1913 at age 19. I have been trying every source I know to determine the cause of death, but so far I have found no mention of it.  The local newspaper carried a brief mention that he had died at home.

1930 - John H. Stafford founded a college scholarship grant for students at the Trinity Memorial Church. The gift is still bestowed to this day.

Charles is buried at Floral Park Cemetery  Johnson City, Broome County, New York, USA.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

PADDOCK, Nathan C.

Identification on photo: NAT C. PADDOCK

Photo taken: J.H. Peters Studio, San Francisco CA, circa 1890

Purchased: Dec 2017 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show.

What a handsome young man. There is no date on this photo. The collar of this fashionable man's shirt is a type worn as early as 1890, and as late as 1920, but the style of the cabinet card itself points to around 1890, and probably no later than 1895.

The subject appears to be in his mid-twenties. The studio which produced this photo was in operation at this location (Baldwin Hotel Block on Market Street) from 1885 to at least 1890.

This is Nathan Crowell Paddock (6 Nov 1865 - 8 Jun 1940), son of Nathan Crowell Paddock Sr. and Mary E White. He lived in San Francisco with his wife June Norwood (29 May 1875 - 20 Jul 1940), daughter of Tallmadge Floyd Norwood and Emmaline Campbell. Their children were Natalie Tallmadge Paddock (1910-2000) and June Floyd Paddock (1913-2006).

Nathan grew up in a large townhouse on South Park Street in San Francisco. The 1870 Census reports Nathan Sr.'s occupation is "Banker", and in 1880 describes himself as a "Capitalist." There are two servants in the household in both decades.

In 1890, Nathan Sr. died. This obituary (at right) was located in the Oakland Tribune, 11 Mar, 1890.

Nathan Jr. and June Norwood were married 5 October 1909. This notice of the marriage was found in The San Francisco Call newspaper, 5 Oct 1909.

(Click on any photo for larger image.)

1910 Census > California > San Francisco > 1649 Hyde Street
PADDOCK, Nathan C., head, 44, born in California of Massachusetts parents, Bookkeeper
PADDOCK, June N., wife, 34, born in Utah of New York and Wisconsin parents
PADDOCK, Mary P., mother, 83, widowed, 5 children, 4 still living, born in Massachusetts of Maine parents
NORWOOD, Tallmadge, father-in-law, 73, widowed, born in New York, of New York parents

On the 1930 Census, Nathan Jr.'s occupation is Life Insurance Salesman. He is 64. His wife June is 52. His two daughters, living at home, are 19 and 16, the eldest of which is employed as a clerk in the Insurance industry, quite likely at her father's company.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

CORLETT, William

Laura, Illinois
circa 1893

This photograph of William Corlett was located at the December show of the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antiques Fair a couple of days ago. The photo was taken in Elmwood, Illinois, at a studio called the St. Louis Gallery. On the back are written the words "Mr. Wm. Corlett, Laura, Illinois".

Laura is a very small unincorporated community east of Williamsfield and northwest of Peoria, in Peoria County.

The scalloped edges of this cabinet card date it to a period between 1886 and 1900, and were most popular in the early to mid-1890's. The small lapels on the jacket suggest a time period between 1890 and 1894.

The subject appears to be between 40 and 50 years old, thus an estimated birth year can be assumed of around 1840-1850, probably closer to 1850.

Using and, I was able to find a William Corlett buried in Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois. Brimfield is a mere 9 miles south of Laura. This William Corlett was born 6 Sep 1848 on the Isle of Man, England, and died 1 Oct 1919. He was married first to a woman named Flora Kimler (d. 1892) and second to Alice Fisher (d. 1902).

Elsewhere on the Internet I located this photograph of William Corlett (photo at right) which was probably taken just a couple of years earlier than the image at top. I do not possess the photo at right, but include it here for comparison.

He is found on the 1870 Census at age 21 working at the McCay (McCoy?) Farm in Millbrook Township, which was the agricultural community surrounding the village of Laura.

