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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Byron H. SEARING, M.D.
born April 10, 1860
died June 4, 1892

This photo was found at an outdoor antique show last weekend in Liverpool, New York.

The surname was especially troublesome, but with the help of many generous folks at the FaceBook group for , we were able to work out that the last name says Searing.  This is verified by the monument at Find-a-Grave which shows that Mr Searing rests at the Friends cemetery in Ledyard, Cayuga County, NY. That county is a neighboring one to that in which the photo was found.

His parents were Leonard Hawxhurst Searing and Alice H. Hudson (her mother's name was Julia A. Hudson).

1870 Federal Census, Scipio, Cayuga County, NY
SEARING, Leonard, 68, wool dealer
SEARING, Rebecca A., 60
SEARING, Leonard H., 48, farmer
SEARING., Alice, 40
SEARING, Adolphus, 14
SEARING, Byron, 9

The 1865 New York State Census shows the family living in or near Auburn NY, which is in the same county. At that time, grandmother Julia Hudson was living with the family.

But then the trail runs cold pretty quickly. I am curious as to why he died so young.

Further research finds this unsettling insert which mentions Byron's father and uncle.

Saturday, July 3, 1875   Paper: Auburn Daily Bulletin (Auburn, New York)   Page: 4

Byron would have been 15 years old at this time.

This news of the lunacy of Leonard Searing comes just over 2 weeks following the suicide of his brother Thomas. Having found the newspaper article about the suicide, I read with interest that Thomas' depression and suicide were adjudged to be hereditary, as his maternal grandmother was found to be insane.

 The news must certainly have hit the Searing family quite hard, and left each of them wondering about their own mental health. I am now even more curious about why Byron died so young.

1886 University of the State of New York, Annual Report to the Regents of the University
On page 371, under the heading "Graduates who passed their final examinations in September, 1884, and May 1885, and received their degrees at commencement, 1885" there is the name "Byron Hudson Searing".  There is a strong liklihood that this is the young man in the photo, as his mother's maiden name was Hudson.

On the next page of the same publication, there is evidence that Byron was an exceptionally good student at his Medical Studies.

Monday, July 27, 2015


"Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen"
This photo of Lucy William was located at an outdoor antique fair in Liverpool NY last weekend.  The photo was taken at a photographic studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, circa 1895-1897, The subject appears to be around 15-17 years of age, thus born between 1877-1882. On the back are the handwritten words "Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen."

A census search on the name Lucy Williams yielded a number of possible contenders who fit the correct age and area. Eventually, it was the clue "niece of Mrs. Owen" that pinpointed the correct individual. offered a family tree in which one finds a Lucy Alida Williams (born 1877 in Oswego County NY) to parents William Williams and Mary Nelson.  Mother Mary Nelson had a sister Elizabeth who married Joseph Owen. This Lucy Williams was a niece to Mrs. Owen. Oswego County is the neighboring county to the one in which the photograph was found. So I feel confident that this is the right person who sat for this photograph. Perhaps it was made on the occassion of a visit to Saratoga.

Lucy's mother Mary was born in Manchester England in 1839, and died when Lucy was around 7 years old.

(Click for larger image)
Lucy apparently never married as her headstone still bears her maiden name. She worked as a teacher in a hospital in Yonkers much of her life. When she died in 1960, she was returned to Oswego and buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Elias Thorne, Skaneateles, NY
This photo of Elias Thorne was located at an outdoor antique show in Liverpool NY this weekend.

The photo was taken in nearby Auburn NY probably around 1895.

He was born in Dutchess County NY on 15 Feb 1811 to parents Obediah Thorne and Charity Haight. Around 1830 he relocated to the Finger Lakes area and began a career as a farmer, eventually becoming a wool-farmer toward the end of his life.

