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Monday, March 13, 2017

RISING, Agnes Gladys and parents

This photograph of Agnes Gladys Rising and her parents was found at the Stuart Antique Show at the Martin County Fairgrounds in Florida.
Agnes Gladys RISING circa 1902 with
parents Leila and George Rising

The photo was taken circa 1902 at "The Bolton Studio", although I cannot determine where that was. The family lived in Hartford County Connecticut.

The back of the photo bears the hand-written identification "Agnes Gladys Rising, age between 2 and 3 years, with mother Leila Rising & father George Rising."

I was able to locate the family on census records for Windsor Locks, CT. All three were born in Connecticut, of Connecticut parents. George's occupations is given as a manager of a Telephone Station.

George Craw Rising (born in Poquonock Mar 22, 1875 - Nov 23, 1944) son of Charles Rising and Adelaide "Addie" Griswold, was the manager of a telephone exchange in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. He retired in 1938. Besides Agnes, he also had a son Ralph who died of lockjaw in 1929 following an injury incurred in a construction accident.
(Click for larger image)

Leila B. (maiden name not known) (Nov 1876- March 9, 1912) was George's first wife. She died of an enlarged spleen and liver following several years of ill health.

Jessie Wilson was George's second wife. She died in 1978 in Florida. She and George had a daughter Elaine (Rising) who married Rolland Dalrymple.

Agnes Gladys Rising, went by the name Gladys most of her life. She was born March 9, 1899 in Windsor Locks CT and lived to the age of 94. Sept 10, 1923, she married Louis H. Marte, and had daughter Marjorie Marte (b. about 1925) and a son Paul Rising Marte (born about 1928, husband of Sally Marie Heatley).

Sunday, February 12, 2017

RACKLIFF, Blanche Knox

UPDATE - Blanche has been claimed by a relative and is going home!

born 1913

These two photos were found in Pomona California last week, at the Pomona Antique Mall.

The first is Blanch as a toddler. The photo was taken in Westbrook Maine, in mid February 1916. Blanche is described as "Blanche K. Rackliff, Age 2 years, 10 months, Feb 15, 1916"

Blanche was born in Westbrook Maine (a suburb of Portland), 15 April 1913 to parents Evan D. Rackliff (1865-1916, a silk-weaver) and Olive Malinda Knox (1888-1978). Her birth record states she is the third child. (I suspect this means Evan's third child, as he was previously married to a woman named Nellie who died in 1902. I think Blanche is Olive's first child.) Olive and Evan married in 1905.

Evan Rackliffe was much older than his wife Olive, and died in 11 Nov 1916, when daughter Blanche was only 3. Olive moved back in with her parents William B. Knox and Margaret J. McDougal, as can be seen on the 1920 Census.

1920 Census, Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine
KNOX, William B., head, 71, Canadian (immigrated 1883) of English & Canadian parents, occupation laborer at paper mill
KNOX, Margaret J., wife, 61, Canadian (imm. 1883) of Scottish and Canadian parents
KNOX, Archie Q., son, 40, born in Canada, carpenter
KNOX, Mary M., daughter, 35, born in Maine
KNOX, Ralph, son, 24, Maine
KNOX, Ralph Jr., grandson, 2, Maine
RACKLIFF, Olive M., daughter, 32, Maine, paper sorter at paper mill
RACKLIFF, Blanche K., granddaughter, 6, Maine

Blanche at age 16

The second photo was taken in Biddeford Maine and shows Blanche presumably as a graduating student in 1930.

1930 Census, Saco, Maine (just across the river from Biddeford Maine).
RACKLIFF, Olive M., head, 42, runs boarding home for children
RACKLIFF, Blanche K., daughter, 16, no occupation
KNOX, Margaret J., mother, 72
KNOX, Mary M., sister, 45, no occupation
WOOD, Dorothy E., boarder, 15
KATEN, Theodore, boarder, 8
KATEN, Ralph, boarder, 6
KATEN, Roger J., boarder, 5
KATEN Irene, boarder, 4

1940 Census, Madison, Maine
RACKLIFF, Olive, head, 52, no occupation
RACKLIFF, Blanch, daughter, 26, stenographer at filling station

Blanch died 14 March 2004, at age 90, in Madison Maine. Her obit below:

Blanche Knox Rackliff 1913-2004

Morning Sentinel (Waterville, ME) — Thursday, March 18, 2004

MADISON -- Blanche K. Rackliff, 90, died Sunday, March 14, 2004, at Maplecrest Rehabilitation & Living Center in Madison.

