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Monday, July 31, 2017

NEEL, Mr/Mrs W.P.

Mr & Mrs W.P. Neel
Here is a photo I probably should not have acquired, as there are really not enough clues to help me identify this couple.

The photo is inscribed "Mr & Mrs W.P. NEEL" but there is no location or date given. No photographer's studio mark, which can often help determine a location.

If there was even a complete first name for either person, that would go a long ways in identifying then. But, alas.

The photo was likely taken in the 1950s or 1960s.  The couple appear to be in their seventies, so I am guessing birth year for both is 1880s or 1890s.

I did not make a note where I acquired this photo, but I am certain it was either in Southern California or in Oregon. I found the photo in a file folder which I know I had taken to the west coast on a trip about a year ago. And I do remember stopping in Antique stores in Pomona California, Corvalis Oregon and Eugene Oregon on that trip.

We are going to file this one as a "work in progress" and hope someone out there recognizes them and contacts me.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Dec 25, 1901
Central Studio Manila

UPDATE - Percy Bartholowe has been claimed by U.S. Marine Corps historian and this photo has been sent to him for safekeeping.

Inscription on back: "From Percy E. Bartholowe to his sister Mary M. Hedding"

This photo was located at the Albany Antique Mall, in Albany NY.

Percy Enfield Bartholow was born 16 Dec 1881, Bedford County, PA to parents William Bartholow (1841-1895) and Rebecca Mills (1841-1915).

Percy was the youngest of 7 siblings. The others were:
Lavinia (1862-_)
Mary M. (1865-1938) married Thomas Martin Hedding.
Albert (1867-_)
Frederick O. (1868-1948) married Emma Wilhide.
Florence M. (1873-1940) married John Shaw.
George W. (1874-1936) married Mary Kuhns.

11 October 1899 enlisted in Marines. Served in Naval Stations in the US, Philippines, China and Panama Canal Zone. In 1901 he stationed at Rosario, south of Manila, Philippines. Nov 20, 1903 he was advanced to the rank of Corporal. Jan 13 1904, he was advanced to the rank of Sargent. He was honorably discharged Oct 13, 1904 at Annapolis MD.

Percy married to Ola E. Morris Nov 29, 1905.  (See clipping at right. Click for larger image.)

Feb 26, 1907, the Washington DC Evening Star newspaper, under the heading "Births Reported" states that Percy E. and Ola E. Bartholowe had a daughter born Feb 21, 1907. I notice that the daughter does not appear in the 1910 Census.

1910 Census, Washington D.C.
BARTHOLOWE, Percy E., head, 28, born in Penn of Penn parents, helper in Navy Yard
BARTHOLOWE, Ola E., wife, 23, Maryland of Delaware parents, children born 1, children living 0

That marriage ended sometime after the 1910 census. I found a couple of newspaper items in 1922 mentioning real estate purchased by Ola Bartholowe, with no mention of Percy.

Percy married to Alta Gamage, 2 Jun 1924. I have not been able to find evidence of any offspring from this marriage.

Sister Mary Bartholow-Hedding (born Jan 21, 1865) died Dec 14, 1938 in Pittsburgh PA.

Died April 4, 1949, in Florida? but is buried in Waynesboro PA. Green Hill Cemetery.

Another photo of him can  be seen on his Findagrave memorial.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Milestone reached


Time to toot my own horn for a moment, then back to work!

Mary Ellen Wreath today became
successful reconnection number 100
Today I sent two photos out to a man who claimed them. These were very recent acquisitions of Mary Ellen Wreath, and the wedding photo of her son Frank and his bride.  You can see the entire work-up on these two photos here.

The man I communicated with (and who will be receiving the photos) is the great-great-grandson of Mary Ellen Wreath.

This shipment marks the 100th successful reconnection of family and lost photo.

I have been engaged in this hobby since at least the year 2000, and my collection of vintage photos is approaching 500 individuals. I have only researched about half of these, but have a good 40% success rate in returning them to existing family members.

