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Sunday, November 29, 2015

JOHN, Jesse

Greenwood, PA, circa 1902 and 1906?

These two photographs were located at the Brandywine River Antique Mall in July 2015. The photographer's stamp is "E.E. Parker, Greenwood, PA."  Greenwood is a township in Columbia County, PA.

The photo at left was taken when the subject was about 14 or 15? The one at right appears to have been taken around age 18-20.

He is found on the 1900 Federal Census with his family.

1900 Census > Pennsylvania > Columbia > Greenwood Township
JOHN, James Lemuel, b. 1852 in PA, liveryman
JOHN, Sarah Edith, b. 1855 in PA
JOHN, Jesse Miller, b. 1879 in PA
JOHN, Roscoe C., b. 1888 in PA
JOHN, Frances M., b. 1893 in PA
JOHN, Howard B., b. 1896 in PA
JOHN, Harry C., b. 1898 in PA

Jesse's father James is a son of James Miller JOHN and Hannah KESTER.

BUCK, Harry

(click for larger)

Toronto Canada, circa 1889

This photo was located in July 2015 at the Brandywine River Antique Mall in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

The photo was taken at the "Gagen & Fraser" photographic studio (known to have operated from 1878-1896) at 79 King Street West, Ontario. The subject wears graduation cap and gown and is clutching (presumably) a diploma in his right hand. He appears to be in his late teens. If we presume that he is around 18 years old, as most High School graduates are, and also presume the photo was taken circa 1889, then he must have been born 1871 or thereabouts.

There was a Harry Stanley BUCK born 18-May-1871 in Ontario, Canada, to parents Theodore Walter BUCK and Mary Catherine PLOTTS. The mother's maiden name was helpful in solving which of several Harry/Henry Bucks existed at around this time.

From the same box at the antique mall, and at the same time I bought the image of Harry Buck, I also acquired photos of Ann HEACOCK and "Lydia" Katherine PLOTTS. 

This image of Mary Catherine Plotts was found elsewhere on the internet. I do NOT possess that photo, but share it here for additional information.

Mary Catherine Plotts married Theodore Buck, and had Harry Buck as their first child. Mary Catherine's brother George Fletcher Plotts married Anna Margaret Heacock. So these are closely related families. (See previous post on Heacock & Plotts )

Harry's siblings are:
  1876 - Margaret B Buck (d.1957) m. William J Fleury
  1878 - Catherine B Buck (d. as an infant)
  1879 - Theodore C Buck (d. abt age 2)

1881 Census of Canada > Ontario > Simcoe North > Tay
BUCK, Theodore, 39, born in US, Presbyterian, origin German
BUCK, Katie, 36, born in US, Presb., origin American
BUCK, Harry, 10, born in Ont, Presb., origin German
BUCK, Margaret E., 7, born in Ontario
BUCK, Theodore Jr, 2, born in Ontario

By the time of the 1891 Census, both parents had died. Theodore died in 1881 and Mary Catherine died in 1884. The surviving children went to live with the Lester family.

1891 Census of Canada > Ontario > York West > St Albans
LESTER, James, 50, head, born in Ireland, of Irish parents, Ch of Eng., lumber merchant
LESTER, Jane, 76, mother, born in Ireland of Irish parents, Ch. of Eng
BUCK, Harry, 20, born in Ontario to US parents, Ch. of Eng
BUCK, Maggie, 18, born in Ontario to US parents

Harry at age 24, died 20-Feb-1895 in Toronto Canada of tuberculosis. He is buried at Cataraqui Cemetery in Kingston, Ontario, with members of the Scott family. His headstone states that Harry is a "Dear friend and companion of James SCOTT".

I find it interesting that I also acquired a photo of a person with the SCOTT surname (Hettie Scott) from the same booth at the same time as these other images. But I have not researched Hettie, and do not know how (or if) she is related to Heacock, Plotts or Buck.

Friday, November 27, 2015


UPDATE - this photo has been claimed by the subject's granddaughter and is going home. This photograph of EVA MORAN was located in Greenwich New York in August 2015 at their annual Antique Fair at the county fairgrounds.

The photo appears to have been taken in the late 1890s and perhaps as recently as 1901.  The subject appears to be in her late teen to early twenties, so a best guess for her birth would be 1875-1880.

The photo was taken at Elmer Chickering's photography studio at 21 West Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Chickering was a rather famous photographer and specialized in portraits of celebrities and well-to-do people of the area. Wikipedia has the following to say about him:

The name "Eva Moran" is written above the subject on the face of the photo. The reverse side bears the mysterious penciling "M P Co", the significance of which eludes me.

