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Thursday, August 13, 2015


UPDATE - Delbert has been claimed by a relative and is going home.

(photo taken circa 1898-1900)
Louisville, Kentucky

This photo was located at the annual Route 127 Yard Sale in Anderson County and Mercer County, Kentucky. has a family tree which contains a man named "Arthur Delbert Reynolds" who was born 1877 in Anderson County KY, and died 1953 in Louisville Kentucky. I am almost absolutely certain this is the person in the photograph, because the family tree I found contains some photos of other relatives, and some are nearly identical to the Delbert Reynolds I found. And the location in which he lived is in the exact area where the photo was found.

Arthur Delbert Reynolds

Born: 27 May 1877
Died: 23 Feb 1953
Parents: John Thompson Reynolds (1846-1932) and Susan Paige Crane Gash (1852-1913).
Married: Nora Burk Bohon in 1900 in Mercer County KY. Nora outlived Delbert by 14 years.

1910 Census, Mercer County, Bohon District, KY
REYNOLDS, Delbert, head, 33, born in KY of KY parents, farmer
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 31, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Thelma R., daughter, 9, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, A.D. Jr., son, 1, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Malam, brother, 29, born in KY of KY parents, farm labor
REYNOLDS, Hallie, sister, 26, born in KY of KY parents

World War I Draft Registration, Sept 12, 1918
Address: Vanarsdall Road, Mercer County
Occupation: Farming

1920 Census, Jackson Rd, Bohon Precinct, Mercer County, KY
REYNOLDS, Delbert, head, 42, born in KY of KY parents, farmer
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 41, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Thelma R., daughter, 18, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, A.D. Jr., son, 11, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Susan E., sister, 21, born in KY of KY parents, teacher
BOHON, Walter M., brother-in-law, 33, born in KY of KY parents, farm labor
BOHON, Harrold B., nephew, 4y10m,

1930 Census, Bohon Rd., Mercer County, KY
RENOLDS, A.D., head, 53,
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 51,
BOHON, Harrold, grandson (?), 15 <-- I think this is his nephew mentioned above.
BOHON, Sarah, boarder, 77
CORWIN, ?, sister, 10

1940 Census, Mercer County, KY
REYOLDS, Delbert, head, 63, farming
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 61
REYNOLDS, Arthur, son, 31, farming
REYNOLDS, Alma, daughter-in-law, 28
REYNOLDS, Walter Delbert, grandson, 9
REYNOLDS, Harold Lee, grandson, 1

His death certificate states that he died at age 75 of congestive heart failure, in Louisville KY (Jefferson County), where he had probably been sent for medical attention. He was buried in Mercer County where he had lived all of his life. He was laid to rest in the Spring Hill Cemetery (Harrodsburg, KY). I made a quick trip to Harrodsburg and found the stone for Delbert and his wife Nora, as well as other members of his family, and added these to
(Click photo for larger image)

Thursday, August 6, 2015


UPDATE - Ursula Trainor has been claimed and is going back home to Washington State.

This photo of Ursula Trainor was located at the Antique Fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich, New York. The back of the photo bears the hand-written label "Ursula Trainor, Rosalia."

I did find a woman by the name of Ursula Trainor who was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Washington State, specifically in the small Eastern Washington farming town of Rosalia. Here is what I have found out about her:

URSULA TRAINOR (twin sister of Angela Trainor)
born 9 Aug 1890 in East Troy Wisc.
to parents William Trainor and Nellie Maude Dwyer

1910 Census - Rosalia, Whitman County, Washington
TRAINOR, William, head, 51, born in Wisc., manager at grain warehouse
TRAINOR, Ellen M., wife, 54, Wisc., no occupation
TRAINOR, Mary B., daughter, 23,  Wisc., music instructor at normal school
TRAINOR, Ursula M., daughter, 19, Wisc., teacher at High school
TRAINOR, Angela, daughter, 19, Wisc., none
TRAINOR, William V., son, 18, Wisc., none
TRAINOR, Bess, daughter, 9, born in Washington, none

1920 Census - Rosalia, Whitman County, Washington
TRAINOR, William, head, 61, grain farmer
TRAINOR, Ellen M., wife, 63
TRAINOR, Ursula M., daughter, 28, teacher at public school
TRAINOR, William V., son, 27, farmer
TRAINOR, Elizabeth, daughter, 18, teacher at public school
DWYER, Bertha, sister-in-law, 54

Aug 17, 1922 married to fellow Rosalia schoolteacher Hill Williams (1894-1948).

1930 Census - Pasco, Franklin County, Washington
WILLIAMS, Hill, head, 36, born in Arkansas, newspaper publisher
WILLIAMS, Ursula, wife, 36, born in Wisconsin
WILLIAMS, Hill Jr., son, 4, born in Washington
WILLIAMS, Jane, daughter, 2, born in Washington

1940 Census - Pasco, Franklin county, Washington
WILLIAMS, Hill, head, 46, born in Arkansas, newspaper publisher & editor
WILLIAMS, Ursula, wife, 46, born in Wisconsin, writer for newspaper
WILLIAMS, Hill Jr., son, 14, born in Washington
WILLIAMS, Jane, daughter, 12, born in Washington
WILLIAMS, Mary, daughter, 9, born in Washington

Died 17 Oct, 1967 in Pasco, and buried there.

Her stone appears to have an incorrect birth year of 1893, as Census records point to a birth year closer to 1890. Also, her marriage certificate dated August 1922 states that she was 32 on her last birthday which puts the birth year at or near 1890.

I wonder why the photo was located in New York State. Perhaps a friend or family member was living there?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

HUGHES, James Frederick

James Frederick Hughes
taken June 16, 1943
Camp Swift, TX finds a James Frederick Hughes, born in Syracuse, NY 7 April 1924 to parents Edward Peter Hughes (1880-1947) and Caroline "Carrie" E. Mulliner (1890-1973). The fact that the photo was found in New York state makes me think he may have been a "local boy" with family still living in the same locale.

This James F. Hughes had four sisters and two brothers.

1930 Census Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, 715 Otisco Street
HUGHES, Edward, head, 50, born in Scotland of Irish parents, automobile polisher
HUGHES, Carrie, wife, 39, born in New York of NY parents,
HUGHES, Marion, daughter, 19, NY, kitchen help at hospital
HUGHES, Arlen, daughter, 15, NY,
HUGHES, Charles, son, 13,  NY,
HUGHES, Dorothy, daughter, 11,  NY,
HUGHES, James, son, 6,  NY,
HUGHES, Robert, son, 0, NY,

1940 Census Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, Grand Street
HUGHES, Edward, head, 60, varnisher in automobile industry
HUGHES, Carrie, wife, 50
HUGHES, Marion, daughter, 29, teacher in public school
HUGHES, Dorothy, daughter, 21,  new worker
HUGHES, James, son, 15
HUGHES, Robert, son, 10
HUGHES, Rita, daughter, 7

16 Feb 1943, enlisted into the Army at age 18.

Sister Dorothy married Walter Brown.
Sister Rita married Rene Champagne.

(Click for larger image)
Died 30 July 1977 of a heart attack in Lunenburg, Massachusetts on a golf course, while visiting his sister in that city.  This obituary is from the Evening Star (Washington (DC), District of Columbia)   Page: 33, dated Wednesday, August 3, 1977  

WEMPLE family

This family photo was located today at an antique fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds in New York State.

This is no indication of where the photo was taken. But the back of the photo identifies each of the subjects. (Dates added by me, from other sources.) From Left to Right:
Rose Wemple Briggs (1854-1919)
Bertha Wemple Briggs (1867-1949)
Thirza Wemple Hoag (1852-1939)
Esther Wemple Culver (1850-1921)
Evelyn (1831-1914) and Abram Wemple (1823-1913) has this entire family listed and most are buried in Schenectady County NY.

Father Abram I. Wemple was an undertaker by trade, in the small town of Quaker Street which is near Delanson, New York. The following obituary on him offers facts about his family.

QUAKER STREET. (Special to The Gazette.) QUAKER STREET, March 24. - A. I. Wemple, for many years a resident of this village, died Friday morning at 5 o'clock in his 90th year. He was respected by all who knew him. He had been failing in health for some time and his death was not unexpected. 

He and his wife, who survives him had been making their home for two or three years with his daughters, Mrs. W. C. Briggs and Mrs. J. C. Briggs, both of this village, and it was at the residence of Mrs. W. C. Briggs that he passed away.

Besides his wife and two daughters above referred to he leaves two other daughters, Mrs. C. Culver of this village and Mrs. Thirza M. Hoag of Binghamton. The funeral services were held from the house today at 2 o'clock. Rev. J. M. Brown, pastor of the Christian Church, of which Mr. Wemple had for many years been a member, officiated. Burial was made in Grove Cemetery, this village.

