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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Edwin and Pauline AMES
UPDATE - this group of Ames, Phinney and Vail photographs have been claimed and are going home! This group of photos of the AMES brothers was located at the Pomona Antique Mall in California, earlier this year.  I have already worked up and blogged "Ruth and Neal Ames" and these are from the same family. Edwin Ames is the father of Ruth and Neal, and Lewis and George are their uncles.

The brothers' parents were Isaac Dow Ames and Jane Lucy Forbes. Other siblings include Carrie Ames (b. 1858) and Albert Forbes Ames (b.1860) although photos of these were not found in this group of photos. The family is found on the 1865 New York State Census, at Elizabethtown, Essex county, NY.

(Click on any image for larger photo.)

EDWIN ISAAC AMES (1862-1932) married Anna Paula "Pauline" Wright. For more on him, see the blog post on "Ruth and Neal Ames."

George AMES
GEORGE MILLER AMES (1864-1908) lived most of his life in Tamaroa Illinois. He married Emma Johnson and had four children; Walter Irving Ames (1892-1980), Lucille F Ames (1896-1989), Arthur F Ames (1906-1975) and Hazel Ames (1908-?).

Lewis AMES
LEWIS DARWIN AMES (1869-1955) was married in Missouri to Linnie Olivia Edwards and had five children; Alice (1898), James Russell (1905), Jane (1908), Rachel Frances (1911) and Katherine (1913). He lived the latter part of his life in Los Angeles, California.

Sibling Carrie Ames (1858-1950) married Irving Vail, and had sons Albert and Arthur Vail. Arthur had a daughter named Patricia, whose photograph was also located among these at this Antique Mall booth (see below for more on Patricia).

Sibling Albert Forbes Ames (1860-1943) married Charlotte E. Rodgers (1858-1906) and had children Alice Ethel Ames (1896-1972), Bertha May Ames (1897-1978), and Charles Ames (1899-__).

Alice Ethel Ames married Fred Linwood Phinney (1891-1955). Her sister Bertha Ames married Perlie Melvin Phinney (1888-1965), brother of Fred Phinney. The Phinney brothers are sons of Benjamin and Cora Curtis Phinney. Bertha died in 1978, Alice died in 1992.

Also in the same group of photos were three of a young woman named Lucy Phinney, timages of whom were taken in Brockton Massachusetts. I believe this to be Lucy W. Phinney (b. 1877) a daughter of Samuel B and Martha E. Phinney. This would make her a cousin of Benjamin Phinney (Fred and Perlie's father).

Patricia VAIL
Also in the same group was a photo of a young girl identified as Patricia Vail. The back of the photo says the girl was born March 23, 1913 and was 10 1/2 months old when the photo was taken. She was a daughter of Arthur Hamilton Vail and Katherine Ashley Nichols. Patricia's siblings were Barbara, Margaret and Arthur Jr. Patricia married William Dudley Watson in 1937 in Chicago. She died in Florida in 1991.

Because the basket of old photographs contained images of people identified as Ames, Phinney and Vail, it is my opinion that these photos may have been in the possession of one of the sisters Alice or Bertha who both lived in the Los Angeles area.

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