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Friday, November 18, 2022

WOLFGANG, Sally (Altoona PA)



IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Sally Wolfgang, circa 1940's, Altoona PA"

PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer, circa 1942-1943

PHOTO ACQUIRED: Aug 2018, Glenwood Manor Antiques, Queensbury NY

This is Sally Wolfgang, born around New Year's Day 1942 in Altoona PA, to parents James Stanley Wolfgang (1911-1989) and Marjorie Leah Woods (1911-1989). This notice appears in the Altoona Tribune, 03 Jan, 1942.

The family appears on the 1950 Federal Census for Altoona PA.

1950 Census > PA > Blair > Altoona

  • WOLFGANG, James S., head, 38, sells wallpaper and paint 
  • WOLFGANG, Marjorie L., wife, 37
  • WOLFGANG, Sally, daughter, 8 mentions that Sally was attending Altoona Central Catholic School in 1958, when she would have been around 16 years of age.

Information appears to run out after that.

I will keep working on this one.


Thursday, November 17, 2022

WHEATON, Zula Walters (Charlotte MI)




PHOTO TAKEN: The Roehm Studio, Charlotte MI, after March 1916

PHOTO ACQUIRED: 2016 Rt127 Yardsale, Anderson County KY

This is Zula Walters-Wheaton, born 23 June 1892 in Chester Indiana to parents Jesse Armory Walters (1870-1959) and Clara C. Bowers (1870-1953). She had four other siblings, all born in Indiana:

  •   Lola Hazel Walters (1890-1971) m. Byron Orton Taylor
  •   Chancey Walters (1895-1986) m. Edna Marie Wygent
  •   Guy C. Walters (1901-1990) m. Jane Wilson
  •   Mary Augusta Walters (1902-2006) m. William Neil Letson

Her parents moved two hundred miles away to Charlotte Michigan (between Lansing and Battle Creek) around 1909/1910, but Zula remained in Chester, renting an apartment with two other girls, in order to complete high school in that location. She graduated High School in spring of 1910 and pursued a teaching certificate in Michigan. She passed the exam and by September of that same year had landed a teaching position in a one-room schoolhouse near her parents' home.

This story on the "Strange Schoolhouse" appeared in the Lansing State Journal, 13 May 1979.

(Click for larger version)

In March of 1916, Zula married Earl A. Wheaton (1894-1948), a son of Alonzo Wheaton and Mary J. "Ibbie" Hammil. 

1930 Census > Michigan > Ingham > Lansing

  • WHEATON, Earl A., head, 35, married at age 21, born in MI of MI parents, Sheet Metal worker in Auto plant
  • WHEATON, Zula I., wife, 37, married at age 23, born in IN or IN parents, no occupation
  • WHEATON, Curtis M., son, 11, born in Michigan
  • WHEATON, Dale D., son, 6, born in Michigan
  • WHEATON, Garrett E., son, 2yr 8 mo, born in Michigan
  • WALTERS, Guy C., brother-in-law, 28, single, carpenter

Earl and Zula had three sons:

Curtis Miller WHEATON (1918-2000) w. Rose Ellen Burkhart

  •   (they had a daughter)

Dale D. WHEATON (1924-2012) 

Garrett Earl WHEATON (1928-2022) m. Barbara Huss

  •    James Garrett Wheaton
  •    Robert Bruce Wheaton
  •    Patricia Kay Wheaton

Lansing State Journal, 25 May 1948

After Earl died in 1948, Zula returned to teaching and secured a master's degree in education.

In 1951, Zula's parents celebrated their 62nd anniversary, which was covered in the Lansing State Journal 07 Dec 1951.

Zula's mother Clara died a couple of years later - her obit is from Battle Creek Enquirer, 21 Feb 1953.

Her father Jesse died in 1959.

There is a wonderful memorial for Zula on her page at Findagrave, where I have added this photo.




Friday, October 21, 2022

DEUBER, Charles, Clara and son Lester (Akron OH)


DEUBER, Charles and Clara with son Lester (Akron OH)

UPDATE - The Deuber family has been claimed and heading home to a relative!

