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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Milestone reached


Time to toot my own horn for a moment, then back to work!

Mary Ellen Wreath today became
successful reconnection number 100
Today I sent two photos out to a man who claimed them. These were very recent acquisitions of Mary Ellen Wreath, and the wedding photo of her son Frank and his bride.  You can see the entire work-up on these two photos here.

The man I communicated with (and who will be receiving the photos) is the great-great-grandson of Mary Ellen Wreath.

This shipment marks the 100th successful reconnection of family and lost photo.

I have been engaged in this hobby since at least the year 2000, and my collection of vintage photos is approaching 500 individuals. I have only researched about half of these, but have a good 40% success rate in returning them to existing family members.

With the improvements in online archives of newspapers and other genealogical records, the work goes much more quickly these days.

This is an extremely satisfying hobby because I know that when it works out, the memory of an old soul is preserved, and some family somewhere can welcome home a lost relative.

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