1870 Census > Illinois > Peoria County > Millbrook Township
McCAY, John A., 49, farmer, born in Penn
McCAY, Margaret, 17, born in Illinois
McCAY, Albert, 15, Illinois
McCAY, Mary M., 12, Illinois
CORLETT, William, 21, farm labor, born Isle of Man
McCAY, Jane, 73, born Pennsylvania

The Census of 1870 appears to read McCay as this family name. However an 1873 map of Millbrook township (courtesy of shows parcels of land south of Elmore and northwest of Laura owned by the McCoy family. The map shows many other land owners mentioned on the same Census that would have been William Corlett's neighbors at the time. These include George P. Wykoff, Alexander and Archibald Todd, John Bridson, J.C. Slocum, Elisha Sutherland, Alfred Reed, Samuel Matthews, John McKane, Rebecca Oakes, Daniel McCay (or McCoy). 

Click for larger image
By 1880, Corlett (30), now a farmer in his own right, and his wife Flora (31), are living with a couple of boarders. His nearest neighbors on the 1880 Census page are Rebecca Oakes, James Reed, John Bridson, and some McCoy's clearly spelled with an "o" by this year's census taker. So I think that family may have actually been McCoy, and not McCay.

William was married first to Flora Kimler, who died in 1892. He married second wife Alice (Fisher) Slocum the same year. She was a widow with a infant daughter of her own.

1900 Census > Illinois > Peoria > Millbrook
CORLETT, William, head, Sept 1848, 51, born Isle of Man, farmer
CORLETT, Alice M., wife, Feb 1863, 37, born in Ill. of Mass and NY parents
SLOCUM, Pearl F., step-daughter, Jan 1891, 9, born in Iowa of Illinois parents
CORLETT, Mae E., daughter, Jan 1893, 7, born in Illinois
CORLETT, Mona B., daughter, Sept 1899, 8mo., born in Illinois

Second wife Alice died 26 March,1902. Her daughter by previous marriage, Pearl, died at age 21 in 1912.

1910 Census > Illinois > Peoria > Millbrook
CORLETT, William, head, 61, widowed, no occupation
CORLETT, May, daughter, 17, attending school
CORLETT, Mona, daughter, 10, attending school

Mona died at age 19, on 16 Oct 1918.

William Corlett died 1 Oct 1919.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

BROWN, I. Newt

son of Isaac S. and Mary (Carnine) Brown
He died February 1933 in his 66th year.

This photograph was located at the December Antique Show at Palm Beach County Fairgrounds.

The photographic studio that took the photo was Thompson, Alexander Block, Franklin Indiana.

The man in this photo is well-identified by the inscription on the back. He is Isaac Newton "Newt" Brown (Sept 28, 1867 - February 2, 1933) son of Isaac Shephard Brown (1829-1887) and Mary Margaret Carnine (1833-1895).

His wife was Edith LaGrange Brown (1868-1962), daughter of Daniel C. LaGrange and Catherine List.

1870 Census > Indiana > Johnson County > Pleasant
BROWN, Isaac, 40 W M, Farmer, born in Virginia
BROWN, Mary, 25 W F, keeping house, Indiana
BROWN, John, 18 W M, born in Indiana
BROWN, David, 15 W M, Indiana
BROWN, Robert, 12 W M, Indiana
BROWN, Charles, 10 W M, Indiana
BROWN, Edward, 5 W M, Indiana
BROWN, Newton, 3, W M, Indiana <--- here he is at age 3.

1880 Census > Indiana > Johnson County > Pleasant Township
BROWN, Isaac S., 50, farmer, born in Virginia of Indiana parents
BROWN, Mary L., 47, wife, keeping house, born in Indiana of KY parents
BROWN, Robert A., 21, son, at college, born in Indiana
BROWN, Charles, 19, son, works on farm, Indiana
BROWN, Edward S., 15, son, works on farm, Indiana
BROWN, Isaac N., 12, son, Indiana
BROWN, Mary L., 7, daughter, Indiana

There are clearly two people in this same region with the Isaac Newton Brown, as I was confused often by Census records showing what I thought was the same man married to Edith in 1900, married to another woman in 1920, and back to being married to Edith in 1930. Then I found this insert in the Franklin, Indiana Evening Star, 12 Oct 1919 which cleared up the mystery. (click on the image for a larger version.)