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Dad, Lester and Mother Deuber"

PHOTO TAKEN: Lockhart Studio, Akron OH, circa 1902

PHOTO ACQUIRED: 2022 Phoenix Flea Market, Old Hickory TN

Today I purchased my 900th vintage photograph.  This is Charles and Clara DEUBER of Akron OH, and the handsome lad in the middle is their son Lester. The photo was taken around 1902 when Lester was about age 4.

Charles Deuber was born in November 1872 in Ohio, of German parents Frederick John Deuber (1825-1895) and Mary Blumenstock-Zollman (1839-1919). He married Clara Dellenbaugh (or Dellenbach) (born about 1878), a daughter of Christian Dellenbaugh (_) and Katherine Brunny (1851-1879).

Charles at age 8 appears with his family on the 1880 Census for Holmes County OH.

  • DEUBER, Frederick, head, 55, farmer, born in Wurtemberg GER.
  • DEUBER, Mary, wife, 41, keeping house, born in Wurtenberg GER.
  • DEUBER, Margaret, dau, 20, house keeper, born in OH
  • DEUBER, John W., son, 18, Farm labor, born in OH
  • DEUBER, Emelia, dau, 17, born in OH
  • DEUBER, Frederick, son, 16, born in OH
  • DEUBER, Henry, son, 14, born in OH
  • DEUBER, Mary, dau, 11, born in OH
  • DEUBER, Charles, son, 8, born in OH
  • DEUBER, Louisa, dau, 6, born in OH

At the farm next door, the 1880 census records John DEUBER (42) & Margaret (36) Zollman-DEUBER and daughter Clara (12). I presume this is a brother of Frederick. And at the next property, there is 81yo Michael Zollman and his 44 yr old step-daughter Marie Blumenstock, which I presume is family of Charles' mother. 

(Click for larger)

I actually acquired three photos of this family, one of which was likely taken on the wedding day of Charles and Clara. They were married in or around 1896. At that time they made their home in Winesburg OH, some 13 miles away from the county seat Millersburg where the photo was taken.

The 1900 Census finds Charles at age 27, and his wife Clara Anna living in Akron with 3yo son Lester. He was born in Winesburg but was otherwise a lifelong resident of Akron. 

Also living with the family in 1900 was father-in-law Christian Dellenbaugh (widowed), employed as a cooper, and brother Henry W. Deuber (age 25) working as a dry goods clerk.

1910 Census for Akron:

  • DEUBER, Charles, head, 37, married 13 years, employed as a streetcar conductor
  • DEUBER, Clara, wife, 31, has had 2 children both living
  • DEUBER, Lester, son, 13
  • DEUBER, Helen, daughter, 7
  • SCHALLIOLL, Erma, niece, 25, born in OH, employed as a school
  • SCHALLIOLL, Fred, nephew, 23, born in OH, cashier in a freight office

(The last two are children of Charles eldest sister Margaret, who married Charles Schallioll, although I am not certain why they are living with Charles' family at this time.)

1920 Census > OHIO > Summit > Akron

  • DEUBER, Charles, 47, employed by Street car Co.
  • DEUBER, Clara, 40
  • DEUBER, Lester, 22, real estate agent
  • DEUBER, Helen, 20, stenographer at Rubber Co.

(Click for larger)

Charles died March 6, 1937. His widow died two years later.

Lester George Deuber served in WWI. He married Katye Grace Rogers. Both he and Katye worked as mail clerks for the Akron Post Office. Lester died 13 July 1953 in Akron. He is buried at Rose Hill Burial Park.

Helen married a dentist Harold W. Hart, and died July 21, 1991. She is buried with the rest of her family at Rose Hill Burial Park.

I find no evidence that Lester or Helen had any descendants.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

KOHLER-GLAUCH, Bertha Theresa (Hamilton OH)


Bertha Theresa KOHLER-GLAUCH

Bertha Kohler was born 4 Mar 1894 in Ohio to parents Fred Kohler (1861-1939, a farmer) and Mary Bandtel (1858-1904).