Abram is a son of Isaac Wemple and Margaretta Bradt. In 1850, he married Evelyn Wilbur.

Bertha married John Calvin Briggs.
Rosa Wemple married Wilson Cyrus Briggs (brother to Bertha's husband.)
Thirza Wemple married Ira Hoag.
Etta (Ester) Wemple married Charles A. Culver.

Friday, July 31, 2015

GOULD, Benjamin and Sylvia

These photos of Benjamin Gould and his 3rd wife Sylvia Ann Wood-Gould were found last weekend at an outdoor antique show in Liverpool New York.

BENJAMIN GOULD born 21 Feb 1804 (Albany, NY), d. 24 Oct 1888 (Aurora, Cayuga, NY)

Sylvia is the third wife of Benjamin Gould. Previous wives were Abbey Gifford (1804-1826) and Anna Heazlit (1803-1869). Sylvia is a daughter of Jethro Wood (1774-1831) and Sylvia Howland (1778-1845)

Benjamin is a son of Thomas Gould and Dorcas Barney.


Benjamin Gould, of Aurora, died at his home in that village early Wednesday A. M. at the age of 85. 

Mr. Gould has long been known as one of the rich men of Cayuga county and, up to the time of his death, was one of the most prominent citizens in the town of Ledyard. 

For a number of years past Mr. Gould has lived a retired life, being engaged mainly on his large farm located near the village of Aurora. He was, however, one of the directors of the Bank of Auburn. 

He leaves one child, Mrs. E. D. Woodruff of this city who was present when he died. Col. E. D. Woodruff went to Aurora this morning.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Byron H. SEARING, M.D.
(Click photo for larger image.)
born April 10, 1860
died June 4, 1892

This photo was found at an outdoor antique show last weekend in Liverpool, New York.

The surname was especially troublesome, but with the help of many generous folks at the FaceBook group, we were able to work out that the last name says Searing.  This is verified by the monument at Find-a-Grave which shows that Mr Searing rests at the Friends cemetery in Ledyard, Cayuga County, NY. That county is a neighboring one to that in which the photo was found.

His parents were Leonard Hawxhurst Searing and Alice H. Hudson (her mother's name was Julia A. Hudson).

1870 Federal Census, Scipio, Cayuga County, NY
SEARING, Leonard, 68, wool dealer
SEARING, Rebecca A., 60
SEARING, Leonard H., 48, farmer
SEARING., Alice, 40
SEARING, Adolphus, 14
SEARING, Byron, 9

The 1865 New York State Census shows the family living in or near Auburn NY, which is in the same county. At that time, grandmother Julia Hudson was living with the family.

But then the trail runs cold pretty quickly. I am curious as to why he died so young.

Further research finds this unsettling insert which mentions Byron's father and uncle.

Saturday, July 3, 1875   Paper: Auburn Daily Bulletin (Auburn, New York)   Page: 4

Byron would have been 15 years old at this time.

This news of the lunacy of Leonard Searing comes just over 2 weeks following the suicide of his brother Thomas. Having found the newspaper article about the suicide, I read with interest that Thomas' depression and suicide were adjudged to be hereditary, as his maternal grandmother was found to be insane.

 The news must certainly have hit the Searing family quite hard, and left each of them wondering about their own mental health. I am now even more curious about why Byron died so young.

1886 University of the State of New York, Annual Report to the Regents of the University
On page 371, under the heading "Graduates who passed their final examinations in September, 1884, and May 1885, and received their degrees at commencement, 1885" there is the name "Byron Hudson Searing".  There is a strong liklihood that this is the young man in the photo, as his mother's maiden name was Hudson.

On the next page of the same publication, there is evidence that Byron was an exceptionally good student at his Medical Studies.

Monday, July 27, 2015


"Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen"
This photo of Lucy William was located at an outdoor antique fair in Liverpool NY last weekend.  The photo was taken at a photographic studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, circa 1895-1897, The subject appears to be around 15-17 years of age, thus born between 1877-1882. On the back are the handwritten words "Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen."