1900 Census > Indiana > Johnson County > Pleasant Township
BROWN, I Newt, head, 32y, married 10 years, born in Indiana of Virginia & Indiana parents, farmer
BROWN, Edith, wife, May 1870, 30y, 3 children, 1 still living, Indiana of Ky parents
BROWN, Margarette, daughter, Jan, 1897, 3y, born in Indiana

This advert found in The Evening Star (Franklin Indiana) 26 Mar 1914.

1930 > Census > Johnson > Franklin
BROWN, I Newt, head, 62y, married at age 22, born in IN of VA & IN parents, farmer
BROWN, Edith, wife, 61y, married at age 21, born in Indiana of IN parents

This obituary from The Franklin Evening Star, 04 Feb 1933, contains much valuable information about the life of Isaac Newton Brown. (Click on image for larger version).

Friday, December 1, 2017

THOMPSON, Lydia and Goleaneus

circa 1890

UPDATE - Goleaneus and Lydia are going home to their great-great-grandchildren!

This beautiful framed photograph was located today at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show. When I saw that it was suitably identified, I could not leave without it, and bargained the price down considerably in order to secure the item.

Once I got it home, I was able to carefully remove the back of the frame and examine the photo in greater detail. The photo is actually a framed cabinet card, which is what I was hoping to find, and contained the name and location of the photographer's studio, which was in Fort Scott, Kansas.

The back contains the inscription "Lydia and Golenius Thompson, Grandma and Grandpa, circa 1890". However, the front contains the date 1892. (The information on the front side of the photo is obscured, when in the frame.)

Armed with names and location, it did not take long to find the couple in the Federal Census. I have determined that Golenius Thompson is also known as James G. Thompson. Daughter "Nida B." is also "Nida Beulah". Son Virgil G. is also "Virgil Golenius". Lydia's maiden name was Stewart.

1900 Census > Kansas > Bourbon County > Fort Scott > 719 Margrave Street
THOMPSON, James, head, May 1870, age 30, born in Tennessee or Maryland and Tenn parents, Clerk at Carpet Company
THOMPSON, Lida, wife, Jan 1872, 28, married 6 yr, 2 children, born in Illinois of Tennessee parents
THOMPSON, Virgil G., son, July 1896, 3, born in Kansas
THOMPSON, Nida B., daughter, Mar 1899, 1, born in Kansas

By 1910, the family had moved to Kansas City, Kansas. This Census describes Golenius as "M" (mulatto) whereas the 1900 Census called him "B".

1910 Census > Kansas > Wyandotte County > Kansas City > 1610 N. 8th Street
THOMPSON, Goleneus J., head, mul, 40, House Painter
THOMPSON, Galia?, wife, mul, 38, married 16 yr, 6 children, all living
THOMPSON, Beulah, daughter, mul, 11, born in Kansas
THOMPSON, Robert, son, mul, 7, born in Missouri
THOMPSON, Lawrence, son, mul, 4, born in Kansas
THOMPSON, Mildred, daughter, mul, 2, born in Kansas
THOMPSON, Alda, daughter, mul, 3mo., born in Kansas

Note - Virgil is missing from the household, and should be 13 years old. Clearly not dead, since Lida reports her 6 children are all living. Perhaps working and living someplace else?

In an effort to detemine Golenius' parents, I looked back into the 1880 Census, and found a potentially correct family living in Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, KS.

1880 Census > Kansas > Wyandotte > Wyandotte
THOMPSON, John, B M, 30, Laborer, born in Louisiana of Virginia parents
THOMPSON, Paula, B F, 25, wife, keeping house, born in Tennessee of Tenn parents
THOMPSON, William, B M, 11, son, laborer, born in Tennessee
THOMPSON, James, B M, 9, son, born in Tennessee
THOMPSON, Molly, B F, 7, daughter, born in Tennessee

This might be the right family. The only piece of data which is a mismatch is James' father John stating he was born in Louisiana. On the 1900 Census James states his father was born in Maryland. This may have been a error on the part of the census-taker. Everything else looks correct.