Elias was a lifelong member of the Society of Friends (Quakers). He was married twice; first to Mary Cornell who bore him two children (Theresa and Charles) and died early at the age of 23. His second wife was Mary Douglas Kellogg with whom he produced a daughter Georgianna.

Elsewhere on the internet I came across this photo of an old painting of Elias Thorne, and I post it here for the sake of comparison. He is likely around 45 years of age at that time.

MORGAN, Marie and Grace

Maria M. MORGAN and Grace MORGAN,
her granddaughter - 1895
This photo of MARIA MORGAN and her granddaughter GRACE MORGAN was found in an antique show in Liverpool, NY.

The photo was taken at a photographer's studio in Seneca Falls, NY in 1895.

The younger woman appears to be between 16 and 19, thus born between 1876 and 1879.

The pair were found in the City Directory for Auburn, which is a nearby town.

1892 Auburn NY City Directory
Maria Morgan, widow of George Morgan, bds National Hotel
Grace Morgan, bds National Hotel

Maria Miller (Tallcot) Morgan
born 1818
died Nov 17, 1896

Buried Lake View Cemetery, Skaneateles, Onondaga County NY

Widow of George Pearson Morgan (1815-1891)

Her children were:
Ellen Maria Morgan 1842-1862)
Richard T. Morgan (1844-1902)

Her parents were:
Richard Tallcot (171-1876)
Mary Valentine (1792-1861)

For the time-being, I do not know what became of Grace, but will keep looking.

TEMPLER, Charlie

"Charlie Templer when one year old - 1870"
This photo of CHARLIE TEMPLER was located at an outdoor Antique show in Liverpool NY. The photo was taken in 1870 at a photographic studio in Rochester Minnesota. It was apparently taken on the occassion of his first birthday on March 4. 1870.

1870 Federal Census, Rochester, Olmsted County, MN
TEMPLER, Thomas, 28?, wheat buyer
TEMPLER, Alice, 22, keeps house
TEMPLER, Charlie, 1

1875 State Census Minnesota
TEMPLER,  T.J. 33, born in OH
TEMPLER,  Alie E. 26, born in VT
TEMPLER, Charlie, 6 male, born in MN
TEMPLER, Tess, 3 female, born in MN

1880 Federal Census Kansas City MO
TEMPLER, Thomas J., 38, head, grain dealer
TEMPLER, Allie E., 31, wife, keeps house
TEMPLER, Chas. W., 11, son, at school
TEMPLER, Tess, 8, daughter, at school
ELLS, John E., 60, father-in-law, grain dealer
ELLS, Elizabeth, 56, mother-in-law

Charlie died at the age of 23 (11 August 1892) of accidental drowning while swimming with friends, and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City Missouri. His father passed in August of 1917 and is buried next to him.

Charlie was a well-regarded young man throughout southern Kansas, where he and his father lived and worked in the field of grain dealing and storing. His death came as a shock to everyone who knew him.

His younger sister Tess later married William K. McMillan and they had several daughters in Kansas. The family later moved to Seattle Washington along with Tess' mother Sarah Alice "Allie" Ells Templer. William died in 1930, Tess in 1933. Allie died at age 92 in Seattle, having outlived her husband and both of her children.

FLYNN, Ruth Catherine and her mother

Katie L. Flynn
These two photos of Ruth Catherine FLYNN and her mother Katie L. FLYNN were located yesterday in an  outdoor antique "fest" in Liverpool New York, near Syracuse. I bought both photos, just to make certain they stayed together.

I will start with the mother. Kathie L. Flynn was born in 1861 in Washington Iowa under her maiden name of Katherine L. CRITZ. Her father Joseph Critz was French, and her mother Sophia Gimbel was born in Ohio. She married John Burke Flynn in Davenport Iowa in Sept 1882. 

Katherine died in Nov 1959. John Flynn died 1939.  Both Katherine Flynn and her husband John are buried in Saint Ambrose cemetery in Des Moines Iowa.