The 1900 Census states that she was born in Mar 1896, although her headstone says 1894.

1900 CENSUS > OHIO > Butler > Union Township

  • KOHLER, Frederic, head, 38, Nov 1861, married 10 years, born in Germany, farmer
  • KOHLER, Mary, wife, 39, May 1861, 7 births 6 living children, born in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Emma, daug, 9, born 1891 in Ohio, at school
  • KOHLER, Edith, daug, 6, born Sep 1893 in Ohio, at school
  • KOHLER, Bertha, daug, 4, born Mar 1896 in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Luthor, son, 3, born Apr 1897 in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Edna, daug, 2, born July 1898 in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Mary, daug, 1, born Apr 1899 in Ohio

In 1904, Bertha's mother passed away due to complication of diseases. This left Fred as a single father with 6 children ages 13-5 to care for. It is presumed that the eldest daughter Emma would have taken on a great deal of the work of running the house, until her father remarried in 1906 to a woman named Elizabeth Dowd who had two grown sons by a previous marriage.

On the 1910 Census for Hamilton (Butler County) OH, Bertha is 16, living with and working as a maid and cook for a pastor and his wife. That couple was named MYERS. Other than the age, all of the previous information seems to fit. Older sister Emma is also working for a Hamilton family as a servant. Her employer was a bridge builder named J.T. Guillaume.

The 1910 Census also shows Frederic Kohler and his family in Union Township (I am not entirely sure where that is located in relation to the town of Hamilton where Bertha and Emma had gone to work.

1910 CENSUS > OHIO > Butler > Union Township

  • KOHLER, Frederick, head, 48, married 4 years, born in Germany, imm. in 1888, farmer
  • KOHLER, Elizabeth, wife, 2 births 2 children living, born in Germany, imm. in 1863
  • KOHLER, Edith M. daug, 17
  • KOHLER, Edna M., daug, 12
  • KOHLER, Mary L., daug, 10
  • WOLBER, John, nephew, 23, born in Germany, farm labor

In comparing 1900 to 1910, one can see that Luthor seems to be missing. He should be around 13.

The 1920 Census for Hamilton shows a 25 year old Bertha employed as a servant in the household of a retail merchant named Howard Hyman.

In 1920, Bertha married William Edmund Glauch, a machinist who was also a prominent bicycle racer and trombone player. He and Bertha appear to have had no children. William died in 1953, twenty-three years before Bertha passed.

click for larger

Bertha's siblings per Findagrave:

1891 - Emma C. Kohler-WITHROW (d. 1972) in 1912 m. Minor T. Withrow (d.1964)

1913 - Wayne Carl Withrow (d.1996)

1917 - Mabel B. Withrow-FISHER (d. 1991)

1892 - Edith Marie Kohler-MORRIS (d. 1987) m. Edward L. Morris

1914 - Leland Stanford Morris (d. 2005)

19xx - Helen Morris-STOFFREGEN

19xx - Marjory Morris-PETERS

19xx - Mary Morris-ITTEL

1897 - Edna Marie Kohler-MORRIS (d. 2004) m. __

1920 - Mildred Edna Morris-BRAMBLE (d. 2018)

1923 - Faye Ernestine Morris-GROH (d. 2006)

1899 - Mary Lilly Kohler-SCHALLIP-WEISS (d. 1989) m1. George S. Schallip, m2. ___ Weiss

1925 - Robert G. Schallip (d. 2014)

1903 - Hilda M. Kohler (d. 1903, died as infant)

Sunday, October 2, 2022

SOWERS, Martha "Mattie" Samuels


Martha Caroline Samuels-Sowers

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  Tattie Sowers (Martha Caroline Samuels Sowers), Aunt “Tattie”

PHOTO TAKEN: Bellar’s Art Co., Elizabethtown KY circa 1897

PHOTO ACQUIRED: Paisley Pig Antiques, Shelbyville KY, 2022

 This is Martha Caroline SAMUELS, seen as “Mattie” on Census and newspaper records, and apparently known within her own family as “Tattie”.  She is the aunt of James and Walter NANTZ, described on the post directly before this one. Her photo was found in the same booth as the photos of her nephews.

