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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

DETTRE, Marie Boyer (Macon GA)


Marie Boyer Dettre


PHOTO TAKEN: Blackshear Photographic Studio, Macon GA, circa 1896

PHOTO ACQUIRED: 2023 March, Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antiques Fair


Marie Boyer DETTRE (23 Sep 1879 - March 1971) was a daughter of:

  •     George Boyer DETTRE (1841-1885), a son of John Dettre & Mary Boyer
  •     Ellen Elizabeth JONES (1852-1913), a daughter of James Newton Jones & Sarah Jane Norman

Marie was born in Macon Georgia, where her father operated a grocery store. He had moved to Georgia after the Civil War in which he served as part of the Union Army, Company C, Pennsylvania Infantry.

1880 CENSUS > GA > Bibb Co. > Macon > 204 1st Street

(click for larger)

  • DETTRE, George, 45, born in PA, Grocer
  • DETTRE, Ellen, wife, 27, keeping house, born in GA
  • DETTRE, Mary, 8mo. daughter, born in GA
  • JONES, Sarah, 55 mother-in-law, born in GA

By the time of George's death in 1885, another daughter was added to the family. Sarah "Sadie" Dettre was born in 1881. 

Following her husband’s death, Ellen moved her family to the Philadelphia PA area. A local newspaper in 1897 mentions Marie Boyer Dettre as a student at Girl’s High School in Philadelphia.

The 1900 Census shows the family boarding at the home of Robert Wilson PERRY and his wife Claudia in Norristown, a northwest suburb of Philadelphia.

 1900 CENSUS > PA > Montgomery Co. > Norristown

  • PERRY, R. Wilson, head, 58, May 1842, born in PA, paper hanger
  • PERRY, Claudia C., wife, 65, Feb 1835, born in GA
  • DETTRE, Ellen E.J., boarder, 47, Dec 1852, born in GA
  • DETTRE, Marie B., boarder, 20, Sep 1879, born in GA
  • DETTRE, Sarah E., boarder, 18, Nov 1881, born in GA

Looking into the Perry history, I found that R. Wilson Perry, like George Dettre, was a veteran of the Civil War, having served as a Lieutenant in Company C of the Pennsylvania Infantry. So it was evident that they would have known each other, at least from their military service. Also I find that Claudia Quarterman-Perry had some half-siblings with the surname of Norman, which is the maiden name of Ellen’s mother. Therefore, Claudia may have been a cousin of some sort to Ellen.

Robert Perry died in 1905 and is buried in Norris City Cemetery. It is interesting to note that Claudia, who is buried next to him, died in 1919 in Georgia. She may have returned to that state along with the Dettre family after the death of her husband.

Ellen and Sadie Dettre are included in the 1906 City Directory of Macon GA.  

Meanwhile, Marie married in late November 1905 to a Pennsylvania dentist named Charles Howard HARRY (1851-1925) and they lived in the Norristown area. 

Charles was a son of Charles P. Harry (1818-1898) and Rebecca D. Markley (1822-1892). Marie was Charles’ second wife, and he already had children by his first wife (who died in 1904.)

UPDATE - a recent visit to the same Vintage Photo Booth has resulted in finding a photo of Marie & Charles' infant son, taken in January of 1910.

Charles Howard Harry Jr, abt 1 yr
Taken January 26th 1910

 Together they had a son Charles Howard Harry Jr. (1909 – 1984) who was a most impressive individual. His 1984 obit from the Miami Herald proves this.


Marie is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, having proved descendancy (through her mother) from Major John Jones, aide-de-camp to General McIntosh. He died at the siege of Savannah, and Jones Street in that city is named for him.




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