Ruth Catherine Flynn, 4 mo old

Ruth Flynn was born around 1899 in Des Moines Iowa. She appears on various census records:

1910 Federal Census for Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, 936 Fifth Street
FLYNN, John B., head, 52, born in Canada (Eng) of Irish parents, occupation appears to say "Mining."
FLYNN, Catherine, wife, 48, mother of 6 children - 3 living, born in Iowa of French and Ohio parents
FLYNN, Roy J., son, 22, born in Iowa, occupation Bookkeeper in a Newspaper Office
FLYNN, Ruth, daughter, 12, born in Iowa, 
FLYNN, Dorothy, daughter, 5, born in Iowa

In 1917 Ruth K. Flynn appears in her High School yearbook. She attended West Des Moines Community School.

(click photo for larger image)

1920 Federal Census for Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, 936 Fifth Street
FLYNN, John B., head, 62, immigrated from Canada in 1859, nat in 1864, occup Real Estate agent
FLYNN, Katherine L., wife, 57
FLYNN, Ruth K., daughter, 21, single, works as stenographer at Dept of Justice
FLYNN, Dorothy, daughter, 14

Ruth Flynn married John P. BELLER on 29 Oct 1923 at Saint Andrew Cathedral in Des Moines. The certificate indicates that her parents are John B. Flynn and Katherin L. Critz. The groom was born in Burlington Wisconsin to parents Frank Beller and Mary Cunningham.

1930 Federal Census for Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, 545 Waterbury Circle
BELLER, John P., head, 39, born in Wisc., occupation "proprietor" in the Finance industry
BELLER, Ruth K., wife, 31
BELLER, Mary K., daughter, 3y 8m

1940 Federal Census for Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, 4216 Ingersoll Ave.
BELLER, John P., head, 49, born in Wisc., occupation "Owner of Automobile Finance Comp."
BELLER, Ruth K., wife, 41
BELLER, Mary K., daughter, 13
BELLER, Barbara Ann, daughter, 8

Ruth died July 1979 in Des Moines.

Friday, July 24, 2015

HOUGHTON, Nellie and Trot

Nellie (abt age 8) & "Trot" Houghton,
Uncle Tom's nieces
These two photos of Nellie Houghton were located today at the Stone Soup Antique Mall in Ballston Spa New York. The photos were taken in Saratoga Springs circa 1885-1890.
Nellie Houghton,  at age 4?
(Mrs. George Clements)

The 1900 Census for Saratoga Springs, NY, 111 Henry Street
HOUGHTON, William O., head, 52, born Aug 1847 in NY, occupation "Mchr."
HOUGHTON, Margaret, wife, 52, born Apr 1848 in Ireland of Irish parents
HOUGHTON, Nellie L., daughter, 19, born Apr 1881 in NY, at school
HOUGHTON, Louise J., daughter, 15, born July 1884 in NY, at school
HOLLAND, Sanford, boarder, 18, born Nov 1881, occupation "laborer"
COSTELLO, James, boarder, 40, born Aug 1859 in NY of Irish parents, occupation "policeman"

Father William O. Houghton lived to age 74, passing in 1920.
Mother Margaret's maiden name was Costello, and she was likely the older sister of the boarder James Costello. She died in 1901. She had several brothers, one of whom was named Thomas, and may be the "Uncle Tom" mentioned in the caption above.

The 1905 City Directory shows that Nellie Houghton is a librarian at the local High School, and resides at 111 Henry Street. Her father, William O. works at an ice cream and confectioners' shop, also lives at 111 Henry. Louise would be around age 20 at that time, but there is no mention of her in the directory, under that name.

1930 Census, Saratoga Springs, NY, 30 York Avenue
CLEMENTS, George I., head, 51, ticket agent
CLEMENTS, Nellie H., wife, 49

I was able to locate a record on for Nellie Houghton right away. She was born in 1881 and died in 1941. I was a bit curious about why she was listed there by her maiden name when the photo clearly indicated she had been married.