With the improvements in online archives of newspapers and other genealogical records, the work goes much more quickly these days.

This is an extremely satisfying hobby because I know that when it works out, the memory of an old soul is preserved, and some family somewhere can welcome home a lost relative.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

HANSELMAN, Eva Adeline


This photo was located at the 2015 Burlington KY Antique Show.

This is Eva Adeline Hanselman, born 8 Sep 1902 in Russelville, Brown County OH, died 3 Oct 1995 in Kettering, Montgomery county OH.

She is the daughter of Arch L. Hanselman and Ella Edna Gilfillen (1884-1913). Arch raised chickens. There was also two younger brothers named George Glen Hanselman (1908-1996) and Frank A. Hanselman, born 1905 but is not on the 1910 Census. The 1910 Census confirms that Ella had 4 children, 2 living at that time. The other child was a son named Arch, and possible another named Beatrice.

Eva was the granddaughter of Dr. Alexander Gilfillen and Acenith Adeline Campbell Gilfillen of Brown County, Ohio.

Attended 4 years of College. Her occupation was Registered Nurse at MV Hospital (probably Miami Valley Hospital Dayton).

Never married. This is going to make it a bit more difficult to find family. Certainly no descendents.

Her brother George married Hazel Barron (1912-1984) .

TROUT, Robert

Robert TROUT
UPDATE - This photo of Robert Trout has been claimed by his son and is going back home! 

This picture postcard was found at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds in Florida, during one of their monthly Antique Shows in 2015.

On the back is written the name "Robert Trout". Also there is a hand-written note to an unknown person which says:

"This is our boy at 8 mo. He is some boy. Do you want him? Merry Christmas from Lucy, Irvin & Robert"

Since there is no address or stamp, I will assume the postcard was included along with some delivered gift. quickly found a family in Carbon County, Pennsylvania which matches these clues.

ROBERT W. TROUT (28 Feb 1924 - 18 Feb 2000) son of Irvin Daniel Trout (1892-1966) and Lucy Pogmore (1894-1998).

Lucy's parents George Pogmore (b.1862) and Lucy Unwin (b.1864) were from the Wallingford CT area, and were both born in England.

On various Census records, Irvin Trout is identified as a plumber. Irvin's parents are Mabry Trout (1864-1942) and Caroline Louise Wagner (1864-1943).

Other than Irvin's time in the military during WWI, and Robert's stint in the Navy in WWII, it seems that Robert and his parents lived their entire lives in the town of East Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania, which is apparently part of the town of Jim Thorpe, PA.

Robert married Dama Lucille Gerhard (1929-2005) 14 May 1949 (see clipping at right, click for larger image) and had a son Robert Irvin Trout (13 Dec 1949-). The infant was born prematurely by C-section in mid-Dec 1949. Baptized in Feb 1950. (UPDATE - Robert and Dama's granddaughter today informed me that the newspaper clipping has her grandmother's name misspelled. It should say Dama Gerhard.)

Robert and Dama must have divorced. She is shown marrying Joseph Heimbach in Apr 1971.

Robert and both of his parents are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, PA.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

EATON, Charles Craft

circa 1920
Son of Dr. and Mrs Percival Eaton of Pittsburgh, born 1 Mar 1894.

This entry was found in the book "Prominent Families of Pittsburgh, 1911".

Married Caroline Blake Creed, April 27, 1921. The bride's parents were Mr/Mrs Joseph Campion Creed, and she traces her lineage back to Edward Blake, a 17th centure Bay Colony settler. Charles' sister Mary Louise Eaton was one of the bridesmaids.

They had two children; James C Eaton (1924-1931) who died in childhood, and a daughter Caroline (1928-??).

Feb. 1924 - Mary Louise Eaton married Rev. Joseph Groves, rector of St. Clement's Protestant Episcopal Church of Wilkes-Barre.

1930 Census, New Hamshire > Strafford > Dover > Silver Street
EATON. Charles C., head, 36, born in PENN of MASS and PENN parents, Hardware Merchant
EATON, Caroline C., wife, 32, MASS of MASS parents
EATON, James C., son, 5, born in NH
EATON Caroline B., daughter, 2y11m, born in NH

1931 - son James C. Eaton died. I have not been successful in determining the cause.

1938 - Charles' father, Dr Percival Eaton died December 28 1938. According to the book "Biographical Review, Volume XXIV, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Pittsburg", Percival J. Eaton was a son James F. Eaton and Helen Webster.

1940 - City Directory Dover NH
Eaton Charles C (Caroline C) insurance agent

1942 - Charles is working for Expello Corp, Dover NH. (A company that manufactures moth repellents.)

1949 July - Charles' daughter Caroline marries John Huddleston in Dover NH.

1949, November 5 - Charles marries Helen Hawkes Meader (1898-1988). He must have divorced Caroline because she does not pass until 1973.

1953 - 1960 City Directory Dover NH
Eaton Charles C. (Helen M) prop Eaton & Co, and bkpr Frank A. Thompson & Son reports that Charles died in 1971, but I have not located his obituary.

OWENS, Bernard Jonathan

Bernard Jonathan OWENS
age 3 yrs 6 months
This photo of Bernard Jonathan OWENS was located in California at the Pomona Antique Mall, in February of this year.

The photographer's stamp on the front mat says "H.S. Green, Middleboro, Mass."

On the back are the hand-written words "Bernard Jonathan Owens, age 3 yrs, 6 mos." Based on clothing, hairstyle, and look of the physical photo, my best guess for a time period is early in the decade of the 1910's. That would put the child's birthyear at around 1910.

Using I quickly found a family tree that contains this individual. Bernard Owens was born 20 May 1909 in Middleboro Massachusetts to parents Albert R Owens (son of Willilam Owens and Flora Roberts), a teamster, and Maud Alice Roberts (daughter of Jonathan Roberts and Helen Curtis). Both parents were born in Maine.

1910 Federal Census > Massachusetts > Plymouth > Middleboro > Wareham Street
OWENS, Albert R., head, 33, born in Maine, teamster for trucking company
OWENS, Maude A., wife, 30, Maine, no occupation
OWENS, Faye R., son, 11, Maine
OWENS, Doris G., daughter, 9, Maine
OWENS, Phyllis F., daughter, 2, Massachusetts
OWENS, Bernard J., son, 11mo, Massachusetts

The 1920 Census is much the same, except that the family has moved to Benton Street, and 5-yr-old son Kendrick William has been added to the family. 21-yr-old son Faye Richard Owen still lives at home but works as a salesman at a notions store.

In 1930, the family lives on Pierce Street. Father Albert owns his own trucking business. All of the older children have left home. Only 21-yr-old Bernard and 15-yr-old Kendrick remain. Bernard works as a clerk in a variety store.

Also in 1930, Bernard married Madeleine Augusta Duncklee. Their home in 1935 was Boston Mass.

But in 1940 the Census finds him in Los Angeles CA. His occupation is "truck driver for moving company." His wife is given as Elinor ___, who is 22 and says she was married at age 20 (ie. 1938).

In October, 1943, Bernard enlisted in the Army in Providence Rhode Island. He states his highest level of education was grammar school, his occupation is "driver", and that his marital status is "single, with dependents."

His Mason membership card states that he was in the trucking business, and was a member of the May Flower Lodge in Middleboro.

Bernard died 6 July of 1979, in Carver, Massachusetts, at the age of 70.

HATHAWAY, William Lee

"Born Feb 14, 1867"
"Came to Oregon, age 1"

Photographer's mark - Terkelson & Henry, 1220 Market St. San Francisco

This photo was located in an antique store called Golden Treasures, in Pomona California earlier this year.

