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Saturday, November 30, 2019

EVANS, Clifford

Identification on photo: Clifford Evans, son  of Frank and Nettie Evans
Photographer: R.E. Baran, 499 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY, circa 1900-1902
Purchased: Aug 2017 Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week

There is a family living at 157 Richmond Street in Brooklyn on the 1900 Census:
EVANS, Frank H., 32, Feb 1868, born in NY of NY and CT parents, clerk for railroad
EVANS, Nettie E., 28, Mar 1872, born in NY of NY and CT parents
EVANS, Clifford N. (or H.), 9, Feb 1891, born in NY of NY parents.

Frank H. Evans is a son of John W. Evans and Emily Cordelia Hoyt.
Nettie Emma Rich is a daughter of John B. Rich and Amelia ___.

His WWI draft registration cards reports that he was born Feb 23, 1891 in Brooklyn NY. He is an architect employed by Wm Leslie Welton, in Birmingham AL. He claims an exemption as he is already in the Volunteer Engineer Corps.

Married Pearl Weiss Smith (whose father is HJ Weiss) in Birmingham 2 Sep 1919. He has two sons; Clifford Jr. (born 1920) and William.

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Birmingham News, May 24, 1927, reports on the death of Clifford Evans on May 23.

Friday, November 29, 2019


These three photos were found together in the same box at a booth in the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds December antique show.  They are each labeled in what appears to be the same pen with light blue ink, and the same penmanship. I believe they are related in some way; either sisters, cousins or friends of the same person.


Identification on photo: SOPHIE ENDERS
Photo taken: French Studio, Ravenna Ohio, circa 1884-1900
Purchased: Dec 2017 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

Sophie was born 1858 in Pennsylvania, and appears as a 12yo on the 1870 Census for Ravenna OH, living with her father August (a glassworker)(1818-1892) and mother Katharine Spaniol-Hahne (1823-1911). 

(Click for larger image)
Her father August William Henry HAHNE died 1892, at age 74. 

Sophie and her siblings are:
August Jr


Identification on photo: KATE HAHNE
Photo taken: W.B. Cuyler, Greenfield Indiana, circa 1893-95
Purchased: Dec 2017 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

Because leg-o-mutton sleeves were fashionable from about 1893-95, and as Kate appears to be around 20 years old in the photo, we can put Kate's birth year at around 1873.

I believe this is Katheryne CAREY-HAHNE (1873-1935), wife of Sophie's younger brother Henry HAHNE. They lived in Indiana.


Identification on photo: ADDIE DONLEY
Photo taken: no marks, circa 1884-1900
Purchased: Dec 2017 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

Charles DONLEY & Addie E. CROOP applied for Marriage License in Ravenna Ohio, according to Ravenna Ohio Democratic Press, January 15, 1890. Married 9 Jan 1890.

On the 1900 Census, Charles and Addie live in Shalersville, Portage County, OH, farming. They live with son Roy (or Ray) E. Donley, age 7, and Addie's father Elias Croop, 80, who was born in Pennsylvania, of German immigrant parents.

On the 1910 Census, at Shalersville, OH, Charles and Addie Donley (age 46) are farming. They live with son Ray (17) and daughter Gracie (6), also Addie's father Elias Croop (90) and a niece Ester Howard (15).

On the 1930 Census, Ravenna, OH, Charles and Addie Donley appear. 66 and 67 respectively. Charles works on a chicken farm.

I believe Addie must be a friend and neighbor of the Hahne family which lived in Ravenna, Portage county, Ohio. Alas, if only there were an 1890 census! It might be possible to prove they were neighbors.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

LESCARBEAU, Shirley & family (Massachussetts)

UPDATE - these photos have been claimed and are going home to Shirley's niece!

Identification on photo: Shirley Lescarbeau
Photo taken: snapshot prob. mid-1940s
Purchased: January 2019 South Florida Fairgrounds Antique Show

This snapshot and the one below were acquired at the Palm Beach County Antiques Fair which is held monthly at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

I generally do not acquire snapshots since they almost never have identifying information written on them. This pair have apparently been lifted out of a black-paper photo album (some black bits still attached to the back) but remarkably both had hand-written identification on the back.

Click for larger image
The second photograph was taken much earlier, probably around 1927, (location unknown), and includes the following info: Grandfather Rainford, Uncle Willie Mason (middle), Pap Lescarbeau, Les, Shirley, John & Margaret Lescarbeau.

Before I'd delved into too much research, I found Shirley's obituary in a 1997 Massachusetts newspaper. It tells exactly who she was, better than I can do, so I include it here with younger survivors edited out.

At this point, I knew exactly who to contact, which was either the niece or nephew mentioned in the obit. I found the niece with very little effort and contacted her. She was eager to receive the photos, so they were sent home the next day.

She contacted me a few days later and included this photograph of her mother Rita (not born yet at the time of the sibling photo) viewing the images of her siblings, father, grandfather and uncle.