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Friday, September 18, 2020

WELLS brothers, Clarence and Harold (Houston TX)


Clarence Asa Wells & Harold Earl Wells

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO 1: Clarence Asa Wells, age 4 1/2 months

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO 2: Harold Earl Wells, age 6 months

PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer and location, circa Dec 1915 & Nov 1919

PURCHASED: 2017 Wildwood Antique Mall, Wildwood Florida

UPDATE - These two photos have been claimed by family and have gone home!

As suspected, these are siblings, brothers, whose parents were Clarence A. Wells (1884-1974) and Elizabeth Marie Jones(1888-1972). Both parents were born in Licking County Ohio. Clarence Sr was an accountant.

Clarence Asa Wells Jr. was born 23 July 1915 and grew up to be a Chemical Engineer for an asphalt company in Houston TX. He lived to age 62. His death certificate says he is married, so I may be able to find some descendants.  This photo of Clarence Wells was located in the 1932 San Jacinto High School yearbook, senior class. He was in Spanish Club and Band, in which he played alto saxophone.

Harold was born May 18, 1919 in Houston TX. At age 21 he was a University of Houston student working during the summer at Houston Lighting & Power Co. and was fatally burned in a workplace accident in which a pump switch exploded. He is buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Houston TX.

This photo of Harold Wells was located in the 1937 San Jacinto High School yearbook, senior class. He was in the Booster Club and Spanish Club.

Here's something interesting, found along the way .... When Clarence Jr was a Senior at San Jacinto High School in 1932, he was in the same band class as a young Walter Cronkite (a junior at the time) who played baritone sax. I will throw his photo in for the heck of it.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

PEACOCK, Phoebe (Moravia, NY)



IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Miss Phoebe Peacock" / "Phoebe Peacock"

PHOTO 1 TAKEN: Tuthill & Teed Studio, Moravia & Boliver NY, circa 1882-1884

PHOTO 2 TAKEN: unknown location and photographer, circa 1894

PURCHASED: 2017 August Madison-Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

The first photograph was taken at the studio of Tyrus T. Tuthill who resided at and operated a studio in Moravia, Cayuga county, New York from at least 1870 through at least the mid-1890s.

The writing on the back of photo #1 appears to have originally said "Mrs. Phoebe Peacock", but over-writing it is the word "Miss". I wonder if the "Miss" indicates this photo was taken before or around the time of her marriage.

The fashions worn in photograph #1 date it to the early-to-mid 1880s.  The woman appears to be around 25-30 years of age, putting a projected birth year at 1855 to 1860, or thereabouts.

Photo #2 was clearly taken about a decade later. The dress style worn by Phoebe dates to around 1894.

I searched,, and others and could only find one Phoebe Peacock in this region. And Peacock was her married name.

Phoebe L. Curtis (Nov 1861 - Mar 1943), daughter of Calvin Curtis (1827-1893) and Fidelia Church (1826-1868).

  - Wife of Jesse Peacock (1863-1933, son of John Peacock and Lavina Culley) m. in 1882 in Moravia.

  - Mother of:

     - Clinton Jesse Peacock (1883-1953) m. Leora Morton (1880-1947)

          - Frances Ruth Peacock (1908-1992)

     - Harold C. Peacock (1899-1901) died age 1

     - Homer Peacock (1902-1902) died as infant

The 1870 Census, Moravia, Cayuga County, NY, shows the Curtis family:

  CURTIS, Calvin, 43, farmer

  CURTIS, James, 13

  CURTIS, Phoebe, 8

Phoebe was married in 1882 to Jesse Peacock.

On both the 1910 and 1920 Federal Census, Jesse and Phoebe are living in Syracuse. Jesse is 58 in 1920, born in NY of English immigrant parents. His occupation is Machinist at a gear factory. Phoebe is 59, born in NY of NY parents, no occupation.

After the death of her husband Jesse in 1933, Phoebe lived in Ossining, Westchester county, NY with her son Clinton Peacock and his family. She is found on the Ossining NY Census 1940 at age 78, widowed. Her son Clinton is a Printer, and his wife Leora is a public school teacher.

