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Saturday, October 27, 2018


21 years old, June 1899

Bapt. 4 Mar 1875, Evangelische Kirche, Metzingen, Wurttemberg GER
Father: Gottlieb Michael Schmauder (b. 11 Oct 1842, son of Johann Heinrich Schmauder & Maria Katharina Burkhardt.)
Mother: Christina Friedrick Eberhard-Schmauder (b. 16 Oct 1843, dau. of Johann Phillip Eberhard & Friedericka Rosina Eberhard)
Gottlieb and Christina were married 27 Aug 1868 at Metzingen.

Carl immigrated to America in 1889 (according to census records) at age 14. I have not located a passenger manifest for his voyage, so I not know if he came alone or with other relatives.

Carl & Kathe Schmauder, 1900

Katharina Schmauder
20 years old
In the 1900 Census Carl is found living in Brooklyn with wife Kathe "Kate" Katherine Schmauder, born May 1877, who immigrated to US in 1895. His occupation is "foreman" but I cannot tell the industry. I have not been able to find the maiden name of Kathe.

Carl becomes naturalized in 1902, a few months before the birth of his first son Carl August George Schmauder, referred to simply as August in census records.

Something happens in 1903 (perhaps illness of parent) and Carl and Kate take their infant August back to Bempflingen Germany to the family farm.

Among the Schmauder family photos was this image of a restaurant in Bempflingen. Apparently, it is called the "Bahnhof Restaurant" and is/was situated near the train depot in Bempflingen, on Bahnhofstrasse (Depot Street). I do not generally acquire images of buildings, but this one had writing on the reverse, and while I do not speak or read German too well, it appears to have a person's name and other data; "Theodor Roberts birth-house 1906, Bahnhof Restaurant, Bempflingen, Wurttenberg."

(Click for larger image)
This image of the Bahnhof Restaurant was located online in the form of an old souvenir postcard for sale on eBay. The image in lower left is clearly the same building, and shows that the restaurant faces the tracks. (You may click any image on this page to see a larger version.)

I do NOT possess the vintage postcard. I include the image here for further information only.

Here is a Google map of the town of Bempflingen Germany nowadays, with streets Stiegelstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse, near the depot, circled.

World War I happens (1914-1918).

(Click for larger version)

Here is a photo of Carl (probably two decades older than the photo of him at top) at the Bempflingen farm. The inscription on the reverse says something like (and correct me or feel free to expand on what I am missing) : "Father Carl Schmauder with his foal Leisel in Bempflingen. Uncle Gottlob Decker house #4 Stiegelstrasse. Father Schmauder oversaw the Decker farm, during the war years 1914-1918 when Uncle Gottlob Decker was serving in the 123rd Grenadier Regiment."

 Here is a postcard photograph of Grandmother Schmauder. The inscription on the back says "Grossmutter Schmauder, Neuffen, Wurttemberg, 1919". (I expect this is Christina Eberhard-Schmauder.)

Statement from the Affidavit officer
In January 1923, at the age 20, son August petitions for the right to return to America, where he was born, by right of of his US birth certificate, which he has in his possession. He states in his application that he was taken abroad by his parents, through no doing of his own. It was only after he reached maturity, when he could return on his own, that he asked to do so. He stated the family were farmers, and did not give aid to the enemy during the course of the War. Application was approved.

March 25 1923, August Schmauder sails from Hamburg in the S.S. HANSA to the port of NY. He states on the ship's passenger manifest that he will be staying with his Aunt Frieda Alber and cousin Eugen Nonnemacher in Ramsey NJ until he is situated. But by 1925, the Schmauder family he left behind in Germany have all returned to NY.

May of 1923, August's family follows him to the US.

Here is an image of the ship HANSA, on which August Schmauder returned to the land of his birth:

New York Passenger Arrivals at Ellis Island, 7 May 1923 - 11 May 1923.  This image is taken from the manifest of the ship S.S. SEYDLITZ, sailing from Bremen on April 28, 1923. It shows Carl, Katie and the two German-born children arriving in New York. The form also includes categories for age and occupation. To the right on the form, is a column requesting closest relative or friend in the town in which they resided. The parents have answered "Mr. I.L. Gottlob Decker" and the children answered "uncle."

(Click for larger)
(I can imagine a scenario where Carl needed to go back to Germany to run the family farm owing to illness or death  of his father. Then returned to US following death of his mother. But I have no factual evidence of this scenario.)

