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Thursday, April 30, 2020

DEAN, Muriel (Riverside, RI)


PHOTO TAKEN: Ferris Studio, Riverside, RI, circa 1900
PURCHASED: 2019 Brandywine River Antique Mall, Chadd's Ford PA

This is Muriel Thatcher Dean (1903-1984).

1920 Federal Census > Rhode Island > Providence > East Providence
DEAN, George S. Jr., head, 42, born in RI of RI parents, Electric company expert
DEAN, Julia E., wife, 42, born in NY of NY parents
DEAN, Muriel T., daughter, 16, born in RI

Muriel's father George Sisson Dean, died 1927 and is buried in East Providence Rhode Island, in the Ancient Little Neck Cemetery.

1930 Federal Census > Maryland > Baltimore
ROBBLEE, Charles, head, 35, married at 31, born in RI of Nova Scotia parents, lithographer
ROBBLEE, Muriel, wife, 26, married at 22, born in RI
ROBBLEE, Joan, daughter, 3, born in MD
DEAN, George?, mother-in-law, 51 wd, born in NY

I think the Census-taker's mind must have drifted for a moment, as he has labeled Muriel's mother as "George". Or perhaps she called herself "Mrs. George Dean" and he wrote that down.

1940 Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Allegheny > Bellevue
ROBBLEE, Charles, head, 44, born in RI, Life Ins Home Office Inspector
ROBBLEE, Muriel T., wife, 35, born in RI
ROBBLEE, Joan Muriel, daughter, 13, born in RI
DEAN, Julia E., mother-in-law, 62 wd, born in NY

Charles Eugene Robblee died 15 Feb 1981 in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Survivors mentioned in his obit are wife Muriel of Lehigh Acres, and one daughter Joan Muriel Robblee in Pittsburgh PA. 

Apparently, Muriel moved back to Pennsylvania following her husband's death.

Muriel died in Elizabethtown PA, 24 Sep 1984, at age 81.

Daughter Joan M. Robblee died 6 Sep 1986, at age 57. Apparently not married, and no children.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

DILLABY, Julia Bennett Johnson (Norwich CT)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: Julia Bennett (Johnson) Dillaby
PHOTO TAKEN: Laighton Bros. Studio, Norwich CT, circa 1874
PURCHASED: 2015 Aug, Greenwich NY Fairgrounds Antiques Fair

This is Julia Bennett Johnson (born 16 May 1848 in Victor, New York) daughter of Rev James Riley Johnson and Nancy Bennett Hetherington.

Oct 15, 1867 she married Charles Henry Dillaby (1833-1889) in Norwich CT. Charles was assistant postmaster in Norwich, also tax collector. After his death, Julia lived in Somerville Mass, presumably with one of her sons.

Their children are:

 1873 - Julian Riley Dillaby (d.1917), city editor for the Norwich Bulletin, then city and political writer on Boston newspapers, m. Alice Bowen, a trained nurse.

 1875 - Frank Henry Dillaby, architect in Boston, m. Martha Day in 1905 (dau of Marcellus and Mary J Day), they had son Edwin Frank Dillaby (1907-1997).

 1878 - Charles Paine Dillaby, architectural draftsman residing in Somerville Mass.

She died at age 100 in 1948 in Massachusetts.

I found this other image of her with her younger half-sister Alice, online at Findagrave, and do not possess this one, but wanted to show it here for comparison.  (Click any image for larger version)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

DUDLEY Family (Bangor ME)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: Daniel Dudley, Martha Dudley, Annie Dudley
PHOTO TAKEN: Sansil Studio & Dole Studio, Bangor ME, circa 1882
PURCHASED: 2017 Wildwood Antiques Mall, Wildwood FL

The photographs of Daniel and Martha Dudley are also identified as "my grandfather" and "my grandmother", then are signed by JUNE CUMMINGS.

The photograph of Annie Dudley is also identified as "Mother's sister".

Daniel Dudley, son of David Dudley & Eunice Buffum. Born in 1826 (his headstone says 13 Aug 1827) in Kennebec County, Maine. Daniel had at least 9 siblings. 

Here are the children of David & Eunice Dudley:
 1818 Anstras Dudley (d. 1912) m. Woodman Shean
 1820 Elmira Dudley (d. _)
 1822 Sarah B. Dudley (d. _)
 1824 Chandler Dudley (d. _)
 1826 Daniel Dudley *---------- subject
 1827 Annie D. Dudley (d. 1929) m. Thomas Rosington
 1828 Edwin Dudley (d._)
 1830 Mary Dudley (d._) m. Charles Farnsworth
 1834 Maria J. Dudley (d. 1850)
 1841 Susan Dudley (d._)

13 June 1847, in Lynn Mass., Daniel married Martha Jane PARKER, born abt 1825, dau of James & Sally Parker. And they had 4 children.
 1848 Chandler A. Dudley (d. 1848) died as infant
 1850 Augusta M. Dudley (d._) m. Edgar R. Dow
 1857 Sarah E. Dudley (d. _)
 1862 Annie Dudley (d._) m. 1) Charles Lake, 2) Claude De Wolf

1870 Federal Census > ME > Penobscot > Newport
DUDLEY, Daniel, 44, manufacturer of books, born in Maine
DUDLEY, Martha J., 43, keeping house, born in NH
DUDLEY, Augusta M., 20, born in Maine
DUDLEY, Sarah Ella, 13, born in Maine
DUDLEY, Annie, 7, born in Maine

1880 Federal Census > ME > Penobscot > Bangor > Hammonds Street
DUDLEY, Daniel, 53, shoe maker, born in Maine of Maine parents
DUDLEY, Martha J., 54, wife, born in NH of NH parents
DUDLEY, Annie, dau, 18, born in Maine of Maine & NH parents

1900 Federal Census > MA > Essex > Lynn > 22 Crosby St
LAKE, Charles, head, Aug 1859, 42, born in MA of MA and ME parents, barber
LAKE, Annie, wife, Apr 1862, 38, born in ME of ME parents
LAKE, Henry, son, Apr 1891, 9, born in MA, at school
LAKE, Ethel Martha, dau, Mar 1892, 8, born in MA, at school
LAKE, Charles Jr, son, Apr 1894, 6, born in MA, at school
LAKE, Annie, dau, Mar 1896, 4, born in MA
LAKE, Rose Augusta, dau, Jun 1898, 1, born in MA

Sister Sarah (1856-1940) married John Burrill (1854-1912).

Annie's dates are: born 8 Apr 1862, died 7 Sep 1916

22 Jun 1890, Annie Dudley married Charles Lake, hair dresser (barber), in Lynn Massachusetts.

July 6 1914, Annie Dudley-Lake (widow) married Claude de Wolf (son of Roger de Wolf & Julia Smith) in Lynn, Massachussets. It was a second marriage for both.

Daniel Dudley died 9 April 1900 in Newport. Here is this family headstone and memorial at 

Martha Dudley (1 Mar 1825-12 Apr 1890). She and Daniel are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Newport Maine.

Annie's descendants:
LAKE, Henry, Apr 1891,
LAKE, Ethel Martha, Mar 1892, m. G Jules Polhemus
      -- 1912 Mark E. Polhemus
LAKE, Charles Jr, Apr 1894
LAKE, Annie, Mar 1896,
LAKE, Rose Augusta, Jun 1898

Her sister Sarah's descendants:
 1887 - June Esther Burrill (1887-1978) m. Chester G Cummings

It is clear that it was June Burrill-Cummings who wrote on the backs of these three photographs. At one time these photos were in her hands. June died in 1978 in Ft Myers Florida.

Monday, April 27, 2020

DAVIS, Elizabeth Dick (Minneapolis MN)


UPDATE - Lizzie has been claimed by family and is going home!

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Mrs. Elizabeth Dick Davis" / "Aunt Lizzie Davis"
PHOTO TAKEN: Sleyster Studio, Preston MN / GD Francis Studio, Anoka MN
PURCHASED: 2016 August Lawrenceburg KY Route 127 World's Longest Yardsale

These two photos were acquired together and are of the same person, taken probably 5-7 years apart.
This is Elizabeth M. Dick (born 15-Apr-1871 in Minnesota to parents Samuel C. Dick & Elizabeth Young)

The Dick family appears on the 1885 Minnesota State Census in Winona County.
DICK, S.C., 69, born in Ohio
DICK, Elizabeth, 61, born in Ohio
DICK, T.I?, 31, born in Iowa
DICK, Clarence F., 23, born in MN
DICK, William W., 21, born in MN
DICK, Charles G., 18, born in MN
DICK, N? S., 16, born in MN
DICK, Lizzie M., 14, born in MN

She is found on the 1900 Census in Preston MN living with her widowed mother at the home of her married sister Annie.