A bit more research at revealed that her husband George Irving Clements died in Saratoga Springs NY in 1934 of a self-inflicted bullet wound to the head. He had been depressed over decreased hours at his job as a ticket agent at the Schenechtady Railway Company. This could have been reason enough for Nellie to return to her maiden name following such a tragic event.

Nellie and her parents are buried at the Greenridge Cemetery in Saratoga Springs NY.

I cannot find any reference to a "Trot" Houghton, but my guess is this person is Louise Houghton, Nellie's younger sister. She is found in the 1895 State Census as "Lulu J. Houghton."

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

COX, Oscar and Wealthy

(Click photo for larger image)
Oscar COX and Wealthy COX, Norway Maine

This photo of the Cox siblings of Norway Maine, was located at the Brandywine River Antique Market in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Oscar appears to be around 18 years old and his sister looks to be about 12 years old. The photo appears to have been taken circa 1890-1895, so the brother's birthyear must be between 1872-77, and his sister's between 1878-1884. shows a Cox family in the Federal Census records.
1880 Norway, Oxford County, Maine
COX, Frank W. (36) farmer, born in Maine, of Maine parents
COX, Catherine H. (36) wife, born in Maine, of Maine parents
COX, Oscar Noyes (9) son, born in Maine, of Maine parents
COX, Wealthy Mabel (4) daughter, born in Maine, of Maine parents

That makes Oscar's birth year 1870 or 1871, and Wealthy about 1875 or 1876. And the photo must have been taken about 1889.

Their father is shown alternately as William Francis Cox and Frank W. Cox. Their mother was born Catherine Hobbs Noyes.

Oscar (occupation Farmer) married Fannie L. Herrick on 30 Dec 1896 in Norway Maine. The marriage certificate reports his parents are Frank and Kate, and the bride's parents are Jonathan and Hannah.

1900 Census for Norway, Maine
COX, Frank W. (56) born Nov 1843
COX, Catherine H. (53) born Dec 1846
COX, Wealthy M. (24) born Nov 1876

Wealthy's birth certificate reports her birthday as March 28, 1876.  She died 21 Dec 1947 in Norway Maine, as the widow of Edward E. Harris. She may have been named in honor of her aunt, Wealthy Hobbs Noyes, a sister of her mother.

Oscar's wife Fannie died in 1937, and by the time of the 1940 Census, Oscar was remarried to Ester. shows that Oscar Noyes Cox is buried in Norway Pines Grove Cemetery in Oxford County, Maine.  Birthdate: 9 Oct 1870  Death: 26 July 1958

Saturday, July 4, 2015

NOUD, Cora Adah

Cora Adah NOUD
UPDATE - Cora Adah Noud has been claimed by a relative and is going back home to Michigan.

This photo is labelled "CORA ADAH NOUD" and was taken at a photographer's studio in Bay City, Michigan, probably around 1873-1875. The photo was found in upstate New York.

The photo is a bit light, but I was able to increase the contrast on this digital copy, and the features come out very clearly.

1870 Census, Bay City Michigan
NOUD, Ermina, 30, born in Canada, Liquor Dealer
NOUD, Emma, 9, born in Kentucky, attends school
NOUD, Mary, 8, Kentucky, attends school
NOUD, Maggie, 6, Michigan, attends school
NOUD, John, 4, Michigan, at home
NOUD, Cora, 2, Michigan, at home
PRESTON, Annie, 20, New York, without occupation
BEATTIE, Robert, 26, Canada, clerk in store

Mother Ermina Jane Noud is likely widowed at this time, as no husband is in the household, and she is running a business on her own. The 1870 census did not supply marriage status. Her maiden name is "Beattie".

The family moved to Washington DC between mid-1870s and early 1880s. Cora Noud's name appears in a list of local grammar school students who passed their exams and were admitted to High School. This article appeared in the Evening Star newspaper, Washington DC, June 18, 1884.

