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Monday, December 21, 2015

GILES, Abby Houghton

This tin-type photo was located at the 2015 Antique Show at Oxford, Kentucky.

The back of the photo has a hand-written note taped to it, which reads "Esther Elsie Giles or her mother Abby M.B. (Houghton) Giles". I have been able to determine that this is indeed the mother, Abby.  Photos of this type, and the fashion she is wearing, point to a time period between 1865-1870.

Abby's children were born between 1853 and 1870 (daughter Elsie was born in 1855 and would be between 10 and 15 at the time this photo was taken). But this is a photo of a mature woman, so I feel confident in identifying her as the mother.

Abby M. Houghton (1836-1880) was the daughter of Calvin Houghton and Hannah Dwinell. She married Barnabas Giles (d.1906), a farmer in Windham Vermont.

Their children included:
Effa Giles (1853-1879)
Elsie Giles (1855-1879)
Herbert Giles (1858-1858)
Horace Elery Giles (1859-1922)
Leonra Giles-Stone (1861-1936)
William (1864-unknown)
Frank Giles (1870-1928)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

ALLEN, Samuel and Sarah

UPDATE - this photo has been donated to the Johnson County Historical Library in Coralville, Iowa, for use in their exhibit on the history of the Flexible Flyer.

This photo was located at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, in December 2015, at their monthly Antique Fair.

Samuel L. & Sarah H. Allen
Thirty-Fifth Anniversary
11th Month, 22nd, 1901

Taken at the Gilbert Studio in Philadelphia PA.

Census records nearest the time of the photo, find them in Burlington NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia.

1900 Census, New Jersey, Burlington, Chester, NY, 249 East Main Street
ALLEN, Samuel L., head, May 1841, 59, born in PA of PA and NJ parents, manufacturer of Agricultural Implements
ALLEN, Sarah H., wife, Jan 1843, 57, born in NJ of NJ parents
ALLEN, Elizabeth R., daughter, Feb 1868, 32, born in NJ
ALLEN, Susan J., daughter, Nov 1876, 23, NJ
ALLEN, Charles J., son, Dec 1877, 22, NJ, at college
ALLEN, Emily H., Apr 1879, 21, NJ, at school

Samuel Leeds Allen's parents were John Casdorp Allen Sr (1807-1896) and Rebecca Smith Leeds (1815-1890).

Sarah Hooten (Roberts) Allen's parents were Elisha Roberts (1818-1885) and Elizabeth West Hooten (1819-1889).

Samuel has his own Wikipedia page, which identifies him as an inventor and holder of nearly 300 patents, including the "Flexible Flyer" sled and numerous items of farming equipment such as the seed drill, potato digger, grass edger and many others.

Concerned that his Farm Equipment employees would be laid off over the winter months, Samuel Allen (a great sledding enthusiast himself) devised a winter top-seller in the Flexible Flyer.

Friday, December 11, 2015


photo taken in Salmon, Lemhi county, Idaho
circa 1900

UPDATE - Joe Yearian has been claimed by a relative and is going home. This photo was located in one of the many antique shops in the Madison-Baukville area of upstate New York.

The subject appears to be around age 20 and the photo was probably taken around the turn of the century, so estimating a birth year of around 1880.

Census Records at that time find a young man of this name living in Lemhi county with his parents.

1900 Federal Census, Idaho, Lemhi County, Junction precinct
YEARIAN, Henry W., head, Aug. 1852, 47, born in Illinois to Penn and NY parents, stage driver
YEARIAN, Mary F., wife, Oct 1855, 44, born in Illinois to Illinois parents
YEARIAN, George W., son, Sept 1877, 22, born in Illinois, day laborer
YEARIAN, Joseph H., son, Feb 1879, 21,  born in Illinois, day laborer
YEARIAN, Lilly W., daughter, Sept 1885, 16, born in Illinois,
YEARIAN, Theo D., daughter, Apr 1887, 13, born in Idaho
(Note - Census taker was Gilbert Finch YEARIAN.)

1910 Census, same location
YEARIAN, Henry W., head, 55, laborer, odd jobs
YEARIAN, Mary F., wife, 53
YEARIAN, Joseph H., son, 30, wagon driver for odd jobs

On his WWI draft registration (dated Sept 1918) he gives his occupation as "unemployed miner" and his full name as Joseph Harlan Yearian. has a record for Joseph H. Yearian, complete with obituary and photograph from later in his life. I present that here for comparison. (I do not possess that photo, only the one shown at the top of this post.) Find-a-Grave memorial states that his parents were Henry Wells Yearian (1852-1924) and Mary Frances Weir-Yearian (1855-1924). Siblings are Nora, George, Lillie and Theodocia.

Obit remarks that Joe never married, but was a friend to all in the community.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Aged 2 yrs 10 mo.
taken Oct 7th, 1887

UPDATE - Alice Mary Gowing has been claimed by a relative and is going home!  No location stamp, but the name is unusual enough, we should be able to find her.

Census records find her in New Hampshire.

1900 New Hampshire, Cheshire County, Dublin,
GOWING, Fred C., head, Oct 1855, 44, born in New Hampshire, of NH parents, farmer
GOWING, Jennie N., wife, Sept 1855, 44, born in New Hampshire of NH parents
GOWING, Alice Mary, daughter, Nov 1885, 14, born in NH
GOWING, Henry Newton, son, Oct 1886, 13, born in NH
GOWING, Albert C., son, June 1888, 11, born in NH
(living next door, or in the same household, are Charles W. GOWING (age 80) and wife Julia Foster GOWING (74); presumably the parents of Fred GOWING.)

