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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WREATH, Frank, Amelia and mother Mary

"Grandma Wreath"
UPDATE  - These two photos have been claimed and have gone home!

Frank & Amelia Wreath, and Grandma Wreath

These two photos were found at the Persnickety Antiques in Pomona CA, in February of 2017.

The first photo is of Mary Ellen O'Brien-Wreath, identified on the back as "Grandma Wreath." The photo mat is stamped with the photographer's mark "W.A. Gross, Colorado Springs, CO". I feel like this photo was taken around 1895-1900. She may have been visiting someone there.

Mary Ellen O'Brien, (born 1853 in Canada), died 1908 at age 55 in Guthrie OK.

Guthrie Daily Leader (Guthrie OK), 18 Mar 1908. reports Mrs Mary Wreath's obit. She was the wife of Benjamin Wreath (born 1833 in Ireland - d.1908) who was 20 years her senior. He died later the same year.

Her obit states that she had 11 children; 5 girls and 6 boys.  (Click on Obit at right for larger image.)

The 1885 Kansas State Census reports the following:
WREATH, Benjamin, 52
WREATH, Ellen, 32
WREATH, Sephen W. (Stephen?), 18 male (possibly hired hand)
WREATH, A., 12 female (Abbie)
WREATH, C.R., 10 female
WREATH, S.E., 8f (Sadie)
WREATH, Wm. B., 6m
WREATH, F.C., 4m
WREATH, E.E., 2f

1895 State census Kansas report:
Wreath, Benj, 62
Wreath, M E, 42
Wreath, Lizzie, 18
Wreath, W.B, 15 (William B)
Wreath, F C, 13 (Frank C)
Wreath, M E, 11 (Emma)
Wreath, G A, 9 (George)
Wreath, L P, 7 (Louis)
Wreath, J E, 5 (Julia)
Wreath, J C, 3 (__)
Wreath, Jessie, 2
Wreath, M S, 10mo (Martha)

The couple and 7 of their children are found on the 1900 Census in Dickinson County, Kansas.
WREATH, Benjamin, head, Dec 1832 (67), born in Ireland of Irish parents, imm. 1838, Farmer
WREATH, Mary, wife, Jul 1852, (47), born in Canada of Irish parents, imm. 1860
WREATH, Frank, son, Apr 1881 (19), born in Kansas, farm laborer
WREATH, Emma, daughter, Mar 1883 (17), Kansas
WREATH, George, son, Aug, 1884 (15), Kansas
WREATH, Louis, son, Jul 1888 (12), Kansas
WREATH, Julia, daughter, Feb 1890 (10), Kansas
WREATH, Jessie, son, Feb 1893 (7), Kansas
WREATH, Martha, daughter, Apr 1894 (6), Kansas

1903 Wedding photo of
Frank and Amelia Wreath.
One of the boys was Frank Currie Wreath (b. 1881) in Kansas. He married Amelia Louisa Wilhelmina Schafer (1884-1936). She is the daughter of William Schafer (1858-1926) and Wilhelmina "Minna" Matthias (1863-1941).

The photo at right is their wedding photo. The mat is stamped "Guthrie Okla" and their is some handwritten words in pen on the back that say "Frank and Amelia Wreath (Dad and Mom)". Below that, in pencil, is written "grandma's parents."

Following the death of his parents, Frank is found on the 1910 Census in Rose Hill, Logan county, Oklahoma.
WREATH, Frank, head, 29, born in Kansas of Irish and Canadian parents, general farm work.
WREATH, Amelia, wife, 25, Kansas of German parents
WREATH, Eva, daughter, 6, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Clarence, son, 2, born in Oklahoma

The 1920 Census finds the family in Colorado Springs, CO.
WREATH, Frank, head, 38, bridge work for Railroad company
WREATH, Amelia L.W., wife, 35
WREATH, Eva L. duaghter, 15, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Clarence F, son, 12, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Harvey W., son, 8, born in Oklahoma
WREATH, Milford B., son, 7, born in Oklahoma

1930 Census is from Colorado Springs, CO.
WREATH, Frank, head, 58, motor mechanic for Railroad company
WREATH, Amelia L., wife, 45
WREATH, Harvey W., son, 19
WREATH, Milford B., son, 17

By the time of the 1940 Census (Colorado Springs), Frank has been widowed. He lives with his 29 year old son Harvey, along with daughter-in-law Bessie and grandsons Gerald and Ronald.

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