William Hathaway was fairly prominent, and easy to locate some information about him.  He is listed in the book "Who's Who on the Pacific Coast, 1913" and here is what it says about him:

HATHAWAY, William Lee, Insurance Man; born Providence R.I. Feb 15, 1867; son of William H. and Mary (Clancy) H. Edu: public schools, Ashland Oregon; Yreka Cal.; Colusa, Cal.; Atkinson Bus. College, Sacramento. Married, Caro Paulson, May 13, 1893, at Colusa, Cal. Moved to Cal. 1892. In employ of Mutual Life Ins. Co. of NY; placed in charge of local office, San Francisco, Jan 1, 1906; reorganized system of life ins. bus. throughout the U.S.; Mgr Cal. Nev. and Hawaiian Is. Mutal Life Ins.Co. of NY., Chmn. Panama-Pacific World's Ins. Congress in San Francisco for 1915; Member: Natl Assn of Life Underwriters, Chamber of Commerce, Home Industry League. Clubs: Press, Presidio Golf. Address: San Francisco, Cal.

1910 Census, California, San Francisco, Gongle? Street
HATHAWAY, William L., head, 43, born in RI of Massachusetts and English parents, mngr Life Ins.
HATHAWAY, Caro O., wife, 40, Danish of Danish parents, imm. 1875
HATHAWAY, Marie Kraig, dau, 15, born in Calif
HATHAWAY, Mabel Clancy, dau, 13, born in Calif
MARR, Walter C., nephew, 19, born in Calif of Mass and Calif parents, clerk at Ins. Comp.
AMYASAKI, Taka, servant, 24, born in Japan
NABIKA, Samuel K., servant, 25, born in Japan

1935 City Directory, San Francisco, shows William and wife Caro residing at the Fairmont Hotel on California Street.

Died 23 Jun 1940, in Kitchener, BC Canada, where he had a summer home.

This obit located in June 26, 1940, San Francisco Chronicle, page 13.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WREATH, Frank, Amelia and mother Mary

"Grandma Wreath"
UPDATE  - These two photos have been claimed and have gone home!

Frank & Amelia Wreath, and Grandma Wreath

These two photos were found at the Persnickety Antiques in Pomona CA, in February of 2017.

The first photo is of Mary Ellen O'Brien-Wreath, identified on the back as "Grandma Wreath." The photo mat is stamped with the photographer's mark "W.A. Gross, Colorado Springs, CO". I feel like this photo was taken around 1895-1900. She may have been visiting someone there.

Mary Ellen O'Brien, (born 1853 in Canada), died 1908 at age 55 in Guthrie OK.

Guthrie Daily Leader (Guthrie OK), 18 Mar 1908. reports Mrs Mary Wreath's obit. She was the wife of Benjamin Wreath (born 1833 in Ireland - d.1908) who was 20 years her senior. He died later the same year.

Her obit states that she had 11 children; 5 girls and 6 boys.  (Click on Obit at right for larger image.)

The 1885 Kansas State Census reports the following:
WREATH, Benjamin, 52
WREATH, Ellen, 32
WREATH, Sephen W. (Stephen?), 18 male (possibly hired hand)
WREATH, A., 12 female (Abbie)
WREATH, C.R., 10 female
WREATH, S.E., 8f (Sadie)
WREATH, Wm. B., 6m
WREATH, F.C., 4m
WREATH, E.E., 2f

1895 State census Kansas report:
Wreath, Benj, 62
Wreath, M E, 42
Wreath, Lizzie, 18
Wreath, W.B, 15 (William B)
Wreath, F C, 13 (Frank C)
Wreath, M E, 11 (Emma)
Wreath, G A, 9 (George)
Wreath, L P, 7 (Louis)
Wreath, J E, 5 (Julia)
Wreath, J C, 3 (__)
Wreath, Jessie, 2
Wreath, M S, 10mo (Martha)

The couple and 7 of their children are found on the 1900 Census in Dickinson County, Kansas.
WREATH, Benjamin, head, Dec 1832 (67), born in Ireland of Irish parents, imm. 1838, Farmer
WREATH, Mary, wife, Jul 1852, (47), born in Canada of Irish parents, imm. 1860
WREATH, Frank, son, Apr 1881 (19), born in Kansas, farm laborer
WREATH, Emma, daughter, Mar 1883 (17), Kansas
WREATH, George, son, Aug, 1884 (15), Kansas
WREATH, Louis, son, Jul 1888 (12), Kansas
WREATH, Julia, daughter, Feb 1890 (10), Kansas
WREATH, Jessie, son, Feb 1893 (7), Kansas
WREATH, Martha, daughter, Apr 1894 (6), Kansas

1903 Wedding photo of
Frank and Amelia Wreath.
One of the boys was Frank Currie Wreath (b. 1881) in Kansas. He married Amelia Louisa Wilhelmina Schafer (1884-1936). She is the daughter of William Schafer (1858-1926) and Wilhelmina "Minna" Matthias (1863-1941).

The photo at right is their wedding photo. The mat is stamped "Guthrie Okla" and their is some handwritten words in pen on the back that say "Frank and Amelia Wreath (Dad and Mom)". Below that, in pencil, is written "grandma's parents."

Following the death of his parents, Frank is found on the 1910 Census in Rose Hill, Logan county, Oklahoma.
WREATH, Frank, head, 29, born in Kansas of Irish and Canadian parents, general farm work.
WREATH, Amelia, wife, 25, Kansas of German parents
WREATH, Eva, daughter, 6, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Clarence, son, 2, born in Oklahoma

The 1920 Census finds the family in Colorado Springs, CO.
WREATH, Frank, head, 38, bridge work for Railroad company
WREATH, Amelia L.W., wife, 35
WREATH, Eva L. duaghter, 15, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Clarence F, son, 12, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Harvey W., son, 8, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Milford B., son, 7, born in Oklahoma

1930 Census is from Colorado Springs, CO.
WREATH, Frank, head, 58, motor mechanic for Railroad company
WREATH, Amelia L., wife, 45
WREATH, Harvey W., son, 19
WREATH, Milford B., son, 17

By the time of the 1940 Census (Colorado Springs), Frank has been widowed. He lives with his 29 year old son Harvey, along with daughter-in-law Bessie and grandsons Gerald and Ronald.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Edwin and Pauline AMES
UPDATE - this group of Ames, Phinney and Vail photographs have been claimed and are going home! This group of photos of the AMES brothers was located at the Pomona Antique Mall in California, earlier this year.  I have already worked up and blogged "Ruth and Neal Ames" and these are from the same family. Edwin Ames is the father of Ruth and Neal, and Lewis and George are their uncles.

The brothers' parents were Isaac Dow Ames and Jane Lucy Forbes. Other siblings include Carrie Ames (b. 1858) and Albert Forbes Ames (b.1860) although photos of these were not found in this group of photos. The family is found on the 1865 New York State Census, at Elizabethtown, Essex county, NY.

(Click on any image for larger photo.)

EDWIN ISAAC AMES (1862-1932) married Anna Paula "Pauline" Wright. For more on him, see the blog post on "Ruth and Neal Ames."

George AMES
GEORGE MILLER AMES (1864-1908) lived most of his life in Tamaroa Illinois. He married Emma Johnson and had four children; Walter Irving Ames (1892-1980), Lucille F Ames (1896-1989), Arthur F Ames (1906-1975) and Hazel Ames (1908-?).

Lewis AMES
LEWIS DARWIN AMES (1869-1955) was married in Missouri to Linnie Olivia Edwards and had five children; Alice (1898), James Russell (1905), Jane (1908), Rachel Frances (1911) and Katherine (1913). He lived the latter part of his life in Los Angeles, California.