Using various family trees on I was able to construct a list of this couple's children. They are:
Virgil Thompson (1896-1980) married Ida May Davis (1901-2001)
Beulah "Nida" Thompson (1899-??)
Robert Thompson (1904-??)
Lawrence P. Thompson (1906-??) married ____
Mildred Thompson (1908-1992) married Theodore Pugh (1909-1979)
Alda E. Thompson (1910-1993) married James Hodge Jr. (1912-2000)
Grace Thompson (1912-??) revealed this advertisement which gives the actual spelling of Goleaneus Thompson's name, which so many census-takers had trouble with.  From The Columbus Weekly Advocate (Columbus, Kansas) 15 May 1890.

1925 KS State Census > Wyandotte > Kansas City
BAILEY, Lida, head, 53, occupation not legible
THOMPSON, Robert, son, 22, "" ""
THOMPSON, Lawrence, son, 19
THOMPSON, Alda, daughter, 15
THOMPSON, Grace, daughter, 13
BAILEY, William, 10

1930 Census > Kansas > Wyandotte > Kansas City
MUCKROY, Willie, head, 46, born in TX of TX parents, boiler repairman for steam railroad
MUCKROY, Lydia, wife, 56, born in IL of TN parents, head-dresser, Pullman Co.
THOMPSON, Lawrence, step-son, 24, born in KS of TN and IL parents, porter in shoe store
THOMPSON, Ruth, daughter-in-law, 20, born in IL of IL parents, stockgirl clothing store
THOMPSON, Robert, step-son, 27, born in KS of TN and IL parents, car cleaner Pullman Co.
THOMPSON, Grace, step-daughter, 18, born in KS of TN & IL parents, attended school
BAILEY, William, step-son, 15, born in KS of TN & IL parents

I suspect Goleaneus may have died around 1912-1913, with Lydia remarrying a man named Bailey, and producing son William Bailey around 1915.

But by 1930, Lydia is married to Willie Muckroy.

I found a newspaper notice stating William Muckroy applied for a marriage license in July 1921 in Kansas City.

Lydia Muckroy died in 1960, and is buried at Westlawn Cemetery in Kansas City. William Muckroy died Oct 1947, buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, same city.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

BEVERSDORF, Anna and August

BEVERSDORF, Anna & August
circa 1892?
Armada, Michigan

Acquired: July 2015 at Brandywine River Antiques Market, Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania.

This portrait of Anna and August Beversdorf was taken probably between 1891 and 1893, based on the fashions and general appearance of the photograph. Both are wearing a corsage, and it is possible this photo was taken on the occassion of their wedding.

(I do not possess this photo)
The photo at left was found elsewhere online (I do not have that photo) and shows an utterly charming image of the couple's young sons Frank and Walter, circa 1898. I include it here for informational purposes.

The family appears on the 1920 Federal Census, living on New Haven Road in the township of Lenox, which is about 9 miles from Armada, MI.

1920 Federal Census, Michigan > Macomb > Lenox > New Haven Road
BEVERSDORF, August F, 52, born in Brandenburg Germany, imm. 1870, farmer
BEVERSDORF, Anna L, 53, born in Michigan, parents both from Brandenburg Germany
BEVERSDORF, Frank, 26, son, born in Michigan, works on father's farm
BEVERSDORF, Walter Ezra, 25, son, born in Michigan, works on father's farm

Anna died 13 July 1951, age 84. Her death record shows her maiden name as Anna Louise Lempke, born 2 Dec 1866 in Capac, Michigan. At that time she was a widow (August died 1949).

(I do not possess this photo)
Her parents were Frederick Godfrey Lempke and Louise Weyer-Lempke.

While researching Anna, I sometimes found her surname spelled Lemke, and sometimes Lempke.  The matter was solved when I found this image online of a younger version of Anna (photo at right). It is inscribed "Anna Lempke, my sister". So I will accept that Lempke is the correct spelling.