1920 New Hampshire, Cheshire Co., Dublin
GOWING, Fred C., head, 54, born in New Hampshire, of NH parents, farmer, fruit & hen business
GOWING, Jennie N., wife, 54, born in New Hampshire of NH parents
GOWING, Alice M., daughter, 25, born in NH, no occupation
(living next door, or in the same household, are brother Henry and his wife Belle F.)

1930 California, Los Angeles Co., Glendale, 350 W. Ivy
ADAMS, Elenora M., 74 widow, born in NH, no occupation, owns the house
TRAMEL, Ethel J., 45, single, born in NH, nurse at hospital, renting
GOWING, Alice M., 35, single, born in NH, no occupation, renting

1940 New Hampshire, Cheshire Co., Dublin
GOWING, Jennie N., head., 84 widow, no occupation
GOWING, Alice M., daughter, 55 single, no occupation

I find no mention of her, or her parents, at the website. But her brother Henry and his wife Belle are listed there. They are buried at the Dublin Town Cemetery. It is possible that the other family members are also, but just not included at the moment, at the website.

It would appear that Alice never married or had children. At the age of 55 she was still listed as single on the census and still using her maiden name.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

LINTON, Thomas Reardon & family

T Reardon LINTON
Altoona, PA

The photo at left, along with several others from the same family were located today at the Antique Fair at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds. This photo of Thomas Reardon Linton was taken in Altoona PA probably in 1904. Thomas was the son of Harvey Linton, the City Engineer of Altoona.

The photo at right was located a month later at the same venue. It was probably taken 3 to 4 years prior to the photo at left.

1900 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Altoona, 1717 Thirteenth Street
LINTON, Harvey, head, Feb 1844, 56, Civil Engineer
LINTON, Louise, wife, Jan 1861, 39
LINTON, Ethel, daughter, Sep 1878, 21, teacher
LINTON, Thomas R., son May 1887, 13, at school
LINTON, Esther L., daughter, Jun 1892, 7
WILLIAMSON, Thomas H., father-in-law, Jun 1825, 75, widowed

Louise R. Linton
Harvey Linton was born Feb 22, 1844 to parents Nathan and Martha Linton. He descended from Scottish Quaker immigrant John Lynton who arrived in Philadelphia in 1692.

There was also a photo of Louise R. LINTON acquired from the same antique vendor. I believe this is Thomas' mother. This photo was taken in Philadelphia, PA.

In 1903, daughter Ethel was married at her parents home to Mr. Edward J. Searles of Pittsburg.

In 1904, at the age of 17, Thomas Reardon Linton sailed for Panama, employed to work as a surveyor on the canal.

In June 1908, Thomas moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where he met and married Canadian Elsie Hodgson in 1910. He worked there for the Canadian Pacific Railway in their engineering dept.

In 1917 he enlisted in the military for WWI, giving his occupation as Mining Engineer.  By 1920, the family had returned to Pennsylvania.

Dec 31, 1917, Thomas' mother Louise died at her home in Altoona. (see newspaper insert from Jan 1, 1918.)

In 1919, Harvey Linton relocated to Baldwin NY to live with his daughter and her new husband John Stuart Rominger.

1920 Federal Census, Penns., Northumberland Co., Milton
LINTON, Thomas R., head, 33, chief engineer at Hoersing Company?
LINTON, Elsie, wife, 28
LINTON, Harvey, son 8
LINTON, Mary L., daughter, 8mo.

Sadly, daughter Mary Louise Linton would die at age 3 when she ran into the street into the path of an oncoming coal truck, in Harrisburg, PA. in 1922.

12 Aug 1926, The Thomas Linton family suffered a second tragedy when 14-year-old son Harvey drowned in Lancaster, PA.

1930 Federal Census, Penns, Lancaster
LINTON, Thomas R., head, 43, Road Contractor
LINTON, Elsie, wife, 38
LINTON, Doris L., daughter, 4 1/2

1930 - father Harvey Linton dies at age 86 (Dec 1930) in Chicago where he was living with his daughter Mrs. Rominger. They had moved to Chicago two months previously, and were ten years in Philadelphia before that.

1940 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Lancaster, Rockland Street
LINTON, Thomas, head, 53, draftsman with WPA
LINTON, Elsie, wife, 47
LINTON, Doris J. daughter, 14

I also came across this photograph of a young child whom I believe to be Thomas Reardon Linton. There is a name scrawled on the back, which appears to say "T. Reardon Linton", but it could just as easily be translated as "J. Rubeo Luthern."

I will post front and back of that photo here, and you can decide for yourself. But I believe it to be Thomas as a child.

Then, as if that was not enough from the Linton family, here is a photo of Thomas' younger brother John Linton (born 1903).

John Linton

Also, in the same box, this photo (below) of M. Albert Linton and Ester P. Linton. Photo was taken in 1899 according to the hand-written note on the back, but no location is given.

Census records find this pair of siblings in Burlington NJ.

1900, Federal Census, New Jersey, Chester County, Burlington, 295 Main Street
LINTON, Morris, head, Oct 1857, 42, born in PA, draftsman at Baldwin Line-work (or lace-work)?
LINTON, Ruth A., wife, May 1856, 44, born in NJ
LINTON, M. Albert, son, Apr 1887, 13, born in PA
LINTON, Ester P., daughter, Jan 1895, 5, born in PA
NELSON, Hazel K., help

M. Albert and Ester P. LINTON
1910 Federal census, New Jersey, Chester Co., Burlington, 298 W. Main Street
LINTON, Morris, head, 52, born in PA, draftsman at Locomotive Works
LINTON, Ruth A., wife, 54, born in NJ
LINTON, Morris A., son, 23, born in PA, assistant actuary, life insurance
LINTON, Ester P., daughter, 15, born in PA
LINTON, Martha M., niece, 33, born in PA, stenographer

Head of household, Morris Linton, is a brother of Harvey Linton of Altoona, so this pair of siblings (Morris Albert Linton and Ester Powell Linton) are cousins of Thomas Reardon Linton and John Linton.

