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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

LOGSDON, Gladys Virginia


Identification on photo: Gladys Virginia Logsdon, 10 months old
Photo taken: Robinson Studio, Wheeling WV, circa 1929
Purchased: March 2017 at the Wildwood Antique Mall in Wildwood FL

Gladys was born March 7, 1928 in West Virginia, to parents Harry Logsdon and Olive Wanda Campbell.

1930 Census > West Virginia > Marshall County > Moundsville
LOGSDON, Harry, head, 34, born in PA of WV parents, accountant at a glass factory
LOGSDON, Olive, wife, 32, born in WV of WV parents
LOGSDON, Gladys, daughter, 2 1/2, born in West Virginia
LOGSDON, Edith Mae, daughter, 3 months, born in West Virginia

Gladys died March 28, 1933, having just passed her 5th birthday. Cause of death was peritonitis following surgery for appendicitis.

Her sister Edith, who is pictured at left, lived to age 83, passing in 2013.

Edith never married and had no offspring. She may have been the owner of this photo. With no one to bequeath this family heirloom to, it would have understandably gone into an estate sale and been dispersed to locations unknown.

That will make it a bit more difficult to find a living relative, but I do enjoy a challenge.

Monday, March 19, 2018

WEAVER, Frances & HILL, Lulu

circa 1897

This photo of two young friends was taken around 1897 at a studio called "Miller & Wickerson" (or maybe Nickerson), Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania. The photo is a bit worn and scratched, and has likely kicked around in one box after another since the death of both subjects. Neither girl had any offspring, so no descendants exist to claim this photo, but I hope to find living relatives who'd like to give a permanent home to this lovely souvenir of a friendship.

Frances Anne WEAVER
born: 21 Mar 1879 in Washington County PA
died: 16 Aug 1940 (age 61) in Washington County PA
father: Adam George Weaver (1828-1911)
mother: Elizabeth Wherry (1838-1930)
children: none

The Weavers were a large family. Census records show Frances' siblings are James, Sarah, Clarence, Mary, Adam, Elizabeth, John, and Charles.

We can assume that Frances Weaver never married, since she is buried at age 61 under her maiden name, at the Scenery Hill Cemetery.

born: 3 Jan 1880 in Washington County PA
died: 9 Jly 1867 (age 87) in Washington County PA
father: Thomas Thornton Hill (1842-1911)
mother: Elizabeth Matthews (1846-1926)
spouse: David Luther Eisiminger (1881-1933), married in 1902
children: none

Her husband worked as a mortician. After he passed in 1933, Lulu worked as a cook in a Beallsville restaurant.

HAYES, Hilda (Ogilvie)

Hilda Hayes-Ogilvie

Identification on photo: Miss Hilda Hayes, Portsmouth, NH
Photo taken: St. Clair Studio, Portsmouth, NH, circa 1910-1912
Purchased: Aug 2017 Madison Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

This photo does not bear a year, but the lovely fashion worn by this woman indicates a time of between 1910 and 1912.

Hilda Hayes (22 Feb 1899 - 29 Jan 1950) was born in Portsmouth NH to parents John Paul Hayes (1864- ) and Lillian Taylor (1865- ).

1900 Census > Maine > York County > Kittery
HAYES, John, head, Aug 1864, 35, born in Maine of Maine parents, Machinist in Navy Yard
HAYES, Lillian, wife, May 1865, 34, born in Maryland of Maryland parents
HAYES, Beth, daughter, July 1887, 12, born in Maine, at school
HAYES, Hilda, daughter, Feb 1889, 11, born in New Hampshire, at school
HAYES, John Paul, son, June 1891, 8, born in Maine, at school
HAYES, Robert F., son, Oct 1894, 5, born in Maine
HAYES, Allen, son, Oct 1896, 3, born in Maine

On 11 June 1913, Hilda married George Edwin Ogilvie, who immigrated from Scotland as a boy. He grew up in Jeanette, PA. In 1913, he was working as a Mechanical Engineer in Springfield Massachusetts. This photo of him (at right) as a star on his school's track team was taken in 1908.

1920 Census > Pennsylvania > Westmoreland County > Penn
OGILVIE, George, head, 35, imm. 1888, born in Scotland, Asst. Supv at Foundry
OGILVIE, Hilda, wife, 30
OGILVIE, George, son, 3y9m, born in PA
OGILVIE, Mary E., daughter, 2y4m, born in PA

1930 Census > Pennsylvania > Westmoreland County > Penn
OGILVIE, George, head, 45, imm. 1888, born in Scotland, Mechanical Engineer at Mine Car Co.
OGILVIE, Hilda, wife, 41
OGILVIE, Mary E., daughter, 12, born in PA

George Edwin Ogilvie Jr. is missing from the 1930 census. He should be about 13 years old, so his absence is disconcerting. A bit of research finds that George Jr. died in 1929 at age 13. I have not yet found the reason.

