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Monday, August 28, 2017

McADOO, Johnnie and Bessie

Johnnie and Bessie McADOO
Kittanning, PA
January 1893

This photo was located in the Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa. The photo was taken in the Walter Otto Studio in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, in January 1893. Johnnie appears to be around 1 or 2 years old. Bessie appears to be between 5 and 6.

There was a McAdoo family living in Kiskiminetas Township, Pennsylvania, in 1910, which is only about 20 miles from Kittanning.

They are found on the 1910 Census.
McADOO, Harriet, head, 60, widowed, born in Penn of Irish parents, occupation Farmer
McADOO, Bessie E., daughter, 24, born in Penn, Public School teacher
McADOO, John S., son, 21, farmer
HOOVER, Myrtle, servant, 30, born in Penn, private family servant

Mother Harriet's maiden name was Campbell. She was born Oct 1854, and died (after 1930 Census). Her husband was John McAdoo (born Oct 1837 - died 1900?) son of Irish parents.

The 1910 Census describes Harriet as a widow.

Little Johnnie McAdoo was born 4 Nov 1888 (so 4 yo in the photo).

NOTE - there is more than one McAdoo family in this area at this time. Research shows there was a different Johnnie McAdoo nearby, from a large family, and married, who died Apr 3, 1917 at age 25, with cause of death "killed by explosion in Conemaugh Coal Co. mine." But our Johnnie S. McAdoo appears on both the 1920 Census and the 1930 Census, still farming at home with mother Harriet and sister Bessie.

June 5, 1917, John Sylvester McAdoo registers for the WWI draft. Birthdate Nov 4, 1888 (he is age 28 at this time.) He claims exemption from military draft due to "only son of widowed mother and large farm to work."

1930 Census shows Bessie (44) is a public school teacher in Kiskiminetas.

1940 Census, Kiskiminetas, PA
McADOO, John S., head, 48, general farming
McADOO, Elizabeth M., sister, 52, public school teacher
HOOVER, Myrtle, servant, 57, housekeeper

Sister "Bessie" is seen on Census records as Bessie E., Elizabeth M., and Margaret E. From this I think we can determine her name was either Elizabeth Margaret McAdoo or Margaret Elizabeth McAdoo. According to Church records, Margaret Elizabeth McAdoo was born in Kiskiminetas township, Mar 15 1886 (thus not quite 7 in the photo) to parents John and Harriet T McAdoo, and baptized Sunday October 10, 1886 at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Kittanning PA.

April 27, 1942, John Sylvester McAdoo registered for the draft for WWII. He reports his birthdate as 4 Nov, 1888. He is 53 and farming in "Kiski Township". Closest relative is Elizabeth McAdoo of Avonmore PA, so we know that up to April 1942 she was still unmarried.

21 May 1956 - Bess admitted to hospital in Kittanning PA.

26 May, 1956, Death Certificate for Bess Elizabeth McAdoo, retired school teacher, never married, born 15 Mar 1886, died at Armstrong Memorial Hospital in Kittanning PA, but resided in Avonmore PA with her brother. She was 70 yo. Her mother's maiden name is shown as Harriett T. Campbell. Bess was buried at Edgewood Cemetery Saltsburg, Indiana County, PA.

12 Jan 1970 - John is admitted to the Indiana PA hospital.

__ Jan 1970 - John dies. Last residence was Avonmore PA.

Many thanks to volunteers Rob and Debi Felten for supplying the headstone photos.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

RICE, Dorothy Lee

June 1891, 3yo (born 1888)
Washington DC

This photo was located at the Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa, in the same booth as the previously posted photos Edwin Eggleston and Joe & Sarah Jennings Cook.

Dorothy Lee Rice (born Aug 16, 1888 - died Aug 1976) - daughter of James Quackenbush Rice (1859-1928) and Helen Howd (1859-1924) formerly of Washington, but family moved to New York. Attended Vassar College. Married Dr. Martin Hayward Post Jr. (1886-1969) of St. Louis, August 26 1916, at the home of the bride's parents in Tunxis, Litchfield Co., Conn.

They had daughter Dorothy Lee Post (1918-1941). She died at age 22 in an auto accident in Illinois.

They also had a son Martin H. Post III.

Dorothy's father, James Quackenbush Rice, was the son of James O. Rice (1822-1864 killed in Civil War) and Harriet Elizabeth Cook (1832-1913) (daughter of Moses and Emily Cook).

Dorothy's mother, Helen Howd, was a daughter of John E. Howd (1828-1902) and Ellen Eggleston (1834-1897) who was a cousin of Edwin Eggleston (previously posted).

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

COOK, Joe and JENNINGS, Sarah

These photos of Joe Cook and Sarah Jennings Cook were located at the Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa, New York, in the same booth as the images for Edwin Eggleston and Dorothy Lee Rice.  The cabinet cards are trimmed at the bottom, presumably to fit into a specific frame, but enough of the photographer's mark remains to see that the photos were taken at one of the Heusted Studios in Jefferson County, NY, and probably around the 1890-1895 time period based on the look and feel of the images, and the clothing worn.

The subjects are Joseph C. Cook (1852-1931) and Sarah E. Jennings (1853-1911).

They had a child Lois Margaret Cook, born about 1897, who at age 22 (1919) married Merrill Wood Robbins (son of Glenn Robbins and Mertie Wood) who was a fellow student in her small graduating class at Union Academy in Belleville, in 1916.