In January 2016, at the same vendor, this photo was found. There is no location anywhere on the frame. On the back, the inscription appears to say "Aunt E.L.H." and "Ned" "Edw Linton".

I need to look into this family a bit more to find how Edward, Edwin or Ned fits in, and who Aunt E.L.H. is.

MULLER, OTT and KOCH girls

Barbara Muller, Lois Ott, Maryann Koch
January 1954

No location given.

This snapshot was located today at the Antique Show at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, in Florida.

The three young ladies appear to be in their late teens or early twenties, so one can estimate years of birth around 1935.

Since there was no clue as to the location of residence, I took to the Census Record search at and for each name found multiple possibilities in various locations. However, one location came up for all three names, and that was Hempstead, Nassau County, New York.

1940 Census, Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY, Baldwin neighborhood, 13 Seaman Avenue
LEE, Harold, head, 36, credit manager in Match industry
LEE, Anna, wife, 34, clerk in telephone industry
OTT, Lois, niece, 7,
ACKERMAN, Elizabeth, 54, widowed mother-in-law

Directly next door at number 11 Seaman Avenue was the KOCH family
KOCH, Joseph, head, 31, salesman in Insurance industry
KOCH, Lillian, wife, 30
KOCH, Marianne, daughter, 6
KOCH, Joseph, son, 5

Coincidentally, there is a MULLER family living next door at 5 Seaman Ave, but I do not see a Barbara among the children. However, at 115 Seaman Avenue, there is a family headed by CASGROVE (or COSGROVE) and two of the children in the home are named MULLER.

CASGROVE, William, head, 33, Salesman
CASGROVE, Mae, wife, 30
CASGROVE, William Jr., son, 9
MULLER, Charles, son, 9
MULLER, Barbara, daughter, 6

This makes me think that the Muller children are step-children of the head of household. Both sons are the same age. Mother, Mae Muller-Casgrove was born Mae Friel. Possible first husband is Charles Muller. Her father was James D. Friel.

The addresses for each girl would make it likely that they attended Baldwin Senior High School nearby, and were also likely in the same graduating class.

Still researching this one, but please comment if you know either of these families.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

McDERMOTT family

Mc,DERMOTT, Stephen, John and Alfred
circa 1885-1890, Evansville, Wisc.

Photo was found in August 2014 at the Madison-Baukville Antique Fair in New York State.

Here is a photo of three brothers; Stephen, John and Alfred McDermott, taken probably between 1885 and 1890 in Evansville, Rock County, Wisconsin.

In consulting a map of Evansville, WI, I see that there is a road named McDermott Road which lies roughly equidistant between the neighboring towns of Evansville and Albany.

First stop was checking into the Census records for that area.

1880 Federal Census, Albany, Green County, Wisconsin
McDERMOTT, Michael, 53, Farmer, born in Ireland to Irish parents
McDERMOTT, Rhoda, 56, wife, keeping house, born in New York to NY parents
McDERMOTT, Thomas, 27, son, dry goods merchant, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, Rosa, 22, daughter, at home, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, Stephen, 20, son, at home, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, Lilla, 18, daughter, at home, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, Polly, 16, daughter, at home, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, John, 14, son, at home, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, Alfred, 12, son at home, born in Wisc.
McDERMOTT, Dahlia, 9, daughter, at home, born in Wisc.

These ages would point to approximate birth years of 1860 for Stephen, 1866 for John and 1868 for Albert (give or take a year.) find a number of family trees in which these brothers appear.  Most of them include the fact that Stephen died in 1909 in Nebraska. has a record of a Stephen McDermott buried in Peckham Cemetery, Lincoln County, Nebraska. He was born Aug 14, 1859, died Nov 2, 1909. His headstone remarks that he is a son of M.McDermott. 

Parents were: Michael McDermott (1827 - 1917) and Rhoda D. Peckham (1824 - 1890).

Middle brother, John Arthur McDermott (born 29 Aug 1865 - died 26 Feb 1955) married Mary Elizabeth Miller (1865-1955) and had at least 6 children.  Above is the newspaper insert of his passing, taken from the Janesville Daily Gazette, Janesville Wisc, 28 Feb, 1955.

Younger sister Dahlia lived her entire life at the family home in Albany, Wisconsin and died on the eve of her 75th birthday. The newspaper insert of her passing was reported in the Monrose Wisc Evening Times, 22 Aug 1945.
Stephen and Fairy McDermott

There was an older brother Martin who was already out on his own by the time of the 1880 Census. He was born in 1854 and had three sons; Stephen W. (born 1882), and twins Alfred and Elbert (born 1894). Stephen and Alfred whom appear to have named for their uncles. Stephen William McDermott married Fairy Frances Masters around 1909. This photograph may have been their wedding photo, based on their clothing.

The photo was taken at the "Miss Rankin Photo Studio" in North Platte, Nebraska, and was found in the same box at the antique fair as the photo above of Stephen's uncles.

Stephen W. McDermott and wife Fairy are buried at the Wellfleet Cemetery in Lincoln County, Nebraska.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

JOHN, Jesse

Greenwood, PA, circa 1902 and 1906?

These two photographs were located at the Brandywine River Antique Mall in July 2015. The photographer's stamp is "E.E. Parker, Greenwood, PA."  Greenwood is a township in Columbia County, PA.

The photo at left was taken when the subject was about 14 or 15? The one at right appears to have been taken around age 18-20.

He is found on the 1900 Federal Census with his family.

