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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

AUSTIN, Morris D. (Batavia NY)


Identification on photo: Morris Austin, Geneseo (or Genesee?), NY, May 12, 1903
Photo taken: Saunders Studio, 62 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 1903
Purchased: 2015 Oxford Antiques Show, Oxford KY

Not sure if the inscription on back says "Geneseo" or "Genesee", however the only likely person I find lived in Batavia NY which is in Genesee County.

His family appears on the 1892 New York State Census, for Batavia, Genesee county.
AUSTIN, Densmore, 37, Gas works
AUSTIN, Florence, 37
AUSTIN, Morris D., 11
AUSTIN, Orville, 9
AUSTIN, Murry E., 4
AUSTIN, Florence L., 1
WAY, Minerva, 56, born in Canada, (mother-in-law?)
WAY, Libbie J., 26, (sister-in-law)

At the age of 19, Morris enlisted 11 Sept, 1899 in the Army (40 US Infantry Vol) during the Spanish-American War, and saw action at Libmanan in The Philippines in 1900. He left the service June 24, 1901. His service record card describes his character as: very good, honest and faithful. 

He appears on the 1900 Federal Census at the military base Philippines, Surigao Island. Enumerated 30 June 1900.
AUSTIN, Morris D., private, Batavia NY, 17 E. Avenue, born July 1880

He is also counted among the family members on the 1900 Federal Census in Batavia NY, enumerated on 19 June, 1900. 

Morris is a son of Densmore "Dennis" Austin (1855-1929) and Florence Urvilla Way (1854-1902).

The year after arriving back home in Batavia NY from his military service, he became ill and his mother Florence sat up with him at his house through the night. The following morning she was walking back to her house when she was struck and killed by a train, sadly in full view of her 13yo son Murry. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 22 May 1902.)

Morris D. Austin, (b. 9 July 1880 - d. 17 Nov 1930), was still living in Batavia NY in Sept 1918 (per WWI Draft Registration). 

His siblings included:
Orville Homer Austin (Oct 1882-1940) m. Florence Wiley
Murry Erwin Austin (1888- )
Florence Louise Austin (1891- )
Morton Austin (1895- )
Clarence W Austin (1898- )

Morris worked as a machinist at a steel fabrication company in Batavia.

11 May 1904, he married Sarah J. Randall from Hamilton Canada (daughter of Ed Randall and Mary Raymond).
Their children include:
Albert M Austin (1904- )
Kenneth G Austin (1905-1994)
Edith Austin (1907-1933) married to Burley Ray Fulbright.
Ethel Austin ( - ) m. Saunders

Morris and Sarah are mentioned in the 1921 City Directory for Rochester NY:
AUSTIN, Morris D (Sarah J) machinist, h 7 N Washington

Around 1923 Morris moved his family to Maricopa County, Arizona. In 1924 Morris and an associate named Bob Collier went into partnership and opened an automobile garage at Five Points (the intersection of Grand, 7th and Van Buren Avenues). 

Morris died Nov 1930 in the VA hospital at Prescott AZ, at age 50.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

AGLER, John and Howard (Franklin Co., OH)


Identification on photo: John Agler, Howard Agler
Photo 1 taken: Hemer (?) Studio, Columbus OH, circa 1890
Photo 2 taken: Dewey & Mulligan Studio, Columbus OH, circa 1887-1890
Purchased: source not recorded

These two photos were purchased together, but I find I never recorded them on my master log when I brought them home, so I am left with no record of when or where they were acquired.

Howard Agler and John Agler are brothers.

Howard Agler (b. 13 May 1863 - d. 7 Mar 1948) is a son of John A. Agler (son of Luke Agler / Lucinda Denune) and Eliza Ann Coe (dau. of John Dudley Coe / Sarah Hoskins). He was a farmer.

At age 27, in October 1890, he married Reina Eunie Innis. They had the following children:
 - Lewis Claude Agler (1893-1972)
 - Ulin Dennis Agler (1907-1972)

This obit for Howard (at right) was found in the Columbus Dispatch, 8 Mar, 1948.

John Agler (b. 25 Apr 1872 - d. 22 Feb 1946) is a younger brother of Howard. He was a farmer. 

John Agler's death notice (below) appeared in the Columbus Dispatch, 24 Feb 1946.

