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Friday, March 13, 2015

SWANN, Harvey and Hazel

Hazel Gertrude SWANN, Harvey Julian SWANN
The back of this portrait is labeled: "Harvey Julian SWAN (6 yr 3 mo), Hazel Gertrude SWAN (2 yr 1 mo)" and there is no indication of location.

However, research finds that the photo had to have been taken in March 1890 in Salem Massachusetts. The siblings were found on census records there.

These are two of the three children of William A. Swann and Ella A. Hutchinson.

1900 Census - Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, 35 Broad Street
SWANN, William A., head, 43, Apr 1857, born in Ohio, tailor
SWANN, Ella A., wife, 44, Jan 1856, born in Maine
SWANN, Harvey J., son, Dec 1884, born in Mass.
SWANN, Hazel G., daughter, Feb 1888, Mass.
SWANN, Camden, son, Feb 1890, Mass.

1910 Census, Amherst, New Hampshire
SWANN, William A., head, 53, fruit and pigeons
SWANN, Ella A., wife, 54
SWANN, Hazel G., daughter, 21
SWANN, Camden J., son, 19

Harvey attended Brown University in Providence RI, class of 1905, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures.
(click for larger image)

Harvey married Mary Dean SCOTT in Sep 1911.

He traveled at least three times to France, and published at least one book in 1918; "French Terminologies in the Making; Conscious Contributions to the Vocabulary".

On his WWII draft registration card, he indicated that he lived in Brooklyn NY and was employed by the NYC Board of Education, working at Boys High School in Brooklyn (photo at left.)

Harvey appears to have died in Oct 1951 of carbon-monoxide poisoning. The following appeard in "The Kingston Daily Freeman" (Kingston, NY) on 19 Oct 1951.

Youngest brother (not in the photo), Camden John Swann, married Ethel Jessie Lewis in 1912. He moved back to Salem Massachusetts and worked at a leather company.

It is unknown what became of Hazel. She disappears after the 1910 Census.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IVES family photos

Laurison IVES
Last weekend the Antique haul consisted of nearly 20 individual photos of members of the IVES family of the Wallingford Connecticut area.  The photos appear to have been torn out of a family photo album, as some still have remnants of black paper stuck to the edges. I sorted out all I could find of the predominant surname (IVES) and bought those. Since the other surnames were probably also relations in some way, I should have acquired all of them, just to keep them together, but my budget was not that large.

Here is the list of those I brought home. I will include a few photos here, but probably not all of them. Some are from formal sittings at a studio, but most are snapshots.

LAURISON IVES - (1846-1905) The Census records tell an interesting story. His father Wooster Yale Ives ran a hotel in Wallingford, CT, and while other siblings got married and left the household, Laurison remained to help him. He eventually married later in life (around 1891-1892). Laurison was around 45 and his young wife Alice Scranton was around 21. They had three children; daughters Jessie and Laurette, and a son Wooster Laurison Ives.
Jesse, Laurette and Wooster IVES

JESSIE, LAURETTE and WOOSTER LAURISON IVES - Eldest daughter Jessie was born in October 1893. Laurette was born Nov 1896, and Wooster was born in 1900. Their father dired in 1905 and mother Alice remarried within a year or two to William R. Andrews. When daughter Jessie married Edison Leonard, she took her siblings with her into her husband's home, while her mother began a new family with Andrews.

WALTER EARL IVES - was a son of Delano Wooster Ives and wife Emily Frances Bradley. He was born in 1878 and died in 1964. The original photo has numerous discoloration marks, but I was able to manipulate the digital image here so the marks are less noticable.

Walter Earl IVES
Other photos from the same vendor:

Mildred D.(?) IVES
William IVES
Dorothy IVES and Frances IVES
Robert and Caroline IVES
Delano IVES
Mabel IVES at Flora's
Mabel IVES w/ Mr/Mrs James COOPER
Hazel UMBA w/ Flora COOPER
Clarence YOUNG, Annie UMBA, Flora COOPER, Willett IVES on the steamer at Savin Rock Amusement Park
Marie UMBA (Ernie's Marie)
William PRING, Flora BEACH and Florence HARRISON (or NORRISON?)
Ruth and Donald IVES
Ruth and Donald IVES
Donald W. IVES
Ruth Lillian IVES

There were more photos which I did not purchase that were labeled with the surname "Umba" which I have seen in some family trees as "Umbaugh." These appear to be a related family to Ives.

If I can find this same vendor again when I return to the area in December 2015, and if the photos are still available at that time, I may look for more Umba photos,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


S.A. RATHBUN, Pontiac, Illinois
This photo of "S.A. RATHBUN" was located at an antique fair in southern Florida this weekend.

The photo was taken around 1900, at a photographic studio in Bloomington Illinois.

This turns out to be Silas A. Rathbun, prominent merchant and for 6 years, mayor of the town of Pontiac.

SILAS ARTHUR RATHBUN (8 Aug 1860-23 Sept 1931), son of Henry Rathbun (1825-1875), and Elizabeth Ross (1839-1886). Married Bessie A. CHASE in 1882.

1900 Census, Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois, 202 Howard Street
RATHBUN, Silas A., head, Aug 1860, 39, born in Ill of Illinois parents, dry goods merchant
RATHBUN, Bessie A., wife, Oct 1862, 37, born in Ky of Kentucky parents
RATHBUN, Litta M., daughters, Jly 1883, 16
RATHBUN, Chase S. (Silas Chase), son, Aug 1885, 14
RATHBUN, Bessie Louise, daughter, July 1898, 2

1910 Census, same address

RATHBUN, Silas A., head, 49, now reports that his parents were born in Connecticut and Ohio, Dept. Store merchant
RATHBUN, Bessie A., wife, 48
RATHBUN, Bessie L., daughter, 12
RATHBUN, Richard H., son, 5

Eldest daughter Litta May married R.K. Gordon.
Youngest daughter Bessie Louise married Gilbert T. Howell. Son Silas Chase married Iva Edna Whitson.

This obit was carried in the Bloomington Illinois Pantagraph, 25 Sept, 1931, page 2.

Monday, March 9, 2015

WARNER children

WARNER children of Holyoke, Massachusetts
Photo was located at an antique fair in Palm Beach County Florida at a booth which also had numerous photos of a family named IVES (future post coming on that group.) I suspect the families may be related.

This photo was taken at a photographic studio in Holyoke, Massachusetts, probably circa 1918. The back contains the hand-written note identifying the subjects as:

Stanley, Viola, Bertha, Pauline & Everett WARNER

1910 Census for Holyoke MA, ward 7, at 1234 Hampden Street
WARNER, Ernest S., head, 37, born in CT, agent in fruit industry
WARNER, Lilian E., wife, 38, Massachussetts
WARNER, Stanley E., son, 16
WARNER, Marian V., daughter, 8
WARNER, Bertha A., daughter, 6
WARNER, Pauline E., daughter, 4

1919 City Directory, Holyoke, Mass.
WARNER, Ernest, S., real estate agency, fire insurance
WARNER, Stanley E., in U.S. Army  (He achieved the rank of Corporal.)

1920 Census for Holyoke MA, ward 7, at 1234 Hampden Street
WARNER, Ernest S., head, 46, born in CT, real estate agent
WARNER, Mabel J., wife, 44
WARNER, Stanley E., son, 25, real estate agent
WARNER, Marian V., daughter, 18
WARNER, Bertha A., daughter, 16
WARNER, Pauline E., daughter, 14
WARNER, Everett R., son, 9

Further research:
First wife, Lilian E. (Bryant) died in April of 1911. Ernest Stone Warner remarried later in 1911 to Mabel James Chase.

Stanley E. Warner (1894-1960) married Kate Robertina Woods (1890-1976)
a brother named Howard, born in 1897, died at the age of 4.
Marion Viola Warner (1901- ) m. Clifford Lucas King
Bertha Althea Warner (1903- )
Pauline Estella Warner (1906- )
Everett Robert Warner (1910- )

Sunday, March 8, 2015

LARSON, Lotten

LOTTEN LARSON, Amos' mother
This photo was located at an Antique Fair in Palm Beach County, Florida.  The back contains the hand-written note: LOTTEN LARSON, just here from Sweden, Amos's mother (send to Vera.)

Photo was taken circa 1890 in Manchester New Hampshire. The woman appears to be around 20 years old, thus born around 1870 in Sweden.

Searching through records at, I found a family tree which reveals that Lotten was born July 15, 1870 in Slattabacken, Sweden to parents Lars Andersson and Johanna Svensdotter.

She arrived in America in the summer of 1890 and resided in Manchester City, New Hampshire.

She married Albert Gideon Lyford in 1898, and produced two children; Lotten Evande Lyford (1899-1900) and Amos Cogswell Lyford (1901-1982).

The Lyfords and their infant daughter appear on the 1900 census for New Boston, Hillsborough County, NH.
LYFORD, Albert G., head, Mar 1860, born in Mass. of New Hampshire parents, works in a creamery
LYFORD, Lotten L., wife, July 1870, Swedish of Swedish parents
LYFORD, Lotten E., daughter, Aug 1899

On the family tree at there is a different photo of Lotten Larson and her husband Albert, but it is clear the photos are of the same person.