1900 Census > Pennsylvania > Columbia > Greenwood Township
JOHN, James Lemuel, b. 1852 in PA, liveryman
JOHN, Sarah Edith, b. 1855 in PA
JOHN, Jesse Miller, b. 1879 in PA
JOHN, Roscoe C., b. 1888 in PA
JOHN, Frances M., b. 1893 in PA
JOHN, Howard B., b. 1896 in PA
JOHN, Harry C., b. 1898 in PA

Jesse's father James is a son of James Miller JOHN and Hannah KESTER.

BUCK, Harry

(click for larger)

Toronto Canada, circa 1889

This photo was located in July 2015 at the Brandywine River Antique Mall in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

The photo was taken at the "Gagen & Fraser" photographic studio (known to have operated from 1878-1896) at 79 King Street West, Ontario. The subject wears graduation cap and gown and is clutching (presumably) a diploma in his right hand. He appears to be in his late teens. If we presume that he is around 18 years old, as most High School graduates are, and also presume the photo was taken circa 1889, then he must have been born 1871 or thereabouts.

There was a Harry Stanley BUCK born 18-May-1871 in Ontario, Canada, to parents Theodore Walter BUCK and Mary Catherine PLOTTS. The mother's maiden name was helpful in solving which of several Harry/Henry Bucks existed at around this time.

From the same box at the antique mall, and at the same time I bought the image of Harry Buck, I also acquired photos of Ann HEACOCK and "Lydia" Katherine PLOTTS. 

This image of Mary Catherine Plotts was found elsewhere on the internet. I do NOT possess that photo, but share it here for additional information.

Mary Catherine Plotts married Theodore Buck, and had Harry Buck as their first child. Mary Catherine's brother George Fletcher Plotts married Anna Margaret Heacock. So these are closely related families. (See previous post on Heacock & Plotts )

Harry's siblings are:
  1876 - Margaret B Buck (d.1957) m. William J Fleury
  1878 - Catherine B Buck (d. as an infant)
  1879 - Theodore C Buck (d. abt age 2)

1881 Census of Canada > Ontario > Simcoe North > Tay
BUCK, Theodore, 39, born in US, Presbyterian, origin German
BUCK, Katie, 36, born in US, Presb., origin American
BUCK, Harry, 10, born in Ont, Presb., origin German
BUCK, Margaret E., 7, born in Ontario
BUCK, Theodore Jr, 2, born in Ontario

By the time of the 1891 Census, both parents had died. Theodore died in 1881 and Mary Catherine died in 1884. The surviving children went to live with the Lester family.

1891 Census of Canada > Ontario > York West > St Albans
LESTER, James, 50, head, born in Ireland, of Irish parents, Ch of Eng., lumber merchant
LESTER, Jane, 76, mother, born in Ireland of Irish parents, Ch. of Eng
BUCK, Harry, 20, born in Ontario to US parents, Ch. of Eng
BUCK, Maggie, 18, born in Ontario to US parents

Harry at age 24, died 20-Feb-1895 in Toronto Canada of tuberculosis. He is buried at Cataraqui Cemetery in Kingston, Ontario, with members of the Scott family. His headstone states that Harry is a "Dear friend and companion of James SCOTT".

I find it interesting that I also acquired a photo of a person with the SCOTT surname (Hettie Scott) from the same booth at the same time as these other images. But I have not researched Hettie, and do not know how (or if) she is related to Heacock, Plotts or Buck.

Friday, November 27, 2015


UPDATE - this photo has been claimed by the subject's granddaughter and is going home. This photograph of EVA MORAN was located in Greenwich New York in August 2015 at their annual Antique Fair at the county fairgrounds.

The photo appears to have been taken in the late 1890s and perhaps as recently as 1901.  The subject appears to be in her late teen to early twenties, so a best guess for her birth would be 1875-1880.

The photo was taken at Elmer Chickering's photography studio at 21 West Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Chickering was a rather famous photographer and specialized in portraits of celebrities and well-to-do people of the area. Wikipedia has the following to say about him:

The name "Eva Moran" is written above the subject on the face of the photo. The reverse side bears the mysterious penciling "M P Co", the significance of which eludes me.

Using, I was able to determine that Moran (or Morin) is the woman's maiden name. She was born Mary Eva Moran in May of 1882 in Massachusetts, to parents Frank Moran and Mary J. Butler (or Buttler). She was married first to Irving Young and produce one son. Irving died quite young in 1904, and Eva remarried the following year to John Patrick Fitzgerald, with whom she had nine children.

Photo of EVA MORAN at
There is an existing tree on in which this woman appears as a central figure and there is a great deal of detail on her including another photograph of Eva. (which I have included at right, for comparison.)

I have since communicated with the owner of the family tree online, who turns out to be Eva's granddaughter, and she confirms that the photo I found is most certainly her grandmother Eva Fitzpatrick.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

SCOTT, Genevieve

This photo appears to be labeled "GENEVIVIE SCOTT" and was located at an antique show, but I neglected to record when and where this was acquired.  The only photographer's mark on the matte just says "Brown" and no location is given.

The little girl appears to be 3 or 4 years old, and the photo appears to from about the turn of the century, which would mean the girl was born around 1895-1902.

Without a location to help identify who she is, the task is a bit more difficult. But here we go.

There are a number of girls by this name born around the right time. Some of these include:

  • Genevieve Marian Scott, born 18 Oct 1896, Chatfield, Minnesota to parents Leo S. and Marian Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1896 in Iowa.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1899 in Seneca, New York to parent Joseph and Mary Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1901 in Minnesota to parents William and Cora Scott.
  • Genevieve M. Scott, born Nov 1894 in California to mother Jennie Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Oct 1897 in St Louis, Missouri, to parents Samuel and Mary Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Dec 1899 in Maryland to parents David and Anna Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Apr 1899 in Woodland Minnesota, to parents John and Annie Scott.
  • Genevieve M. Scott, born Jun 1899 in Fairview, South Dakota to parents Arthur and Lillie Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Jan 1901 in New York, NY.
  • Genevieve Odett Scott, born abt 1901 in Yakima WA to parents Charles W. and Lula Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1902 in Larksville PA, to parents William and Margaret Scott.

