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Sunday, December 18, 2016

WRIGHT, Viola E.

taken in Ellenville, NY
circa 1910? at Wright Photography Studio

UPDATE -  this photo of Viola Wright has been claimed by her family and has gone home!

1910 Census, NY, Ulster, Ellenville
WRIGHT, Van Ness, head, 47, (March 1863) born in NY of NY parents, photographer in Studio
WRIGHT, Dora, wife, 46, (Feb 1864) born in Penn of NY and PA parents,
WRIGHT, Edith, daughter, 21, (March 1887) born in NY, Teacher at a school
WRIGHT, Edna N, daughter, 18, (July 1889) born in NY
WRIGHT, Viola E., daughter, 16, (Sept 1893) born in NY

The photo was undoubtedly taken by Viola's father VanNess Wright, as the 1910 census states he was a photographer at a studio in Ellenville NY.

1930 Census shows Viola is working as a Public School Teacher in Port Jervis NY and boarding with the Francisco family on Pine Street. Also boarding there was Public School teacher Lempi Erikon whose parents were Finnish immigrants.

Her sister Edith married S. Max Taylor.

Her sister Edna married Harold Herkimer.

Viola never married, dedicating her life instead to education. She died 5 Aug 1971 in Syracuse NY. The following obit was located in the Kingston Daily Freeman (Kingston, NY) 7-Aug-1971, page 3.

PROSSER, Kathryn Louise

Kathryn Louise Prosser
age 6 months, 1917
photo taken at Wade Studio, Youngstown Ohio

This photo was located at the Highway 127 Yard Sale last summer, in Anderson County, Kentucky.

A quick peek into finds that this is Kathryn L. Prosser, born 1 Apr 1917, a daughter of William Robert Prosser and Emma Amelia Griffiths.

Her sisters were Charlotte (1918-2005, married to Stephen King Hawkins) and Rhoda (1924-2000, married to Robert Dale Gustafson).

At the age of 21, Kathryn married John J. "Jack" Walters (1914-1997), an excavating contractor. Jack and Kathryn lived in Hubbard, OH, a neighboring community to Youngstown. They had daughter Kathy Walters (1943-2013), who married M.B. "Ben" Mitcham.

Kathryn died 14 Nov 2005 in Sarasota Florida at age 88. I believe that after her husband Jack passed, Kathryn went to live with either her daughter Kathy who lived in Bradenton Fl, or her son Ken Walters of Sarasota FL.

Monday, December 5, 2016


taken in Beaver Falls, PA
circa 1925

This photograph of Leah Sakulsky was located at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show. It is a bit pale, and I tweaked it in Photoscape to bring out more definition.

Leah was born Dec 26, 1908 in Tarentum PA, daughter of Barnett Sakulsky (1883-1956, possible parents Samuel Sakulsky and Annie Shimmerman/Zimmerman) and Mollie Levin (1886-1957, a daughter of Yankf Baer Tcheplavotsky and Tamara Risha Levin).

1920 CENSUS, Westmoreland PA
SAKULSKY, Barnett, head, 36, born in Russia, machinist at a steel mill
SAKULSKY, Mollie, wife, 34, Russia
SAKULSKY, Leah, daughter, 11, Pennsylvania
SAKULSKY, Elhanan, son, 7, Pennsylvania
SAKULSKY, Grace, daughter, 3, Pennsylvania

1930 CENSUS, Aliquippa, PA
SAKULSKY, Barnett, head, 46, no occupation
SAKULSKY, Mollie, wife, 44, clerk in grocery store
SAKULSKY, Leah, daughter, 21, clerk in grocery store
SAKULSKY, Elkanan, son, 17
SAKULSKY, Grace, daughter, 13
SAKULSKY, Jerry, son, 4

Complete list of siblings:
Sophie (1907-1916)
Elhanan (1913-2005)
Grace (1916-1993) married Philip Gordon, Oct 29, 1941.
Jacob "Jerry" (1925-1976)

In the 1940 Census, father Barnett is shown as the proprietor of a retail grocery.

Leah married Martin Goldenfeld (1897-1988), an immigrant butcher from Romania.

They had the following children:
Toba Goldenfeld (born abt 1936), eloped in 1957 with Lt. Joel B. Levinson. Toba ran a used bookstore on Murray Avenue. She was affectionately known as the "mayor of Murray Avenue." They had sons Jeff, Eric, Drew and Mark.
Rita Goldenfeld (born abt 1939), married Joel Silverman. They had son Robert.

Leah died May 29, 1996, at age 87, and is buried at the New Light Cemetery in Etna, PA, next to her husband. This funeral notice was located in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of May 31, 1996.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

WENK, Edward

Baltimore, MD
signed "Compliments of Edward Wenk"

Lovely penmanship, by the way.

This photo of Edward Wenk was acquired earlier this year in Eugene, Oregon, at an antique store named Hollywood Antiques. It was located in the same booth as the framed photograph for Edith (Heller) Rothholz who was previously researched and posted below. Edith Rothholz is Edward's sister-in-law by virtue of his marriage to Lillian "Lillie" Heller.

Edward J. Wenk (1876-1950) was the son of Germany immigrant butcher Jacob Wenk (1835-1896) and Sadie Alberg (1860-1921). He worked as a butcher in Baltimore.

1900 Census, Baltimore MD, Orleans Street
WENK, Sadie, head, Mar 1860, (age 40) widowed, born in Germany, owns a restaurant
WENK, Edward, son, Nov 1876, (23) born in MD of German parents, butcher
WENK, Joseph, son, June 1878, (21) Maryland, teamster
WENK, Carrie, daughter, June 1881 (18), Maryland
WENK, Matilda, daughter, Mar 1884 (16), Maryland, trouser factory
WENK, Amanda, daughter, Feb 1887, (13), Maryland, trouser factory
WENK, Louis, son, Oct 1890, (9) Maryland
WENK, Lilly, daughter, Apr 1892, (8) Maryland
MILLER, William, boarder, Aug 1877 (22) Maryland, butcher

Edward married Lillian Heller in 1902.

1910 Census, Baltimore MD, Fayette Street
WENK, Edward, head, (33), butcher
WENK, Lillie, wife, (33), assistant
The census indicates they had been married 7 years, and had no children to that point.

But they did have at least two children;
  Elizabeth Wenk-Cline (abt 1912-1997)
  Edward Wenk Jr. (1920-2012)

Sometime between 1910 and 1920 his occupation changed from butcher to commercial salesman.

WWI Draft Registration 1918
Edward lists his address as 2648 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore MD, and his occupation as "Traveling Salesman" for the Frances H. Leggett Company (a wholesale grocery and goods importer). His wife is Lillie Wenk.

March 2, 1945 Lillie Wenk died.

In 2012, his son Edward Wenk Jr. (born 1920)  died in Washington State. His obituary reveals him to have been a truly accomplished and remarkable man.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LEEDS, Sarah Dutton

June 5, 1903
taken at The Hansbury Studio
914 Chester Street, Philadelphia

UPDATE - Sarah has been claimed and is going home to her family. This beautiful portrait was located at the Dec 2015 Antiques Fair at the Palm Beach County fairgrounds in southern Florida.

Sarah Dutton Leeds was born Sept 4, 1887 to parents Isaac Powell Leeds and Elizabeth A. Lippencott.

1900 Census, Burlington County, NJ
LEEDS, I. Powell, head, 22-Oct 1851, 48, NJ, of NJ & PA parents (Isaac & Sarah). farmer
LEEDS, Eliz. A., wife, 2-Apr 1856, 44, NJ, of NJ parents (Josiah & Louisa)
LEEDS, Mary Elizabeth, daughter, 19-July 1885, 14, NJ, at school
LEEDS, Sarah Dutton, daughter, 4-Sept 1887, 12, NJ, at school
LEEDS, Emily Powell, daughter, 5-June 1891, 8, NJ, at school
LEEDS, Beulah Sharpless, daughter, 18-June 1893, 6, NJ
LEEDS, Josiah Lippencott, son, Jan 1895, 5, NJ

1910 Census, Chester township, Burlington County, NJ
LEEDS, I. Powell, head, 59, farmer
LEEDS, Elizabeth A., wife, 54
LEEDS, Sarah D., daughter, 22, teacher
LEEDS, Emily P., daughter, 19, teacher
LEEDS, Josiah L., son, 15

Curious about why Beulah (should be 16 years old) is missing from this census.

Her sister Emily Powell Leeds (a food and canning demonstrator for the State Agricultural Dept) married Franklin William Stillman (manager of Broad Meadow Farm) at Rahway, on Sept 5, 1917. Sarah was maid of honor, Beulah was among the bridesmaids, and Josiah was the best man.

The 1920 Census shows much the same information, except that Mary Leeds is back in the household and works as a manager of a hotel. Sarah is still a public school teacher, Beulah works as a clerk in a drug store and Josiah works for an electrical supply company.

By the time of the 1930 Census, 74 year old Elizabeth is the widowed head of household. (Isaac Powell Leeds died 29-June 1924 at age 73). Living with her at 259 E. 3rd street, are Josiah (35, electrical engineer, and veteran of the great war), Mary (44, proprietor of Summer Hotel), and Beulah (36, a statistician for the Telephone company.) Sarah is no longer in the household.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VANDE LAAR, Ann May (possibly)

first communion photo
taken in St. Johns, Michigan
circa 1901 ?

Click for enlarged image
This communion photograph was acquired at an antiques fair in Florida, from a vendor named "Breakable Antiques." The photographer is identified as Plunkett, in St. Johns, Michigan.

The surname was a real stumper. I searched and searched for surnames Vander Luc and Vander Lur with infinite variations like Van Leur, etc. I could find no Census records for St. Johns, Michigan. Finally about to give up, I stumbled upon one woman that looks promising.

The only person of a similar name and location that I could find is Ann May Vande Laare of Kalamazoo Michigan, born 1888, died 1975.

She was a daughter of John Vande Laare and Ida Vanzee. Her siblings were Cornelius (1885-1957) and Frederick (1891-1960).

Ann married Edward R. Vander Brook (1886-1978) probably around 1908-1909 and had 3 children:
Milton (1910-2007) married Marjorie Frost.
Virginia (1913-?)
Margaret (1917-1977) married Donald Blodgett.

Minnie Vande Laare
I found a family tree at for this woman, and although there were not photos of her there, there was a photo of her aunt Minnie (shown at right) to whom she bears a striking resemblance. So I think this may be the correct person.

NOTE - I do not own the photo at right, it is only provided here for comparison.


Click for larger image
taken at Quakertown, PA
circa 1905

This photo of Ida Nace-Wieand was located at the Brandywine River Antique Mall in Chadds Ford, PA.

Ida Nace was born 18 May, 1887 and was therfore about 18 at the time the photo was taken. Her father was Clinton S. Nace (1860-1932) and her mother was Amanda A. Scheetz (1862-1938).

1900 Census, Trumbauersville, Bucks County, PA
NACE, Clinton  - head, (born Jan 1860 in PA), of PA parents, farmer
NACE, Amanda - wife, (Mar 1862 in PA), of PA parents
NACE, Ida - daughter, (May 1887 in PA)
NACE. Emma - daughter, (Nov 1890 in PA)
NACE, Lillian "Lydia" - daughter, (Jan 1892 in PA)
NACE, Elsie - daughter, (Nov 1895 in PA)
WIEAND, Charles - servant, (Feb 1884), farm laborer

There were two other siblings: Erwin Nace born in April 1898 (lived 2 days), and Isaac Scheetz Nace (1900-1963) who was born after the Census survey of 1900.

At the age of 21, Ida married Charles K. Weiand (son of Henry Clement Wieand and Sarah Ann Kolb) on 28 Nov 1908, and had four children:
Twilla Edna Wieand (1910-2002) married Oswin G. Wentling Jr. (1905-1975).
Raymond N. Wieand (1912-1989)
Eva Wieand (1915-1971) married Stanley Johnson (1915-1956).
Clinton Nace Wieand (1920-2003) married Jeanne Adele Kendig (1917-1942).

Ida died from heart attack on 11 Sept 1960 at age 73.

IRWIN, Misner

taken at Thorntown, Indiana
circa 1880

1880 Census, Shannondale Township, Montgomery County, IN
IRWIN, Misner, 73yo, born in Ohio, of Maryland parents
IRWIN, Mary, 45, daughter, at home, born in Indiana, of Ohio parents
IRWIN, Esther, 34, daughter, housekeeping, born in Indiana, of Ohio parents
Also in this household or directly next door to Abigail IRWIN, 76, born in OH of MD parents (a sister to Misner.) adds info:
  Birth:  Mar. 22, 1807, Ohio, USA
  Death:  Feb. 28, 1888, USA
  Misner Irwin was born in Ross County OH.
  He maried Margaret Blain 4 Nov 1830 in Highland Co. OH.

  Burial: Irwin Cemetery
  Bowers, Montgomery County, Indiana, USA

Various trees at reveal that Misner was born 22 Mar 1807 in Ross County, OH, to parents Samuel Kennedy Irwin and Esther Dean. He married Margaret Blaine on 4 Nov 1830, and had the following children:
  James B. Irwin (1832-1833)
  Mary Irwin (1836- )
  Samuel Irwin (1838-1873)
  William A. Irwin (1841-1881) married Martha Ann Strain (1841-1928).
  John W. Irwin (1843-1919)
  Esther Irwin (1845-1926) married John Lutz (1861-1935).

Wife Margaret died in 1849. Misner died 28 Feb 1888.

Misner had 15 siblings; Joseph, Justin, Katherine, Abigail, Jessup, Augustin, Jared, William, Samuel, John, Robert, Price, twins Allen and Asa, Nancy Jane, James Laten.

Bio of Misner Irwin from "History of Montgomery County, Indiana"
by H. W. Beckwith
published in 1881

Misner IRWIN, farmer, Bowers, is a native of Ross Co, OH b. 1807 and pioneer settler of Sugar Creek Twp. He was here before the Indians were gone. His parents were Samuel and Ester (DEAN) Irwin, the former a native of Virginia, the latter a native of Ohio. His father came to Ohio in 1800 where he was marr, then immigrated to Indiana, Montgomery Co in 1829. Mr. Irwin's father raised a family of 14 children and d. in 1834 in the 53rd year of his age and his mother in 1865 in her 84th year. In 1830 he was marr. to Margaret BLAINE daughter of James & Mary, both natives of Pa. By this marriage he has 8 children; James B. and Samuel (Deceased) Mary; William A; John W and Ester. Wm. A. was in the 3-months service during the late war (Civil War).

