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Sunday, December 19, 2021

JONES, Nelle Lee (Bedford IA)



  • IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Nelle Lee Jones, H.S. Graduate, Bedford, Iowa"
  • PHOTO TAKEN: Acker Studio, Bedford Iowa, circa 1902 - 1903
  • ACQUIRED: Among a group of photographs given to me by Carol Kleppinger - these are friends and schoolmates of her grandmother Florence Ream

This photograph was taken circa 1902 or 1903 at the Bedford photographic studio of G.C. Acker. He was active in Bedford Iowa from at least 1901 through about 1907. Nelle was a friend or classmate of Florence Ream who is known to have attended Bedford High School from 1901 to 1904, so Nelle probably was there during the same time period.

This is Nelle Lee Jones, born 22 Dec 1884 in Taylor County Iowa, to parents Taylor David Jones (1848-1932, son of Daniel Gamon Jones and Martha Ann Lee), and Catharine Gillette Kessler (1853-1944, daughter of Prussian-German immigrants John and Sophia Kessler).

Nelle's parents Taylor D. Jones and Catharine Kessler
(Found elsewhere on the internet. I DO NOT possess
these images but include them here for comparison.)

Her siblings are:

  • 1872 - Maura May (Mrs W L Dorr)
  • 1874 - Bertha Edna (who became Mrs. J N Hensley)
  • 1877 - Don Charles (who married Marie Goudie)
  • 1879 - Agnes Mabel (Mrs. Frank S. Purdue of Denver CO)
  • 1881 - Josephine Pearl (Mrs W A Davidson of Santa Ana CA)
  • 1888 - Clarence Dell (m. Georgia Fay Edmundson)
  • 1890 - John Kessler (m. Marie Wales)

Census records show this family was residing at the nearby town of Ross in 1900, and within the Bedford city limits in 1910.

Nelle appears on the 1920 Census in Portland Oregon where she works as a teacher, and boards with another teacher named Bertha Irwin (or Irvin).

On 21 July 1923, Nelle is married to Hugh "Walter" Adrian (1873 - 5 Feb 1952, son of John Milliard Adrian and Loretta Kliver). This is Walter's second marriage.

1930 CENSUS > Oregon > Multnomah > Portland > 51 E. 5th Street

  • ADRIAN, Walter H., head, 56, born in Ohio, salesman at "Adv. Nov. Co."
  • ADRIAN, Nelle L., wife, 44, born in Iowa, Teacher at Public School

I am not certain where Walter worked, but I presume the abbreviation in the Census is some sort of Novelty Company. Nelle was a teacher at the Ockley Green School.

The 1932 obituary for Nelle's father Taylor Jones mentions that he died of stroke, and his death was the first in his rather large family. His wife and all eight children survive him.

Nelle's husband Walter died in 1952. He seems to have been quite an interesting fellow. His obituary is at left. He was a member of several lodges including Knights Templar. He played a musical instrument (saxophone) and knew magic tricks.

It appears that he and Nelle had no children. Nelle's brief funeral notice in 1975 states "she is survived by several nieces and nephews". However, she married rather late in life (age 38) so may have never planned for children.

It may be possible to track down some of her nephews and nieces, and their offspring, to find a taker for this old photograph. I will work on that.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

UNCLE JERRY (Tornado Item) (Campbellsville KY)


"Uncle Jerry"

  • PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer, circa 1977-1984?
  • PHOTO FOUND: on sidewalk, Lexington KY, 12 Dec 2021

(CLAIMED. Uncle Jerry is going home.)  This photo and post are a little different than most I share on this blog, in several ways. First of all, I did not purchase the photo at an antique store - I found it near the sidewalk while walking my dog. Secondly, it is now labeled as to who the subject is. Thirdly, it is relatively new (compared to most I research) and is damaged.

As most of you know, several towns in western Kentucky suffered incredible damage on 10 Dec 2021 as a cluster of rare December tornadoes touched down in the middle of the night, taking lives and livelihoods and scattering personal possessions far and wide.

During my daily dog-walk on the following day or two, I found the above photograph nestled in the lawn of a neighbor's property, near the edge of the sidewalk, so I picked it up to examine it. It appeared to be a high school photograph of a young man of high school age. His hairstyle and clothes make me think it was taken in the latter 1970s through possible mid 1980s. The lapels of his shirt are rather long, as was seen in that time range. His hair is feathered to both sides.

My first thought was that this item was either accidentally run over by a lawnmower or had been assaulted by one of the tornadoes of the previous few days and blown a hundred or so miles from its original location.

