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Thursday, November 9, 2017

BEVERSDORF, Anna and August

BEVERSDORF, Anna & August
circa 1892?
Armada, Michigan

Acquired: July 2015 at Brandywine River Antiques Market, Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania.

This portrait of Anna and August Beversdorf was taken probably between 1891 and 1893, based on the fashions and general appearance of the photograph. Both are wearing a corsage, and it is possible this photo was taken on the occassion of their wedding.

(I do not possess this photo)
The photo at left was found elsewhere online (I do not have that photo) and shows an utterly charming image of the couple's young sons Frank and Walter, circa 1898. I include it here for informational purposes.

The family appears on the 1920 Federal Census, living on New Haven Road in the township of Lenox, which is about 9 miles from Armada, MI.

1920 Federal Census, Michigan > Macomb > Lenox > New Haven Road
BEVERSDORF, August F, 52, born in Brandenburg Germany, imm. 1870, farmer
BEVERSDORF, Anna L, 53, born in Michigan, parents both from Brandenburg Germany
BEVERSDORF, Frank, 26, son, born in Michigan, works on father's farm
BEVERSDORF, Walter Ezra, 25, son, born in Michigan, works on father's farm

Anna died 13 July 1951, age 84. Her death record shows her maiden name as Anna Louise Lempke, born 2 Dec 1866 in Capac, Michigan. At that time she was a widow (August died 1949).

(I do not possess this photo)
Her parents were Frederick Godfrey Lempke and Louise Weyer-Lempke.

While researching Anna, I sometimes found her surname spelled Lemke, and sometimes Lempke.  The matter was solved when I found this image online of a younger version of Anna (photo at right). It is inscribed "Anna Lempke, my sister". So I will accept that Lempke is the correct spelling.

Anna and August are buried in the Centennial Cemetery at New Haven Michigan.

I know that August had a brother William, who was married to Anna's sister Matilda. August's father was William Beversdorf (1831-1905). August was the informant for William's Death Certificate. William is listed as "widower" at the time of his death. August's mother's name was Amelia Bubel. She died in 1903.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

APPLEBEE, Matie and Ruby

Matie Applebee
These individual photos of Matie Applebee and Ruby Applebee were located at the Madison-Bouckville Antique Week sale in 2017. I thought at first that the name "Matie" was a misspelling of Mattie, but that was a wrong assumption. The photos were taken in Albany, New York, likely around 1905.

I believe the girls are cousins. Furthermore, the same hand wrote their names on the back of the photographs.

There are only 8 pages that comprise the 1905 New York State Census for the township of Westerlo, Albany County, New York, but both girls are located there. I start first with Matie.

Matie (spelled that way, with only one T) is age 20, works as a schoolteacher. She lives with her mother Ida (42), brother Albert (16), and step-father Peter Miller (62, farmer).

1900 Federal Census says says Peter was born in Oct 1849 and is 50 years old, so the 1905 State Census appears to have his age incorrect.  Mattie (here spelled with two Ts) was born Dec 1884. Also in the household in 1900 is mother-in-law Eliza Hannay (74).

Using, I was able to determine that Matie and Albert's father was Charles H. Applebee (1853, d. 21 May 1891, age 37) who died when Matie was only 6 years old. Matie's mother is Ida Stanton Hannay (1863-1939, daughter of Ambrose Hannay and Eliza Stanton). Matie in early Census records is shown as "Mary E. Applebee."

Charles H. Applebee was a son of Gilbert Applebee (b.1820) and Eliza Trenchard (b. 1834)

(click for larger image)
From the book "Genealogy of the Hannay Family, by William V, Hannay, Albany 1913" comes the entry at left.

Matie E. Applebee married retail merchant Albert Gibbons in 1912. She died in 1969, having spent her entire life in Westerlo, Albany County. It appears she left no offspring.

Ruby May Applebee
Ruby May Applebee, in the 1905 State Census, is 17 years old. Her father is William Wickam Applebee (52, farmer) and her mother is Hattie Cordelia (Stanton) Applebee (49, keeping house).

Ruby's father William is a cousin of Matie's father Charles. William and Charles' respective fathers were brothers.  Also the maternal line of both girls is the Stanton family.

Ruby married Henry Fish Woodruff, and lived to 1982. They had at least one child; Margaret L. (Woodruff) Seibel (1915-1983).