In 1868 Misner's beloved wife and kind mother were called form earth to heaven. She died firm in the religion of Christ. His grandparents, Jerod and Jane Irwin came from Scotland. His mother's people are of Irish descent. Mr. Irwin began life poor and now has a farm of 56 acres in good cultivation and lives at his ease, enjoying the fruits of a well-spent life. In politics he is a radical Republican.

The date above for the death of Misner's wife is incorrect - her stone clearly says she died in 1849.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

ROTHHOLZ, Edith Heller

(taken in NY, circa 1942)

This framed photograph of a WWII-era Red Cross member was located at Hollywood Antiques in Eugene Oregon.

There is an Edith Rothholz (maiden name HELLER), born 19-Apr-1894 and died 1-Jun-1974 in New York City. Daughter of August Heller and Lena Rosenthal. Married to William Rothholz (1886-1966)

1910 Census, John Street, Baltimore, MD
August H. Heller, 59, born in Austria, imm 1853, traveling saleman clothing industry
Lena R. Heller, 52, born in Pennsylvania
Carlotta Heller, 23, music teacher
Herbert Heller, 21, advertising writer
Wilhelmina Heller, 19
Edith Heller, 15
Sophie Ulrich, 30, private nurse

The 1900 Census lists three older siblings which were out of the house by the 1910 Census. These were Lillian "Lela" Heller (in some documents as Elizabeth, b. 1877), Ida R. (b. 1879) and Jacob William (b. 1881).

Edith's mother Lena died suddenly of a heart ailment on 6 Sep 1912, while visiting Atlantic City NJ, at age 54. I think the mention of "daughter Carolina" in this obit must be Carlotta. Her father August died in Baltimore on 16 Jun 1934.

This marriage announcement was printed in the Baltimore Sun, 28 June 1915. Edith and William are found on subsequent Census records.

1920 Census, Larchmont Ave, Mamroneck, NY
William Rothholz, age 33, born in NY, President of Textile Finishing company
Edith Rothholz, age 25, born in Virginia, no occupation

1930 Census, West 72nd Street, Manhattan, NY
William Rothholz, age 43, of German parents, textile finisher
Edith Rothholz, age 35, born in Virginia, of German father and Pennsylvania mother, music teacher

1940 Census, West End Ave, New York, NY
William Rothholz, 53, Pres. Textile Refinishing Company
Edith Rothholz, 45, no occupation
Click for larger image

In April 1933, Edith's Father-in-law, Gustav Rothholz died in Baltimore. The article above from the Baltimore Sun, 28 Apr 1933, says that he left a large estate and had been a highly successful "clothes sponger" for 45 years. He and his brother Solomon were the principals of the Rothholz Brothers textile company.

Click for larger image

The news article at left, found in numerous newspapers around 17 May 1942, appears to confirm that this is the correct person in the photo.

1974, March 8, Edith's sister Carlotta Heller died.

Edith would pass less than three months later. Apparently she had no descendants of her own, but many of her siblings married and had children. It is probably among these that I will find a recipient for the photo.

Lillian (1877-1945) married Edward Wenk.
Ida (1879- ) married Robert E. Owens.
Jacob (1881-1945) married Rhea Newman.
Carlotta (1886 -1974) unmarried.
Herbert (1888-1919) married Jessie Gischner.
Wilhelmina "Willie" (1890-1918) married Samuel Isaac Schafer.

UPDATE - Well imagine my surprise when filing away another photograph in the W's, I found that I have a photograph of a man named EDWARD WENK from Baltimore!  My notes on him indicate that I acquired him earlier this year at the same Hollywood Antiques in Eugene Oregon.  This is the man that Edith's older sister Lillian married.  Here is the photo, but I have done a full post on him above. Here is the direct link to Edward Wenk:

Monday, November 21, 2016


This small photograph, labeled "Aunt Adnee Vanemberg" was located in Midway, Kentucky, at the Eagles' Nest Antique Store.

It is stamped with the photographer's mark which says "Doremus, Photograph Gallery, 85 Main Street, Paterson, NJ"

I was able to locate the subject in a rather large pdf file courtesy of the New Jersey Genealogical Society of Bergen County.