 She and her siblings were the children of William Thomas SAMUELS (1821-1902) and Caroline SYMPSON (1824-1892). William and Caroline’s children:

   1844 Mary Samuels-HAYES (d. 1911) married Benjamin HAYES. They had five children.

   1848 Sarah E Samuels-SANDERS (d. 1932) married Richard D. SANDERS. They had a daughter.

   1852 James L Samuels (died __)

   1854 Louise E. Samuels-NANTZ (d. 1911, the mother of James and Walter Nantz)

   1857 Martha C. Samuels-SOWERS (d. 1932) m. William M. SOWERS. No children.

   1860 William T. Samuels (d. 1917)


 Martha was married first to William M. SOWERS (1857 – 1889, the son of John Pleasant Sowers & Mary Mason Crenshaw. He died at age 32 and is buried in Larue County Kentucky.

 She later married James M. CARLETON (1844-__)


She died at age 75, 21 May 1932, and is buried in Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville, KY, where her nephews are also buried.

NANTZ, James B. and brother Walter


James B. Nantz (1879-1954)

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  Jim Nantz (James B. Nantz)

PHOTO TAKEN: A.J. Reuling Photo Studio, Louisville KY, circa 1897

PHOTO ACQUIRED: Paisley Pig Antiques, Shelbyville KY, 2022

 This is James Benjamin NANTZ, born in Hodgenville Kentucky on 25 May 1879 to parents John Robert NANTZ (1844-1894, a son of Thomas W. Nantz & Elizabeth Lewis) and Louise E. SAMUELS (1854-1911, a daughter of William Thomas Samuels & Caroline Sympson).

 He worked for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad (L&N) for much of his life in various roles, electrician,  signal foreman, signal repairman.

 This photograph, also in my possession, shows James with his younger brother Walter Lee NANTZ (7 Mar 1882  - 16 Mar 1972). Walter is about 3 years younger than James, and the boys are approximately ages 10 and 7 in this image which was taken around 1889 in Elizabethtown, KY.

 The 1900 Census shows the family at 3114 S. Fourth Street n Louisville, which interestingly is located on property which today is part of Churchill Downs Racecourse.


1900 Federal Census > Kentucky > Jefferson > Louisville > 3114 S. Fourth Street

NANTZ, Louise E., head, 46, widowed, 4 births, 3 living

NANTZ, James B., son, 21, wagon maker

NANTZ, Walter L., son 18, wagon painter

ASHCRAFT, Mayme N., daughter, 24, born Nov 1875

ASHCRAFT, Edgar Jacob, son-in-law, 32, revenue lawyer

SAMUELS, Thomas, father, 79, Jan 1821, widowed

SOWERS, Mattie, sister, 43, May 1857, widowed

SAMUELS, William T, brother, 39, Dec 1860, wood finisher


James’ sister Mayme Ashcraft died in 1908, age 32.

She and Edgar had one daughter:

  -- Lucy Caroline Ashcraft (1905-1932) who married Shirly Hardin (1896-1936)

       They had a daughter --- Shirley Nelson Hardin (1923-1996).


At the time of his WWII Draft Registration (at age 62), James was living at 109 W. Woodlawn Avenue and his brother Walter was a block away at 107 W. Wellington Avenue.

 Walter married Eva MARSH in 1923 and had a daughter:

     -- Betty Lou NANTZ who married Harvey Boone.

              -- they had no children.


James died rather suddenly of a coronary blockage on 6 November 1954. He is buried at the Resthaven Memorial Park in Louisville. 

James left quite a small fortune in his will with instructions for several gifts to be made to specific charities. Walter was the recipient of the remaining funds.


Walter died at age 90 in 1972 in Louisville and is also buried at the Resthaven Memorial Gardens in Louisville.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

SAUNDERS, Minnie (Spokane WA)



PHOTO TAKEN: Gowman Studio, Spokane WA, circa 1910-1920

PHOTO ACQUIRED: Albany Antique Mall, Albany Oregon, 2016

This is Minnie Mary ALLISON (later SAUNDERS), born Nov 1861 in Corvallis Oregon to parents Amos ALLISON and Lucy Jane LAKIN. She lived most of her life in nearby Albany Oregon with her family. (This photo was acquired at an antiques mall in Albany, and may have been sent by Minnie to a family member living there.)