Joe and Sarah are found on the 1880 Census for Belleville, Jefferson Co., NY
JENNINGS, Elijah, head, born in NY, retired grocer
JENNINGS, Ellen, wife, born in Connecticut
COOK, Sarah, daughter, born in NY
COOK, Joseph, son-in-law, born in NY, blacksmith

The family is found on the 1910 Federal Census in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, NY
COOK, Joseph L., head, 54, (born abt 1856) in NY of NY  parents, occupation blacksmith in the horseshoeing industry.
COOK, Sarah J., wife, 54, (born abt 1856) in NY of NY and CT parents
COOK, Lois B., daughter, 13, (born abt 1897) in New York
EGGLESTON, Henrietta L., aunt, 60, (born abt 1846) in NY of CT parents

Aunt Henrietta who was living with Sarah and Joseph in 1910, is a sister of Edwin Lee Eggleston, previously researched and posted.



This photo was one of five located at one of my favorite Antique shops; Stone Soup Antiques Gallery in Ballston Spa, NY. Based on the large tie knot, it must have been taken around 1890. The studio was the Ralph Huested Photographic Studio which had branches in Mannsville, Ellis Village, Belleville and Henderson, Jefferson Co., New York.

Edwin Lee Eggleston was born 18 Dec 1832/33 in Henderson, New York to parents Hector D. Eggleston (1802-1865) and Isabelle Sedgewick Lee (1803-1894). He had several siblings including Julius T. (1823-1848), Elizabeth (1825-1825), Ellen (1826-1827), Ellen (1828-_), Dewitt C. (1830-1857), Roswell P. (1835-1853), Henry K. (1839-1916), Isabelle J. (1841-1901), Henrietta L. (1846-1925), and Julius T. (1823-1848).

At age 29, in 1862, Edwin enlisted in the Civil War with Company E of the 10th NY Heavy Artillery, and attained the rank of Sergeant. He returned home to Henderson in 1865.

1868 - At age 35, in Prince Edward Canada, he married 26 year old Ellen M. Harris (daughter of Herman Harris and Polly Case) on 18 Oct 1868. Ellen lived to age 44, dying in 1886. From this union was born three children; a daughter Caroline Eggleston (1869-1895), a son Samuel Eggleston (1871-_), and daughter Henrietta "Etta" Eggleston (1873-1959).
(Click for larger image)

1888 - married second wife Rhoda McKenzie.

1890, June 4, Watertown (NY) Daily Times - this fascinating newspaper snip (at right) mentions both Edwin Eggleston visiting the town of Henderson, and Ralph Heusted opening his photographic studio. This may actually have been the very time this photograph was taken, because Eggleston was living in Ontario Canada at the time, but was visiting in Henderson.

Edwin died April 13, 1922 in Los Angeles. This obituary for Edwin was located in the Watertown (NY) Daily Times, April 22, 1922. (You can click on the obit pictures for a larger image.)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

MARSH, Mabel Patience

Mabel Patie_____ ___arsh
2 1/2 yrs old
Ferguson Studio, Pittsburg Kas.

UPDATE - this photo has been claimed by Mabel's son, and is going home. This photo was located at the "127 Yard Sale" today near Salvisa, Kentucky.

The photo is of a charming toddler in the early 1910's, but the inscription on the back has been torn and obliterates a portion of the middle name and surname. Fortunately, I bought it anyway on the assumption that Pittsburg Kansas has never been a large community, and I should have a fairly easy time of combing the Census records to find a matching name and age.

This turned out to be a good assumption.

The subject is MABEL PATIENCE MARSH, born 17 Aug 1909 in Crawford County, Kansas, to parents Robert Stanley Marsh (1867-1937) and Mabel Ann Riley (1875-1956). (Interesting note - Robert's first wife was Flora Riley (1867-1899) who died young of tuberculosis. Robert's second wife was Mabel, Flora's younger sister.)

1910 Census, Kansas > Crawford Co.> Pittsburg > 106 East Adams Street
MARSH, Robert S., head, 42, born in Ohio to Ohio parents, traveling Grocery salesman
MARSH, Mabel R., wife, 34, born in Indiana to Indiana & Ohio parents
MARSH, Flora Janette, daughter, 6, born in Kansas
MARSH, Richard Riley, son, 4, born in Kansas
MARSH, Mabel Patience, daughter, 8 mo., born in Kansas

From 1920 onward, the family appears at 104 E Adams. Unsure if that means the family moved to the house next-door, or if the address numbering system changed.

1930 Census, Kansas > Crawford Co.> Pittsburg > 104 East Adams Street
MARSH, Robert S., head, 63, no occupation
MARSH, Mabel R., wife, 55
MARSH, Flora Janette, daughter, 26, teacher at Public School
MARSH, Richard Riley, son, 24, teacher at Public School
MARSH, Mabel Patience, daughter, 20, no occupation

Her brother Richard married Gladys Louise Parks (1906-1999).

1933 City Directory for Pittsburg, KS. reports that Patty Marsh is a teacher at Roosevelt Jr High School, and resides at 104 E Adams with her parents.

May 27, 1945, Mabel married Robert A Herrmann (1904-1991).

She died 15 January 1961 in Wellington Kansas. Buried at Highland Park Cemetery in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Three years later, her widowed husband Robert married her older sister Flora.

I am still working on this subject. I have not yet determined if she had any children or grandchildren who may survive into the present time.