Phoebe died 2 Mar 1943 in Cayuga County, and is buried at the Quaker Church Cemetery in Moravia.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

HARLOW, Bernice (Charlottesville VA)


PHOTO TAKEN: Rufus Holsinger, University Studio, Charlottesville VA, circa 1899-1900

PURCHASED: 2018 February, Wildwood Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

This appears to be Bernice "Bernie" Edgar Harlow, born 31 Aug 1899 at Albemarle VA. He was residing in Charlottesville in 1942 when he registered for the WWII draft. Employer is Charles King & Son Co., a wholesale grocery, where he works as a shipping clerk. He would work for the company his entire life, from age 15 to 80, by which time he had risen to the position of President of the company. He lived to age 93 (1993).

His parents were (factory worker) James Henry Harlow (1864-1943) and Mary Christianna "Anna" Maddex (1874-1944, dau. of Richard H. Maddex and Sallie Wingfield).

Bernice had two sisters:

... Annie Ruth Harlow (Mrs. W.W. Glass) 1897-1967

... Ora Texanna Harlow (Mrs. W.L. Marion)  1905-1994

He married Lula R. Johnson. They had two daughters, Pearl Daniel Harlow (d. 1986) and Arlene Harlow-Peebles (1924-2004). (Arlene had two sons)

from "The Daily Progress" Charlottesville VA, June 8, 1980.

(click for larger view)

Monday, June 1, 2020

RYAN, Della and Lenore (Clay County, KS)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Della and Lenora Ryan"
PHOTO TAKEN: Ringer Studio and others, Baldwin KS, circa 1904
PURCHASED: sent to me by Ms. Kleppinger; friends of her grandmother

A follower of this blog recently sorted through photos left by her grandmother and found several identified ones of people not related to her family. These were her friends and classmates in the early 1900's in mostly Kansas and Iowa. Ms. Kleppinger was very generous in gifting these to me, so I could start the research on them, and hopefully re-unite some of them with their families.

A second photo of Della is shown at right.

These two lovely young ladies are known to have attended the wedding of Miss Flora Ream (my friend's grandmother) in Topeka KS in 1913.

These sisters are daughters of Rev. Joseph Mason Ryan (1853-1932) and Clara Louise Lapham (1859-1925). 

1895 Kansas State Census > Clay > Clay Center
RYAN, J.M., 41, born in IN, came here from Iowa, teamster
RYAN, Clara, 35, born in Wis, came here from Wis, housewife
RYAN, A.L., 16, m, born in KS, at school
RYAN, Hattie, 11, f, born in KS, at school
RYAN, Della, 9 f, born in KS, at school
RYAN, Nora (Lenora), 7, f, born in KS, at school

I find these two on the 1905 Kansas State Census in Clay County. Della Ryan is 20 and Lenora Ryan is 18. 

In late June 1913, the Misses Della and Lenora Ryan went to Topeka to attend the wedding of Florence Ream. Florence was a daughter of Reverend TJ Ream. I believe it is likely that the families knew each other, that Florence's father was an acquaintance of Rev. Joseph Ryan, and may explain the connection, and why Florence possessed photographs of the Ryan girls. This newspaper insert was located in the 24 June 1913 edition of the newspaper "Dispatch-Republican" of Clay Center Kansas.

Mary Della Ryan attended Smith College (Class of 1919) earning a BA degree.

June 1922 Lenore Maude Ryan, at that time a teacher residing in Berkeley California, married Constantine Panunzio (born in Italy, 1885-1964, to parents Nicole Panunzio and Angela DeFelice), a professor at Willamette University, Salem Oregon. They divorced in 1936. Lenore Panunzio died in 1968 and is buried at Greenwood Memorial Park, San Diego.

(Click any image for larger version)

Della never married, and died at age 69 on Mar 25, 1955. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center KS.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

BADSKY, Lena (Lawrence KS)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Lena Badsky, BU Graduate 1907"
PHOTO TAKEN: Ringer Studio, Baldwin KS, 1907
PURCHASED: sent to me by Ms. Kleppinger; "friends of her grandmother"

A follower of this blog recently sorted through photos left by her grandmother and found several identified ones of people not related to her family. These were friends and classmates of her grandmother in the early 1900's in mostly Kansas and Iowa. Ms. Kleppinger was very generous in gifting these to me, so I could start the research on them, and hopefully re-unite some of them with their families.