1925 State Census > NY > Queens > 1868 Cornelia Street
SCHMAUDER, Charles, head, 50, born in GER, foreman in company
SCHMAUDER, Kate, wife, 48, born in GER, housework
SCHMAUDER, August, son, 23, born in U.S., butcher
SCHMAUDER, Theodor, son, 18, born in GER, asst foreman in ice business
SCHMAUDER, Rose (Rosa?), daughter, 17, born in GER, finisher, candy boxer(?)

1927, January 26, Theodor Max Schmauder petitions for American citizenship. His application for citizenship reports the following data:  He is an iron worker, living on 84th street in Queens. He was born in Bempflingen GER on April 20, 1907. He entered the US on May 9, 1923 on the vessel Sydlitz, out of Bremen.

Daughter Rose Schmauder died 27 Dec 1929 in Queens NY at age 21.

1930 Census > NY > Queens > 84th Street
SCHMAUDER, Charles R, head, 55, born in GER, foreman in ice company
SCHMAUDER, Kate, wife, 53, born in GER, no occupation
SCHMAUDER, August, son, 27, born in NY, butcher in pork packing company
SCHMAUDER, Theodor, son, 23, born in GER, machinist in iron working

1940 Census > NY > Queens > 85th Street
SCHMAUDER, Theodor, head, 32, born in GER, machinist in tool mfg
SCHMAUDER, Helen, wife, 30, born in GER, no occupation
SCHMAUDER, Robert, son, 1, born in NY

1962 Carl Robert Schmauder dies at age 87 in Queens.

Sep 1986 Theodor dies in New Hyde Park, Nassau County, NY, at about age 79. His wife's maiden name was Helen Kramer. Their son Robert Thoedore Schmauder died 4 Mar 2001, and lived in Patchogue NY.

Robert Theodore Schmauder, at about 17 years old, appears in the 1956 Yearbook for Sewanhaka High in Floral Park NY. He is involved in "Automotive Technician, Lamba Hi-Y, Der Deutche Verien, Frosh Track, and Hall Squad".

In January 1960, he married Joyce A. Sherback.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

HILL, Rebecca Beckwith Travers

Rebecca Beckwith Travers Hill

Identification on photo: Cousin Rebecca Travers Hill
Photo taken: Donaldson Studio, Baltimore MD, circa 1914-1917
Purchased: not recorded

The back also contains an inscription written in Rebecca's hand: "For Uncle Hill, with Rebecca's best love." The penmanship which identifies her full name "Cousin Rebecca Travers Hill" is quite different and clearly not Rebecca who wrote that.

This is Rebecca Beckwith Travers, a native of Cambridge, Maryland. Born 1886 to parents William Henry Travers (1831-1895, son of Arthur Travers and Catherine Beckwith) and Laura Lavonia Radcliffe (1845-1924, daughter of John A Radcliffe and Rebecca Beckwith). Rebecca's mother Laura was also a half-sister to U.S. Senator George L. Radcliffe.

She is found on the 1900 Census > MD > Dorchester > Cambridge
TRAVERS, Laura R., head, July 1845, 54, wd, born in MD or MD parents
TRAVERS, John O., son, Jul 1884, 15, born in MD, grocery clerk
TRAVERS, Rebecca B., daughter, Apr 1886, 14, born in MD, at school

In Sept 1915, she married Walter Clay Hill of Atlanta Georgia, and the couple lived there for the remainder of their lives. Her is Walter's 1962 obituary:

(Click for larger image)
Rebecca's obit was carried in the Atlanta Constitution, 10 Aug 1967, but I see it stated she hailed from Cambridge Mass, which is incorrect.

This image of her headstone is from her memorial at

Her children are:
Laura Radcliffe Hill-Boland (1917-1995)
Walter Clay Hill Jr. (1919-2011)
Travers Hill (1924-2016)

I will continue to pursue living descendants from these offspring of Rebecca.

Here is a lovely photo of Laura at the time of her engagement.

Friday, October 19, 2018

GEORGE, Sarah A.