I tend to suspect the first on this list is the one I am looking for. I have found a tree on which shows that particular family and has several photos of Genevieve Scott at various ages in her life. This little girl resembles the one in those photos.

Leo Spencer Scott was a storekeeper in Fountain MN, per Minnesota Territorial Census 1905. His wife Marian Louise Hathaway was a school teacher. They had daughters Genevieve Marian Scott and Mabel Adel Scott.

Genevieve married veterinarian Dr. Harry Leslie Kidd.

I will try to contact the tree owner to verify that this is correct.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

GOODSPEED, William and Dee


Photo was taken in Nelsonville, Ohio, circa mid-1890s. This photograph was acquired at the Burlington, Kentucky, Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

I have been able to determine that this is William Allen Goodspeed, born 20 April 1869 in Washington, Ohio, and died 11 April 1949 in Denver Colorado. His wife is Dee Etta Harrold, born 31 August 1875 in Nelsonville Ohio and died 11 Mar 1948 in Nelsonville Ohio.

William's parents are William Wallace Goodspeed (1844-1917) and Mary Ann McNamara (1844-1923).

Etta's parents are Henry Moses Harrold (1840-1911) and Almyra Drake Crain (1842-1918).

William and Etta were married in June of 1892.

William was a sergeant, serving in an engineering corps in the Spanish American War.

The 1900 Federal Census for York Township (Nelsonville) Ohio finds them on Columbus Avenue.
GOODSPEED, William, head, 33 (obviously incorrect), Civil Engineer
GOODSPEED, Dee, wife, 24
GOODSPEED, Helen, daughter, 6
GOODSPEED, Edwin H., son, 5
GOODSPEED, Arthur, son, 1

1910 Federal Census for Nelsonville, Ohio, finds them at 178 Fort Street.
GOODSPEED, William A., head, 41, Civil Engineer in Mining industry
GOODSPEED, Dee E., wife, 34
GOODSPEED, Helen M., daughter, 16
GOODSPEED, Edwin H., son, 15
GOODSPEED, Marquise E., daughter, 9
GOODSPEED, Mary V., daughter, 5

In all, the couple had 7 children, and were outlived by 3 of them.

  • Helen Marie Goodspeed (1893-1982)
  • Edwin Harrold Goodspeed (1895-1918)
  • Arthur Allen Goodspeed (1898-1906)
  • Marquise Elizabeth Goodspeed (1901-1995)
  • John Goodspeed (1902-1905)
  • Mary Virginia Goodspeed (1904-1998)
  • Ruth Goodspeed (1906-1908)

Dee and a few of her children are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Nelsonville, Ohio. William died in Denver Colorado at the Veteran's Home there, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia.

Monday, September 21, 2015


(Mrs. Souers)

photo taken in Dayton Ohio, circa 1885-1890
This photograph was acquired yesterday at the Burlington, Kentucky, Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.  I had never seen the name "Tentie" before, and thought it might make the research easier. As it turned out, I think the name must be a nickname, and that made the research more difficult.

Once again, the generous folks at the Find-A-Grave FaceBook page have helped me find the details about Tentie Link's life.  According to Family Search, "Tenta Link" was the wife of Charles "Seuers", and mother of Ralph E. "Saures". Despite the mispellings, these clues led to Census verifications.

She was born around 1867-68 and was married to Charles in 1886. Her son Ralph E. Sauers was born 5-Dec-1887 in Dayton, Ohio. The 1900 Census at Dayton, OH, included Charles Souers (36), Teddie C. Souers (32), Ralph E. Sours (13) and Carl A. Souers (11).

The birth record for her son Carl gives the mother's name as Katy, so her middle name may possibly be Catherine. I wonder if "Tentie" or "Tenta" could be a nickname for Hortense. (?)

By the time of the 1910 census, Charles' status has changed from "married" to "widowed."

Son Ralph E. Souers died in Douglas Arizona on 2 Dec 1941. He was prinicipal and then superintendent of schools there.  His headstone says his middle name is "Edkar." The newspaper insert announcing his engagement to Miss Helen Louisa Aiken, in 1914 in the Cincinnati Enquirer, gave his middle name at "Edward."

I will keep looking for more info on Tentie, such as her parents' names.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

KALFUS, Mary Lillian

Mary Lillian Kalfus
August 1905, Age 2 years and 2 months
Indianapolis, Indiana

This photo was located today in a booth at the Burlington Kentucky Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

There was excellent identification on the back of the photo, and an unusual enough name that I felt I should surely be able to find a living relative.

She is the daughter of Charles William Kalfus (1861-1917) and Emma Delia Moore (1863-1946).

The family is found (albeit mispelled) on the 1910 Federal Census, Wayne Township, Indiana, 403 Berwick Street.
CALFUS, Charles W., head, 48, born in Ky of Ky parents, real estate agent
CALFUS, Emma D., wife, 46, born in Ky of Ky parents
CALFUS, Mary L., daughter, 6, born in Indiana of Kentucky parents.

By the time of the 1920 Census, Mary is newly wed to Maurice Russell Hughes. The live at the home of Mary's sister Maud.

1920 Census, Center Township, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1944 Ashland Avenue
GUFFIN, Maud S., head, 35, widowed, born in Kentucky, no occupation
GUFFIN, Charles A., son, 7, born in Indiana
KALFUS, Emma D., mother, 55, widowed, no occupation
HUGHES, Russell M., 18, electrician
HUGHES, Mary L., sister, 16, no occupation

She married twice; first to Maurice Russell Hughes, by whom she bore two children, and later to David Roy Beck.