She was born April 15, 1913, in Westbrook, the daughter of Evan D. and Olive M. (Knox) Rackliff.
Blanche was educated in Saco and Portland, graduating from Thornton Academy in 1930 and from Gray's Business College in 1932. She was employed 37 years as a secretary and bookkeeper for Flanagin's Auto Sales of Madison and for five years at Edwards Funeral Home in Madison. For several years she did volunteer work for AARP.

Blanche is survived by several cousins.

A funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, March 19, at Giberson Funeral Home, 40 Maple St., in Madison with the Rev. Nathan T. Richards officiating. Interment will be in Woodlawn Cemetery in Westbrook.

MITCHELL, Alex and wife

circa early 1880s

I did not record where I acquired this photo, but I suspect it was in the Utica, New York area, about 3 years ago.

The photo was taken at Miller Royal Photographic Studio in Yarmouth (England). The studio was located at 182 King Street, over Nalls Library. I was able to confirm that the photographic studio was indeed located over Nalls Stationary Shop and Library on King Street in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

According to Norfolk Parish records 1538-1900, there was a physician named Alexander Mitchell (born 1848?) living in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England in 1882, who married in Parish Church East Dereham on 28 Feb 1882 to Ellen Eugenia Ramsdale (1856-1925). Alex's parents were James Mitchell (Deceased) and Isabella Scott. Ellen's parents were Robert Ramsdale (deceased) and Mary  ____.

(Click for larger)

This listing of marriages was found in the book "The Medical Times and Gazette, A Journal of Medical Science, Literature, Criticism and News, Volume I for 1882."

Robert Ramsdale, sibling of Margaret, Matthias, William, Sophia and Mary Ramsdale, died in 1859 at age 41. He was an auctioneer of corn and coal in East Dereham. Parents were Thomas Ramsdale and Margaret Haylett. This confirms he was in fact deceased at the time of his daughter Ellen's marriage.

Wallace R. Miller Photographic Studio at 182 King Street, Yarmouth. Operated at that address between 1880 and about 1887. Wallace Miller died around 1882, but the studio was continued by his widow Elizabeth Miller for several years under the same name.

James Scott Mitchell was Alex's one-year-older brother (born 1847). He was born in Glasgow Scotland, married 1) Mary Hay (died 1882), then 2) Anna Burns and emigrated to New York with his wife and children. He died in West Winfield NY in 1930.

The following obituary for Dr. Alexander Mitchell was located in "The Times, London, 24 Apr 1913."

(Click for larger)

He is found on the 1881 English Census, as a single 31-year-old Doctor of Medicine, living at Burton House on Regent Street, Great Yarmouth.

He and Ellen (and two servants) are found on the 1891 English Census living in Tower Hamlet, Poplar, London. His occupation is Doctor of Medicine, Surgeon.

The 1901 Census find the couple at St James, Westminster. No children.

In 1911 he is found alone on the Census for Brendon, Devonshire, as a boarder. He states he is a Doctor of Medicine, married 29 years and has had no children. There is no mention of why Ellen is not with him. Perhaps he was simply traveling at the time of the census.

Friday, January 20, 2017

RETTIG, Philip and Carrie

Philip and Carrie RETTIG
This photo of Carrie and Philip Rettig was located at the Highway 127 Yard Sale in Anderson County, KY last summer.

Philip Marion Rettig was born 17 Apr 1884 in Henry Co. Ohio to parents Jacob Rettig (1853-1914) and Magdalena Hoffman (1862-1929).

Carrie Mary (Ricker) was born 05 May 1885 in Henry Co. Ohio to parents John George Ricker (1847-1915) and Elizabeth Anna Henry (1847-1923).

The couple were married in Feb 1913.

1920 Census in Flatrock, Henry County OH.
RETTIG, Philip, head, 35, born in OH of OH parents, farmer
RETTIG, Carrie, wife, 34, born in OH of OH parents
RETTIG, George A., son, 5, born in OH
RETTIG, Inez E., daughter, 1, born in OH

1930 Census in Flatrock, Henry, OH
RETTIG, Philip, head, 46, born in OH of OH parents, farmer
RETTIG, Carrie, wife, 45, born in OH of OH parents
RETTIG, George A., son, 16, born in OH
RETTIG, Inez E., daughter, 11, born in OH
RETTIG, Erma E., daughter, 10, born in OH

1940 Census, Napoleon, Henry Co., Ohio
RETTIG, Philip, 55
RETTIG, Carrie, 54
RETTIG, Erma, 20, Bookkeeper

Evening Independent, Massillon OH 12 Apr 1943
Daughter Inez (1918-2004) married William Behrens around 1936, and had two sons James and Larry. The family was involved in an automobile crash on April 10, 1943 which killed William and son James. Inez and son Larry were both critically injured, with Larry succombing to his injuries in early May.  Inez recovered and married Robert Clady.