Sarah Ann George

Identification on photo: "Sarah A. George"
Photo taken: F.G. Winch Studio, Randolph VT, circa 1896-1897
Purchased: 2015, Antiques Fair at Palm Beach County Fairgrounds

This photo was taken in Randolph, VT. The photo mat does not actually say "Randolph VT" anywhere on it, but it does bear the mark of the "F G Winch" studio which was situated in Randolph, Orange County, Vt. Fred G. Winch, son of a local citizen O.P. Winch, learned the photographic trade in 1894. In Dec 1895 he bought an existing photographic studio in Randolph. In Sept or Oct of 1897, Winch became ill and sold his studio (to a man named Walter Pierce) and moved to Boston, so we can resonably date this photo to a period between 1896 and through the summer of 1897.

There is Sarah A. George living in this same area. She was born Sarah A. Dailey in Derby VT (a stone's throw from the Canadian border) or possibly in Canada itself, to parents Selah Dailey and Pluma Merrill. On Census records, she states she was born in Canada, but her death certificate states Vermont. (I tend to believe first-hand information.)

She died at age 70 on Oct 18, 1911 of cancer, at her home in Fairlee, Orange County, VT. So she was born about 1841.

1880 Census > VT > Orange > Fairlee
GEORGE, Daniel Hartop, 38, farmer, born in VT of CAN & VT parents
GEORGE, Sarah A., 38, wife, born in CAN of Canadian parents
GEORGE, Etta M., 16, daughter, born in CAN
GEORGE, Sela Austin, 14, son, born in CAN
GEORGE, Seldon Hartop, 12, son, born in CAN
GEORGE, Norman Anson, 7 son, born in NH
GEORGE, Frank A., 2, born in VT

There was also a daughter born later that year, Elsie May George (1880-1890).

JOHNSON, Amos & Alfred and Belle

Aunt Belle and Uncle Alfred Johnson / Amos Johnson

Identification on photo: "Aunt Belle & Uncle Alfred Johnson" / "Uncle Amos Johnson"
Photo taken: circa 1900-1910, Amos' photo was taken at Brooks studio, Denver
Purchased: in 2014, but location was not recorded

These two photos were acquired in 2014, I believe at an Antiques shop in Cincinnati OH. The same hand wrote notes on the back of each. Amos and Alfred Johnson are brothers and referred to as "uncles" of the previous owner of these photos.  

Obit for Amos Johnson (click for larger image)
Amos and Alfred Johnson were sons of Stephen Runyon Johnson (1811-1862) and Jemima Hoover (1808-1876) of central Ohio. Most of the siblings remained in the Sabina OH area, but Amos went west. In 1880 he is found on the Burlingame KS Census. In 1910 he is in Denver CO. He died in 1921 in Nebraska after spending some time in California with his daughter.

Belle Cline Johnson, wife of Alfred, died in 1925. Her obit from the Wilmington News-Journal, Wilmington OH, 09 Nov 1925, contains a great deal of valuable genealogical clues for those seeking her family.

Stephen and Jemima had the following children:

1839 - Louisa Johnson, died 1921, m. Abraham States
1840 - Lewis Johnson, died 1864 in Civil War
1841 - Amos Johnson, died 1921, m. Elizabeth Waltmire
1844 - Henry Clayton Johnson, died 1917, m. Amanda McGuire
1846 - George McManus Johnson, died 1865
1847 - Alfred Johnson, died 1928, m. Amelia Belle Cline
1849 - Jemima "Mina" Johnson, died 1933, m. David Wesley Terrell

This insert from the Wilmington News-Journal, Wilmington Ohio, 25 April 1927, contains a mention of Alfred and some of his family.

(Click on any image to see a larger version.)

The obituary for Alfred Johnson was located in the Wilmington News-Journal, Wilmington Ohio, issue of 16 May 1928.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Helen Pettengill

UPDATE - This photograph of Helen Pettengill has been claimed by a granddaughter of Helen's brother George, and has been sent home!

Identification on photo: Helen Pettengill
Photo taken: P.W. Taft & Son Studio, Saxtons River VT,circa 1904-1906
Purchased: Aug 2018 Madison-Bouckville NY Antiques Week

(Click for larger image)
The photographic studio which took this image was known as P.W. Taft & Son. It is named for the photographer Preston William Taft (1826-1901). All three of his sons became photographers. The studio was still doing business under the name "P.W. Taft & Son" as late as 1906, according to the book "History of the Town of Rockingham Vermont: Including the Villages of Bellows Falls, Saxtons River, Rockingham, Cambridgeport and Bartonsville, 1753-1907", published in 1907 by Lymon Simpson Hayes.