There were two photos of LENA BADSKY in the group. The other is shown at left. A note sent with these two images explains that "BU" is Baker University in Baldwin City, KS. A quick Google search finds that Baker is a Liberal Arts College.

Lena S. Badsky was born Sept 1885 to parents Jacob Badsky (1850-1933) and Nancy Sizer (1859-1949).

The family is found on the 1900 Census in Elk, Osage County, KS, some 20 miles west of Baldwin.

1900 Census > KS, Osage > Elk
BADKSY, Jacob, head, Oct 1850, 49, born in WV of German parents, farmer
BADSKY, Nannie, wife, Nov 1859, 40, married 22 yr., 4 of 4 children living, born in VA of VA parents
BADSKY, Bertha T., dau, Jly 1880, 19 s, born in KS of WV and VA parents, at school
BADSKY, Carrie A., dau, Mar 1884, 16 s, born in KS, at school
BADSKY, Lena S., dau, Sept 1885, 14 s, born in KS, at school
BADSKY, Mary A., dau, Mar 1887, 13 s, born in KS, at school

This photo of Lena was likely taken around 1903, and was found elsewhere on the internet at a website called "Slices of Time" which is engaged in the same project that I am.  Slices of Time also has a photograph of Lena's parents Jacob and Nannie.
(click for larger)

Lena opened a China Shop after graduating from Baker. This story from the Lawrence Daily Journal was published 05 October 1908.

By the time of the 1910 Census, the family is residing in Lawrence KS.

1910 Census > KS > Douglas > Lawrence
BADKSY, Jacob, head, 58, born in VA of German parents, stock man
BADSKY, Nannie, wife, 50, born in VA of VA parents, artist - china painter
BADSKY, Bertha T., dau, 30 s, born in KS, no occup
BADSKY, Carrie A., dau, Mar 1884, 16 s, born in KS, at school
BADSKY, Lena S., dau, 24, born in KS, artist - china painter

Married to Talmadge DeWitt FUNK Jan 14, 1914.

1920 Census > KS > Douglas > Lawrence
FUNK, T D, head, 36, born in IL of IL parents, undertaker
FUNK, Lena, wife, 35, born in KS, no occup
FUNK, Frances E., dau, 4yr11m, born in KS
FUNK, Lena B., dau, 1y6m, born in KS

Her daughter Frances married a Cummings.

Lena Badsky-Funk died July 23 1981 and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence.

Monday, May 25, 2020

HEACOCK and PLOTTS (Greenwood PA)

HEACOCK FAMILY PHOTOS (Click for larger)

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTOS: Amy Heacock, Anna Heacock and Katherine Plotts
PHOTO TAKEN: various studios in Pennsylvania, ranging from 1870-1905
PURCHASED: 2015 July Brandywine River Antiques, Chadds Ford PA

Lydia Katherine Plotts and her aunt Amy
According to Quaker Meeting records, AMY was born 20 Feb 1869 to parents Jesse Heacock (1820 son of Joseph Heacock and Margaret Kester) and Lydia Parker (1823 dau of Jonathan Parker and Lucina Moore).  

Amy's older sister ANNA (b. 1853 in Greenwood) married George Fletcher Plotts (b. 1846 son of George and Catherine Plotts) and had ten children including daughter Lydia Katherine Plotts (born 1884).

1880 Census > PA > Columbia > Greenwood
HEACOCK, Jesse, 60, head, farmer, born in PA to PA parents
HEACOCK, Lydia, 57, wife, keeping home, born in PA to NJ parents
HEACOCK, Joseph J., 29, son, truss maker, born in PA
HEACOCK, Susan, 19, dau, helping in house, born in PA
HEACOCK, Abigail H., dau, at school, born in PA
HEACOCK, Amy, 11, dau, helping mother, born in PA

Anna Heacock (circa 1868-1870)
In Oct 1902, ANNA Margaret Heacock-Plotts' husband George Fletcher Plotts died, leaving ANNA a widow with several children still at home. I am not certain if she remarried. ANNA (born 1853) died at age 80, on Jan 28, 1934.