In this document, Adnee is defined as follows:

ADNEE VAN EMBURGH, born 18 Mar 1865 Paramus, Bergen County, NJ (as Anna)
 - daughter of Abram Van Emburgh & Margaret Ann Terhune
 - baptised 15 Oct 1865 Paramus Reformed Church
 - married. John Calvin Bogert (1865-1939)

Adnee's siblings are:

- Mary Elizabeth Van Emburgh (Minnie), b. 30 Mar 1856; bp. 19 Sep 1860 Paramus Ref Ch; m. (she as Maggie) 13 Jan 1875 by Rev. G. Talmage, to Daniel S. Van Riper, 20, of Hillsdale, a farmer, son of Abraham & Anna Van Riper.

- Stephen Terhune Van Emburgh, b. 23 Feb 1858; bp. 19 Sep 1860 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 10 May 1933; buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., NJ; m. Sarah Catherine Bogert.

- John A. Van Emburgh, b. 23 Feb 1860 Paramus, Bergen County, NJ, bp. 19 Sep 1860 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 1926; buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., NJ; married Carrie Zabriskie, dau. of Abraham Stevens Zabriskie & Jemima Garrison.

- Carrie Van Emburgh, b. 1862; bp. 18 July 1863 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 1889; m. John Edward Post
Catherine Ann Van Emburgh, b. 4 Sep 1867; bp. 24 Sep 1867 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 5 May 1872; buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., NJ.

Children of Adnee and John Calvin Bogert:

- Harold John BOGERT, 1891 - 1965, married Hannah Mosser.
 - - John Calvin Bogert, 1915 - 2004, married Barbara E. White.
 - - Thomas E. Bogert, 1918 - 1996, married Marjorie H. Hornbeck.

- Elsie Adnee BOGERT, 1893 - 1983, married John Quarles James.

- Eugene Calvin BOGERT, 1895 - 1963

Further research reveals that Adnee and her husband both died in 1939. Both are buried in Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


(Clarence's father)

UPDATE - Arthur has been claimed by a relative and is going home. This small framed photograph was located at an antique shop in Springfield Oregon.

I have determined that this is Arthur Licurgus Rainwater, born Feb. 28, 1863 in Albany (Linn County) Oregon, and died Oct. 30, 1930 in Tacoma (Pierce County) Washington.

Arthur was the son of Northwest pioneer lumberman John Kiefer Rainwater (1834-1920) and Mary Ellen Sparks (1829-1889). John and Mary Ellen had seven children; six daughters and one son - Arthur.

Arthur married Clarissa Clara "Hannah" Robnett (sometimes shown as Robinette in historical records), a daughter of Joseph Robnett who was a sawmill partner with John Rainwater.

Obituary on Arthur's father (John K. Rainwater) from the Portland Oregon Daily Journal, 26 Aug 1920. (at right)

Arthur and Clara had the following children:
 - Rosetta (b. 1885)
 - Claude (1887)
 - Ernest & Elmer (twins)(1889)
 - Roy (1891)
 - Ora (1893)
 - Carl (1894)
 - Cora (1895)
 - Clyde (1896)
 - Alma (1897)
 - Loma (1898)
 - John (1900)
 - Faye (1903)
 - Clarence & Claire (twins) (1905)
 - Gladys (1910)

Arthur was widowed in 1921.

Arthur passed away in October 1930 in Tacoma Washington and is buried next to his wife Clara in Evergreen Cemetery in Everett Washington.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

OKESON, Margaret Kilgore

16 months, 1897

This photograph of Margaret Okeson was located at the "Highfalutin Vintage and Antique Fair" in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The photographic studio which took the photo was located in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Using, I found that Margaret was born March 7, 1896.

Her parents were Hal Horace Okeson (son of James B. Okeson and Margaret Roosevelt Mason), and Irene McCoy Kilgore (daughter of James Harvey Kilgore and Emma Jane Rodgers). Horace and Irene were married 25 Apr 1895.

I was saddened to discover that Margaret died in 1903 at age 7. I have not been able to determine the cause. I was hoping to find a descendent to whom I could send this photograph, but perhaps I can find some other close relative.

Siblings were:
 Irene (1900-1970) married John Esh.
 Elizabeth (1904-1957) married Harry Gray.
 Eleanor (1906-1981) married John Clark.
 Virginia (1907-1907)
 Barbara (1909-1910)

Mother Irene Kilgore-Okeson died March 30 1916 of a "sudden illness" but death certificate says cause of death was "nervous exhaustion" with contributing factor Myocarditis.

Father Horace "Harry" Okeson died Jan 1935 of a sudden illness.

The family is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Index & Statistics

857 - Photos bought,

507 - Researched and Blogged,

199 - Photos Sent Home  (39% success rate)

As you can see, I have researched a little over half of the photo collection to date.

Feel free to check my master index for the surname you are researching.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

SPERRY James and Fannie

Click for larger image
SPERRY, James & Fannie

UPDATE - a descendant has purchased this photo from the Antique Gallery and James and Fannie are finally going home. This photo was located at the Stone Soup Antique Gallery in Ballston Spa NY, but since it sported a $175 price tag, I declined to purchase it. That being said, it is a lovely framed portrait with curved glass, and probably worth the price to the right buyer.

The back of the frame had two handwritten tags applied.

One identified the subjects as Fannie Pixley Sperry and James Sperry, and further identifies them as "great-great-grandfather and grandmother."

The second tag reads: "To be given to C.B. Davis, Kent School, Kent Connecticut."

Although I did not purchase the photo, I wanted any descendants I could find to be able to see the faces of their ancestors, so I snapped these photos.
Click for larger image

Here is what I learned about the couple.

James Sperry was born in Alford Massachusetts in 1787, to parents Moses Sperry and Sally McLeod. He died in Rochester NY in March 1867. James Sperry is found in the 1866 Rochester City Directory living at 80 Exchange Street, where now one would find the arena for the Rochester Americans hockey team.

Fannie Pixley was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts in 1788, to parents Isaac Pixley (A Revolutionary War Captain) and Abigail Hooker. She died in Rochester NY in April 1867.

The couple are found on the 1850 Federal Census in Henrietta NY.
SPERRY James, 63, Farmer, born in Massachusetts
SPERRY Fanny, 63, born in Massachusetts
SPERRY George, 23, Farmer, born in New York
SPERRY Edward, 18, born in NY
SPERRY Mary, 20, born in NY
BOWLING Elizabeth, 20, born in Germany
BOWLING Catherine, 2, born in NY

1860 Federal Census, Henrietta NY
SPERRY James, 72, Surveyor
SPERRY Fanny, 72,
SPERRY Moses, 30, Physician
SPERRY Olive, 22
SPERRY Sarah E., 2
SPERRY Edward, 28, Farmer
SPERRY Clara D., 20
SPERRY Fanny A., 1
PIXLEY Thomas, 19, Farmer
ELDRIDGE Esther A., 15

Thursday, September 15, 2016

THOMAS, Minnie Dunham and sons

Harry THOMAS and Frank THOMAS
UPDATE - The THOMAS family photos have been claimed by a relative and are going home! Both photos were taken at Thomas Photographic Studio in Edmore, Michigan.

Scalloped edges on the card were typical in the early-to-mid 1890's.

1900 Federal Census, Michigan, Montcalm County, Home Township
THOMAS, James A., head, June 1854, 45, grocer
THOMAS, Minnie B., wife, Feb 1865, 35
THOMAS, Harry A., son, May 1892, 8
THOMAS, Frank C., son, Aug 1894, 5
THOMAS, Clyde D., son, July 1896, 3

1910 Federal Census, Michigan, Montcalm County, Home Township,
THOMAS, James A., head, 55, born in Penn to NY & Penn Parents, photographer
THOMAS, Minnie, wife, 45, born in Michigan to NY parents, merchant in general store
THOMAS, Harry A., son, 17, born in Michigan, newsboy
THOMAS, C. Franklin, son, 15, born in Michigan, newsboy
THOMAS, Clyde, son, 13, Michigan, newsboy

At the age 22, when Charles Franklin Thomas registered for the WWI Draft, he indicated that he was married and worked as a telegraph operator. He was a lifelong resident of the Edmore Michigan area, and died there in 1974, at the age of 79.

The parents of these two boys are:

James A. Thomas (1854-1927) son of Alason T Thomas and Rachel Graham.

Minnie Belle Dunham (1865-1913) daughter of Miles Dunham and Sarah Hayford.
Birth:  Feb. 21, 1865, Michigan, USA
Death:  Oct. 19, 1913, Edmore, Montcalm County, Michigan, USA

This photograph of Minnie Dunham Thomas was located in the same box of photos at the same booth. The back of photo reads:  Minnie Dunham, sister of Ida French, marrie James Thomas in 1891.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


(I am not in possession of this photo. I saw it at an antique shop in Ballston Spa, NY, but because it is large and framed, I felt I would not be able to get it home with me to Kentucky. So I snapped a photo with my cell phone. If this is your relative, I can tell you where to find the shop.)

The back of the picture reads as follows:

(click for larger image)
Father of
Alida Reichtmyer, born Feb 23 1854, married Jay Zeh
Peter Reichtmyer
John Reichtmyer
Wizz Reichtmyer
Irven Reichtmyer
Mary Reichtmyer, died when little

Phillip was murdered in McGowersville, Albany. His murderer called him out at night to help a brother mason.

Every example of the name that I found on Findagrave and Ancestry records the surname as RICHTMYER, and not REICHTMYER as written of the back of the photograph.

This article from New York Herald, June 20, 1895.  This clarifies the name of the town as McKnownsville (not McGowersville as I had read it.)

This newspaper article from the Burlington Free Press, 6 Sept 1895 gives more information.