Lotten died Dec 13, 1904.

Her son Amos lived and died in New Hampshire with his wife Vera Louise Lindahl, who is likely the person requested to be the recipient of this photo of her mother-in-law, whom she never knew. It appears that Amos and Vera had no children. In the 1940 Census, Amos' father Albert is living with the couple. Amos' occupation is travelling salesman for a cash register company.

Friday, March 6, 2015

BROOKS children

This post represents my 100th researched photo in this Blog series.

Mary Brooks, Boston
This image, taken at a studio in Boston between 1895 and 1900, features three children, although the back of the photo only identifies one child; Mary Brooks.

As there is only one name given, and fairly common name at that, the task to find the right family is made more difficult.  But we will start by looking in the Boston Mass census records for a Mary Brooks of the right age, with an older brother, and a sister.

Also, which of the girls in the photo is "Mary"?  The approximate age of the children,in my estimation, is around 9 or 10 for the boy. Around 7 or 8 for the sister with the longer face. And around 5 for the sister with the rounder face.

So far, only one family is found on the census which meets this criteria.

1900 Census - Boston Massachusetts
BROOKS, William J., head, 39, Apr 1861, immig 1882, born in Ireland, occupation Agent
BROOKS, Mary Ann, wife, 38, Aug 1861, born in Mass. of Irish parents
BROOKS, Charles, son, 13, July 1886, Mass.
BROOKS, Mary, daughter, 12, Jan 1888, Mass.
BROOKS, Katie, daughter, 8, Jan 1892, Mass.
BROOKS, William, son, 5, Sept 1894, Mass.
BROOKS, John, son, 3, Nov 1896, Mass.

This mean "Mary" is the elder of the two sisters in the image, and would be the one at the far left of the photo.

1920 Census - Boston Massachusetts
BROOKS, William J., head, widowed, 60, occup Watchman at Court House
BROOKS, Charles, son, 33, occup Mail Clerk at Railway
BROOKS, Mary G., daughter, 29, Stenographer at Grain Company
BROOKS, John E., son, 22, electrician

(Looks lied she may have lied to the census-taker about her age. If she was born in '88, she would be 32 at the time of the census. The rest of the family has aged correctly.)

Massachusetts Death Index shows her years of life as (Jan 28, 1888 - April 22, 1983, died at Weymouth). She apparently never married, as she died still using her maiden name.

Further research:
Her mother was Mary Ann Norton (died 1910), daughter of Lawrence Norton and Helen Flynn.
Charles J. Brooks (15 Jul 1886 - 18 Jan 1951) married Mary J. Callahan (1885-1938) in Oct 1924.
Catherine 'Katie' Brooks (15 Jan 1892 - 8 Nov 1985) married David Shea (1890-1972).

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

KRAUSE children

Nina Krause, Leonard Krause, Robert Krause
This photo was acquired at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, at an antique show held there in February.

It contains no clues as to location. My best guess for time period is around 1895-1900. There are three children, identified as Nina Krause, Leonard Krause and Robert Krause.

Using census records, the only instance I see of children with these names in the same household is the 1910 Census for Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

KRAUSE, Edward J., head, 53, [born abt 1857],widowed, Penn., Penn., Penn., sales agent at Steel company
KRAUSE, Hortensia E., daughter, 27, [1883], single
KRAUSE, Nina, daughter, 22, [1888], single, teacher at a school
KRAUSE, Robert, son, 20, [1890], single
KRAUSE, Edward Jr., son 7 [1903]

Interestingly, living right next door is another Krause family:
KRAUSE, Henry A., head, 49, [1861], merchant at hardware store
KRAUSE, May (Mary?), wife, 46 [1864]
KRAUSE, Lenard R., son, 17, [1893] illegible occupation

Findagrave website shows Robert P. Krause (1889-1941) buried in Bethlehem PA, a son of Edward John Krause (1856-1917) and Sarah Coleman Lee (1860-1892). His siblings include Nina L. Krause-Liebig (1887-1973), an older brother Albert E. Krause (1884-1932) and a few half-siblings. It also reports that Robert was a soldier in WWI.

The Findagrave entry for the father, Edward, reports that his parents were Robert Parmenio Krause (1830-1866) and Hortensia V. Weber (1833-1902). Edward was married twice, first to Sarah Coleman Lee, who died in 1892, then to Nina M. Lee (1864-1905), who very likely was a relative of the first wife.  Among Edward's sibling's there is a Henry A. Krause (1860-1930) who is most likely the neighbor on the Census. Henry A. Krause's page at Findagrave lists wife Mayetta Roberts and only one son; Leonard (1892-1978) thus the Lenard (Leonard) in the photo is a first cousin of Nina and Robert, as well as next-door neighbor.