With no name to research, I decided on a hunch to see if anyone had created a FaceBook group for posting such items found, and sure enough there was a page for just this purpose. It is called the "Quad State Tornado Found Items" and can be found at this link:  

Other people had already posted photographs and most of those bore the same ragged rips and tears as the photo I had found. So I posted the photo and within a couple days someone spied it and recognized the young man as their own "Uncle Jerry" and that it had been in their "mamaw's photo album." I hadn't the heart to ask what had happened to "mamaw's" house, and I could only imagine the terror of the circumstance that brought that photograph from its starting place to my neighborhood in Lexington.

I was given a mailing address in Campbellsville KY of a relative to whom I have just mailed the photo back. The tornado which struck Campbellsville was classified as an EF-3 and was not the same one as the EF-4 which tore through Mayfield and Dawson Springs and monopolized most of the headlines. But the Campbellsville tornado, which destroyed 70 homes, proved just as capable of causing heartbreak.

(Click for larger version)

Campbellsville is about 83 miles from Lexington, as the crow flies, or in this case - as the debris flies. Other posts at the FaceBook group show photos which traveled up to 130 miles, such as the one from Dawson Springs which was found stuck to a car's windshield in New Albany Indiana.

I would like to take a moment to thank whomever had the great idea of using Social Media to quickly get these personal items back to those who lost them. 

On a side note - with this post and successful connection to the photograph's owner, I have reached the milestone of 200 photographs returned to family.

Friday, December 10, 2021

HAYDON, Richard Parker (Hobart OK)


(Click any image for larger version)
HAYDON, Richard Parker (Hobart OK)

  • IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Parker Haydon, Hobart, Oklahoma"
  • PHOTO TAKEN: Horwich Bros. Studio, Oakland CAL, circa 1911
  • PURCHASED: June 2021 Time Travelers Antiques, Springfield Oregon

Richard Parker Haydon was born in Kansas, 05 Nov 1893, and lived at least for a while in Hobart Oklahoma (per 1910 Census) before his family moved to California. Apparently, he went by the name "Parker" Haydon much of the time. 

His father was William Lawson HAYDON (1856-1934). His mother was Ursula "Sula" Evelyn Parker (1861-1945).

1900 CENSUS > KANSAS > McPHERSON COUNTY > Superior > Maple Street
HAYDON, William, head, 43, b. Oct 1856 in MO of MO and KY parents, dry goods merchant
HAYDON, Ursula E., wife, 38, b. Mar 1862 in IA of KY and OH parents
HAYDON, William E., son, 15, b. Feb 1885 in KS, at school

HAYDON, William W., head, 54, born in MO of KY and Iowa parents, Real Estate Agent
HAYDON, Sula E., wife, 48, married 26 yrs, 4 children, 4 living, born in IA to KY and OH parents
HAYDON, William E., son, 24, born in KS, cashier at bank
HAYDON, Don W., son 22, born in KS, stenographer at bank
HAYDON, Richard P., 16, born in KS
HAYDON, Glen L., son, 13, born in KS

HAYDON, Richard P., head, 35, born in Kansas, insurance broker
HAYDON, Merle E., wife, 33, born in California
HAYDON, Charles A., son, 12, born in California
HAYDON, M. Evelyn, dau, 10, born in California
HAYDON, Parker L., son, 9, born in California
HAYDON, Frances J., dau, 8, born in California

HAYDON, Richard P., head, 46, born in Kansas, stamp dealer
HAYDON, Merle E., wife, 43, born in California
HAYDON, Parker Jr., son, 20, born in California
HAYDON, Frances J., dau, 18, born in California
HAYDON, Richard, son, 8, born in California

The 1940 Census reveals that his home was at 543 Vincente Avenue in Berkeley CA. I have found an image of that house and include it here. 

He owned and operated the Parker Haydon Co., a stamp shop at 2125 Center Street. He worked with his son Parker Lawson Haydon in this shop, and as the following 1948 newspaper story illustrates, the son was also very knowledgeable on the subject.

At some point in the 1940s, Parker Haydon Senior was presented with a Purple Heart which he had earned in WWI. Here is that story:

RICHARD PARKER HAYDON died 28 Sep 1953 and is buried at Lodi Memorial Park, in Lodi California.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

HOLBROOK, Jennie Louisa (Webster, MA)


(Click for larger version)

JENNIE L. HOLBROOK (Webster, Mass)

  • IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: appears to say "Jennie L. Holbrook"
  • PHOTO TAKEN: Elite Studio, Webster, Massachusetts, circa 1901
  • PURCHASED: 2021 Antique Peddlers, Springfield Oregon

The hand-writing on back clearly says "J???IE L. HOLBROOK" but someone has written a price over the first name, partially obscuring the second, third and fourth letters. I can make out that the second letter could easily be an E. The third and fourth look more than anything else like a pair of U's. I have often seen penmanship in which a lower-case "n" looks like a "u", so I am presuming this photo is labeled "Jennie L. Holbrook."

