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Monday, March 3, 2014


This group of FRANZEN and VAN HEUFELN family members have gone home!

This next group was all found in the same box at an Antique Show. I got the distinct impression that the same hand wrote the notes on the back of all of these images, so I bought them all to keep them together. Furthermore, all of the photos were taken in the same region of Nebraska.  I was thrilled later to discover that all of those photos purchased at the show that day were related to each other.

The first group are labeled as the daughters of HEIE FRANZEN.

Elsie FRANZEN Meyer
Ester FRANZEN Marty
Heie Franzen was a brother of Ubbo "Otto" Franzen (see previous post). And Heie and Otto were half-brothers to Herman and Edward Van Heufeln (see below.)

"Mini Franzen" was apparently incorrectly spelled on the photo. Her name according to her headstone was "Minnie". She was a nurse for the Army during World War II. She is buried at the Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Leigh, Nebraska, where many of this family lived.

Ester married Ernest Marty and had two children. Elsie married Norman Meyer and had two children.

The next group bears the surname VAN HEUFELN.

Herman and Louise
Class of 47
The back of the photo of Aletta says "Aletta Van Heufeln Kumpf, (Mrs. Le Roy), Ed Van H.'s daughter." The matte is stamped "Taylor, Madison, Nebraska" with an additional embossed mark that says "Class 47". 

The photo of Herman and Louise bears a studio stamp which I cannot read, but I am able to make out the location as Humphrey, Nebraska.  Herman was a brother of Edward Van Heufeln. 

Herman married Marie Louise Beckedorf. Aletta's father Edward married Olga Pauline Beckedorf. So Herman is her father's brother, and Louise is her mother's sister.

I also found this page which has an excellent history of this family:

And this obituary on Zeide Van Heufeln offers more information on this family:

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