Using, I was able to determine that Moran (or Morin) is the woman's maiden name. She was born Mary Eva Moran in May of 1882 in Massachusetts, to parents Frank Moran and Mary J. Butler (or Buttler). She was married first to Irving Young and produce one son. Irving died quite young in 1904, and Eva remarried the following year to John Patrick Fitzgerald, with whom she had nine children.

Photo of EVA MORAN at
There is an existing tree on in which this woman appears as a central figure and there is a great deal of detail on her including another photograph of Eva. (which I have included at right, for comparison.)

I have since communicated with the owner of the family tree online, who turns out to be Eva's granddaughter, and she confirms that the photo I found is most certainly her grandmother Eva Fitzpatrick.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

SCOTT, Genevieve

This photo appears to be labeled "GENEVIVIE SCOTT" and was located at an antique show, but I neglected to record when and where this was acquired.  The only photographer's mark on the matte just says "Brown" and no location is given.

The little girl appears to be 3 or 4 years old, and the photo appears to from about the turn of the century, which would mean the girl was born around 1895-1902.

Without a location to help identify who she is, the task is a bit more difficult. But here we go.

There are a number of girls by this name born around the right time. Some of these include:

  • Genevieve Marian Scott, born 18 Oct 1896, Chatfield, Minnesota to parents Leo S. and Marian Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1896 in Iowa.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1899 in Seneca, New York to parent Joseph and Mary Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1901 in Minnesota to parents William and Cora Scott.
  • Genevieve M. Scott, born Nov 1894 in California to mother Jennie Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Oct 1897 in St Louis, Missouri, to parents Samuel and Mary Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Dec 1899 in Maryland to parents David and Anna Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Apr 1899 in Woodland Minnesota, to parents John and Annie Scott.
  • Genevieve M. Scott, born Jun 1899 in Fairview, South Dakota to parents Arthur and Lillie Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Jan 1901 in New York, NY.
  • Genevieve Odett Scott, born abt 1901 in Yakima WA to parents Charles W. and Lula Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1902 in Larksville PA, to parents William and Margaret Scott.

I tend to suspect the first on this list is the one I am looking for. I have found a tree on which shows that particular family and has several photos of Genevieve Scott at various ages in her life. This little girl resembles the one in those photos.

Leo Spencer Scott was a storekeeper in Fountain MN, per Minnesota Territorial Census 1905. His wife Marian Louise Hathaway was a school teacher. They had daughters Genevieve Marian Scott and Mabel Adel Scott.

Genevieve married veterinarian Dr. Harry Leslie Kidd.

I will try to contact the tree owner to verify that this is correct.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

GOODSPEED, William and Dee


Photo was taken in Nelsonville, Ohio, circa mid-1890s. This photograph was acquired at the Burlington, Kentucky, Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

I have been able to determine that this is William Allen Goodspeed, born 20 April 1869 in Washington, Ohio, and died 11 April 1949 in Denver Colorado. His wife is Dee Etta Harrold, born 31 August 1875 in Nelsonville Ohio and died 11 Mar 1948 in Nelsonville Ohio.

William's parents are William Wallace Goodspeed (1844-1917) and Mary Ann McNamara (1844-1923).

Etta's parents are Henry Moses Harrold (1840-1911) and Almyra Drake Crain (1842-1918).

William and Etta were married in June of 1892.

William was a sergeant, serving in an engineering corps in the Spanish American War.

The 1900 Federal Census for York Township (Nelsonville) Ohio finds them on Columbus Avenue.
GOODSPEED, William, head, 33 (obviously incorrect), Civil Engineer
GOODSPEED, Dee, wife, 24
GOODSPEED, Helen, daughter, 6
GOODSPEED, Edwin H., son, 5
GOODSPEED, Arthur, son, 1

1910 Federal Census for Nelsonville, Ohio, finds them at 178 Fort Street.
GOODSPEED, William A., head, 41, Civil Engineer in Mining industry
GOODSPEED, Dee E., wife, 34
GOODSPEED, Helen M., daughter, 16
GOODSPEED, Edwin H., son, 15
GOODSPEED, Marquise E., daughter, 9
GOODSPEED, Mary V., daughter, 5

In all, the couple had 7 children, and were outlived by 3 of them.

  • Helen Marie Goodspeed (1893-1982)
  • Edwin Harrold Goodspeed (1895-1918)
  • Arthur Allen Goodspeed (1898-1906)
  • Marquise Elizabeth Goodspeed (1901-1995)
  • John Goodspeed (1902-1905)
  • Mary Virginia Goodspeed (1904-1998)
  • Ruth Goodspeed (1906-1908)

Dee and a few of her children are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Nelsonville, Ohio. William died in Denver Colorado at the Veteran's Home there, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia.