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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

WILSON, Anna Stone (New Haven CT)


Identification on photo: "Anna Stone Wilson 'Tirzah', my father's sister"
Photo taken: Phelps Studio, New Haven CT, circa 1894
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

I have discovered that this is Anna Stone Wilson, daughter of Charles Wilson and Sarah E. Porter. Anna who was born about 1876, is named for Charles' first wife Anna E. Stone who died in 1861.

NEW HAVEN CT 19 Dec 1902 - Anna Stone, daughter of Mr & Mrs. Charles Wilson of 319 Humphrey Street, was married to Charles M. Doolittle of this city.

1900 Census shows Charles Wilson (May 1830) living at 319 Humphrey Street with wife Sarah E. Porter (Nov 1831). Charles is a Fire Ins. Agent. Daughter Anna is not on this Census - is she at school?

Her husband, Charles M. Doolittle, born abt 1879 to parents Charles B. Doolittle and Mary E. __.

Anna died 14 May 1930, and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, next to her husband who died 22 Jan 1928. Her parents are also in the same cemetery.

Anna had two brothers, and one of these is clearly who is referenced in the description "my father's sister":
 - Charles Henry Wilson (died 1884)
 - Clarence Porter Wilson (b. 1868 - d. __)

Anna's father Charles Wilson died in 1906. His Obituary contains a great deal of valuable genealogical data.

(Click for larger image)

SCHRADER, Gertrude White


Identification on photo: "Gertrude White Schrader, Bertha's sister"
Photo taken: unknown photographer, circa 1910
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

Gertrude and her sister Bertha are both mentioned in the 1905 State Census for NY, living in Genesee County. According to the ages given on the Census, Bertha was born around 1889, and Gertrude was born about 1894.

1905 NY CENSUS > Genesee > Stafford
WHITE, Wilbur, head, 45, farmer
WHITE, Jennie Augusta, wife, 40, housework
WHITE, Myrtie M., dau, 20, shop work
WHITE, Raymond G., son, 18, farm labor
WHITE, Bertha, dau, 16, shop work
WHITE, Irma, dau, 12, at school
WHITE, Gertrude, dau, 11, at school
WHITE, Harold, son, 7, at school
WHITE, Marion, dau, 4
WHITE, Beatrice, 1

1910 FEDERAL CENSUS > NY > Genesee > Leroy > Keeney Road
WHITE, George W., head, 50, married 26 yrs, born in NY of NY and ENG parents, farmer
WHITE, Raymond, son, 22, born in NY, engineer at pumping station
WHITE, Irma, dau, 17, born in NY, packer at medicine factory
WHITE, Gertrude, dau, 16, born in NY, packer at medicine factory
REED, Franklin, cousin, 62, born in NY, own income

(Not sure why the mother is not mentioned on 1910 Census, but she re-appears on the 1915 one.)

1915 NY CENSUS > Genesee > Leroy > Keeney Road
WHITE, G.W., head, 55, US-born, farmer
WHITE, Ginnie, wife, 50, US-born, housework
SCHRADER, Charles, son-in-law, 27, farm labor
SCHRADER, Gertrude, dau., 22, housework
REED, Frank, cousin, 58, no occupation

This tells us that Gertrude was married to Charles Schrader between 1910 (age 16) and 1915 (age 22). She died in Batavia, Genesee County NY in 1981 at age 86.

Findagrave memorial for her -

I see no evidence that she had any children. However, some of her siblings did.

Irma Loretta White (1895-1960) m. Frank Sauter (1901-1974)
 - Robert Sauter (1928-1996)

Marion M White (1901-1980) m. Robert John Osburn (1892-1930)
 - Vernon Osburn (1921)

Monday, February 24, 2020



Identification on photo: Sadie and Herman Frenck
Photo taken: unknown photographer in Chicago IL, 1914
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

UPDATE - This photo has been sent home to Herman's great-niece.
This photograph was most likely taken on 26 Feb 1914 in Chicago IL, as according to Cook County Marriage records, that was the date of the marriage of Herman Frenck and Sadie Clara Daeschner.

Sadie Daescher (b. 15-Oct-1889, d. 21-Dec-1915) was born in Barrington ILL to parents John Jacob Daeschner (1858-1955) and Anna Marie Hoffman (1863-1932). Her siblings are:
 - Julian Daeschner (of Montana)
 - Edward Daeschner (of Elgin IL) (1885-1958)
 - Florence Ethel Daeschner (1893-1985)

Sadie apparently gave birth to a son "John Frenck" who was born and died in 1915. Sadie, in her obit, is said to have had a lingering illness for 6 weeks, and died in late December of 1915.

Herman Carl Frenck (1891-1967) was born in Germany to parents Theodore John Frenck and Fredericke Holtfreter. Following the death of Sadie and son John, he remarried Margaret E. Sheehy, who is buried next to him at the East Dundee Cemetery in Kane County, ILL.

This interesting tidbit was found in The Chicago Sun, 25 Jan 1947.



Identification on photo: ESTHER NORDQUIST, 1897
Photo taken: Stotzer Studio, Chicago IL, 1897
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

This is Esther Maria Nordquist, born 30 April 1897. Her parents were:
 - Gustave Per Nordquist (b. in Sweden 1866 - , son of Nils Persson & Maria Olsdotter)
 - Alida Marie Palmgren (b. in Burlington IA, 1874 - ). They were married in 1896 in Chicago.

1900 Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago
NORDQUIST, Gustave, head, Jun 1866, 33, born in Sweden of Swedish parents, imm. 1887, wood carver
NORDQUIST, Alida, wife, Feb 1874, 26, m. 4 yrs, 2 children, 2 living, born in IA of Swedish parents
NORDQUIST, Esther, dau, Apr 1897, 3, born in ILL
NORDQUIST, Edith, dau, Oct 1899, 7mo., born in ILL

Father Per Gustave Nordquist naturalized in 1892.

1930 CENSUS > Illinois > Cook > Chicago
NORDQUIST, Gust, head, 62, woodcarver, interior woodwork
NORDQUIST, Alida, wife, 56
NORDQUIST, Esther, dau, 32
NORDQUIST, Edith, dau, 30, stenographer at Can Co.
NORDQUIST, Clarence, son, 24 b. in ILL, architectural draftsman
NORDQUIST, Robert, son, 22 b. in ILL, architectural draftsman

Sister Edith E. Nordquist in Chicago around 16 Apr 1953, unmarried about age 53.

Mother Alida Palmgren Norquist died 18 July 1954. Her obit from 19 July 1954 Chicago Daily News contains valuable descendant info.

Father P. Gust Nordquist died in Chicago around 17 July 1959.

Sibling Ruth (1902-1983) m. George W. Olson
  - Alden George Olson (1932-2016)

Sibling Clarence Emanuel Nordquist (b. 1906) m. Ethelyn Rahm

Thursday, February 20, 2020

HARDING siblings (Brookville PA)


Identification on photo: Wayne Harding
Photo taken: E.C. Hall Studio, Brookville PA, circa 1890
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

The inscription on back says "Wayne or Harry Harding" then below that it says "Wayne" with a big checkmark next to it. I take that as confirmation that this is Wayne, and that he has a brother named Harry.

At I find WILLIS WAYNE HARDING (12 Aug 1888 - 15 Oct 1918) born in Brookville PA to parents Thornton S. Harding Jr. and Margaret Jane Minerva Mitchell (b. 14 Sep 1862 - died 7 Sep 1929).

His siblings are:
 - Harry E. Harding (1884-1888) d. age 4 of croup
 - John Mitchell Harding (1891-1944) m. Edith Williams
 - Anna R. Harding (1893-1944) m. Frederick Ague

When Wayne was 7, his father Thornton died.

Wayne married Elizabeth Jenkins of Norton VA, in 1911, and died apparently without children in 1918.
(Click for larger)

This Obituary is from the 24 Oct 1918 edition of the Jeffersonian Democrat (Brookville PA).

The second photo shows the three siblings together. WAYNE is the eldest in this image. JOHN is the younger boy, and ANNE is the young girl. This photo was taken circa 1899 as Anne appears to be about 4 or 5 and Wayne looks to be around 10 or 11.

Younger brother JOHN MITCHELL HARDING (born 20 Oct 1891) was an auditor for the Schenley Hotel Company in Pittsburgh. He married Edith Williams and had two daughters:
 - Anna Pauline Harding (1928-1995) m. Arthur Filmore CARR
 - Jane Ellen Harding (1930 -1977) b. __ WEISS.

This Obit from 4 Sep 1944 issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Wayne's sister ANNE (or ANNA) married Frederick H. Ague (1888-1965).  After Anne's death in 1944, Fred remarried a woman named Mary M. __, who is buried next to Fred in Sewickley PA.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

VERTREES sisters, Effie and Ella (Denver CO)


Identification on photo: Effie Vertrees / Ella Vertrees
Photo taken: Post Studios, Denver CO, late 1890's
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

1880 Census > Missouri > Bernon > Coal
VERTREES, John, 27, born in Ill of KY parents, farmer
VERTREES, Louisa, 21, wife, born in Michigan of Michigan parents, keeping house
VERTREES, Effie, daughter, 2, born in Missouri
VERTREES, Rosa Ella, daughter, 2 mo., born in Missouri

1910 Census > Colorado > Denver > Denver
SCHERER, Henry, head, 35, born in Colorado of German parents, city fireman
SCHERER, Ella, wife, 30, born in MO of VT parents
SCHERER, Louisa, dau, 9, born in CO
SCHERER, Edna, dau, 4, born in CO

Also, on the 1910 Census for Denver CO, the girls' mother Louisa is found living with the Hayden family as a servant (general housework), having split from her husband John. 

In 1918, Ella's husband Henry died at age 44 of pneumonia resulting from Spanish Influenza. This obit was published in the Denver Post, 08 Nov 1918.

Following Henry's death, Ella's mother Louisa came to live with her daughter and grandchildren.

1920 Census > Colorado > Denver > Denver
SCHERER, Ella, head, 38 wd, born in MO of Ill & Mich parents, linen girl in hotel
SCHERER, Edna, dau, 14, born in CO of German & Missouri parents
SCHERER, Frances, dau, 9, born in CO of German & Missouri parentts
VERTREES, Louisa, mother, 60 divorced, born in Michigan of NY & VT parents

Effie Myrtle Vertrees was born in Missouri in 1878 to John Chenowith Vertrees and Louisa Campbell. She married Howard Rusling Horner in Denver, and had a son Howard Chenowith Horner (1898-1960). Effie died in 1916 in Denver.

Mother, Louisa Campbell-Vertrees (daughter of John D Campbell and Ellen Martha Train), born 9 Jun 1859 in Kalamazoo MI, died in Alameda CA aged 82 yrs, 4 Feb 1942.

GOODWIN, Art (Beloit, WI)


Identification on photo: Art Goodwin
Photo taken: Dailey Studio, Beloit Wisconsin, circa 1896
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

Arthur Thomas Goodwin was born 1 Nov 1891 in Beloit Wisconsin to parents Roger Goodwin (a grocer) and Katherine "Kate" Corcoran.

1910 Census > Wisc > Rock > Beloit
GOODWIN, Roger H., head, 41, born in Wisc of Irish parents, grocer
GOODWIN, Katherine, wife, 39, born in Illinois of Irish parents
GOODWIN, John, son, 21, born in Wisc., salesman at paint co.
GOODWIN, Arthur, son, 18, born in Wisc.

On his draft registration for WWI, he reports he works as a clerk at his father's store. Later in life worked as an Insurance Agent, then as a Tax Adjuster.

Arthur died 13 Mar 1938 in Chicago and is buried with his family in Beloit at Calvary Cemetery.

This obit from Chicago Tribune 13 Mar 1938, states he had a bad heart and died of heart attack on his way to the police station after being arrested. He was married to Mae Roach.

HERSHBERGER, Daniel and granddaughter

& Granddaughter ANNA HENRICKS

Identification on photo: Daniel Hershberger and granddaughter Anna Henricks
Photo taken: unknown photographer and location, 1908
Purchased: Kamin's Moments in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

Daniel Hoover Hershberger (1844-1910) of Henry County Indiana, son of John Hershberger and Elizabeth Hoover, married to Mahala Bigelow. Daniel is buried at Monument City Memorial Cemetery in Andrews Indiana.

This obit for Daniel appeared in the Huntington Herald (Huntington IN) 23 Sept 1910.