Their other siblings are:
 - Mary Jane Agler (1856-1931) m. George Myers
 - Chauncey P. Agler (1858-1940)
 - Esther Agler (1860-1941) m. John Parren
 - Homer Agler (1863-1939) (this is a twin of Howard) he never married
 - Martin V. Agler (1866-1948)

1870 Federal Census > Ohio > Franklin > Clinton
AGLER, John, 35, Farm Labor, born in OH
AGLER, Eliza, 35, keeping house, Ohio
AGLER, Jane, 14, attending school, Ohio
AGLER, Chauncey, 11, attending school, Ohio
AGLER, Ester, 10, Attending school, Ohio
AGLER, Homer, 7, Ohio
AGLER, Howard, 7, Ohio
AGLER, Martin, 4, Ohio

John's obit mention no widow or offspring of his own, but does mention lots of nieces and nephews.  This make me think I should be able to find the correct Agler family to whom I may send these two photographs.

Monday, March 23, 2020

LITTEN, Mrs Levi (Darke Co, OH)


Identification on photo: "Mr. Levi Litten, Laura OH, R2 Monroe Township, CB sec 2"
Photo taken: W.H.F. Heath Photographer, Bradford OH, circa 1888-89
Purchased: Feb 2020 Kamin's Moment in Time, South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

UPDATE - Rosetta Litten has been claimed by her great-great grandson and has gone home!

The back of the photo clearly says "Mr. Levi Litten". However, the woman in the photo is obviously NOT "Mr. Levi Litten" but must be connected to him somehow. 

This style of dress was fashionable in the late 1880s. By 1890 sleeves were becoming larger and puffier. But in the late 1880s were still "streamlined", narrow throughout with no rise at the shoulder. The hairstyle is also correct for late 1880s.

I believe this is Levi's wife Rosetta Netzley, and the photo was possibly mailed to Levi, before the time of their wedding in Nov 1889. (Also, she bears a strong resemblance to Levi's granddaughter Geneva whose photo I found online at .)

Levi Litten (1864-1927, son of Samuel and Lucinda) married Rosetta Netzley (1865-1932, daughter of George and Catharine) on Nov 7 1889 in Darke county OH.

 - Grace Eikenberry
 - Lawrence Litten
 - Pearl Mary Morett
 - Ernest Litten

Sunday, March 22, 2020

SECHLER, James (Fogelsville, PA)


Identification on photo: James Sechler
Photo taken: unknown photographer or location, circa 1900-1910
Purchased: Feb 2020 Kamin's Moment in Time, South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

Without a location as a clue to who this might be, I was left with several possibilities, ranging from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Fortunately, I was able to find a photo in newspaper archives of an older James Sechler (in 1951 in Pennsylvania) and could see that it was the same man.

JAMES IRWIN SECHLER (born 11-Aug-1879 in Weisenburg, Lehigh Co. PA) 
 - Son of John Henry Sechler (1850-1928) & Sarah Rebecca Meyerly (1856-1931). 
 - Married to Emma Betz (1881-1971) on 13-Oct-1901. 

General storekeeper in Fogelsville, Township tax collector at Macungie, and Fogelsville Natl Bank director. 

Children mentioned in his 1952 obituary include: Kathryn (wife of Paul Keller), and Isabel (wife of Warren Henninger). Preceded in death by siblings Fred, George and Emma.

(Click for larger)
The 12-October-1951 edition of the newspaper "The Morning Call", Allentown PA, carried this insert of the celebration of James and Emma's 50th wedding anniversary. It appears evident to me that this is the same individual as the young man in the photo I found.

ANDERSON, Annie (Ossian, Iowa)


Identification on photo: Annie Anderson
Photo taken: Oyloe Studio, Ossian Iowa, circa 1892?
Purchased: Feb 2020 Kamin's Moment in Time, South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show is a fantastic resource which lists vintage photographic studios across the country, and the years they were in operation. Oyloe Studio is said to have been in Ossian at least between 1901-1902. I do not know if that means it could have been there earlier (or later) but perhaps City Directories are not available to verify their presence.

The photo appears to have been taken around 1891 or 1892 based on the fashion of her dress, and hairstyle. She appears to be around 17-21 years of age, which would put her birth at between 1870-1875.