Sibling Carrie Ames (1858-1950) married Irving Vail, and had sons Albert and Arthur Vail. Arthur had a daughter named Patricia, whose photograph was also located among these at this Antique Mall booth (see below for more on Patricia).

Sibling Albert Forbes Ames (1860-1943) married Charlotte E. Rodgers (1858-1906) and had children Alice Ethel Ames (1896-1972), Bertha May Ames (1897-1978), and Charles Ames (1899-__).

Alice Ethel Ames married Fred Linwood Phinney (1891-1955). Her sister Bertha Ames married Perlie Melvin Phinney (1888-1965), brother of Fred Phinney. The Phinney brothers are sons of Benjamin and Cora Curtis Phinney. Bertha died in 1978, Alice died in 1992.

Also in the same group of photos were three of a young woman named Lucy Phinney, images of whom were taken in Brockton Massachusetts. I believe this to be Lucy W. Phinney (b. 1877) a daughter of Samuel B and Martha E. Phinney. This would make her a cousin of Benjamin Phinney (Fred and Perlie's father).

Patricia VAIL
Also in the same group was a photo of a young girl identified as Patricia Vail. The back of the photo says the girl was born March 23, 1913 and was 10 1/2 months old when the photo was taken. She was a daughter of Arthur Hamilton Vail and Katherine Ashley Nichols. Patricia's siblings were Barbara, Margaret and Arthur Jr. Patricia married William Dudley Watson in 1937 in Chicago. She died in Florida in 1991.

Because the basket of old photographs contained images of people identified as Ames, Phinney and Vail, it is my opinion that these photos may have been in the possession of one of the sisters Alice or Bertha who both lived in the Los Angeles area.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

AMES, Ruth and Neal

Ruth and Neal AMES
UPDATE - this photo of Ruth and Neal Ames has been claimed and is going home! This photo of siblings Ruth and Neal Ames was located in February 2017 in the Pomona Antique Mall, in Pomona California. There is no studio stamp to help guide me to the correct location. See also the next post on AMES, PHINNEY and VAIL photos from the same basket.

However, I do find these siblings on the 1900 Federal Census in Chicago IL.

1900 Census - Chicago IL, Emerald Avenue
AMES Isaac, head, 38 (b. May 1862), Illinois of NY parents, occupation: artist
AMES Anna P., wife, 35 (May 1865), Arkansas of Ark parents
AMES Edwin Neal, son, 6 (July 11, 1893), California
AMES Ruth A., daughter, 5 (May 1895), California

(Click for larger) was extremely helpful with the remaining information. A Family Tree there filled in all the blanks.

Parents Edwin Ervin Isaac Ames (1862-1932) and Anna Paula Wright (1865-1940) had two children; Edwin Neal Ames (1893-1945) and Annie Ruth Ames (1895-__).  Father Edwin Isaac Ames died in March 1932 in Pasadena. His obituary appeared in the Los Angeles Times 15 March 1932.

Ruth grew up and married Rev. Donnell Jefferson Smith. In 1920, they resided in San Francisco and had one daughter at that time; Ruth Pauline Smith (born 1918). On the 1930 Census, the family lived in Portland Oregon and the family had grown to include three more daughters (Mildred, Evangeline and Elizabeth) and a son (Donnell Jefferson Jr.). The dad was a minister at the Church of the Nazarene.

By the time of the 1940 Census, Ruth was widowed (her husband died in 1936) and working as a high school teacher in Portland.

Ruth's brother Edwin Neal Ames remained in California. He attended college at El Rodeo of the University of Southern California, learning the law profession. In his senior class with him, was Donnell Jefferson Smith, whom he undoubtedly introduced to his younger sister Ruth. Neal was admitted to the bar in 1920.

(Click image at left to see larger version.)

Neal married his childhood sweetheart Ester P. Brown on June 30, 1922.

The 1929 Pasadena City Directory lists Edwin Neal Ames (lawyer) and wife Ester P Ames living at 2666 San Marcos Drive. Neal died 20 Oct 1945.