24 Nov 1897, Cora Adah Noud is married in District of Columbia to William W. Rebuschatis. She gives her age as 28, and birth year as 1869.

1900 Census - District of Columbia
REBUSCHATIS, Wilhelm, 31, born Dec 1868 in Germany, printer
REBUSCHATIS, Corra, 32, born Apr 1868 in Michigan (of Irish and Canadian parents)
REBUSCHATIS, Marion, daughter, 1, born Mar 1899 in DC
EVERHART, Lucy, servant, 20, born in Virginia
NOUD, Ermina J., widow, 60, Oct 1839 in Canada (of Scottish parents)
NOUD, Emma, 38, Dec 1861, Kentucky, bookkeeper
NOUD, Margaret, 34, Oct 1865, Michigan

1910 Census - District of Columbia
REBUSCHATIS, William W., 41, born in Russia-Germany, proof-reader at Govt. Printing
NOUD, Ermina J.. Mother-in-Law, 70
NOUD, Emma B., sister-in-law, 48, bookkeeper
NOUD, Margaret, sister-in-law, 46, teacher

Cora died 24 Nov 1918 District of Columbia.

She is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, District of Columbia, near her Noud family.

Oak Hill Cemetery interments:
NOUD, Ermina Jane (1839-1910) (funeral notice describes her as the widow of James Noud.)
NOUD, Emma B. (1860-15 July 1938)
NOUD, Margaret (1863-1936)
NOUD, John (1865-1889)

Newspaper insert, Washington Post, Washington DC, 30 Nov 1918

Newspaper insert, Washington Times, Wash. DC, 25 June 1919, states that Marion Rebuschatis would give the valedictory address at that week's coming commencement of the Wilson Normal School.

Marion later married Kenneth Stanley Fagg, a noted artist whose work graced the covers of various science fiction magazines. They had sons Peter and Donald. Marion and Kenneth are buried in the Oak Hill cemetery in Washington DC,

Cora's husband William is found on the 1930 Census in El Paso County, Colorado, as a patient at the "Union Printers Home." He died Dec 1933 and is buried (as Wilhelm Rebuschatis) in Woodlands Cemetery, Des Moines Iowa near his parents, Friedrich and Emilie.
Union Printers Home, Colorado Springs, CO

Friday, July 3, 2015

LOOMIS, Edna Copley

This photo labelled EDNA COPLEY LOOMIS was located at the Antique Show at Madison-Baukville, New York

Photo appears to have been taken circa 1905 and Edna appears to be around 16 to 18 years old, so was born about 1889 to 1891. finds the following individual who appears to match the known clues:
Edna Campbell Copley (18 Jan 1888 - 30 Dec 1980) (parents Enoch Copley & Janette Helen Campbell) married Ward Clellon Loomis (1883-1965). She was born in Unadilla, Ny and died in Bainbridge, NY.

1900 Census - Unadilla, Otsego County, NY
COPLEY, Enoch, 42 (born Aug 1857 in NY), farmer
COPLEY, Hellen, 35 (born Jan 1865 in NY)
COPLEY, C. Edna, 12 (born Jan 1888 in NY), at school
COPLEY, C. Burr, 10 (born Nov 1889 in NY), at school
COPLEY, C. Mabel, 8 (born Dec 1891 in NY), at school
COPLEY, Gladis, 7 (born Apr 1893 in NY), at school

In 1912, at age 24, Edna married Ward Clellon Loomis and moved to Oxford, in Chenango County, NY

The 1930 Census  - Oxford, Chenango County, NY
LOOMIS, Ward C., 47, head, Dairy Farmer
LOOMIS, Edna C., 42, wife,
LOOMIS, Carlton C., 17
LOOMIS, Arlene E., 13
LOOMIS, Graydon L., 4
LOOMIS, Cora E., 69, mother