A census search on the name Lucy Williams yielded a number of possible contenders who fit the correct age and area. Eventually, it was the clue "niece of Mrs. Owen" that pinpointed the correct individual. offered a family tree in which one finds a Lucy Alida Williams (born 1877 in Oswego County NY) to parents William Williams and Mary Nelson.  Mother Mary Nelson had a sister Elizabeth who married Joseph Owen. This Lucy Williams was a niece to Mrs. Owen. Oswego County is the neighboring county to the one in which the photograph was found. So I feel confident that this is the right person who sat for this photograph. Perhaps it was made on the occassion of a visit to Saratoga.

Lucy's mother Mary was born in Manchester England in 1839, and died when Lucy was around 7 years old.

(Click for larger image)
Lucy apparently never married as her headstone still bears her maiden name. She worked as a teacher in a hospital in Yonkers much of her life. When she died in 1960, she was returned to Oswego and buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Elias Thorne, Skaneateles, NY
This photo of Elias Thorne was located at an outdoor antique show in Liverpool NY this weekend.

The photo was taken in nearby Auburn NY probably around 1895.

He was born in Dutchess County NY on 15 Feb 1811 to parents Obediah Thorne and Charity Haight. Around 1830 he relocated to the Finger Lakes area and began a career as a farmer, eventually becoming a wool-farmer toward the end of his life.

Elias was a lifelong member of the Society of Friends (Quakers). He was married twice; first to Mary Cornell who bore him two children (Theresa and Charles) and died early at the age of 23. His second wife was Mary Douglas Kellogg with whom he produced a daughter Georgianna.

Elsewhere on the internet I came across this photo of an old painting of Elias Thorne, and I post it here for the sake of comparison. He is likely around 45 years of age at that time.

MORGAN, Marie and Grace

Maria M. MORGAN and Grace MORGAN,
her granddaughter - 1895
This photo of MARIA MORGAN and her granddaughter GRACE MORGAN was found in an antique show in Liverpool, NY.

The photo was taken at a photographer's studio in Seneca Falls, NY in 1895.

The younger woman appears to be between 16 and 19, thus born between 1876 and 1879.

The pair were found in the City Directory for Auburn, which is a nearby town.

1892 Auburn NY City Directory
Maria Morgan, widow of George Morgan, bds National Hotel
Grace Morgan, bds National Hotel

Maria Miller (Tallcot) Morgan
born 1818
died Nov 17, 1896

Buried Lake View Cemetery, Skaneateles, Onondaga County NY

Widow of George Pearson Morgan (1815-1891)

Her children were:
Ellen Maria Morgan 1842-1862)
Richard T. Morgan (1844-1902)

Her parents were:
Richard Tallcot (171-1876)
Mary Valentine (1792-1861)

For the time-being, I do not know what became of Grace, but will keep looking.

TEMPLER, Charlie

"Charlie Templer when one year old - 1870"
This photo of CHARLIE TEMPLER was located at an outdoor Antique show in Liverpool NY. The photo was taken in 1870 at a photographic studio in Rochester Minnesota. It was apparently taken on the occassion of his first birthday on March 4. 1870.

1870 Federal Census, Rochester, Olmsted County, MN
TEMPLER, Thomas, 28?, wheat buyer
TEMPLER, Alice, 22, keeps house
TEMPLER, Charlie, 1

1875 State Census Minnesota
TEMPLER,  T.J. 33, born in OH
TEMPLER,  Alie E. 26, born in VT
TEMPLER, Charlie, 6 male, born in MN
TEMPLER, Tess, 3 female, born in MN

1880 Federal Census Kansas City MO
TEMPLER, Thomas J., 38, head, grain dealer
TEMPLER, Allie E., 31, wife, keeps house
TEMPLER, Chas. W., 11, son, at school
TEMPLER, Tess, 8, daughter, at school
ELLS, John E., 60, father-in-law, grain dealer
ELLS, Elizabeth, 56, mother-in-law

Charlie died at the age of 23 (11 August 1892) of accidental drowning while swimming with friends, and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City Missouri. His father passed in August of 1917 and is buried next to him.

Charlie was a well-regarded young man throughout southern Kansas, where he and his father lived and worked in the field of grain dealing and storing. His death came as a shock to everyone who knew him.

His younger sister Tess later married William K. McMillan and they had several daughters in Kansas. The family later moved to Seattle Washington along with Tess' mother Sarah Alice "Allie" Ells Templer. William died in 1930, Tess in 1933. Allie died at age 92 in Seattle, having outlived her husband and both of her children.