The genealogy on the Pettengill Family, at left, is taken from the same book.

This is Helen Barrett Pettengill (born 4 Aug 1878, died 22 Apr 1945) whose parents were Dr. Edward H. Pettengill (1837-1900, son of Jonathan S. Pettengill and Sally Barrett) who served the Saxtons River community for over 30 years, and Rhonda Jane Wilder (1831-1908, daughter of Abijah Wilder and Rhonda Sanger).

In 1900 her father Edward Pettengill died. The local papers all ran a story on his passing. (Click the image for a larger version.)

She attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

In 1922, her brother George Thomas Pettengill died, leaving a wife and two boys.

In the 1944 City Directory for Springfield, Mass., Helen is listed as a teacher at 340 Sumner Ave. (Forest Park School, pictured at right) and resides at 545 State Street, which is also the address of Fanny M. Pettengill in the same directory.

Helen died in April of 1945, unmarried and with no children (as apparently her sister Fanny did as well). So clearly there are no decendents with whom to place this photo. I will have to start searching for the offspring of her other siblings.

George Thomas Pettengill (1869-1922) m. Louise Bunnell (b.1873)
 -- John Edward Pettengill (17 Sep 1902-1918)
 -- Robert Bunnell Pettengill (6 Mar 1904-1997) father of John S, David, Richard and Gail.

Fanny Mabel Pettengill (22 Sep 1870-1958) died unmarried, age 88.

Florence Wilder Pettengill (23 July 1872 - 8 Jun 1941) died in Manhattan, unmarried, age 68.

Edward Barrett Sanger Pettengill (19 Nov 1874 - 19 Jan 1917) 1902 clerk in S.R, 1904 Calif voter rolls, 1916 Alameda county voter rolls.

January 22, 1917, Oakland Tribune, Oakland Calif. carried this insert on the death of Edward B S Pettengill. No mention of family other than siblings.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

TODD, Miss Clara

Miss Clara Todd

Identification on photo: Miss Clara Todd
Photo taken: Talbot Studio, New Berlin, NY circa 1909-1910
Purchased: Aug 2018 Madison-Bouckville NY Antiques Week

This photograph was found along with the ten photos of students of the Class of 1909, New Berlin, NY. Because this one did not bear the same mark "Class of 1909", and because she is identified with the title "Miss", I assumed she may be a teacher at the school at about that same time.

This is Clara Louise Todd, born 20 July 1885 at Unadilla, Otsego county, NY to parents James Edwin Todd (1836-1920, son of Orange Todd and Ann Daniels) and Adeline Augur (1846-1930, daughter of George Morrell Augur and Diana Upham).

From 1904-1908, Clara attended Syracuse University, studying English, then took a job as a teacher at New Berlin High School. This record was located in an Alumni Directory for Syracuse Univ.

1910 Census > NY > Otsego, Unadilla
TODD, James E., head, 74, no occupation, own income
TODD, Adeline, wife, 64, dress-maker at home
TODD, Hellen, daughter, 30, music teacher
TODD, Clara, daughter, 24, teacher at high school

1912 Nov 22 - Dec 5, Clara and her sister Flora Todd Fuller sailed on the Keonig Albert, sailing from Naples Italy to New York.
  • FULLER, Flora Todd, 40, born March 5, 1872, Unadilla NY
  • TODD, Clara Louise, 27, born July 20, 1885, Unadilla NY
  • address in US, for both, is given as 380 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn NY

1915 NY State Census > Otsego > Unadilla
TODD, James E., head, 79, no occupation
TODD, Adeline, wife, 69, housework
TODD, Clara, daughter, 29, teacher at school

The old Yonkers High School (left), and Chas E Gorton High School (rt)
1921 City Directory Albany NY
TODD, Clara L. teacher, High School, res 352 State

1930 Census > NY > Westchester > Yonkers
TODD, Clara L, head, 44, single, born Unadilla NY to Otsego NY parents, teacher at Gorton H.

1935 City Directory Oneonta, NY
TODD, Clara L., teacher Yonkers, r 7 fourth

1936 City Directory Yonkers, NY
TODD, Clara L., teacher Chas E. Gorton HS, h 50 Locust Hill Av
Miss Clara Todd, 7th from left, Gorton High
School Faculty photo 1936. (click for larger)
NOTE - Clara's sister Flora Todd Fuller became a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). Here is her page in the DAR Directory, listing pedigree proof of her decendency. I include it here for further information.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


Miss Mary Campbell

UPDATE - Mary Campbell has been claimed by her grandson and is going home!