(click for larger)

She married Justice Wirt William SAUNDERS in 1896 and relocated to Spokane Washington where this photograph was taken.

The life-story of Wirt Saunders sold many newspapers from the time he was a young man through his death, and even beyond that. This historical recap of his life shows why he generated such interest.

1900 Federal Census > Washington > Spokane > Spokane > 1004 Mission Avenue

SAUNDERS, Wirt W., Head, July 1858, born in TX of KY parents, Lawyer

SAUNDERS, Minnie A., Wife, Nov 1861, born in OR of TN and OH parents

In 1910, the Saunders sold their "Quinne-Mo-Se" Ranch in the Spokane Valley to Frank Murray in exchange for $30,000 and also recieved in trade Murray's apartment in the brand new Duke Apartments in fashionable Brown's Addition area of Spokane.

1920 Federal Census shows the couple living at Apt A "Duke Apartments" in Spokane. The census tends to indicate that Minnie owned the whole apartment building. That is shown in the occupation section but is also crossed out.

The couple amassed a small fortune in Spokane, perhaps by means of savvy real estate investments since most mentions of Minnie in the local newspaper are in the section concerning real estate transfers. When Minnie died her estate was valued at $50,000 (a very large sum in 1924.) When her husband Wirt died later that year, his estate was near $150,000.

She died January 6, 1924 in Spokane. She is buried in the family plot at the Masonic Cemetery in Eugene Oregon.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

PERKINS, Anna Belle (Bangor ME)


INDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  "Anna B. Perkins, U. of M."

PHOTO TAKEN: Chalmers Studio, Bangor ME, circa 1912

PHOTO ACQUIRED: May 2022 Athens Schoolhouse Antiques, Lexington KY

1892 Birth Records states that Anna was born Sept 16, 1892. Father William N Perkins is a mail carrier. Maiden name of mother is Ursula Grindle.

1900 Federal Census > Maine > Hancock County > Brooksville

  • PERKINS, William N., head, 48, May 1852, born in Maine, farmer
  • PERKINS, Vesty M., wife, 41, Aug 1858, born in Maine
  • PERKINS, Jeremiah W., son, 22, Dec 1878, born in Maine, sailor
  • PERKINS, Herbert H., son, 20, Sep 1879, born in Maine, teamster
  • PERKINS, Seymour, son, 16, July 1883, born in Maine, sailor
  • PERKINS, Ray, son, 13, July 1886, born in Maine, at school
  • PERKINS, Bernice, daughter, 11, June 1888, born in Maine, at school
  • PERKINS, Anna B., daughter, 6, Sept 1892, born in Maine, at school
  • PERKINS, Hope, daughter, 1, Apr 1898, born in Maine

At the time of this census, there is an elder sister Vesta Ursula Perkins, age 25, but she is already out of the house at this time. I wonder if the wife Ursula was also known as Vesta Urusula, since she is shown as "Vesty" on the Census.

Anna graduated High School in 1910. Anna Belle Perkins attended University of Maine, studying Romance Languages. She was also active in the yearbook board, and Deutscher Verein (German Club).

1920 Federal Census > New York > Erie > East Hamburgh

  • MANN, Herbert C., head, 32, born in NY, Doctor in General Practice
  • MANN, Jennie E., wife, 31, born in NY, no occupation
  • MANN, Ruth, daughter, 5, born in NY
  • PERKINS, Anna B., boarder, 27, born in Maine, High School teacher

The image above was found online in the 1941 Passaic High School yearbook, where Anne Perkins was on the faculty.

1950 Federal Census > New Jersey > Passaic > Newark

  • PERKINS, Anna B., head, 57, born in Maine, Latin teacher at Public High School
  • CROCKER, Louise S., partner, born in Massachusetts, Latin teacher at Public High School
  • BRITTEN, Marian G., partner, born in NY, History Teacher at Public High School

This obit was carried in the 03 December 1963, Bangor Daily News:

(Click for larger)

ANDREWS, Ruth (Bethel, ME)

Ruth B. ANDREWS, circa 1895


PHOTO TAKEN: appears to say "Butler" Studio, Bethel, Maine, circa 1895

ACQUIRED: May 2022, Athens Schoolhouse Antiques, Lexington KY

This is Ruth Andrews, born in Stone Haven, Maine, in about 1855. Her parents Abel ANDREWS (1807-1884) and Lucinda BRICKETT (1817-1884) were farmers in Oxford County, and had at least 13 children:

  •  Eldin B. Andrews (1836 - )
  •  James E. Andrews (1838-1864)
  •  Edgar D. Andrews (1839 - )
  •  Joseph B. Andrews (1841- )
  •  Solomon C. Andrews (1843 - )
  •  Dean W. Andrews (1845 - )
  •  George L. Andrews (1847 - )
  •  Ellen M. Andrews (1849 - )
  •  Abby A. Andrews (1851 - )
  •  Ruth B. Andrews (1854 - 1921) m1 Eugene PRESCOTT, m2 Chelsey Anthony BOWEN.
  •  Catharine W. Andrews (1856 - )
  •  Lucinda Andrews (1858 - 1864)
  •  Abel Andrews (1860 - )

She and her sisters were apparently gifted in "needle and fancy-work", as in Sept 1903, Ruth won the first-place award at the State Fair for "Best Specimen Hand-crocheted lace", 2nd-place in "Slide-board scarf", and her sister Ellen won second-place in "Best pillow shams."

At age 51, in 1906, married Eugene Prescott, a divorced spool-maker in Bethel.

She later married C.A. BOWEN, and both are buried at Pleasant View Cemetery in Livermore Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine.

I find no evidence that she had any descendants.

COPP Family (Groton CT)


Three of the COPP sisters

As I acquired seven photos from the same family at the same Antique Show (May 2022 Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show, Lexington Kentucky) I'd like to present them here in a single post.

Ellen COPP

Three sisters seen above are offspring of Belton Allyn COPP (1796-1858) of New London County, Connecticut. Belton Allyn COPP and his wife Betsey Ann Barber (1809-1894) had nine children:

 - Ellen Barber COPP (1834-1916) was the second wife of Christopher AVERY.

 - Sarah Maria COPP (1836-1915) married Frank LARRABEE.

 - Daniel Noyes COPP (1838-1921)

 - John Joseph COPP (1840-1914) married Ellen CHESTER.

 - Catherine Burdick COPP (1842-1932)

 - George Denison COPP (1845-1853) died at age 7.

 - Julia Stanton COPP (1848-1939)

 - William COPP (1850-1935)

 - Belton Allyn COPP Jr. (1854-1930) married Betsey W. AVERY (a daughter of Christopher AVERY and his first wife Sarah Smith.)

Sarah COPP                  Julia COPP


Belton's brother William Johnson COPP (1811-1889) married Charlotte Lindsay and among their four children was a son Joseph COPP, who married Mary Boyd and had a daughter Ethel Grace COPP (1876-1946). Ethel married Lewis CIVILL, and lived in California.

Ethel Grace COPP

This brings me back to Christopher Lester AVERY, the husband of Ellen COPP. His first wife Sarah Smith (1830-1869) provided him with four children: 

 - Latham Avery

 - Mary Louise AVERY (1855-1937) married a coffee merchant Pierre Louis SCHELLENS (1849-1935)

 - Ira Smith Avery

 - Betsey Wood Avery (1860-1930) married Belton Allyn COPP Jr.

Pierre SCHELLENS and wife Mary "Louise" AVERY

Second wife Ellen COPP-AVERY produced a son and a daughter:

 - Christopher Lester Avery Jr.

 - Mary Jane Avery

In order to help me see the relationship between these people, I sketched up a rough family tree showing where each of these found photographs (in yellow) fit into the overall tree.

(Click for larger image)