Anna and August are buried in the Centennial Cemetery at New Haven Michigan.

I know that August had a brother William, who was married to Anna's sister Matilda. August's father was William Beversdorf (1831-1905). August was the informant for William's Death Certificate. William is listed as "widower" at the time of his death. August's mother's name was Amelia Bubel. She died in 1903.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

APPLEBEE, Matie and Ruby

Matie Applebee
These individual photos of Matie Applebee and Ruby Applebee were located at the Madison-Bouckville Antique Week sale in 2017. I thought at first that the name "Matie" was a misspelling of Mattie, but that was a wrong assumption. The photos were taken in Albany, New York, likely around 1905.

I believe the girls are cousins. Furthermore, the same hand wrote their names on the back of the photographs.

There are only 8 pages that comprise the 1905 New York State Census for the township of Westerlo, Albany County, New York, but both girls are located there. I start first with Matie.

Matie (spelled that way, with only one T) is age 20, works as a schoolteacher. She lives with her mother Ida (42), brother Albert (16), and step-father Peter Miller (62, farmer).

1900 Federal Census says says Peter was born in Oct 1849 and is 50 years old, so the 1905 State Census appears to have his age incorrect.  Mattie (here spelled with two Ts) was born Dec 1884. Also in the household in 1900 is mother-in-law Eliza Hannay (74).

Using, I was able to determine that Matie and Albert's father was Charles H. Applebee (1853, d. 21 May 1891, age 37) who died when Matie was only 6 years old. Matie's mother is Ida Stanton Hannay (1863-1939, daughter of Ambrose Hannay and Eliza Stanton). Matie in early Census records is shown as "Mary E. Applebee."

Charles H. Applebee was a son of Gilbert Applebee (b.1820) and Eliza Trenchard (b. 1834)

(click for larger image)
From the book "Genealogy of the Hannay Family, by William V, Hannay, Albany 1913" comes the entry at left.

Matie E. Applebee married retail merchant Albert "Burt" Gibbons in 1912. She died in 1969, having spent her entire life in Westerlo, Albany County. It appears she left no offspring.

Ruby May Applebee
Ruby May Applebee, in the 1905 State Census, is 17 years old. Her father is William Wickam Applebee (52, farmer) and her mother is Hattie Cordelia (Stanton) Applebee (49, keeping house).

Ruby's father William is a cousin of Matie's father Charles. William and Charles' respective fathers were brothers.  Also the maternal line of both girls is the Stanton family.

Ruby married Henry Fish Woodruff, and lived to 1982. They had at least one child; Margaret L. (Woodruff) Seibel (1915-1983).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

FILKINS and NEHEMIAH Marriage Cert

Marriage Certificate of
22 December 1880

This Marriage Certificate was located at the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week in upstate New York. It is unique (at least in my experience) in that this document has photographs of the bride and groom set into openings in the document. There is also a third opening below the wedding couple, which has no photograph, and may have been reserved for the officiating reverend.

(Click any photo for a larger image.)

The pair memorialized in this document are George H. Filkins and Ada A. Nehemiah, both of East Berne, New York. The wedding took place on 22 December, 1880, and witnesses were Charles Nehemiah (Ada had a brother named Charles) and Mina Filkins (George had a sister Elmina, who, incidentally, later married Charles Nehemiah).

The couple are found at which shows they are buried at the Knox cemetery in Albany County, NY. 

George Henry Filkins (son of Christopher A. Filkins and Anna M. Deitz) was born May 14, 1857 and died April 8, 1897. He had at least 7 siblings, several of which married into the Nehemiah family.

Ada Nehemiah (daughter of Christopher Nehemyre and Elmira Hellenbeck) was born March 9, 1862 and she died Nov 28, 1939.

They had one son, Clinton Nehemiah Filkins, (2 Mar 1883 - 19 Sep 1948).

Monday, August 28, 2017

McADOO, Johnnie and Bessie

Johnnie and Bessie McADOO
Kittanning, PA
January 1893

This photo was located in the Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa. The photo was taken in the Walter Otto Studio in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, in January 1893. Johnnie appears to be around 1 or 2 years old. Bessie appears to be between 5 and 6.