There are apparently lots of Andersons in this area at this time. The name Annie Anderson is a common one. Here are a few which were in the area, and at the correct approximate age:

The "ANNIE ANDERSON" shown here is single daughter living at home, born around 1874.
1895 Iowa State Census > Winneshiek county > Frankville
ANDERSON, Andrew, 77, born in Norway, Farmer, Lutheran
ANDERSON, Anney, 74, born in Norway, keeping house
ANDERSON, Edward, 37, single, born in Norway, farmer
ANDERSON, Andrew, 31, single, born in Norway, farmer
ANDERSON, Annie, 26, single, born in Norway, housework

Here is ANNIE KJORLIEN-ANDERSON born about 1868, and widowed before 1910.
1910 Federal Census > Iowa > Winneshiek > Bluffton
KJORLIEN, Edwin, head, 27, born in Iowa of Nor parents, farmer
KJORLIEN, Ole, father, 70, born in Norway, none, own income
KJORLIEN, Ingebert, mother 71, born in Norway, none, own income
KJORLIEN, Alice, sister, 29, born in Iowa, school teacher
ANDERSON, Annie, sister, 42 wd, born in Iowa, none, own income

This ANNIE ANDERSON was born in MN about 1874, widowed, living in Iowa by 1910.
1910 Federal Census > Iowa > Winneshiek > Lincoln
ANDERSON, Annie T., head, 36 wd, born in MN of Norway parents, own income
ANDERSON, Orville T., son, 12, born in Iowa
ANDERSON, Emil B., son, 10, born in Iowa
ANDERSON, Noel A., son, 8, born in Iowa

Here is 17yo ANNIE ANDERSON, so born around 1877-78.
1895 State Census > Iowa > Winneshiek> Canoe
ANDERSON, Bernt, 44, born in Norway, farmer, Lutheran
ANDERSON, Caroline, 41, Norway
ANDERSON, Josephine, 19, Norway
ANDERSON, Annie, 17, born in Winneshiek Co. Iowa
MILLER, Maud, 12, Winneshiek Co.
MILLER, Frederick, 10, Winneshiek Co.
ANDERSON, Adolph, 2, Winneshiek Co.
ANDERSON, Minnie, 1/2, Winneshiek Co.
ANDERSON, Nellie, 80, born in Norway

There is an ANNIE HOLTEN-ANDERSON buried at Hillside Cemetery, Ossian, Iowa. Born 1878, died 1903, wife of Olaf Anderson.

And finally, there was an ANNIE WIELING-ANDERSON, born June 1869 in Iowa and married to Theodore Anderson in Jan 1891 in Ossian. By 1910, she and her family had moved to Woodbury County Iowa. She died in 1926.

I think this last-named Annie is the one in the photograph above. While researching Annie Andersons of Winneshiek county Iowa, I found a family tree on which shows an image (albeit small and unclear) of Annie Wieling-Anderson and the photos may show the same person. They look very much alike.

But I think I will have to wait for some relative to reach out to me with verification of this.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

STARK, Martin & Agnes (Bloomingdale IL)


Identification on photo: Martin and Agnes Stark
Photo taken: Mills Studio, Wheaton ILL, most likely 19 May 1911
Purchased: Feb 2020 Kamin's Moment in Time, South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

This appears to be the wedding photo of Martin and Agnes Stark, taken in Wheaton Illinois, but the couple lived much of their life in nearby Bloomingdale Illinois.

Martin Thadeaus Henry STARK (born 30 Nov 1888 in Illinois, died 28 Oct 1962) the son of Martin Stark & Mathilde Harmening.

Agnes Catherine STARK (born May 18, 1888, died 18 Mar 1957) the daughter of Charles Stark & Adeline Yackley.

Martin and Agnes were married on 19 May 1911. Their grandfathers were brothers, making this couple second cousins to each other.

All of their children were born in Illinois:

  • Vernon Charles (1912-1991)
  • Raymond William (1913- 1992)
  • Millard Edward (1914-1980)
  • Olive Matilda (1916-2005) married Erv Nagel
  • Albert Joseph (1919-2002)
  • Martin Albert Jr (1920-1923)
  • Warren Edward (1924-1994)
  • William Mark (1925- 13 Jan 1928) died in Elgin IL
  • Charles John (1926- 14 Jan 1928) died in Elgin IL
  • Franklin Max (1929-2015)

I cannot find the reason why two young brothers died within a day of each other in 1928.

This photograph of the couple taken much later was found elsewhere on the internet. I do not possess this photo and include it here for comparison. I only have the wedding photo shown above.