Further research shows that patriarch Robert Parmenio Krause was a son of John Krause and Elizabeth Beitel.

Leonard Krause married Mary Dech and the pair remained in Bethlehem for the remainder of their lives.  Nina married John Leibig. I cannot find a marriage record for Robert.

Eldest daughter Hortensia, mentioned in the Census, married Frederick J. Schmid on Sept 12, 1912. The news was carried on page 1 of the Allentown Democrat the following day.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

McCUE, Evelyn

Evelyn McCUE, 1919
This photo of Evelyn McCUE was located last week at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show in Florida. The photo is a full body shot and presented in a brown tri-fold cover inscribed "Evelyn McCue, B.H.S. 1919." The brown cover is also embossed with a small stamp which reads: Rand, Brockton, Mass.  I believe B.H.S. stands for Brockton High School, and the photo was taken upon completion of her education.

Evelyn McCUE, born 6 Nov 1899 in Randolph, Massachusetts, daughter of Edward T. McCUE and Mary DUFFY.

Marriage record for Evelyn's parents indicate that Edward (b. abt 1863) is a son of Patrick McCue and Sarah (unknown). Mary (b. abt 1864 in Ireland) is a daughter of Patrick Duffy and Mary Burns.

Birth record for Evelyn, notes indicate that Edward was born in South Weymouth and Mary was born in Ireland. Edward worked as a "Treer"  in a shoe factory. (Evidence points to him dying in Randolph or nearby Brockton MA in 1903-1904).

Edward and Mary also had a son (Edward P.) born April 16, 1904, which lived a day.

1924 Brockton City Directory
McCue, Mary, widow of Edward T, resides at 91 E Ashland
McCue, Evelyn M., clerk at 159 Spark (Douglas Shoe Company), boards at 91 E Ashland
McCue, Mary E. waitress, boards at 91 E Ashland

1930 Census, Brockton, Plymouth, MA
McCUE, Mary, 62, widowed, no occupation
McCUE, Mary A., 34, single, stitcher in shoe factory
McCUE, Evelyn, 30, single, typist in shoe factory

1933 Brockton City Directory
McCue, Mary E., widow of Edw T., home 57 Ford
McCue, Evelyn M., clerk 159 Spark, resides 57 Ford
McCue Mary E., shoeworker , resides 57 Ford

1935, all three women are still at 57 Ford.

The 1942 City Directory has both Mary McCue's still at 57 Ford Street but Evelyn is missing. (Perhaps married, moved or deceased.)


Here is another photo I probably should not have purchased. Scanning through the backs of the photos at the antique store, I thought this image was adequately identified to be useful for this project, but upon closer examination later, I see this was not the case.

This photo is labeled in pencil, on the back:

"Mr. C. E. Bumpus, 25 Cedar Street, Wakefield, Mass."

That may mean that the subject of the photo is "C.E. Bumpus," or that the photo belonged to Mr. C. E. Bumpus, and is an image of someone else.

The photo was likely taken between 1890 and 1900. The fellow in the photo appears to be about eight to ten years old. That would mean he was born between 1880 and 1890. Wakefield is a community on the north side of Boston.

In the 1894 City Directory of Wakefield, we do indeed find a man named Charles E. Bumpus, living at 25 Cedar Avenue. His occupation is "iron moulder." He is still at 25 Cedar Street in the 1905 City Directory. In the 1907 edition he had relocated to 549 Main Street.

Unfortunately, C.E. Bumpus is not indexed in in the 1900 Census records, although he clearly should be there as he was living at the same address in Wakefield for many years. After much searching through individual pages of the 1900 Census, Charles E. Bumpus was eventually verified at 25 Cedar Street, Wakefield.

BUMPUS, Charles Ellis, Mar 1855, born in Massachusetts of Massachusetts parents, occupation iron moulder
BUMPUS, Abbie Etta, May 1861, wife, born in Massachusetts of Massachusetts parents, no occupation
BUMPUS, Chas. W. Mar 1886, son, born in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, at school

Seeing that C.E. Bumpus was 45 years old in 1900 would tend to give evidence to the photo being of someone else, and  not the man at the given address. It is most likely an image of his son, Charles Weston Bumpus who was 14 at the time of the Census, and around 10 at the time of the photo.