Daughter Erma (1920-2008) married Allen Clady (Robert Clady's brother).

Son George (1914-2001) married Alma Seeman.

Philip died May 18 1947.

Carrie died Oct 3 1975.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TUTTLE, Edith and Ruth

Edith Tuttle
Ruth Tuttle

These two photos of Ruth and Edith Tuttle were located at the Highway 127 Yard Sale in Anderson County, KY. The photo of Ruth is in a paper cover, and is stamped with the photographer's mark with says "H.C. Grummitt, 56 Center St, Ashtabula, O." On the back of the folder are the hand-written words "Ruth Tuttle, age 4, 1910."

The photo of Edith is just a photograph adhered to a larger sheet of paper (and may have come out of a frame). There is no studio stamp, just the hand-written "Edith Tuttle."

I thought at first this may have said "Edith Little" but it seems to me now that it must say "Tuttle." In fact I believe the same hand wrote both names on the photos. There is simply too much similarity in the letters, particularly in the "th" of both first names, and in the "le" of both last names.

I was able to locate the Tuttle family living in Kingsville, Ashtabula County Ohio on the 1910 Census.
TUTTLE, Charles F., head, 43, born in OH of Ohio parents, salesman of farm implements
TUTTLE, Carrie E., wife, 32, born in OH of Ohio and Penn parents
TUTTLE, Edith M., daughter, 11
TUTTLE, Ruth M., daughter, 4
MORSE, Harriet, aunt, 78 widowed, born in OH of NY parents

The 1920 census find the family still in Kingsville. Aunt Harriet is no longer listed, but they have taken in a niece Marie Colegrove (age 14). Father Charles lists his occupation as Vulcanizing in his own shop.

Full list of siblings:
Edith May Tuttle (1898-1925)
Helen Tuttle (1901-1901)
Beatus Tuttle (1902-1902)
Ruth Marion Tuttle (1906-1987) shows that Charles Francis Tuttle (born 13 Feb 1867 and died 14 May 1948, a son of Duran Hugh Tuttle and Harriet Cook) was married to Carrie Emily Colegrove (1878-1943, daughter of Richard Colegrove and Sarah Jane Clark). They are buried in the Kelloggsville Cemetery.

Edith May Tuttle died 31 March 1925 (age 27) in Akron.

Found online. I do not have this photo.
Ruth grew to adulthood and attended Ohio State University. I find little else about her except that she died in 1987, having never married.


Peekskill, NY

This is a tin-type photo located at the monthly Antique show at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds in Florida. The photo appears to be from around the Civil War era. The young man looks like he is about 20, so a projected birth year would be mid-1840s. has a memorial for Ray T. Austin, born 1847. Died 1911 in Somers, NY (which is a mere 23 miles from Peekskill, where the photo was taken.)  The same stone memorializes his wife Ophelia Dexter (1849-1934). The site mentions one daughter, Mariana Austin (1869-1893), although there was a son Edward (born about 1874) and possibly another daughter Ida (born about 1882?, which I am still verifying). His parents were James Harvey Austin (1821-1881, son of Ralph Austin and Fanny Knapp) and Ann Eliza ___ (1823-1883).

The family appears on the 1880 Census at Somers NY. (either in the same household, or next door to parents James and Ann Eliza.)
AUSTIN, Ray, head, 35. farm labor, born in NY of NY parents
AUSTIN, Ophelia, wife, 32, keeping home, NY of NY  parents
AUSTIN, Mary A., daughter, 10, NY
AUSTIN, Edward, son, 6, NY
VANVORIS, Edward, 33, uncle, farmer, NY

This tells us that Ray's mother's maiden name was likely VanVoris (also seen as Van Voorhis, a latter-day corruption of Van Voorhies). There was a well-known Van Voris family in Schoharie county, and there is a Van Voris Road near Richmondville, NY.

The 1900 Census for Somers lists only Ray T., Ophelia, and a boarder Charles Smith. None of the children remain in the household. We know that Mariana died in 1893, and the other children would have been grown and on their own by this time.

There was a Charles W. Voorhis, of Brooklyn, Kings County NY. born about 1835, married to Eliza. Died around late 1912 - early 1913. There is a Brooklyn newspaper notice 07 Feb, 1913 alerting relatives to be present at the probate hearing. Those asked to attend are: John T. Voorhis, Antoinette Austin, Elizabeth Smith, Minerva Lockwood, Waldren Dexter, Ophelia Austin, Melissa Hadden, George Higby, Charles Voorhis, Nellie Broten, Mary Steers, Frank Voorhis, Anna Slater, Cora Mackey, Ira Voorhis, and Elam Voorhis.