She died in 1987 and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, where her parents are also interred.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


UPDATE - Delbert has been claimed by a relative and is going home.

(photo taken circa 1898-1900)
Louisville, Kentucky

This photo was located at the annual Route 127 Yard Sale in Anderson County and Mercer County, Kentucky. has a family tree which contains a man named "Arthur Delbert Reynolds" who was born 1877 in Anderson County KY, and died 1953 in Louisville Kentucky. I am almost absolutely certain this is the person in the photograph, because the family tree I found contains some photos of other relatives, and some are nearly identical to the Delbert Reynolds I found. And the location in which he lived is in the exact area where the photo was found.

Arthur Delbert Reynolds

Born: 27 May 1877
Died: 23 Feb 1953
Parents: John Thompson Reynolds (1846-1932) and Susan Paige Crane Gash (1852-1913).
Married: Nora Burk Bohon in 1900 in Mercer County KY. Nora outlived Delbert by 14 years.

1910 Census, Mercer County, Bohon District, KY
REYNOLDS, Delbert, head, 33, born in KY of KY parents, farmer
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 31, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Thelma R., daughter, 9, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, A.D. Jr., son, 1, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Malam, brother, 29, born in KY of KY parents, farm labor
REYNOLDS, Hallie, sister, 26, born in KY of KY parents

World War I Draft Registration, Sept 12, 1918
Address: Vanarsdall Road, Mercer County
Occupation: Farming

1920 Census, Jackson Rd, Bohon Precinct, Mercer County, KY
REYNOLDS, Delbert, head, 42, born in KY of KY parents, farmer
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 41, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Thelma R., daughter, 18, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, A.D. Jr., son, 11, born in KY of KY parents
REYNOLDS, Susan E., sister, 21, born in KY of KY parents, teacher
BOHON, Walter M., brother-in-law, 33, born in KY of KY parents, farm labor
BOHON, Harrold B., nephew, 4y10m,

1930 Census, Bohon Rd., Mercer County, KY
RENOLDS, A.D., head, 53,
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 51,
BOHON, Harrold, grandson (?), 15 <-- I think this is his nephew mentioned above.
BOHON, Sarah, boarder, 77
CORWIN, ?, sister, 10

1940 Census, Mercer County, KY
REYOLDS, Delbert, head, 63, farming
REYNOLDS, Nora, wife, 61
REYNOLDS, Arthur, son, 31, farming
REYNOLDS, Alma, daughter-in-law, 28
REYNOLDS, Walter Delbert, grandson, 9
REYNOLDS, Harold Lee, grandson, 1

His death certificate states that he died at age 75 of congestive heart failure, in Louisville KY (Jefferson County), where he had probably been sent for medical attention. He was buried in Mercer County where he had lived all of his life. He was laid to rest in the Spring Hill Cemetery (Harrodsburg, KY). I made a quick trip to Harrodsburg and found the stone for Delbert and his wife Nora, as well as other members of his family, and added these to
(Click photo for larger image)

Thursday, August 6, 2015


UPDATE - Ursula Trainor has been claimed and is going back home to Washington State.

This photo of Ursula Trainor was located at the Antique Fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich, New York. The back of the photo bears the hand-written label "Ursula Trainor, Rosalia."

I did find a woman by the name of Ursula Trainor who was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Washington State, specifically in the small Eastern Washington farming town of Rosalia. Here is what I have found out about her:

URSULA TRAINOR (twin sister of Angela Trainor)
born 9 Aug 1890 in East Troy Wisc.
to parents William Trainor and Nellie Maude Dwyer

1910 Census - Rosalia, Whitman County, Washington
TRAINOR, William, head, 51, born in Wisc., manager at grain warehouse
TRAINOR, Ellen M., wife, 54, Wisc., no occupation
TRAINOR, Mary B., daughter, 23,  Wisc., music instructor at normal school
TRAINOR, Ursula M., daughter, 19, Wisc., teacher at High school
TRAINOR, Angela, daughter, 19, Wisc., none
TRAINOR, William V., son, 18, Wisc., none
TRAINOR, Bess, daughter, 9, born in Washington, none

1920 Census - Rosalia, Whitman County, Washington
TRAINOR, William, head, 61, grain farmer
TRAINOR, Ellen M., wife, 63
TRAINOR, Ursula M., daughter, 28, teacher at public school
TRAINOR, William V., son, 27, farmer
TRAINOR, Elizabeth, daughter, 18, teacher at public school
DWYER, Bertha, sister-in-law, 54

Aug 17, 1922 married to fellow Rosalia schoolteacher Hill Williams (1894-1948).

1930 Census - Pasco, Franklin County, Washington
WILLIAMS, Hill, head, 36, born in Arkansas, newspaper publisher
WILLIAMS, Ursula, wife, 36, born in Wisconsin
WILLIAMS, Hill Jr., son, 4, born in Washington
WILLIAMS, Jane, daughter, 2, born in Washington

1940 Census - Pasco, Franklin county, Washington
WILLIAMS, Hill, head, 46, born in Arkansas, newspaper publisher & editor
WILLIAMS, Ursula, wife, 46, born in Wisconsin, writer for newspaper
WILLIAMS, Hill Jr., son, 14, born in Washington
WILLIAMS, Jane, daughter, 12, born in Washington
WILLIAMS, Mary, daughter, 9, born in Washington

Died 17 Oct, 1967 in Pasco, and buried there.

Her stone appears to have an incorrect birth year of 1893, as Census records point to a birth year closer to 1890. Also, her marriage certificate dated August 1922 states that she was 32 on her last birthday which puts the birth year at or near 1890.