At age 40, AMY appears on the 1910 Census, living with her older brother Joseph on a farm in Greenwood. She works as a dressmaker.

March 1, 1911 AMY married recently widowed Daniel Ashelman (born 2 May 1855 to parents John Ashelman & Elizabeth Kline). His death certificate in 1946 states he is married to AMY Heacock who is 77 at that time (b. abt 1869).

According to Pennsylvania Certificate of Death, AMY Ashelman died of heart disease 24 Nov 1956, at age 87.

Because this group was a bit confusing as I was sorting it out, and kept confusing Amy and Anna, I found it helpful to create a descendancy list, starting with the parents Jesse & Lydia:
Jesse Heacock (1820-1903) m. Lydia Parker (1823-1907)
  1844 - Lucy Heacock (d. 1845, age 4mo)
  1846 - Elma Heacock (d. 1867, age 21) unmarried
  1848 - Acintha Heacock (d. 1876, age 28) unmarried
  1850 - Joseph J. Heacock (d. 1914) unmarried
  1853 - ANNA MARGARET HEACOCK (d. 1934) m. George Fletcher Plotts (1846-1902)
            1880 - Mabel Elizabeth Plotts
            1881 - Joseph Edward Plotts
            1883 - LYDIA KATHERINE PLOTTS (d. 1946)
            1884 - George Fletcher Plotts Jr (d. as infant)
            1885 - Jesse Heacock Plotts
            1887 - Tracy Robinson Plotts (d. 1893, age 6)
            1892 - Edith Augusta Plotts
            1895 - Mildred Margaret Plotts
            1896 - Grace Greenwood Plotts
            1900 - Dwight Plotts
  1855 - Sarah Edith Heacock (d. 1913) m. James Lemuel John (1852-1915)
  1858 - Eli Haines Heacock (d. 1880, age 22)
  1860 - Susan Heacock (d. 1935) m. Thomas Clark Kester (1856-1925)
  1863 - Abigail Hutchinson Heacock (d. 1890) unmarried
  1869 - AMY HEACOCK (d. 1856) in 1911 m. Daniel Ashelman (1855-1946)
            These children are from Daniel Ashelman's previous marriage:
            1879 - Candice Ashelman
            1881 - Samuel Ashelman
            1884 - Rolston Ashelman
            1886 - Belva Ashelman
            1888 - Julia May Ashelman
            1892 - Oma Ashelman
            1894 - Bud Ashelman

Quaker records for HEACOCK family
(Click any image for larger)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

HUME, Myron (Oberlin OH)


PHOTO TAKEN: Arthur Studio, 131 W 42nd street, New York, circa 1931
PURCHASED: 2016 August Route 127 World's Longest Yard Sale

This is Myron Kinney Hume, born 23 May 1904 in Meridian (Cayuga County) New York, to parents Willis P. Hume (1861-1939, clergyman) and Etta Louise Kinney (1870-1955).

1920 Census > NY > Niagara > N. Tonawanda
HUME, Willis P., head, 57, born in OH of OH parents, clergyman
HUME, Ella L., wife, 49, born in CT of CT parents
HUME, Donald C., son, 16, born in NY of OH and CT parents
HUME, Myron K., son, 15, born in NY
HUME, Fulton W., son, 14, born in NY
HUME, Millicent, dau, 8, born in NY
HUME, Harry Stewart, son, 8, born in NY

By the time of the 1930 Census, the family had returned to father Willis' hometown of Oberlin OH.
Myron graduated from Oberlin College.

1930 Census > OH > Lorain > Oberlin
HUME, Willis P., head, 68, retired minister
HUME, Ella L., wife, 60
HUME, Myron K., son, 25, no occupation
HUME, W. Fulton, son, 24, no occupation
HUME, Millicent W., dau, 19, no occupation
HUME, Hewitt, son, 19, no occupation

Ordained as minister in 1932.