In the 1910 Census, Charles E. and Abbie (maiden name is Swift) have moved to Wareham in Plymouth County, Massachusetts and are engaged in farming. Young Charles is no longer in the household. Abbie died in 1914 and is buried at Centre Cemetery in Wareham.

The 1920 Census shows Charles the elder is widowed. In his household are Charles Jr., his wife Ethel (vital records show her maiden name as Hopkins) and daughter Dorothea (b. 26 Sep 1913 in Wareham). The elder Charles is employed at a truck farm. Charles Jr. is a marine engineer and is at sea.

Charles E. died in 1921 and is buried in Centre Cemetery in Wareham, Mass. The 1855 State Census shows that Charles E. was the son of Silas Gifford Bumpus and Betsy (Maxim) Bumpus who were living at the time of his birth in Carver, Plymouth County, Mass.

Following his father's death, Charles Jr and family returned to Melrose, in Middlesex County where the family remained until his own death in 1954. Charles W. is buried in the same Plymouth County cemetery as his parents, and wife Ethel (1890-1980).

Daughter Dorothea "Dolly" was a popular student at Melrose High School. She married in 1937 to Raymond John Dodge. She lived to the age of 90, passing away in 2004.

Melrose High School Yearbook - 1931

Thursday, February 26, 2015

WILLIS, Margaret and Helen

Helen Chandler WILLIS at 22 mo.
These two images were located at an upstate NY antique shop last fall. I purchased both photos, as the girls were clearly siblings, and I wanted the photos to remain together,

Research finds that the photos were taken about Nov 1892. The photographer was F.E. Willis studio, Middletown CT. The elder girl is identified as Margaret Gordon Willis at age 3 1/2.. The younger girl is Helen Chandler Willis at 22 months. The photographer is their father.

1900 Census, Middletown Connecticut.
WILLIS, Frank E., 40, born Nov 1859 in NH, occupation Photographer
WILLIS, Alice N., 30, born Nov 1860 in VT
WILLIS, Margaret, 12, born Mar 1888 in VT
WILLIS, Helen C., 10, born Jan 1890 in VT
WILLIS, Martha O., 5, born Nov 1894 in CT

In the 1910 Census, Frank is not listed in the household. Alice is given as the head of the house, but marital status is given as "married." So I am not sure where Frank was.  All three daughters are present, and all three are shown as born in Connecticut. Eldest daughter, "G. Marguerite" at age 22 is employed as a teacher.

From the book "Leading Businessmen in Middletown, Portland, Durham and Middlefield"
Margaret Gordon WILLIS at 3 1/2 yrs
FRANK E. WILLIS, Photographer ; studio, 158 Main Street, Middletown, Conn. — The day when it was necessary to pay an exorbitant price for a photograph has passed, and there is now no reason why everybody should not possess an artistic portrait. There is no need to enter into an argument to uphold our position so far as the Middletown people are concerned for all they have to do is to call on Mr. Frank E. Willis at No 158 Main Street, and see what he has to offer as regards goods and prices. The illustrations in this book are from photographs obtained at his studio. We also understand that he always has for sale a fine assortment of views of all the principal points of interest in Middletown and vicinity. Mr. Willis is a native of Keene, N. H., and succeeded Mr. F. J Moore in business in 1889. The premises utilized comprise a large and pleasant reception-room, operating-room and work-room. He is steadily increasing the number of his patrons by strict attention to business, good work and fair prices, and honorable dealing and deserves the cordial support and appreciation of this vicinity. Mr. Willis and his two assistants are always ready and willing to give prompt and polite attention to all patrons.

Vermont Vital Records show that Frank E. Willis and Alice Frost Newman were married in Windsor VT on 27 Apr 1887.  His father was George W. Willis, and his mother was Mary M. Chandler. Frank was born in Winchester NH.

Margaret Gordon Willis is listed as a Junior at Middletown High School in 1904.
She married Burton Leroy Mallory and moved to Cook County, Illinois. She had two children; Burton L Mallory Jr (who died in The Philippines in 1945) and Louise Beckett Mallory (b. 1922).

Helen Chandler Willis, born Jan 5, 1890 in Windsor VT, to parents Frank Willis and Alice Frost.
She is listed in the 1912 Yearbook for Wesleyan University, Middletown CT as a member of the class of '12, and winner of the Olin Prize. She was also listed among Honors students.

The Wesleyan Yearbook of 1921 lists her among Alumni with following entry:

At age 44 (still using name Willis) was listed on the ship's manifest, S.S. Tegucigalpa, from Vera Cruz Mexico to New Orleans , LA.

Youngest daughter Martha Olcott Willis (of whom I have no image) was born 1 Nov 1894 according to church baptism records.