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Monday, September 21, 2015


(Mrs. Souers)

photo taken in Dayton Ohio, circa 1885-1890
This photograph was acquired yesterday at the Burlington, Kentucky, Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.  I had never seen the name "Tentie" before, and thought it might make the research easier. As it turned out, I think the name must be a nickname, and that made the research more difficult.

Once again, the generous folks at the Find-A-Grave FaceBook page have helped me find the details about Tentie Link's life.  According to Family Search, "Tenta Link" was the wife of Charles "Seuers", and mother of Ralph E. "Saures". Despite the mispellings, these clues led to Census verifications.

She was born around 1867-68 and was married to Charles in 1886. Her son Ralph E. Sauers was born 5-Dec-1887 in Dayton, Ohio. The 1900 Census at Dayton, OH, included Charles Souers (36), Teddie C. Souers (32), Ralph E. Sours (13) and Carl A. Souers (11).

The birth record for her son Carl gives the mother's name as Katy, so her middle name may possibly be Catherine. I wonder if "Tentie" or "Tenta" could be a nickname for Hortense. (?)

By the time of the 1910 census, Charles' status has changed from "married" to "widowed."

Son Ralph E. Souers died in Douglas Arizona on 2 Dec 1941. He was prinicipal and then superintendent of schools there.  His headstone says his middle name is "Edkar." The newspaper insert announcing his engagement to Miss Helen Louisa Aiken, in 1914 in the Cincinnati Enquirer, gave his middle name at "Edward."

I will keep looking for more info on Tentie, such as her parents' names.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

KALFUS, Mary Lillian

Mary Lillian Kalfus
August 1905, Age 2 years and 2 months
Indianapolis, Indiana

This photo was located today in a booth at the Burlington Kentucky Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

There was excellent identification on the back of the photo, and an unusual enough name that I felt I should surely be able to find a living relative.

She is the daughter of Charles William Kalfus (1861-1917) and Emma Delia Moore (1863-1946).

The family is found (albeit mispelled) on the 1910 Federal Census, Wayne Township, Indiana, 403 Berwick Street.
CALFUS, Charles W., head, 48, born in Ky of Ky parents, real estate agent
CALFUS, Emma D., wife, 46, born in Ky of Ky parents
CALFUS, Mary L., daughter, 6, born in Indiana of Kentucky parents.

By the time of the 1920 Census, Mary is newly wed to Maurice Russell Hughes. The live at the home of Mary's sister Maud.

1920 Census, Center Township, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1944 Ashland Avenue
GUFFIN, Maud S., head, 35, widowed, born in Kentucky, no occupation
GUFFIN, Charles A., son, 7, born in Indiana
KALFUS, Emma D., mother, 55, widowed, no occupation
HUGHES, Russell M., 18, electrician
HUGHES, Mary L., sister, 16, no occupation

She married twice; first to Maurice Russell Hughes, by whom she bore two children, and later to David Roy Beck.

She died in 1987 and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, where her parents are also interred.