I wonder why the photo was located in New York State. Perhaps a friend or family member was living there?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

HUGHES, James Frederick

James Frederick Hughes
taken June 16, 1943
Camp Swift, TX finds a James Frederick Hughes, born in Syracuse, NY 7 April 1924 to parents Edward Peter Hughes (1880-1947) and Caroline "Carrie" E. Mulliner (1890-1973). The fact that the photo was found in New York state makes me think he may have been a "local boy" with family still living in the same locale.

This James F. Hughes had four sisters and two brothers.

1930 Census Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, 715 Otisco Street
HUGHES, Edward, head, 50, born in Scotland of Irish parents, automobile polisher
HUGHES, Carrie, wife, 39, born in New York of NY parents,
HUGHES, Marion, daughter, 19, NY, kitchen help at hospital
HUGHES, Arlen, daughter, 15, NY,
HUGHES, Charles, son, 13,  NY,
HUGHES, Dorothy, daughter, 11,  NY,
HUGHES, James, son, 6,  NY,
HUGHES, Robert, son, 0, NY,

1940 Census Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, Grand Street
HUGHES, Edward, head, 60, varnisher in automobile industry
HUGHES, Carrie, wife, 50
HUGHES, Marion, daughter, 29, teacher in public school
HUGHES, Dorothy, daughter, 21,  new worker
HUGHES, James, son, 15
HUGHES, Robert, son, 10
HUGHES, Rita, daughter, 7

16 Feb 1943, enlisted into the Army at age 18.

Sister Dorothy married Walter Brown.
Sister Rita married Rene Champagne.

(Click for larger image)
Died 30 July 1977 of a heart attack in Lunenburg, Massachusetts on a golf course, while visiting his sister in that city.  This obituary is from the Evening Star (Washington (DC), District of Columbia)   Page: 33, dated Wednesday, August 3, 1977  

WEMPLE family

This family photo was located today at an antique fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds in New York State.

This is no indication of where the photo was taken. But the back of the photo identifies each of the subjects. (Dates added by me, from other sources.) From Left to Right:
Rose Wemple Briggs (1854-1919)
Bertha Wemple Briggs (1867-1949)
Thirza Wemple Hoag (1852-1939)
Esther Wemple Culver (1850-1921)
Evelyn (1831-1914) and Abram Wemple (1823-1913) has this entire family listed and most are buried in Schenectady County NY.

Father Abram I. Wemple was an undertaker by trade, in the small town of Quaker Street which is near Delanson, New York. The following obituary on him offers facts about his family.

QUAKER STREET. (Special to The Gazette.) QUAKER STREET, March 24. - A. I. Wemple, for many years a resident of this village, died Friday morning at 5 o'clock in his 90th year. He was respected by all who knew him. He had been failing in health for some time and his death was not unexpected. 

He and his wife, who survives him had been making their home for two or three years with his daughters, Mrs. W. C. Briggs and Mrs. J. C. Briggs, both of this village, and it was at the residence of Mrs. W. C. Briggs that he passed away.

Besides his wife and two daughters above referred to he leaves two other daughters, Mrs. C. Culver of this village and Mrs. Thirza M. Hoag of Binghamton. The funeral services were held from the house today at 2 o'clock. Rev. J. M. Brown, pastor of the Christian Church, of which Mr. Wemple had for many years been a member, officiated. Burial was made in Grove Cemetery, this village.

Abram is a son of Isaac Wemple and Margaretta Bradt. In 1850, he married Evelyn Wilbur.

Bertha married John Calvin Briggs.
Rosa Wemple married Wilson Cyrus Briggs (brother to Bertha's husband.)
Thirza Wemple married Ira Hoag.
Etta (Ester) Wemple married Charles A. Culver.

Friday, July 31, 2015

GOULD, Benjamin and Sylvia

These photos of Benjamin Gould and his 3rd wife Sylvia Ann Wood-Gould were found last weekend at an outdoor antique show in Liverpool New York.

BENJAMIN GOULD born 21 Feb 1804 (Albany, NY), d. 24 Oct 1888 (Aurora, Cayuga, NY)

Sylvia is the third wife of Benjamin Gould. Previous wives were Abbey Gifford (1804-1826) and Anna Heazlit (1803-1869). Sylvia is a daughter of Jethro Wood (1774-1831) and Sylvia Howland (1778-1845)

Benjamin is a son of Thomas Gould and Dorcas Barney.


Benjamin Gould, of Aurora, died at his home in that village early Wednesday A. M. at the age of 85. 

Mr. Gould has long been known as one of the rich men of Cayuga county and, up to the time of his death, was one of the most prominent citizens in the town of Ledyard. 

For a number of years past Mr. Gould has lived a retired life, being engaged mainly on his large farm located near the village of Aurora. He was, however, one of the directors of the Bank of Auburn. 

He leaves one child, Mrs. E. D. Woodruff of this city who was present when he died. Col. E. D. Woodruff went to Aurora this morning.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Byron H. SEARING, M.D.
(Click photo for larger image.)
born April 10, 1860
died June 4, 1892

This photo was found at an outdoor antique show last weekend in Liverpool, New York.

The surname was especially troublesome, but with the help of many generous folks at the FaceBook group, we were able to work out that the last name says Searing.  This is verified by the monument at Find-a-Grave which shows that Mr Searing rests at the Friends cemetery in Ledyard, Cayuga County, NY. That county is a neighboring one to that in which the photo was found.

His parents were Leonard Hawxhurst Searing and Alice H. Hudson (her mother's name was Julia A. Hudson).