Identification on photo: Miss Mary Campbell
Photo taken: Talbot Studio, New Berlin, NY circa 1909-1910
Purchased: Aug 2018 Madison-Bouckville NY Antiques Week

This photograph was found along with the ten photos of students of the Class of 1909, New Berlin, NY. Because this one did not bear the same mark "Class of 1909", and because she is identified with the title "Miss", I assumed she may be a teacher at the school at about that same time.  My suspicion turned out to be correct, as that is exactly her occupation according to the 1910 census from nearby Edmeston NY.

1910 Census > NY > Otsego > Edmeston
CAMPBELL, William, head, 51, born in NY of NY parents, doctor
CAMPBELL, Nancy H., wife, 50, born in NY of NY parents, no occupation
CAMPBELL, Mary T., daughter, 23, born in NY, teacher at High School
CAMPBELL, Eliza M., mother, 71, born in NY of NY parents

Mary Theresa Campbell was born on Sept 3, 1886 in Westford, Otsego county, NY, as the only child of parents Dr. William Bailey Campbell (1858-1943) and Nancy H. Reynolds (1859-1930). The doctor and his wife are shown in the photo at left, which I found on (I do not possess that image and only post it here for further information.)

April 27, 1912, she married Rev. Hiram Grant Conger (1885-1971) and they had five children:
  • Theodore William Conger (1913-1995) married Florence (surname unknown).
  • Mary Jean Conger (1917-2004) married Francis R. Nitchie (d. 2014)
  • Reynold Campbell Conger (1918-1988) married Anna Heck.
  • Franklin Conger ( - )
  • Wilma Conger ( - ) married Charles V. Perrill.
Mary died in August 1955 at Summit, Union County, NJ. She is buried at Union Cemetery in Edmeston NY, next to her husband, and near her parents.  This image of her headstone was found at her memorial on FindaGrave.


Howard Levi KNEELAND

Identification on photo: Howard Kneeland
Photo taken: Talbot Studio, New Berlin, NY circa 1910-1912
Purchased: Aug 2018 Madison-Bouckville NY Antiques Week

This is Howard Levi Kneeland, born 1888 to parents Leander Silas Kneeland (1852-1943) and Charlotte E. Barber (1863-1910). Note - Charlotte Barber is a sister of previously researched William Barber.

1900 Census > NY > Otsego > Morris
KNEELAND, Leander, head, Apr 1852, 48, born in NY of NY parents, day laborer
KNEELAND, Charlotte, wife, Apr 1863, 37, born in NY of NY parents
KNEELAND, Julia M., daughter, Mar 1886, 14, born in NY, at school
KNEELAND, Howard L., son, Mar 1888, 12, born in NY, at school
KNEELAND, Leonard, son, Aug 1892, 7, born in NY

1910 Census > NY > Otsego > Morris
KNEELAND, Leander, head, 57, woodworker
KNEELAND, Howard, son, 21, woodworker
KNEELAND, Leonard, son, 17, woodworker

December 24, 1911, he married Mary M. Angell (an older sister of the previously researched Loren Angell  from the New Berlin High School Class of 1909). Mary was a daughter of Aden Joseph Angell (1856-1948, son of Ancel Alton Angell and Marie Backus) and Anna E. Matterson (1863-1908, daughter of Andrew Matterson and Joanna Purcell).

This news insert was located in the Norwich Sun, Jan 2 1912.

WWI Draft Registration states his occupation is "Silk Weaver." At that time, he has a wife and two children dependent upon him.

1920 Census > NY > Chenango > New Berlin
KNEELAND, Howard, head, 32, weaver at silk mill
KNEELAND, Mary, wife, 32
KNEELAND, Elizabeth, daughter, 7
KNEELAND, Ruth, daughter, 4yr 11mo

1930 Census > NY > Oneida > Utica
KNEELAND, Howard, head, 42, proprietor of bakery
KNEELAND, Mary, wife, 42, proprietor of bakery
KNEELAND, Elizabeth, daughter, 17
KNEELAND, Ruth, daughter, 15

Daughter Ruth is mentioned in this news clipping for the Norwich Sun, Oct 21, 1933.