There was a McAdoo family living in Kiskiminetas Township, Pennsylvania, in 1910, which is only about 20 miles from Kittanning.

They are found on the 1910 Census.
McADOO, Harriet, head, 60, widowed, born in Penn of Irish parents, occupation Farmer
McADOO, Bessie E., daughter, 24, born in Penn, Public School teacher
McADOO, John S., son, 21, farmer
HOOVER, Myrtle, servant, 30, born in Penn, private family servant

Mother Harriet's maiden name was Campbell. She was born Oct 1854, and died (after 1930 Census). Her husband was John McAdoo (born Oct 1837 - died 1900?) son of Irish parents.

The 1910 Census describes Harriet as a widow.

Little Johnnie McAdoo was born 4 Nov 1888 (so 4 yo in the photo).

NOTE - there is more than one McAdoo family in this area at this time. Research shows there was a different Johnnie McAdoo nearby, from a large family, and married, who died Apr 3, 1917 at age 25, with cause of death "killed by explosion in Conemaugh Coal Co. mine." But our Johnnie S. McAdoo appears on both the 1920 Census and the 1930 Census, still farming at home with mother Harriet and sister Bessie.

June 5, 1917, John Sylvester McAdoo registers for the WWI draft. Birthdate Nov 4, 1888 (he is age 28 at this time.) He claims exemption from military draft due to "only son of widowed mother and large farm to work."

1930 Census shows Bessie (44) is a public school teacher in Kiskiminetas.

1940 Census, Kiskiminetas, PA
McADOO, John S., head, 48, general farming
McADOO, Elizabeth M., sister, 52, public school teacher
HOOVER, Myrtle, servant, 57, housekeeper

Sister "Bessie" is seen on Census records as Bessie E., Elizabeth M., and Margaret E. From this I think we can determine her name was either Elizabeth Margaret McAdoo or Margaret Elizabeth McAdoo. According to Church records, Margaret Elizabeth McAdoo was born in Kiskiminetas township, Mar 15 1886 (thus not quite 7 in the photo) to parents John and Harriet T McAdoo, and baptized Sunday October 10, 1886 at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Kittanning PA.

April 27, 1942, John Sylvester McAdoo registered for the draft for WWII. He reports his birthdate as 4 Nov, 1888. He is 53 and farming in "Kiski Township". Closest relative is Elizabeth McAdoo of Avonmore PA, so we know that up to April 1942 she was still unmarried.

21 May 1956 - Bess admitted to hospital in Kittanning PA.

26 May, 1956, Death Certificate for Bess Elizabeth McAdoo, retired school teacher, never married, born 15 Mar 1886, died at Armstrong Memorial Hospital in Kittanning PA, but resided in Avonmore PA with her brother. She was 70 yo. Her mother's maiden name is shown as Harriett T. Campbell. Bess was buried at Edgewood Cemetery Saltsburg, Indiana County, PA.

12 Jan 1970 - John is admitted to the Indiana PA hospital.

__ Jan 1970 - John dies. Last residence was Avonmore PA.

Many thanks to volunteers Rob and Debi Felten for supplying the headstone photos.

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RICE, Dorothy Lee

June 1891, 3yo (born 1888)
Washington DC

This photo was located at the Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa, in the same booth as the previously posted photos Edwin Eggleston and Joe & Sarah Jennings Cook.

Dorothy Lee Rice (born Aug 16, 1888 - died Aug 1976) - daughter of James Quackenbush Rice (1859-1928) and Helen Howd (1859-1924) formerly of Washington, but family moved to New York. Attended Vassar College. Married Dr. Martin Hayward Post Jr. (1886-1969) of St. Louis, August 26 1916, at the home of the bride's parents in Tunxis, Litchfield Co., Conn.

They had daughter Dorothy Lee Post (1918-1941). She died at age 22 in an auto accident in Illinois.

They also had a son Martin H. Post III.