1850 Census, Somers, NY
As a young man of 17, Charles W. Voorhis is found on the 1850 Census. He lived at Somers NY with his parents, John T. Van Voorhis and Clorinda (unknown), and siblings, Marcellus (22), Frederic (14), Sarah (11), John T. Jr. (13), and Edward (6). If they had a sister named Aneliza, or Ann Eliza, she would  have been about 27 and most likely already married and gone.

Nearby, lives the Dexter family, of James (35), Mary J. (25), and Ophelia (7 mo.).

Also in the 1850 Census for Somers, NY:
AUSTIN, James (37)
AUSTIN, Ann E. (37)
AUSTIN, Adelia (13)
AUSTIN, Clarissa (12)
AUSTIN, Thomas (7)
AUSTIN, Ray (3)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

NORTON, Ada Jane & TEASDALL, Cheryl Ann

At the very end of 2016, I found two photos in the Pasadena Antique Gallery on Fair Oaks Avenue. There were several photos in the basket, but only these two had any sort of identification, so I bought them. Both are snapshots, so there is no knowing where the photos were taken.

Ada Jane NORTON (left), Cheryl Ann TEASDALL, 1944 (right)

I looked first for Cheryl. Using I was able to locate a "Cheryl Ann Teasdall" in the California Birth Index. She was born 20 July 1944 in Los Angeles County. And the mother's maiden name was Norton.

Using I was not able to locate Cheryl Teasdall, but I did find a Harry Ervin Teasdall who was born in 1918 and died May 15, 2013 in Riverside, California. His obituary was located next, and it reported that he was indeed the father of a daughter Cheryl who survived him. At that time, Cheryl was living with her husband Ernie Maulson in Temecula CA. Other survivors include Harry's wife Lucille and son William, as well as a number of grandchildren.

Harry's parents were Harry Oliver Teasdall and Ida Ervin. He had a sister named Ione. Harry's full obituary can be found here

Harry Ervin Teasdall is found on the 1940 census of Long Beach, CA, living with his parents on Temple Avenue.
TEASDALL, Harry O., head, 44, born in Nebraska, Distributor at Shoe Polish Mfg. Company
TEASDALL, Ida, wife, 51, born in Pennsylvania
TEASDALL, Harry E., son, 21, born in Canada, stocking in a retail grocery
TEASDALL, Marylyn, daughter, 10, born in Canada,

At the time of the 1940 Census, the Teasdall family was still mourning the loss of 18-year-old daughter Margaret Ione Teasdall who died in an auto accident 24 Nov 1939 just south of Long Beach, along with her companion Alexander Chisholm.

Harry Ervin married Lucille M. Norton in 1943 and had children:
Cheryl Ann Teasdall, b. 1944, married Ernie Hall (Maulson?)
Thomas Henry Teasdall, b. 1947, d. 2009
W.H. Teasdall, b. __

This wedding notice at right is from the Los Angeles Times, 17 May 1943.

Cheryl's grandmother Ida lived to be 100 years old. Born in 1888 and died in 1988.

So who was Ada Jane Norton?

Marriage Notice 1942, Lincoln, NE.
Ada Jane Norton, daughter of late Roy Norton of Kearney NE, married 8 April 1942 to Milton Churchill Blake Jr of Beverly Hills CA. She attended High School in Lincoln NE.

ADA JANE NORTON (1921-2005), daughter of Charles Leroy Norton (1884-1924) and Hazel May Rail (1891-1924). Both parents died when Ada was around 3 years old. The memorial on Findagrave states that Roy Norton was a partner in the Norton & Chase clothing firm, and that his partner had died the day before Roy died of asphyxiation in his garage. Apparently Ada was raised by her aunt and uncle Mr/Mrs Walter Everett Pease of Lincoln NE and later of Redondo Beach CA.

1930 Census Lincoln NE
PEASE, Walter E., head, 37, born in Iowa, of Iowa parents, mechanic at an airplane field
PEASE, Gladys, wife, born in Nebraska, of Penn and Indiana parents
PEASE, Mary Jane, daughter, 16, born in Colorado
PEASE, Jack, son, 12, born in Nebraska
NORTON, Ada Jane, niece, 8, Nebraska of Nebraska parents

(Click for larger image)
This newspaper article, Los Angeles Times, 10 April, 1942, offers proof that Ada Jane Norton had a sister named Lucille.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

WRIGHT, Viola E.

taken in Ellenville, NY
circa 1910? at Wright Photography Studio

UPDATE -  this photo of Viola Wright has been claimed by her family and has gone home!