His daughter Jennie Hershberger (1883-1967) married George Pearl Henricks (1882-1948) and had daughter Anna Marguerite Henricks in 1908. Anna grew up and married Merrit Brackett in 1926 and lived in Aurora Illinois.

Anna's second husband was Christopher A. Blume (1901-1974) of Eagle River Wisconsin.

Anna died in Wisconsin at age 81 in 1989.

LARSON, Gladys (Austin, MN)


Identification on photo: Gladys Larson
Photo taken: Fairbanks Bros., Austin MINN, circa 1910
Purchased: Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

Town of Austin is the county seat of Mower County, Minnesota. The Larson family is found in 1900 in the Census for Nevada, Mower County, which is abt 15 miles south-southeast of Austin.

1900 Census > Minnesota > Mower > Nevada
LARSON, Andrew G., head, Jun 1855, 44, born in Wisc of Norwegian parents, farmer
LARSON, Marie, wife, Feb 1864, 36, born in Minnesota of Norwegian parents
LARSON, Curly (?), son, Jly 1886, 13, born in Minnesota
LARSON, Agnes M., dau, Feb 1890, 10, born in Minnesota
LARSON, Gladys C., dau., Jun 1892, 7, born in Minnesota
LARSON, Clarence B., son, Nov 1895, 4, born in Minnesota
LARSON, John D., son, Mar 1897, 3, born in Minnesota

In the 1909 Austin city directory, Andrew G Larson is listed as a laborer residing at "Bergen". Not sure where "Bergen" is but there is a Bergen Street in nearby Adams. Clarence B. and Gladys  C. Larson are listed as students.

The Larson family is found in 1910 on the Census for Adams, some 17 miles southeast of Austin.

1910 Census > Minnesota > Mower > Adams
LARSON, Andrew G., head, 53, born in Wisc of Norwegian parents, laborer,  odd jobs
LARSON, Mary, wife, 47, born in Minnesota of Norwegian parents
LARSON, Gladys, dau., 17, born in Minnesota
LARSON, Clarence, son, 15, born in Minnesota
LARSON, John, son, 13, born in Minnesota
LARSON, Adolph, son, 9, born in Minnesota

Father Andrew Larson, poss. son of Gullik Larsen (1812-1899) and Anna Brumberg (1828-).

At this point, I lose track of Gladys and assume she married shortly after graduating high school. There are several possibilities at Ancestry, because the name is fairly common in the region.

JOHNSON, Blanche (Cambridge, IL)


Identification on photo: Blanche L. Johnson, age 13
Photo taken: C.V. Roberts Studio, Cambridge ILL, circa 1932
Purchased: Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

The family is found on the 1920 Census for Weller, a township about 8 miles south of Cambridge Illinois.

1920 Census > Illinois > Henry County > Weller
JOHNSON, Carl E., head, 39, born in Ill of Swedish parents, Yew farmer
JOHNSON, Millie L., wife, 38, born in Ill of Swedish & Illinois parents
JOHNSON, Myrtle E., daughter, 11, born in Illinois
JOHNSON, Blanche L. daughter, 2mo, born in Illinois

In the 1930 Census, the family is reported pretty much the same, except that Myrtle (who would be 21 at this time) is no longer in the household. Myrtle married Clarence Peterson in 1927.

Blanche married in 1940 to Russell H. Charlet (1919-2009, son of Barney Charlet and Bernice Atwell) and had children:
 - Frances (b. abt 1944)
 - Larry (b. 1945)

In 1956, father Carl Ed Johnson died at age 75 in Cambridge.

Blanche died at age 79 on 24 Mar 1999 in Illinois.

Friday, February 14, 2020

ALSENE, Ben and Augustus (Illinois)


Identification on photo: Ben Alsene
Photo taken: St Louis Gallery, Elmwood IL, circa 1900-1905
Purchased: Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

This is Algot Carl (or Carl Peter Algot) "Ben" ALSENE (22 Apr 1878 - 12 Oct 1932) who was the son of Samuel Peter Johansson Alsene (b. in Sweden 27 Mar 1849, d. 4 Sep 1925) and Eva Louise Johnson (b. in Sweden 1 Feb 1847, d. 27 Jan 1929). These parents are buried in Mitchell, South Dakota.