1940 Census > OH > Erie > Milan
HUME, Myron K., 35, minister Presbyterian Church
HUME, Janice, wife, 24, born in OH

May 8, 1954 - Died by his own hand. Obit in Elyria OH Chronicle Telegram mentions two children among his descendants/survivors:
 widow - Janice Ruth Hume (She remarried in 1955 to Louis Leroy Russell of Gowanda NY. Janice died in East Aurora NY 18 Feb 2012 at age 97)
 Elliot Hume (b. abt 1941)
 Diana Hume (b. abt 1948)

His memorial page at has this brief obituary on him:
Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #119.
HUME, Rev. Myron K., beloved husband of Janice Ruth, father of Elliott and Diana; son of Mrs. W.P. Hume of Putnam, Conn., brother of Dr. Donald of Alliance, O., Dr. W. Fulton of Hamilton, Stewart of Youngstown and Mrs. Millicent Arimizu of Mount View, Hawaii; residence, 12804 Speedway Overlook. Friends received at Dougherty Funeral Home, 13613 Euclid Ave. Services Monday evening at 8 p. m. with Dr. Robert L. White of Old Stone Church. Interment Westwood Cemetery, Oberlin, O., Tuesday. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made payable to the Cleveland Mental Hygienic Assn., and sent to the family residence.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

HAUG, Olaf and Emma (Grafton ND)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Venlig hilsen, til Thea Haug, ifra Olaf og Emma"
PHOTO TAKEN: Bindahl Studio, Grafton ND, circa 1909
PURCHASED: 2016 Springfield OR Antique Peddlars Mall

UPDATE - This photo of Olaf and Emma has been claimed by a relative and is going home!
The inscription on the back translates as "Best regards to Thea (or Theo) Haug from Olaf and Emma". While this does not give a surname of the sitting couple, I believe it is the same as the recipient.

There was an Olaf Einarson HAUG and wife Emma MELDAHL-Haug living in Skagen township Minnesota, which is merely 80 miles east of Grafton ND. This Olaf was born around 1873 and Emma (Meldahl), who was born around 1883. 

1920 Census > MN > Roseau > Skagen
HAUG, Olaf E, head, 47, imm. 1880 nat 1897, born in Norway, farmer
HAUG, Emma, wife, 37, born in MN of Norwegian parents
HAUG, Elmer, son, 23, born in MN, farm labor
HAUG, Mabel, dau, 7, born in MN
HAUG, Einar, son, 6, born in MN
HAUG, Olaf Jr, son, 4, born in MN
HAUG, George, son, 3y2m, born in MN
HAUG, Karl, son, 1y7m, born in MN
MELDAHL, Ole, father-in-law, 72, wd

Based on the ages of their children on the 1920 Census, it is clear that Emma was a second wife. This couple was married 12 Dec 1909 at the Skjeberg Luthern Charch in Drayton ND which is about 20 miles from Grafton. This may have been their wedding photo.

Olaf was born in Aasnes, Solør, Norway on 27 Feb 1872. His parents were Einar Tostensen Nyen Haug (1831-1924) and Mathea Pedersdatter Kokkin (1829-1897). 

He had many siblings, but one of them was an older sister was named Thea Haug and I was able to find that Thea's daughter Olivia relocated to Washington State after the death of her husband in 1940. This may explain how the photo ended up in on the West Coast.

He died 29 Jun 1966 in Badger MN.

His first wife was Nellie Hawkins died in 1904.

HOOKER, Edith (Hardwick VT)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Edith Hooker, age 6 months, Sanford's girl"
PHOTO TAKEN: Spaulding Studio, Hardwick VT, circa July 1906
PURCHASED: 2017 Traditions Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

This is Edith Margareta Hooker, born in Hardwick VT, 29 Jan 1906 to parents Sanford Holmes Hooker (1876-1930, son of Lorenzo K. Hooker & Elizabeth Balan) and Daisy Walcott (1885-1936, dau of William G. Walcott & Mahala __).