1870 Federal Census, Scipio, Cayuga County, NY
SEARING, Leonard, 68, wool dealer
SEARING, Rebecca A., 60
SEARING, Leonard H., 48, farmer
SEARING., Alice, 40
SEARING, Adolphus, 14
SEARING, Byron, 9

The 1865 New York State Census shows the family living in or near Auburn NY, which is in the same county. At that time, grandmother Julia Hudson was living with the family.

But then the trail runs cold pretty quickly. I am curious as to why he died so young.

Further research finds this unsettling insert which mentions Byron's father and uncle.

Saturday, July 3, 1875   Paper: Auburn Daily Bulletin (Auburn, New York)   Page: 4

Byron would have been 15 years old at this time.

This news of the lunacy of Leonard Searing comes just over 2 weeks following the suicide of his brother Thomas. Having found the newspaper article about the suicide, I read with interest that Thomas' depression and suicide were adjudged to be hereditary, as his maternal grandmother was found to be insane.

 The news must certainly have hit the Searing family quite hard, and left each of them wondering about their own mental health. I am now even more curious about why Byron died so young.

1886 University of the State of New York, Annual Report to the Regents of the University
On page 371, under the heading "Graduates who passed their final examinations in September, 1884, and May 1885, and received their degrees at commencement, 1885" there is the name "Byron Hudson Searing".  There is a strong liklihood that this is the young man in the photo, as his mother's maiden name was Hudson.

On the next page of the same publication, there is evidence that Byron was an exceptionally good student at his Medical Studies.

UPDATE - I heard from a distant relative of Byron Searing, who was able to provide me with his obituary. This is quite detailed and reveals the cause of death as a "liver disease" which became quite severe in his last year of life.

The Weekly Auburnian (Auburn NY), Thursday, June 16, 1892
In Memoriam
Departed this life on June 4th, 1892, at Auburn, Dr. Byron H. Searing of New York city, aged 32 years and 2 months. The deceased was the second son on Leonard H. and Alice Hudson Searing, and was born in Scipio, N.Y. April 9, 1860. He was of Quaker paternity, and was reared to manhood under the beneficent influence of the "Society of Friends," in and about the quiet hamlet of Sherwood, N.Y., where he first attended the district school and eventually graduated at the Sherwood select school in 1879; taught a few terms during vacations and entered Cornell University in 1880, and spent two years in the medical preparatory course, at the end of which time, he entered Columbia College, New York, at the P. and S.; remained there three years and graduated in 1885 with the highest honors, taking the first prize in that year for scholarship, among a class of over one hundred students; was awarded a bronze medal, and the monetary premium, as provided by the Harson Fund belonging to that institution. He then commenced practice in New York city where he has remained seven years, becoming prominent as a specialist in diseases of the throat. He was also chosen Professor of Chemistry in the New York Veterinary College where he faithfully officiated as a lecturer for the past five years; he was a member of the Alumni Association of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, also of the Medical Society of the county of New York and of the County Medical Association. In April he united with the Presbyterian church under the pastorate of Rev. S. B. Rossiter, D. D., of New York city. Dr. Searing was endowed by nature with a symmetrical and well developed physical and mental organization, and was justly distinguished for his manly proportions, and handsome physique, which, with a genial disposition and agreeable manners, added to superior magnetic powers aided much in bringing him honor and success as a medical practitioner. He was withal eminently fitted, through natural endowment and educational culture, for the high calling of a true physician. It seems that in the event of his death suffering humanity has lost one of its most efficient benefactors; the medical fraternity an honored member and reliable counsellor; and his immediate friends and acquaintances, a valued social companion. His sudden departure from his field of prospective usefulness, is deeply deplored by all who knew him; and tender sympathies are extended to his surviving mother and brother and the family circle now bereft of one of its cherished members. The only consolation that can be offered there is the hope of a happy reunion in a higher life hereafter. "Golden ears though richly waving, Must in harvest fall; Changing seasons all their beauty Soon again recall: So must we our life renouncing Soon return to dust; But in life beyond death's portal Will we ever trust." Dr. Searing's health had been failing for more than a year and when finally prostrated in severe illness he was brought to the home of his brother, Hon. A. H. Searing, where after a few days he died. An autopsy revealed a diseased condition of the liver from which there could have been no recovery. The funeral was held at the Friend's meeting house near Aurora. The Rev. W. H. Hubbard of the First Presbyterian church of Auburn, conducted the services, assisted by B. F. Farquhar of the Friends' meeting near Poplar Ridge. Among the many letters of sympathy received from Dr. Searing's friends in New York was one from his pastor, the Rev. Dr. Rossiter, expressing regret that circumstances prevented his attending the funeral. The interment was in the family burial ground.

Monday, July 27, 2015


"Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen"
This photo of Lucy William was located at an outdoor antique fair in Liverpool NY last weekend.  The photo was taken at a photographic studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, circa 1895-1897, The subject appears to be around 15-17 years of age, thus born between 1877-1882. On the back are the handwritten words "Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen."

A census search on the name Lucy Williams yielded a number of possible contenders who fit the correct age and area. Eventually, it was the clue "niece of Mrs. Owen" that pinpointed the correct individual. offered a family tree in which one finds a Lucy Alida Williams (born 1877 in Oswego County NY) to parents William Williams and Mary Nelson.  Mother Mary Nelson had a sister Elizabeth who married Joseph Owen. This Lucy Williams was a niece to Mrs. Owen. Oswego County is the neighboring county to the one in which the photograph was found. So I feel confident that this is the right person who sat for this photograph. Perhaps it was made on the occassion of a visit to Saratoga.

Lucy's mother Mary was born in Manchester England in 1839, and died when Lucy was around 7 years old.

(Click for larger image)
Lucy apparently never married as her headstone still bears her maiden name. She worked as a teacher in a hospital in Yonkers much of her life. When she died in 1960, she was returned to Oswego and buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery.