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Friday, September 20, 2019

JUDD, Jehiel J.


Identification on photo: "My Grandfather, Jehiel J. Judd"
Photo taken: Rabineau Studio, Albany NY, circa 1880-1885
Purchased: Dec 2018 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

This photo has already been sent home to the subject's great-great grandson.

I had not even had time to research Jehiel Judd when I received an email from a man who said he had seen Jehiel's name on my Index page (link here) which includes all of the 750 or so photos I have in my collection, the majority of which have not been researched yet.

But I did want to do a brief search for information on the man, just to make sure this was the same Jehiel Judd that the person hoped he was. Based on the fashions being worn for this photo, especially the small lapels on the jacket, it appears to have been taken between 1880 and 1885.  The gentleman in the image appears to be late 70s or early 80s. That means he was born around 1800 (give or take a few years).

Initial searches at Ancestry and Find-a-Grave show that there are a few men who have been named Jehiel Judd. This particular one is Jehiel Joel Judd, born 9 Oct 1799 in Greene County, New York, and died 21 Feb 1888 (Nebraska) and buried at New Hope Cemetery, Monroe, Platte County, NE. 

His son, Jehiel James Judd (1838-1914) was a Lieutenant in the Civil War and lived in the Catskill area southwest of Albany NY.  It is easy enough to presume that the elder Jehiel had this photograph made in Albany during a family visit.

The man who contacted me verified that Jehiel James Judd is his great-grandfather and had assumed this was the man on the photo list. As it turns out the man on my list was his great-great-grandfather and he was shocked to have found an image of him. No one in his family had seen an image of either ancestor.

I have also sent him the image of the younger Judd, which I do not possess, but was sourced from Find-a-Grave.

It's great when someone reaches out to me as a relative of one of my photo subjects! It happens once in a while and certainly saves me a lot of work!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

BAUSCHER, Alfred Noll


Identification on Photo: Alfred Bauscher, Franklin Street, Fleetwood, PA
Photo Taken: New York Gallery Photo Studio, Reading PA, circa 1900
Purchased: September 2019, Brandywine River Antiques Market, Chadds Ford, PA

Born Dec 9 1870 to parents Isaac Bauscher and Sarah Noll, Alfred was a carpenter in the small town of Fleetwood, which is situated about 10 miles northeast of Reading. He later worked for Fleetwood Metal Body Company, an automotive coachbuilder purchased by Fisher Body and later integrated into General Motors.

He had an older brother John Bauscher (1868-1930) and a younger sister Katie Bauscher-Ganey (1879-1960).

Alfred was married to the widow Clara Berg (nee Mertz, dau. of Isaac & Florinda Mertz) in October 1893. This was a second marriage for both, as Clara's husband had died in 1982. 

Alfred was previously married in 1889 to Isabella Deisher (1871-1893, daughter of Daniel Deisher of Kutztown, PA).

Alfred lived to be exactly 50 years old, dying on his birthday in 1920, from a fall from scaffolding a few weeks earlier. I find no evidence that he ever had any offspring. I may be able to find existing relatives through his siblings.

Alfred is buried at the Fleetwood Cemetery in Berks County PA.

Click for larger
His brother John Noll Bauscher was the railroad station agent in Fleetwood. He was married to Adeline Merkel. John died in 1930, and his obit states he has grandchildren. John and Adeline had the following children:

Stella M. (1890-1901) died of illness

Walter Merkel Bauscher (1898-1976, Fleetwood postmaster) in 1920 m. Arlean R. Koller (1896-1983)
   -- Louisa M. Bauscher-Stein (1924-2015) m. Steward Stein

Marie M. Bauscher-Adams (1902-1966) m. Webster Dunkle Adams (1904-1963, a baker)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

JACKSON, Virginia


UPDATE - this photo of Virginia Jackson has been claimed by a relative and  is going home.

Identification on photo: Virginia Jackson, Nov 1955, 17 years
Photo taken: unknown photo studio, Louisville KY, Nov 1944
Purchased: Aug 2019 Peddlars Mall, Lexington KY

We can surmise a birth year of 1927, give or take a year.

After some initial research, I find that Virginia was born 12 March, 1927 in Eltowah TN, one of three daughters born to Cooper P. Jackson (1886-1980) and Nina Mae Caldwell-Jackson (1887-1979, a daughter of Dennis Hasking Caldwell and Nancy Catherine Headrick). 

1940 Federal Census > KY > Jefferson Co.> Louisville > 517 Iowa Ave.
JACKSON, Cooper P. head, 42, born Georgia, car repair in railroad shop
JACKSON, Nina Mae, wife, 41, born in Tennessee
JACKSON, Virginia E., daughter, 13, born in Tennessee
(5 years previously, the family lived in rural McMahan Co. TENN)

In 1952, Virginia married Marvin Kummer in Louisville. Here is the insert from the Courier-Journal, 22 June, 1952. 

This obituary for (mother) Nina Mae (Caldwell) Jackson was located in the Louisville Courier-Journal, 11 Oct 1979. It mentions relatives including daughters "Mrs Freddia Williamson and Mrs. Virginia Kummer."  I am now reminded that some of the photos I saw in the same box at the antique mall bore the name Freddia, which was unusual enough for me to recall it now, but lacked a surname which is why I did not purchase those at the time.

I also find an obituary for Virginia herself, who passed 23 Feb 2018 in Louisville. Her parents and husband preceded her in death. At that time, her sister Freddie was listed as living. Also mentioned is that Virginia was a graduate of Louisville Girls High School and the University of Louisville. She was employed by Louisville Jefferson County schools and taught English and Humanities for 31 years at Southern High School. She and Marvin enjoyed many vacations together to Switzerland and with Marvin's Navy Reunion groups.

There is no mention of children in the obit. So this photo may end up being difficult to re-home, but will keep researching.

Monday, August 5, 2019



UPDATE - Noah James Bodenhamer has been claimed by a family member and is going home!

Identification on photo: "My Buber" Mr. Jimmie Bodenhamer. This is Noah James.
Photo taken: unknown photographer, circa 1920-25 ?
Purchased: Aug 2019, Peddlar Mall, Lexington KY

This snapshot appears to have been taken in the mid-1920s, but that is just a guess.

Noah James Bodenhamer was born in Pittboro Indiana 4 Feb 1902, to parents John Bodenahmer (1872-1959 son of Noah Festus Bodenhamer and Rebecca Long) and Mary Shockley (1879-1963, daughter of William T Shockley and Senera Sharp). 

By 1920 the family had relocated to San Antonio Texas.

1920 Federal Census > Texas > Bexar > San Antonio > 542 Cincinnati Avenue
BODENHAMER, John, head, 46, born in IN of NC & IN parents, building contractor
BODENHAMER, Mary, wife, 40, born in IN of SC & KY parents
BODENHAMER, Herman, son, 21, born in IN, salesman at Dept Store
BODENHAMER, Noah, son, 17, born in IN
BODENHAMER, Helen, daughter, 12, born in IN
BODENHAMER, Ethel, daughter, 11, born in IN

There was an elder brother who was already out of the house by 1920 and was in fact at medical school in 1920. His name was William BODENHAMER. In 1916, just when he was planning to enter medical school at Michigan Univ, his mother Mary became quite ill and many doctors could not help her. It was eventually a doctor of osteopathy who helped her back to health. So impressed was William that he entered the American School of Osteopathy in Missouri (now named the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine). 

Noah James followed in William's professional footsteps and also went to the same school.

1930 Federal Census > New Jersey > Essex > East Orange > 108 N. Munn Ave
BODENHAMER, N James, head, 28, single, doctor, osteopath
there are also several boarders at the the same house, but James is shown as owner.

Dr. N James Bodenhamer died 18 Jan 1991, at age 88, and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I cannot find any evidence that Noah James ever married or had children who might wish to have this photograph.

This obituary was located in the Indianapolis News, 22 Jan 1991.

MARSHALL, Edna Earle


Identification on photo: EDNA EARLE MARSHALL
Photo taken: unknown photographer, circa 1950
Purchased: Aug 2019 at the Peddlars Mall in Lexington KY

Based on the hairstyle and fashions, I am placing this photo into a time period of circa 1950. I have a photo of my own mother which greatly resembles this and it was taken in that time period. Edna looks to be about 16 years old, so this would put the birth year at or near 1934-36.

This photograph is quite small - about 1.5" x 2" and has suffered some creasing, and loving wear. There appears to be something written on the front, near the lower edge of the collar, but I cannot make it out. The back bears the printed name Edna Earle Marshall and the cursive name (in reddish or brown ink) Edna Marshall.

On, I find an Edna Earle Thompson (1934-1989) who was married to Paul Anderson Marshall, and buried in Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery, New Bethel Township, North Carolina.

When I search for that person on, she immediately comes up in a  family tree with a photo (taken several years later) which confirms this is the same person.  Edna is the daughter of Henry W. Thompson and Bessie Mae Simpson. She was married at the age of 18 to Paul A. Marshall, and worked in Greensboro as an office secretary for a company called Standard Theater Supply. 

Edna died in 1989, leaving a son and three daughters. By means of the obituary in the local newspaper, I was able to see the surviving family members' names, and began searching immediately on Google, Facebook and other sources to see if I could find a direct descendant, to whom I could return this photograph.

Fortunately, I found a lovely story online about how the family continues to honor Edna's memory with a quilt square Edna stitched herself. The square is on display at the family's vineyards near Bethany and Reidsville, NC, and is part of the Rockingham County Quilt Trail.

I will contact Edna's family immediately.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

HARRIS Family of Oklahoma 1930s

"HARRIS Family of Oklahoma"

These two photos of the HARRIS family are in the care of Jerry Huffman of California, and were found in his father's possessions after he passed away. I am posting them here in an effort to help him find the family they belong to.  The photos are enclosed in a single paper folder, with no photographer's marks or location found. In ink, the words "Harris Family of Okla" are inscribed on the folder, with the name "Buford" added faintly above in pencil.

Jerry's father Buford "Huff" Huffman (see photo below) left home around age 15 (circa 1930-1931), and met this family in the early 1930's when he went to find work in the oil industry in Texas and Oklahoma. He must have known the family fairly well to have been gifted this photo of them.

The fashions and hairstyles support the 1930 timeframe.

But the question remains - who are these Harris people?

Buford Huffman
BUFORD MILTON HUFFMAN has a wonderfully detailed memorial, created by his son, at Findagrave which shows much useful information.

The paper-trail shows that Buford had returned to New Mexico and was residing in Santa Rosa by 1935.

1935 - Santa Rosa NM (per 1940 Census)

1940 - Santa Rosa NM Federal Census.

1943 - Santa Rosa NM for WWII draft registration. Discharged Jan 1946.

1959 - appears in San Diego city directory.

Does anyone out there recognize the people in the two upper photos?  I welcome your help.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

SHAW, Albert Franklin

Elsie, MI

UPDATE - this photograph of Albert Franklin Shaw has been claimed by a relative and is going home!

Acquired at the 2019 January Antique Show at Palm Beach County Fairgrounds.

The photo appears to have been taken between 1900-1910. The studio stamp says "S. Wight, Elsie MICH". immediately finds the person who matches the clues provided.

Albert Franklin SHAW, born 7 Aug 1907 in Ashley Michigan (a town about 10 miles away from Elsie, MI). His WWII Draft Card states his employer is the "Grand Trunk Railroad". His wife is Mildred Henrietta Shaw (nee Jones).

I was able to locate a photograph of a more mature Albert Shaw on Ancestry. I do not possess this photo of Albert and his wife Mildred, but I show it here for comparison. (On the left.)

Albert's parents are William Shaw (1883-1962, son of Albert Hugh Shaw & Euphema Clark) and Carrie Elizabeth Ackels (1890-1985, dau. of Franklin D. Ackels & Emma Jean Stevens).

Albert died 8 May 1973.

Friday, April 5, 2019

LYON, Edwin C. & ANTHONY, Carrie V.

EDWIN LYON and Carrie Victoria ANTHONY
(click for larger version)

UPDATE - This photo of Edwin and his wife has been claimed by a relative and is going home!

Identification on photo: "Eddie Lyon & wife"

Photo taken: Leavenworth Studio, Boyne City Michigan, circa 1907

Purchased: Jan 2019 Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

The photograph shown at left was found online in an family tree and I DO NOT have that one in my possession. But I show it here for comparison. This photo is said to be identified as the wedding of Edwin C. Lyon and Carrie Victoria Anthony. Also in the photo is Carrie's sister Cora Anthony and her future husband. The priest at right has his eyes closed due to the camera flash. The image is rather blurry, but one can see that the wedding couple's clothing is very similar. Carrie may have her sleeves rolled up (or removed) in the seated version.

Edwin Clarke Lyon (b. 27 Sep 1877) is a son of Hervy Lyon (1836-1927) and Louisa J. Handshy/Handsley? (1846-1895).  In 1907, he married a school teacher Carrie V. Anthony (1884-1934) whose parents are not known but reported by Carrie on the 1920 Census as being born in NY.

Edwin registered for the WWI Draft, stating his occupation was "pipe-fitter for Boyne City Chemical Company."  At some point Edwin and Carrie moved to Memphis Tennessee where he continues to work in the Chemical industry.

1934 City Directory > Memphis Tennessee
LYON Edwin C (Carrie V) foreman Forest Products Chemical Co. r 1463 Maplewood

First wife Carrie died in 1934 in Memphis TN and is buried in Boyne City, Michigan.

Edwin remarried Mattie Belle ___.

Edwin died 24 Dec 1963.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

REMALEY, Violet and Lillie


Identification on photo: Violet Remaley, Lily Remaley

Photo taken: Nelson Studio, Tarentum PA, circa 1905-06

Purchased: 2019 Jan at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

These are two of the daughters of Anthony Remaley and Mary Lorena Daugherty. Violet Bell Remaley was born 9 Feb 1885. Lillie Caroline "Cora" Remaley was born 13 Oct 1888. Lillie's twin, Linda, died in 1904. Lillie's name often appears as "Lily."

1900 Census > Pennsylvania > Allegheny > Harrison
REMALEY, Mary L., head, widowed, 37, Aug 1862, born in PA of PA parents, no occupation
REMALEY, Olive, daughter, 16, Nov 1883, born in PA of PA parents
REMALEY, Violet, daughter, 15, Feb 1885, born in PA of PA parents
REMALEY, Linda (twin), daughter, 11, Oct 1888, born in PA of PA parents
REMALEY, Lillie (twin), daughter, 11, Oct 1888, born in PA of PA parents

(Violet and Lillie also had a brother Joseph (1892-1957) who should be on the 1900 Census, but isn't. I cannot imagine why not.)

Violet married Jonathan Minnick (a box maker at a glass company) on 5 May 1906. She had twins in 1910.

1920 Census > Pennsylvania > Beaver > Freedom
MINNICK, John, head, 35, born in PA of PA parents, brakeman for railroad
MINNICK, Violet, wife, 34
MINNICK, Forest, son, 12, born in PA
MINNICK, Evelyn, daughter, 9, born in PA
MINNICK, Joseph, son, 9, born in PA
MINNICK, Marion, daughter, 6, born in PA

Violet's husband John Minnick died 12 Oct 1939.

1940 Census > Penns > Allegheny > Brackenridge
MINNICK, Violet, head, 55 widowed
MINNICK, Forrest, son 32, laborer at steel mill
MINNICK, Joseph, son, 29, clerk at steel mill
MINNICK, Marian, daughter, 27, clerk in bake shop

Violet Remaly-Minnick died 29 Jun 1949 in Brackenridge PA at age 64, widow of John A. Minnick. Informant was son Forrest Minnick. Buried in Mt Airy Cemetery, Allegheny County, PA.

Violet's children:
  • Forrest W. Minnick (1907-1977) (Sgt in WWII)
  • Evelyn Delphine Minnick (1910-1995) (twin) m. Charles F. Woods
  • Joseph Dalton Minnick (1910-1963) (twin)
  • Marian Luella Minnick (1913- ) m. Max H. Cribbs
Lillie married Alfred J. Hartman on 4 August 1906.

Her young family appears on the 1910 Census:

1910 Census > Pennsylvania > Westmoreland > Vandergrift Heights
HARTMAN, Alfred, head, 25, md 4 yrs, born in PA of PA parents, works in sheet metal mill
HARTMAN, Lillie, wife, 22, mother of 2, both living, born in PA of PA parents
HARTMAN, Linda, daughter, 3, born in PA
HARTMAN, Glenn, son, 1y4mo, born in PA

Sadly, Lillie would not live to see the 1920 Census, as she died 19 Oct 1918, at age 30 of pneumonia.