1940 Census > NY > Oneida > Clinton
KNEELAND, Howard L., head, 52, baker in a bakery
KNEELAND, Mary, wife, 52
KNEELAND, Ruth, daughter, 25, divorced, commercial artist for sporting goods co.
KNEELAND, Phyllis, granddaughter, 3
(Note - I believe Ruth and Phyllis' last name should be Heller at this point, but is shown as Kneeland on the Census.)
(Click for larger)
24 Dec, 1961 - Mr and Mrs Howard Kneeland celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. This insert was in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

Howard died 29 June 1974. His obit was located in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

His wife Mary survived him 4 years. Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery in New Berlin, NY.

Daughter Elizabeth died in 2009. She was married to Charles A Harris (in 1932), then to Ken Willson.

Ruth died 29 May 1999. Her husband was Earl Lester Heller, a foundry employee in Utica, but they divorced before 1940. Their daughter Phyllis married Thomas Sheffield.

Friday, October 5, 2018

MATTESON, Fred and Charity

Uncle Fred MATTESON and Aunt Chat MATTESON

UPDATE - These photos of Fred and Charity Matteson have been claimed by a great-great-grandson and are going home!

Identification on photo: Uncle Fred Matteson / Aunt Chat Matteson
Photo taken: Talbot Studio, New Berlin, NY circa 1910-1912
Purchased: Aug 2018 Madison-Bouckville NY Antiques Week

Charles Fred Matteson (1848-1933), son of Charles S. Matteson (1819-1894) and Julia Demetra Sayders (1822-1893).

Charity "Chat" Margaret Lowe (1856-1915), daughter of Thomas Lowe (1820-1891) and Elizabeth Ann Phillips (1826-1892).

1905 State Census > NY > Chenango > New Berlin
MATTESON, Fred C., head, 56, farmer
MATTESON, Charity, wife, 49, housework
MATTESON, Leon, son, 22, farmer
MATTESON, Clyde, son, 19, farmer
MATTESON, Pearl, daughter, 27, trained nurse
MATTESON, Eveleen, daughter, 23, housework

1910 Census > NY > Chenango > New Berlin > West Hill road
MATTESON, C. Fred, 62, born in VT of VT parents, farmer
MATTESON, Charity M., wife, 54, born in NY of NY and RI parents
MATTESON, Clyde F., son, 24, born in NY, farm labor

According to the 1910 Census, they were neighbors of the family of Charles & Laurette Lowe. Charles Lowe was Charity's brother and Laurette Matteson-Lowe was Fred's sister.

Chat died on 25 May 1915.

Their children:
  • Inesz "Irene" Pearl Matteson (1876-1959) married Frederick Henry Pardee.
  • Lena Belle Matteson (1878-1951) married Mark Ray Angell, then Raymond Hoag.
  • Eveline May Matteson (1880-1946) married Charles Brazie.
  • Leon Fred Matteson (1882-1969) married Florence Clarinda Pope.
  • Lizzie Matteson (b. and d. 1884)
  • Clyde Floyd Matteson (1885-1956) married Margaret Zirkel.
  • Ethel Matteson (b and d. 1887)

1920 Census > NY > Chenango > New Berlin
MATTESON, C. Fred, head, 71, widowed, farmer
ANGELL, Belle, daughter, 40
MATTESON, Clyde, son, 35, farmer
MATTESON, Margaret, daughter-in-law, 23, born in Ill of German parents
MATTESON, Evelyn, granddaughter, 2, born in Illinois

1930 Census > NY > Chenango > New Berlin
HOAG, Raymond, head, 37, born in NY of NY parents, farmer
HOAG, Belle, wife, 52, no occupation
MATTESON, Fred, father-in-law, 81, wd, no occupation

Fred died 13 Jan 1933 and is buried at the Fairview Cemetery in New Berlin.
His memorial at is:

NOTE - a possibility for who had originally collected these photos which I bought all together - Elizabeth Lowe (1891-1939), she would have been a classmate of those pictured in the Class of 1909 photos. Her father was Marquis Lafayette "Mark" Lowe (a brother of Charity Lowe) which makes her a niece of Uncle Fred and Aunt "Chat" Matteson. She married Ray L Chapin (a surname on other photos found in this batch).