In 1937 (see newspaper insert at left) Mary Elizabeth Ogilvie (1917-1987) married Herbert Franklin Pettigrew Jr. (1913-1988) and had two children. In 1962 their daughter Barbara Pettigrew married John D. Phillipe. They also had a son Frederick (born 1938).

Hilda's husband George Ogilvie died 20 Oct 1935 in Penn, PA. After her husband's death, Hilda moved back to Rye, NH.

Hilda's Obituary from the Portsmouth Herald (30 Jan 1950). She died in Rye NH, which is a southern suburb of Portsmouth. She is buried in Brush Creek Cemetery in Irwin, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, next to her husband and son.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

SHEPARDSON, Leith Tingley


UPDATE - This photo has been claimed by Leith's great-great-granddaughter, and has gone home.

Identification on photo: Leith Tingley (Shepardson)
Photo taken: Harding Studio, no location, circa 1905-1909
Purchased: Aug 2017 Madison-Bouckville NY Antiques Week

Leah Edith "Leith" Tingley, born 12 Sep 1884, daughter of Emory Leland Tingley (1860-1933) and Caroline A. Benny (1860-1893). Her siblings were Theda, Fernie, Leland and Carrie. 

Around 1905 Leith married a farmer, Earl Garfield Shepardson (1881-1960), who was a son of Jarvis Elliott Shepardson (1834-1885) and Ellen Louise Greene (1844-1905).

Their son Arthur Emory Shepardson was born 26 July 1906 in Gibson PA. He married Freda Pearl Follett.

Daughter Carrie Ellen was born 3 Jan 1909 in Gibson PA. She married William Treux.

Daughter Mary Esther was born 16 Feb 1911. She married Russell J. Appleman.

Leith died January 1965.

Friday, March 16, 2018

SCHWARTZ, Wilbur and John


Identification on photo: (see photo of back)
Photo taken: Rundle Studio, Edwardsville, ILL, circa 1898
Purchased: Feb 2018 Bulldogger's Antiques, Lake Worth, FL

Back of the photo reads:
Grandpa (on left) Wilbur Charles Schwartz, mother's father, Aug 2, 1890-Feb 21, 1969. Younger brother on right. John H. Schwartz, born Sep 26, 1892, died Oct 22, 1918. Cause of death pneumonia brought on by Spanish Influenza.

1910 Census > Illinois > Madison County > Edwardsville
SCHWARTZ, William H., head, 44, married 22y, born in ILL of German parents, farmer
SCHWARTZ, Mary, wife, 43, born in ILL of German parents
SCHWARTZ, Wilbur, son, 20, born in Illinois
SCHWARTZ, John, son, 17, born in Illinois
DRUM, David, farm hand, 57, born  in Illinois

Father William H. Schwartz (1865-1949) is the son of  German immigrants Friedrich Schwartz (b. 1829) and Wilhelmine Brockmeier (1832-1906).

Mother Mary Feldman (1866-1936) is a daughter of German immigrants Carl and Mary Feldman. According to her obituary (Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois, Monday, August 24, 1936, page 1), She died of a heart attack in her home in Edwardsville Aug 22, 1936.

US Social Security Death Index shows the birthdate for Wilbur as August 2, 1889 and death is Feb 1969.

The 1920 Census for St. Louis MO, shows Wilbur Schwartz in a Lawyer in that city.

Wilbur's WWI Draft registration (June 1917) shows he is married and living in St. Louis Missouri. Wilbur married Adele Olive Byerly (1892-1969), and they had a daughter Ruth Mary Schwartz (1927-1983) who married John McKendrick Vaughn and had a son,  John McKendrick Vaughn III, born in 1964 and died in 2016.

I see no evidence of any other grandchildren, so it was this grandson who wrote the information on the back of this photo. He lived in Boca Raton Florida, and his fairly recent death in 2016 explains why this photo showed up in an antique shop in a neighboring community.

Ruth Mary Schwartz (photo at right), from the St. Louis Dispatch May 1955, on the occassion of her engagement to a man named Murphy. I don't know how long that marriage lasted, or if it even actually happened, but in Mar 1963 she married Vaughn. The newspaper article in 1963 refers to her as "Miss Ruth Mary Schwartz" with no mention of a previous marriage.

Ruth passed away 30 Nov 1983 in Boca Raton, Florida, which is where I will begin looking for Wilbur Schwartz's descendants.

Wilbur's younger brother John Henry Schwartz died in 1918 of influenza while a member of the Chemical Warfare Service in Cleveland OH during WWI.

Upon his death, to cancer, at age 79 in 1969, Wilbur Charles Schwartz's estate was valued at more than a million dollars.