(Click for larger image)

1875 New York State Census, Middleburgh, Schoharie County, NY
RICHTMYER, Philip, 51
RICHTMYER, Elizabeth, 50
RICHTMYER, Alida, 21
RICHTMYER, Irvin, 19
RICHTMYER, William, 16  <--- this must be the son called "Wizz"
RICHTMYER, Peter, 14

DUNKMAN family photos

UPDATE - These photos of the Dunkman family have been claimed and are going home!
These photo were located at the Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show, just south of Lexington KY.

Stella, Lawrence and Elsie DUNKMAN
photo taken in Cincinnati OH circa 1895
"Aunt Emma Dunkman"

These are the first three children of Theodore C. Dunkmann (1859-1941, son of Johann Dunkmann and Helene Prote) and Margaretta "Emma" Lorenz (1861-1927, daughter of Nicholas Lorenz and Katherine Klei).

Lawrence W. Dunkman (1887-1898) died at age 10. (His headstone spells the last name with one N.)
Clara Estella Dunkman (1888-1976) her headstone at Mt Olive cemetery Mayview IL says Dunkman, so she likely never married.
Elsie Lisetta Dunkman (1890-1979)

Cora and Walter

"Cora and Walter"

I generally do not buy photos identified with only first names, because there are not enough clues to find the correct family, however in this case, I bought the photo because the children bear a striking resemblence to Stella and Lawrence Dunkman, and oddly enough - also to Aunt Emma. The photo was taken at the same photographic studio in Cincinnati, at or around the same time, and located in the same box of old photos as the identified people. This led me to believe they were from the same immediate family.

Cora and Walter are two of the children of William F. Dunkmann (1856-1930, older brother of above-mentioned Theodore) and Clara Wilhelmina Lorenz (1864-1946, younger sister of above-mentioned Emma Lorenz).

Cora Emma Dunkman (1893-1984) would grow up and marry Ira Blaine Truesdell (d. 1970, a brother to KY Senator Charles Truesdell) she and her husband are buried at the Alexandria Cemetery in Campbell County Kentucky.
Walter Lorenz Dunkman (1891-1951) would grow up and marry Charlotte Hart Scott (d. 1982) and lived in Lexington, KY.

It is possible that the photos came from Walter's family history collection, since he and his wife lived in Lexington (the photos were acquired very near there, and Emma would have been his aunt). But Walter had other siblings; Ethel, Ellie, Helen and William, but it is not known if any of them lived near Lexington.

DENNIS children

This photo of the Dennis children was bought for me as a gift by a friend. The photo was found at the Stone Soup Antique Store in Ballston Spa, NY.

The photo was taken in Ossining-on-Hudson, circa 1910. The back of of the photo reads:
"Catherine, Hilbert & Fred Dennis. Their mother was Eva (Wright) who married Mr. Dennis, a newspaper man, They lived in Ossining. Eva was the daughter of Eugenia Wright. Eugenia was the daughter of William and Catherine (Lobbell) Wright."

I have since discovered that the children's mother was born Evelyn May Griffin (not Wright) but I suspect whoever wrote the note could not recall the woman's maiden name.

The family is found in Ossining, NY on the 1910 Federal Census, living at 4 Maurice Avenue.
DENNIS, Robert T., head, 48, married 12 yrs, born in NY of Massachusetts and NY parents, occupation: proof-reader in a printing office
DENNIS, Eva M., wife, 34, born in NY or NY parents
DENNIS, Hilbert G., son, 9, born in NY of NY parents
DENNIS, Frederick E., son, 5, " " "
DENNIS, Catherine E., daughter, 3, " " "
DENNIS, Edward, brother, 54, born in MD of Massachusetts & NY parents, occ: agent in Railroad purchasing office
DENNIS, Georgiana E., sister, 58, born in NY
HILBERT, Charlie, cousin, 76, born in Massachusetts of Mass. parents, occ: yardmaster at prison
THOMAS, Malissa L., servant, B.F., 26, born in NC of NC and VA parents, occ: family servant

The children's mother Eva, grew up at the nearby village of Sing Sing as her father John Griffin was a keeper at the prison.

The eldest brother in this photo (Hilbert G. Dennis) died in February 1911 at around the age of 10. I cannot yet find a cause for this.

The following newspaper blurb regarding one of Fred's chickens was picked up by several papers in October 1911.

