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Sunday, December 19, 2021

JONES, Nelle Lee (Bedford IA)



  • IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Nelle Lee Jones, H.S. Graduate, Bedford, Iowa"
  • PHOTO TAKEN: Acker Studio, Bedford Iowa, circa 1902 - 1903
  • ACQUIRED: Among a group of photographs given to me by Carol Kleppinger - these are friends and schoolmates of her grandmother Florence Ream

This photograph was taken circa 1902 or 1903 at the Bedford photographic studio of G.C. Acker. He was active in Bedford Iowa from at least 1901 through about 1907. Nelle was a friend or classmate of Florence Ream who is known to have attended Bedford High School from 1901 to 1904, so Nelle probably was there during the same time period.

This is Nelle Lee Jones, born 22 Dec 1884 in Taylor County Iowa, to parents Taylor David Jones (1848-1932, son of Daniel Gamon Jones and Martha Ann Lee), and Catharine Gillette Kessler (1853-1944, daughter of Prussian-German immigrants John and Sophia Kessler).

Nelle's parents Taylor D. Jones and Catharine Kessler
(Found elsewhere on the internet. I DO NOT possess
these images but include them here for comparison.)

Her siblings are:

  • 1872 - Maura May (Mrs W L Dorr)
  • 1874 - Bertha Edna (who became Mrs. J N Hensley)
  • 1877 - Don Charles (who married Marie Goudie)
  • 1879 - Agnes Mabel (Mrs. Frank S. Purdue of Denver CO)
  • 1881 - Josephine Pearl (Mrs W A Davidson of Santa Ana CA)
  • 1888 - Clarence Dell (m. Georgia Fay Edmundson)
  • 1890 - John Kessler (m. Marie Wales)

Census records show this family was residing at the nearby town of Ross in 1900, and within the Bedford city limits in 1910.

Nelle appears on the 1920 Census in Portland Oregon where she works as a teacher, and boards with another teacher named Bertha Irwin (or Irvin).

On 21 July 1923, Nelle is married to Hugh "Walter" Adrian (1873 - 5 Feb 1952, son of John Milliard Adrian and Loretta Kliver). This is Walter's second marriage.

1930 CENSUS > Oregon > Multnomah > Portland > 51 E. 5th Street

  • ADRIAN, Walter H., head, 56, born in Ohio, salesman at "Adv. Nov. Co."
  • ADRIAN, Nelle L., wife, 44, born in Iowa, Teacher at Public School

I am not certain where Walter worked, but I presume the abbreviation in the Census is some sort of Novelty Company. Nelle was a teacher at the Ockley Green School.

The 1932 obituary for Nelle's father Taylor Jones mentions that he died of stroke, and his death was the first in his rather large family. His wife and all eight children survive him.

Nelle's husband Walter died in 1952. He seems to have been quite an interesting fellow. His obituary is at left. He was a member of several lodges including Knights Templar. He played a musical instrument (saxophone) and knew magic tricks.

It appears that he and Nelle had no children. Nelle's brief funeral notice in 1975 states "she is survived by several nieces and nephews". However, she married rather late in life (age 38) so may have never planned for children.

It may be possible to track down some of her nephews and nieces, and their offspring, to find a taker for this old photograph. I will work on that.

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