As far as I can ascertain, this is the list of Lillie's children:
  • Linda May Hartman (1 May 1907 - 1975) m. Mark Boettner
  • Edward Glenn Hartman (7 Oct 1908 - 1989) m. Lucy Rizzardi
  • Norman Hartman (1910-1979) m. Bessie Grace Laughery
  • Edna Madeline Hartman (1912-1980) m. Roy Oliver Hines
  • Joseph W. Hartman (1917- )

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

KRISCHKE, Alice Jane


Identification on photo: Allice Krischke

Photo taken: J.A. Edmiston, photographer, Canton Illinois, circa 1880-84

Purchased: 2019 Jan at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

It was only with the aid of people on various FaceBook genealogy groups, that we were able to decipher the handwriting that identified the subject of this photo. In the end, we all agreed on "Allice Krischke", especially after noting that the capital K is not connected, and neither is the smaller k toward the end of the surname.

The tight finger-curls framing the face were popular in the late 1870s and then again in the 1920s. The dress is current to about 1880-1884.

There was a large Krischke family living in Canton Illinois and they appear on the 1880 Census.

1880 Census > Illinois > Fulton > Canton
KRISCHKE, Joseph, 51, butcher, born in Austria of Austrian parents
KRISCHKE, Mary, 43, wife, born in KY of KY parents
KRISCHKE, Byron, 20, son, butcher, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Alice, 18, daughter, at school, born in IL
KRISCHKE, May, 17, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Flory, 15, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Frank, 13, son, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Lizzie, 10, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Charles, 9, son, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Estella, 7, daughter, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Eddie, 5, son, at home, born in IL
KRISCHKE, Maud, 3, daughter, at home, born in IL

At age 28, on 29 May 1889, Alice married 29 year old Edgar Bredwell, a salesman in Canton, a son of Sylvester Bredwell and Martha Heins. The marriage records indicate that Alice is a daughter of Joseph Krischke and Mary C. (Johnson).

1900 Census > Illinois > Fulton > Canton
BREDWELL, Edward, head, 39, July 1860, born in Il of MD parents, bartender
BREDWELL, Alice, wife, 38, Aug 1861, born in Il of Hungarian and KY parents
BREDWELL, Marion, son, 9, Apr 1891, born in IL, at school
BREDWELL, Joseph, son, 7, May 1893, born in IL
BREDWELL, Eleanor, daughter, 4, Nov 1895, born in IL
BREDWELL, Lela, daughter, 18, Aug 1881, born in IL

(Lela is Edward's daughter from a first wife Mary Brokaw who died in 1885.)

1910 Census > Illinois > Fulton > Canton
BREDWELL, Edward, head, 49, born in Il of OH & IN parents, salesman gen. merch.
BREDWELL, Alice J., wife, 48, born in Il of Austr-German and KY parents
BREDWELL, Marion E., son, 18, born in IL, driver of a grocery wagon
BREDWELL, Joseph Y., son, 16, born in IL, baker in a bakery
BREDWELL, Elinor, daughter, 14, born in IL

Edgar Bredwell apparently died around 1918. There is a Civil War pension that Alice applied for Aug 3, 1918 and her name appears on the line "widow."

By the time of the 1920 Census, Alice Bredwell is living with her brother Charles Kreschke, who runs a meat market. Both report their father was born in Austria.

In the 1930 Census, Alice still resides with her brother Charles in Canton. Her son Joseph moves in shortly afterward.

1932 City Directory for Canton IL
Bredwell, Alice J. (wid Edgar) h150 Martin av
Bredwell, Jos Y. baker Hartstirn's Quality Bakery r150 Martin av
Krischke, Chas H. meatcutter h150 Martin av

1940 Census > Iowa > Wright > Eagle Grove
LONNING, Edwin, head, 49, chiropractor
LONNING, Eleanor, wife, 44
LONNING, Edwin Jr., son, 21, mill? worker or news? worker
LONNING, Bettie J., daughter, 7
BREDWELL, Alais J., mother-in-law, 78

Alice Jane Bredwell died in Globe Arizona, May 12, 1941 at the age of 79 yrs, 8 month, 17 days. Her usual occupation was housewife. Her father Joseph Krischke was born in Silesia Austria. Her mother Mary E. Johnson was born in Lewis Co. KY. The informant is her son "Edgar" whom I take to be Marion E. Bredwell. He is also buried at the same BPOE Rest Cemetery, so I assume she was living with him at the time. Her Findagrave memorial is at this link.

Here is her obituary in the Miami Arizona paper.