Father Robert T. Dennis lived to 1933. The following entry is found at

Birth:  1862
Kings County (Brooklyn)
New York, USA
Death:  Jan. 20, 1933
Westchester County
New York, USA

Lived on James Street. Son of Edward and Catherine Dennis. He came to Westchester County in the early 1860s and to Ossining in 1869. He was survived by his wife Eva Griffin Dennis, a daughter, Miss Katherine Dennis, and three sons, Robert, Jr., Frederick and John of the James Street address. Also survived by a brother Edward of Ellis Place. Service by Rev. Walter H. Lofthouse of the Highland Avenue Methodist Church. A biography printed in 1901 says he was Supervisor of the Town of Ossining. Received his early education in Sparta attending the district school in the hamlet and afterwards becoming a pupil at the school of the late Daniel B Ryder.
In 1877 he became an apprentice in the printing office of the Hudson River Chronicle at Scarborough. He later joined the composing rooms of the Democratic Register as a compositor. Became the local reporter of what became the Ossining Republican in addition to being a correspondent for a number of metropolitan newspapers.
In 1894 he was elected to the office of Town Clerk of Ossining and to which he has thrice been re-elected, resigning to take the office of Supervisor in November 1901.

Katherine (or Catherine) Dennis, grew up to become a reporter for the Ossining Review. At the age of 26 she was publisher of the Ossining Review. The following news blurb was picked up by the Rockford Illinois Morning Star, December 4, 1930.

1940 Federal Census, Ossining NY, 19 Everett Ave.
DENNIS, Eva m., head, widowed, 64
DENNIS, Fred, son, single, 35, Air Brake Repairman for the railroad
DENNIS, Catherine, daughter, single, 33, no occupation recorded
DENNIS, Robert T. Jr., son, single, 24, stenographer for the railroad
DENNIS, John G., son, single, 18, no occupation recorded

Sunday, September 11, 2016

CAYLOR family

CAYLOR, James & Myrtle & family
(click for larger image)

This photograph of the CAYLOR family was located today at the Athens Schoolhouse Monthly Antique show, just outside of Lexington KY.

The photo was taken most likely in or around April 1911 at a studio in the town of Kimball (no state given, but I have determined that it is Kimball Minnesota.) The back of the photo identifies each of the family members as follows:

James Caylor
Myrtle Caylor
Ruth Caylor, age 14
Irving Caylor, age 11
Archie Caylor, age 9
Clinton Caylor, age 5
Herschel Caylor, age 3
Joel Caylor, age 2

This family is found on the Kingston, Minnesota Census of 1910 (April 19), with household members at that time:
Caylor, James, head, 44, married 11 years, born in West Virginia, of W. Virginia parents
Caylor, Myrtle, wife, 32, married 11 years, born in Minnesota, of Kentucky parents
Caylor, Erving, son, 10, all the children born in Minnesota
Caylor, Archie, son, 8
Caylor, Clinton, son, 4
Caylor, Herschel, son, 2
Caylor, Joel, son, 1
Patten, Eli, hired man, 27

The photo was therefore taken around April 1911. I have to wonder where 13-yr-old Ruth was at the time of the 1910 Census. It appears that the 1910 Census indicates "M2" for James and "M1" for Myrtle. I suppose it is possible that Ruth was a product of a first marriage and still living with her mother?

Backing up a decade - the 1900 Census shows the family consisting of James, Myrtle and 2 month old Irving. No mention of Ruth, who should have been about 3 years old at that time. has several family trees which identify James A. Caylor (1865 - 1948) as a son of Joel Caylor and Martha Ann Patsy Phelps. His wife Myrtle Jane Crider (1877-1959) is a daughter of Jackson Perry Crider and Mary Goble.

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REEDER, Paul Asbury

taken 11 March 1904 in Norwalk, OH
on his 1st birthday

This photograph was located at the Stone Soup Antiques in Ballston Spa, New York.

Father:  John Lewis Reeder (1859-1932) son of James McMahon Reeder and Sarah Jacoby.
Mother:  Marian Alice Milk (1870-1944) daughter of Benjamin Milk and Elizabeth Rundell.
(click for larger version)

Paul Asbury Reeder was born 11 Mar 1903 in Milan OH, a neighboring town of Norwalk where the photo was taken. The following insert was found in the March 18, 1903 edition of the magazine "Western Christian Advocate."

His grandmother died Dec 27, 1910. At that time he and his parents were in Punta Arenas Chile where his father was serving as a missionary. This insert was carried in the Western Christian Advocate edition dated Feb 1, 1911:

At the age of 16, in 1920, he appears on the Federal Census living in Pasadena California, as a boarder in the Ferry household. 

In 1930, he is found in Syracuse NY in the home of his parents, John Lewis Reeder and Marian M. Reeder. Paul's occupation is given as Philosophy Teacher.

(Los Angeles Times, 19-July-1938)
Paul is married to Marjorie Edith Rosine in South Pasadena at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Myron Rosine.

The Los Angeles Times edition of 13-Sep-1944, reports on the death of Paul's mother, Marian Milps (?) Reeder. I am confident that "Milps" is a typographical error, and should have said Milk or Milks.

Paul died 14-Oct-1984. He is buried in Green Hills Memorial Park, Rancho Palos Verdes, next to his wife.