1910 Federal Census > Vermont > Washington > Plainfield > Depot Street
HOOKER, Sanford H., head, 33, m. 6 yrs, born in VT to Canadian parents, horseman at livery stable
HOOKER, Daisy W., wife, 25, 2 living of 3 children born, born in VT of VT parents
HOOKER, Edith M., 4m born in VT
HOOKER, Laural S., son, 2, born in VT
HOOKER, Lizzie K., mother, 65 wd, born in Canada of Canadian parents

The 1920 Census is virtually the same, except that the family is now residing on School Street, grandmother Lizzie is no longer in the household and presumably deceased, and Sanford's job is "driver of a team".

23 Sept 1926 she married Irving Erwin Stone.

20 Aug 1930, her father Sanford Hooker died in Hardwick.

1930 Federal Census > VT > Caledonia > Hardwick > Wolcott Street
STONE, Irving, E., head, 26, m. at age 21, born in VT of VT parents, auto mechanic
STONE, Edith M., wife, 24, m. at age 18, born in VT
STONE, Thelma Edith, dau, 4y6m, born in VT
STONE, Mynard(?), son, 2y11m, born in VT
STONE, Sylvia Alice, dau, 1y9m, born in VT
HOOKER, Daisy, mother-in-law, 45 m, m. at age 19, born in VT

Mrs. Daisy Hooker died 15 Jan 1936.

1940 Census > NH > Coos > Berlin
STONE, Irvin, head, 36, tractor operator at paper mill
STONE, Edith, wife, 34
STONE, Thelma, dau, 14
STONE, Maynard, son, 12
STONE, Sylvia, dau, 11
BERWICK, Irene, half-sister, 24 s, maid at private home

Her brother Laural S. Hooker (1907-1970) is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Hardwick VT.

I could not find any documentary evidence of Edith's life after the 1940 Census.

HANSEN, Louis and Jensine (Jamestown NY)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Louis Hansen, Jensine Maria Kaford, taken before their marriage, Dec 24, 1890"
PHOTO TAKEN: Camp Studio, Jamestown NY 1890
PURCHASED: 2014 "Somewhere in Upstate New York"

1910 Census > NY > Chatauqua > Jamestown
HANSEN, Louis C., head, 48, born in Denmark, imm. 1883 nat, woodworker in furniture factory
HANSEN, "Signe" M., wife, 44, born in Denmark, imm. 1887
HANSEN, Martin, son, 17, born in NY, salesman for retail grocery
HANSEN, Mabel M., dau, 15, born in NY
HANSEN, Anna, dau, 13, born in NY
HANSEN, Camilla E., dau, 10, born in NY

1920 Census > NY > Chautaqua > Jamestown
HANSEN, Louis, head, 58, born in Denmark, imm. 1883, naturalized, woodworker for furniture mfg
HANSEN, Jensine, wife, 52, born in Denmark, imm. 1887 naturalized
HANSEN, Anna L., dau, 23 s, born in NY, bookkeeper grocery store
HANSEN, Camilla A., dau, 20 d, born in NY, candy maker at factory

1930 Census > NY > Chautaqua > Jamestown
HANSEN, Louis, head, 68, m. at age 28, born in Denmark, imm. 1883, naturalized, machinist for furniture mfg
HANSEN, Jensine, wife, 63, m. at age 23, born in Denmark, imm. 1887 naturalized
HANSEN, Anne, dau, 33 s, born in NY, no occupation
HANSEN, Camilla, dau, 30 d, born in NY, weaver at towel mill

The 1930 City Directory reveals that Camilla works at the Chautaqua Towel Mills.

1940 Jamestown City Directory
HANSEN, Anna L. bkpr Tordoff & Sons r823 Newland Ave W
HANSEN, Louis C (Jensine M) h823 Newland Ave W
HANSEN, Martin C. (Ruth H) formn AMCCo h54 Dearborn

Louis died in Jamestown on 20 Aug 1942 and buried 22 Aug 1942 at Sunset Hill Cemetery in the Jamestown suburb of Lakewood. The same stone bears inscriptions for:
  Louis C. 1861-1942
  Jensine M. 1867-1944
  Anna L. 1896-1970