Dorothy's father, James Quackenbush Rice, was the son of James O. Rice (1822-1864 killed in Civil War) and Harriet Elizabeth Cook (1832-1913) (daughter of Moses and Emily Cook).

Dorothy's mother, Helen Howd, was a daughter of John E. Howd (1828-1902) and Ellen Eggleston (1834-1897) who was a cousin of Edwin Eggleston (previously posted).

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COOK, Joe and JENNINGS, Sarah

These photos of Joe Cook and Sarah Jennings Cook were located at the Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa, New York, in the same booth as the images for Edwin Eggleston and Dorothy Lee Rice.  The cabinet cards are trimmed at the bottom, presumably to fit into a specific frame, but enough of the photographer's mark remains to see that the photos were taken at one of the Heusted Studios in Jefferson County, NY, and probably around the 1890-1895 time period based on the look and feel of the images, and the clothing worn.

The subjects are Joseph C. Cook (1852-1931) and Sarah E. Jennings (1853-1911).

They had a child Lois Margaret Cook, born about 1897, who at age 22 (1919) married Merrill Wood Robbins (son of Glenn Robbins and Mertie Wood) who was a fellow student in her small graduating class at Union Academy in Belleville, in 1916.

Joe and Sarah are found on the 1880 Census for Belleville, Jefferson Co., NY
JENNINGS, Elijah, head, born in NY, retired grocer
JENNINGS, Ellen, wife, born in Connecticut
COOK, Sarah, daughter, born in NY
COOK, Joseph, son-in-law, born in NY, blacksmith

The family is found on the 1910 Federal Census in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, NY
COOK, Joseph L., head, 54, (born abt 1856) in NY of NY  parents, occupation blacksmith in the horseshoeing industry.
COOK, Sarah J., wife, 54, (born abt 1856) in NY of NY and CT parents
COOK, Lois B., daughter, 13, (born abt 1897) in New York
EGGLESTON, Henrietta L., aunt, 60, (born abt 1846) in NY of CT parents

Aunt Henrietta who was living with Sarah and Joseph in 1910, is a sister of Edwin Lee Eggleston, previously researched and posted.



This photo was one of five located at one of my favorite Antique shops; Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa, NY. Based on the large tie knot, it must have been taken around 1890. The studio was the Ralph Huested Photographic Studio which had branches in Mannsville, Ellis Village, Belleville and Henderson, Jefferson Co., New York.

Edwin Lee Eggleston was born 18 Dec 1832/33 in Henderson, New York to parents Hector D. Eggleston (1802-1865) and Isabelle Sedgewick Lee (1803-1894). He had several siblings including Julius T. (1823-1848), Elizabeth (1825-1825), Ellen (1826-1827), Ellen (1828-_), Dewitt C. (1830-1857), Roswell P. (1835-1853), Henry K. (1839-1916), Isabelle J. (1841-1901), Henrietta L. (1846-1925), and Julius T. (1823-1848).

At age 29, in 1862, Edwin enlisted in the Civil War with Company E of the 10th NY Heavy Artillery, and attained the rank of Sergeant. He returned home to Henderson in 1865.

1868 - At age 35, in Prince Edward Canada, he married 26 year old Ellen M. Harris (daughter of Herman Harris and Polly Case) on 18 Oct 1868. Ellen lived to age 44, dying in 1886. From this union was born three children; a daughter Caroline Eggleston (1869-1895), a son Samuel Eggleston (1871-_), and daughter Henrietta "Etta" Eggleston (1873-1959).
(Click for larger image)

1888 - married second wife Rhoda McKenzie.

1890, June 4, Watertown (NY) Daily Times - this fascinating newspaper snip (at right) mentions both Edwin Eggleston visiting the town of Henderson, and Ralph Heusted opening his photographic studio. This may actually have been the very time this photograph was taken, because Eggleston was living in Ontario Canada at the time, but was visiting in Henderson.

Edwin died April 13, 1922 in Los Angeles. This obituary for Edwin was located in the Watertown (NY) Daily Times, April 22, 1922. (You can click on the obit pictures for a larger image.)