The little girl appears to be around 5 years of age. The fashion, hair, and type of mat-frame suggest a time period around 1900 or very soon thereafter. This would indicate a girl born around 1895 to 1896.

I have found a "Jennie L. Holbrook" on the 1900 Census for Massachusetts in the town of Douglas, which is a neighboring community to Webster (where the photo was taken).


  • HOLBROOK, Silas P., head, 62, born Nov 1837, born in MA of MA parents, physician
  • HOLBROOK, Louise, wife, 40, born June 1959, born in MA of MA parents, 3 children, 1 living
  • HOLBROOK, Jennie L., dau., 4, born Jan 1896, born in MA


  • HOLBROOK, Silas P., head, 71, married 16 yrs (M2), physician, general practice
  • HOLBROOK, Louise S., wife, 48, married 16 yrs (M2), 2 children, 2 living
  • HOLBROOK, Jennie L., dau, 14
  • HOLBROOK, Edward S., son 7

NOTE - this census reports that this is a second marriage for both parents. 

FIND-A-GRAVE reports that father Silas Pinckney Holbrook (son of George Edward Holbrook & Clarissa A. Turner) was born 7 Nov 1837 and died 2 Oct 1917. He was married to 1) Jennie M. Campbell, who died 23 Aug 1892), then 2) Louise S. Taft-Southwick, and had two children; Jennie Louisa Holbrook (b. 12 Jan 1896) and Edward Silas Holbrook (b. 3 Oct 1902).

Mother Louise Silence Taft-Southwick was previously married to Ira Southwick, and had two small children who both died in 1889. So Jennie had two half-siblings she never knew.

Jennie graduated from Simmons College in 1917 (the year her father died), and went to war in 1918, serving in the navy in the capacity of Yeoman First Class.


  • HOLBROOK, Louise S., head, 58, widowed, no occupation
  • HOLBROOK, Jennie L., dau, 24 single, private secretary
  • HOLBROOK, Edward S., son, 17


  • HOLBROOK, Louise S., head, 68 widowed, home maker
  • HOLBROOK, Jennie L., dau, 34 single, post master at post office


  • HOLBROOK, Louise S., head, 79 wd, no occupation
  • HOLBROOK, Jennie L., 44 single, Stenographer at Div. of Unemployment

Jennie's mother died in 1946.

Jennie died 15 August 1988 and is buried next to her parents at Pine Grove Cemetery in Worcester County. She apparently never married and had no children. But I may be able to find descendants of her brother Edward.

This image of Edward Silas Holbrook was found on a tree at I DO NOT HAVE THIS PHOTO, but I show it here for comparison. Other than the hairstyle, he is a dead-ringer for his sister Jennie. Also the image of Edward is said to have been found at an antique store in Springfield Oregon (which is precisely where I found the photograph of Jennie.) It is the discovery of this image of Edward that convinces me that I have correctly identified Jennie.

Edward died 5 August 1971. He had been an accountant at a company that manufactures wax paper. He was married to Eva Louise Houghton (1902-2002) and had two daughters; Jane Louise Holbrook (1936-2017) and ____ (born after the 1940 Census).

I will continue to research Edwards line.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

INGRAM, Reta (Wilcox) (Eugene, OR)




PHOTO TAKEN: Kennell-Ellis Studio, Eugene OR (in operation from 1924-2004), circa 1940?

PURCHASED: 2021 Antique Peddlars, Springfield OR

During research, I found her first name spelled RITA, RETA and RHEATA. On her marriage registry, it is spelled "Reta", so I am assuming this is the accurate spelling.

  • Born in Minnesota or Ontario Canada, 3-Mar-1894 (or 1898).
  • Died in Eugene Oregon 15-Feb-1978

Reta was a nurse, trained in the Sister Kenny method for the treatment of Polio. She was later a physical therapist at the Eugene Hospital.


  • BOWING, A E, head, 53 widowed, merchant in retail grocery
  • BOWING, Isabell E., mother, 79 widowed
  • BOWING, Erwin E., son, 27 single, no occupation
  • WILCOX, Rheata H., nurse, 25 single, born in Toronto CAN to English & New Zealand parents, nurse at private home


  • WILCOX, Reta H., lodger, 36 (born abt 1894), single, born in Canada (English) of English and New Zealand parents, immigrated 1898, physio-therapist at hospital

(Click any image for larger version)

Married James Clyde Ingram (son of William Wiley Ingram & Agnes Wooley). He was a fireman, later engineer, (d. 10 Sept 1968). They were married in Portland Oregon on October 31, 1931.


  • INGRAM, James C., head, 45, born in Oregon, unable to work, no occupation listed
  • INGRAM, Reta H., wife, 46, born in Minnesota, physio-therapy at hospital

Reta Ingram died of pneumonia, age 83 in Eugene OR. 

This obituary was sourced from Find-a-Grave.