1910 Census, NY, Ulster, Ellenville
WRIGHT, Van Ness, head, 47, (March 1863) born in NY of NY parents, photographer in Studio
WRIGHT, Dora, wife, 46, (Feb 1864) born in Penn of NY and PA parents,
WRIGHT, Edith, daughter, 21, (March 1887) born in NY, Teacher at a school
WRIGHT, Edna N, daughter, 18, (July 1889) born in NY
WRIGHT, Viola E., daughter, 16, (Sept 1893) born in NY

The photo was undoubtedly taken by Viola's father VanNess Wright, as the 1910 census states he was a photographer at a studio in Ellenville NY.

1930 Census shows Viola is working as a Public School Teacher in Port Jervis NY and boarding with the Francisco family on Pine Street. Also boarding there was Public School teacher Lempi Erikon whose parents were Finnish immigrants.

Her sister Edith married S. Max Taylor.

Her sister Edna married Harold Herkimer.

Viola never married, dedicating her life instead to education. She died 5 Aug 1971 in Syracuse NY. The following obit was located in the Kingston Daily Freeman (Kingston, NY) 7-Aug-1971, page 3.

PROSSER, Kathryn Louise

Kathryn Louise Prosser
age 6 months, 1917
photo taken at Wade Studio, Youngstown Ohio

This photo was located at the Highway 127 Yard Sale last summer, in Anderson County, Kentucky.

A quick peek into finds that this is Kathryn L. Prosser, born 1 Apr 1917, a daughter of William Robert Prosser and Emma Amelia Griffiths.

Her sisters were Charlotte (1918-2005, married to Stephen King Hawkins) and Rhoda (1924-2000, married to Robert Dale Gustafson).

At the age of 21, Kathryn married John J. "Jack" Walters (1914-1997), an excavating contractor. Jack and Kathryn lived in Hubbard, OH, a neighboring community to Youngstown. They had daughter Kathy Walters (1943-2013), who married M.B. "Ben" Mitcham.

Kathryn died 14 Nov 2005 in Sarasota Florida at age 88. I believe that after her husband Jack passed, Kathryn went to live with either her daughter Kathy who lived in Bradenton Fl, or her son Ken Walters of Sarasota FL.

Monday, December 5, 2016


taken in Beaver Falls, PA
circa 1925

This photograph of Leah Sakulsky was located at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show. It is a bit pale, and I tweaked it in Photoscape to bring out more definition.

Leah was born Dec 26, 1908 in Tarentum PA, daughter of Barnett Sakulsky (1883-1956, possible parents Samuel Sakulsky and Annie Shimmerman/Zimmerman) and Mollie Levin (1886-1957, a daughter of Yankf Baer Tcheplavotsky and Tamara Risha Levin).

1920 CENSUS, Westmoreland PA
SAKULSKY, Barnett, head, 36, born in Russia, machinist at a steel mill
SAKULSKY, Mollie, wife, 34, Russia
SAKULSKY, Leah, daughter, 11, Pennsylvania
SAKULSKY, Elhanan, son, 7, Pennsylvania
SAKULSKY, Grace, daughter, 3, Pennsylvania

1930 CENSUS, Aliquippa, PA
SAKULSKY, Barnett, head, 46, no occupation
SAKULSKY, Mollie, wife, 44, clerk in grocery store
SAKULSKY, Leah, daughter, 21, clerk in grocery store
SAKULSKY, Elkanan, son, 17
SAKULSKY, Grace, daughter, 13
SAKULSKY, Jerry, son, 4

Complete list of siblings:
Sophie (1907-1916)
Elhanan (1913-2005)
Grace (1916-1993) married Philip Gordon, Oct 29, 1941.
Jacob "Jerry" (1925-1976)

In the 1940 Census, father Barnett is shown as the proprietor of a retail grocery.

Leah married Martin Goldenfeld (1897-1988), an immigrant butcher from Romania.

They had the following children:
Toba Goldenfeld (born abt 1936), eloped in 1957 with Lt. Joel B. Levinson. Toba ran a used bookstore on Murray Avenue. She was affectionately known as the "mayor of Murray Avenue." They had sons Jeff, Eric, Drew and Mark.
Rita Goldenfeld (born abt 1939), married Joel Silverman. They had son Robert.

Leah died May 29, 1996, at age 87, and is buried at the New Light Cemetery in Etna, PA, next to her husband. This funeral notice was located in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of May 31, 1996.