 Ben Alsene married Selma C. Thorslund and had the following children:
 - 1912 - Florence
 - 1914 - Eleanor
 - 1916 - Doris
 - 1919 - Louise C.
 - 1924 - Edgar Samuel

This insert from 18 Sept 1913, The Mitchell Capital (Mitchell, SD) proves that Ben lived in Illinois and that his father is S.P. Alsene of South Dakota.


Identification on photo: August Alsene (there is also scratched out name Arthur Alsene, who is his brother)
Photo taken: Root Studio, unknown location, circa 1905
Purchased: Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

This photo was found in the same booth as the photo of Ben Alsene (above), and these two  men are first cousins; their fathers are brothers.

August is found at times as ALSENE and ALSEN. His daughter Beverly appears to have used ALSEN as her surname.

I have found a tree on Ancestry which shows the male line of August W. Alsen as follows. This patronomic naming pattern is typical in Sweden.
 - father - Carl Augustus Johansson Alsen (born 1854 in Sweden)
 - grfather - Johan Petter Samuelsson
 - gr-gfather - Samuel Danielsson
 - grgr-gfather - Daniel Samuelsson
 - 3xgr-gfather - Samuel Norstrom

Above is an article from The Dispatch (Moline Illinois) 2 Apr 1931, in which August Alsene is announced as the assistant cashier at the Farmers National Bank in Cambridge. It also gives more on his employment background.

August Walfrid Alsene (1885-1958) m. Grace Myrtle Rogers (1888-1990) and had daughter Beverley (1923-1981). 

Beverly (shown at right, from high school yearbook) married Delmar Norman.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

GANGLER, John and Gus (Aberdeen WA)


UPDATE - This photo of John Gangler has been claimed by a great-niece and has gone home!

Identification on photo: Gus & John Gangler
Photo taken: McKinzie Photos, Aberdeen WASH, circa 1913-1915
Purchased: 2020 Feb South Florida Fairgrounds Antique Show

I don't know if the inscription "Gus & John Gangler" means Gus Gangler and John Gangler, or Gus "some other surname" visiting with his friend John Gangler.

1920 Census > Washington > Grays Harbor > Aberdeen (lodger at Hotel)
GANGLER, John M., 42, born in Illinois of German & Ill parents, barber

John "Jack" Michael GANGLER was born 27 Feb 1877 to parents Peter Gangler (b. 1841 in Germany or Holland) and Louisa Seiferman.

On the WWI Draft Registration, he lists closest relative as his brother Joseph M. Gangler of Port Angeles WA. Joseph was a banker, and operated The Toggery, a gentleman's clothier, in Port Angeles. He was married to Mary Emaline Shoultes in 1915. They had children:
1916 - Frank Norman Gangler
1919 - Catherine Gangler
1921 - James J. Gangler
1923 - Phillip Gangler

By the time of the 1940 Census, John was retired and living in Plympton, Multnomah County, OR, with his wife Mattie Emily Dennis and niece Irene Hess.

John Ganger died in Dec 14, 1942 and is buried at Lincoln Memorial Park, in Portland Oregon, next to his wife Mattie who died in 1951.

John's siblings are:
Emma (b. 1875) m. Joseph George Erker
Joseph Michael (b. Jun 1879 - Apr 1, 1971) m. Mary Emaline Shoultes
Annie M. (b. Sep 1881)
Christina (b. Dec 1883) m. George Bauer
Frank (b. Apr 1886)
Mary E. (b. Jly 1889)

I see no evidence that John Gangler had any descendants of his own.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

STEFFENS, August "Gus" (Hutchinson, KS)


Identification on photo: August Steffens
Photo taken: Sawyer Studio, prob. Kansas, circa 1905?
Purchased: 2020 Feb South Florida Fairgrounds, Antiques Show

August "Gus" Steffens (25 Feb 1882) born in Wisconsin to parents John Peter Steffens (1842-1915) and Suzanna Ternes (1851-1917).

Around 1905 he married Emma Catherine Knebler (1992-1948) and had children:
 - John J Steffens (1906-1939) m. Frances Joan Petrik
 - Clarence Willard Steffens (1909-1977) (of Hutchinson) m. Opal Leona Fulton
 - Victor Joseph Steffens (1911-1969) (of San Leandro CA)
 - Augusta "Gussie" Steffens (1921- ) m. Andrew VanBibber

This note was found in the "Cheney Sentinel", Cheney Kansas, 25 Sep 1908

Gus was the manager of the Hutchinson Oil Company in Cunningham KS.

Died August of 1948 in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

DEMAREST, Hattie Brand (Fremont MI)

Identification on Photo: HATTIE BRAND DEMAREST

Photo take: Noble's Cottage Studio, Fremont MI, circa 1900

Purchased: 2020 February South Florida Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach Antiques Show

(Click for larger image)
After a bit of survey-taking regarding what that last name actually said, and considering everything from Duvarest, Denarist, and variations thereof, it was finally determined that the inscription said "Hattie Brand Demarest."

Hattie is often a nickname for Harriet and Hannah, so when I tried those at Find-a-grave, one came up that looks perfect.

Harriet Brand, 1848-1926, born in Canada to parents Jonathan Brand (born in England) and Pamela K. Ford. She is from a rather large family - her siblings are: Lavina E., Edward J., Pamela, George W., Charlotte and William Henry Brand. This is per the 1851 Canadian Census for city of Hope, Durham County, Ontario.

Hattie was the second wife (married in 1883) of George Demarest (1834-1893), following the death of George's first wife Elizabeth Edmunds in 1881 of heart disease. George by that time, had two grown sons Stephen (b. 1862) and William (b. 1864).

Hattie is buried at Big Prairie, Newaygo County, Michigan.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

SUMMERS Photo Album (Winchcombe, ENG)

UPDATE - This album has been sent home to the Winchcombe Museum in Gloucestershire, England.

This old photo album was purchased yesterday at the Hillsboro Antique Mall (which is located inside the Festival Marketplace) in Pompano Beach, FL.

The album measures about 5" x 4" x abt 1.75" thick. The back cover is a light-colored polished wood. The spine is leather. And the front cover appears to be maybe wood covered in leather with an image "stamped" in the center. The image is a view of Broad Street, in Hay-on-Wye (Wales) and bears the label "Broad St. Hay".

Here is a close-up of that image, next to a photograph of the same view, dated 1904.

There are several photographs inside the album, none of which appear to be identified. The album pages are fragile and I did not wish to try removing any of the photos to look at the back, as I felt this might damage the pages.

However, there were two items tucked between the pages which make identification a bit easier.

The first is a handwritten note from "M. Swinburne" to "Walter". Dated 24 Dec 1901, it bears the word "Corndean" at the top; assuming this is a location. It reads: Walter, I enclose your 10 pounds as a Xmas present and hope you will have a Happy Xmas and New Year. Believe me yours sincerely, M. Swinburne".

Google search reveals that "Corndean is a hamlet just southwest of Winchcomb Parish, and Corndean Hall is the seat of Thomas Ward Swinburne, Esq."

The other item tucked into the album is a Certificate of Registry of Birth, for one Frank Walter Summers, on the 1st of July 1882. It was dated 24 Aug 1882 and signed by the registrar Charles Tovey of Guiting sub-district.

I was able to find evidence of a Summers family living in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England, which appears on the 1881 Census. (Winchcombe is a town nearby Guiting.)
  SUMMERS, Walter (born 1854)
  SUMMERS, Emily (born 1844)
  SUMMERS, Helen (born 1880)
  SUMMERS Charles E. (born 1881)

There is also evidence at of a birth record for Frank Walter Summers, born 1-July-1882 at Winchcombe to parents Walter and Emily Summers.

Interesting note - there is a street in Winchcombe called Summers Street. There is also a Corndean Lane just south of Winchcombe.

I also find a record of Estate duty papers being filed in 1907 for Matilda Swinburne, deceased, of Corndean Hall, Winchcombe, Glos. She was born in 1833 and appears with her husband Thomas W. on the 1881 Census, residing at Corndean Hall. Matilda's parents were John Remington Mills and Louisa Matilda Trueman.

I have also found a Military service mention, dated 28 Feb 1906, stating his ship was named Dominion.

I believe the owner of the album was the aforementioned Frank Walter Summers, who may have gone by the name Walter. It is easy enough to think that he carried his Birth Certificate with him as it may have been required for travel identification.