1900 Federal Census > MN > Fillmore > Preston
FOOTE, William, head, July 1845, 54, born in NY of MA parents, RR Conductor
FOOTE, Annie E, wife, Nov 1855, 44, born in MN of Ohio parents
FOOTE, Miraim D, dau, Jan 1885, 15, born in MN, at school
FOOTE, Walter C, son, Feb 1888, 12, born in MN, at school
FOOTE, Mira L, dau, Jan 1890, 10, born in MN, at school
FOOTE, Helen M, dau, Nov 1891, 8, born in MN
FOOTE, Warren W, son, Jun 1894, 5, born in MN
DICK, Elizabeth, mother-in-law, July 1824, 75, born in OH of PA parents
DICK, Elizabeth M, sister-in-law, Apr 1871, 29, born in MN of OH parents, bookkeeper Gen. Store

(Clock for larger image)
In Oct 1907, she married James Topham Davis (1867-1927) who was a salesman for an advertising firm. They had a son Robert, born abt 1909. This report of their wedding was found in the 11 Oct 1907 edition of The Star Tribune of Minneapolis.

1920 Federal Census > MN > Hennepin > Minneapolis
DAVIS, James T, head, 53, born in MN of Irish parents, salesman advertising
DAVIS, Elizabeth, wife, 48, born in MN
DAVIS, Robert, son, 10, born in MN
DAVIS, Margaret, dau, 6, born in MN
DAVIS, Francis, sister, 45, born in MN of Irish parents, mail clerk dental supplies
DICK, Gladys, niece, 27, born in MN of MN parents, teach public school

Husband James died in 1927. This obituary was found in the 6 Jun 1927 edition of Minneapolis Star.

1930 Federal Census > MN > Hennepin > Minneapolis
DAVIS, Elizabeth, head, 58
DAVIS, Robert D., son, 20, no occupation
DAVIS, Margaret E., dau, 16

She died 30 July 1949 in St Paul Minnesota. Buried in Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis. Obit is from The Star Tribune, 31 July 1949.

Her survivors are:
Robert D. Davis, of St. Paul
Margaret (m. Terrence Slattery), of St. Paul

Sunday, April 26, 2020

DUNN, Eunice (Lynn MA)


PHOTO TAKEN: George W Ames Studio, Lynn MA, 1914
PURCHASED: 2019 Brandywine River Antiques, Chadds Ford PA

I think the  LCHS stands for Lynn Classical High School.

Eunice Madeline DUNN (b. 31 Aug 1895 to parents Henry Dunn & Elizabeth). Eunice would have been around 18-19 in this photo.

1920 Federal Census > MA > Essex > Lynn
DUNN, Henry P., head, 54, born in MA of Irish parents, retail merchant dry goods
DUNN, Elizabeth, wife, 52, born in Nova Scotia to Irish parents
DUNN, Henry F., son, 25, born in MA, salesman dept store
DUNN, Eunice M., dau, 23, born in MA, music teacher at home
DUNN, Leonard A., son, 21, born in MA, musician w/theatre orchestra
DUNN, Robert A., son, 19, born in MA, salesman at clothing store
DUNN, Clarissa F., dau, 16, born in MA
DUNN, Albert J., son, 14, born in MA
DUNN, Edward J., son, 11, born in MA

Her father Henry P. Dunn died after a long illness, on Sep 17, 1931, and his obit in the Boston Globe on that date gives a good description of his important standing in the community of Lynn.

Mother Elizabeth died 4 Feb 1941. At that time, Eunice (around age 46) is still listed by her maiden name among the survivors.

Eunice was an organist at times at the Saint Patrick's church. She at least once (Dec 19, 1924) was featured in soprano solos on the 9:30pm Concert program on WNAC Radio.

I can find no evidence that Eunice married or had children.

CROW, Irma (Moundsville WV)


PHOTO TAKEN: Brinkmier's Studio, Moundsville WV, circa 1906-7
PURCHASED: 2017 Wildwood FL Antique Mall

The Brinkmier Studio had branches in Wheeling WV, Moundsville, WV, Sistersville WV, Allegheny PA and Pittsburg PA. Although there is no indication at which studio this portrait was taken, I suspect it was at the Moundsville studio, as I have found an "Erma (Irma) Crow" of the right age living in Moundsville WV.

1920 Federal Census > WV > Marshall County > Moundsville
CROW, Wesley, head, 40, born in WV to WV parents, shipping dept at glass factory
CROW, Elizabeth E, wife, 35, born in OH of OH parents, keeping house
CROW, Erma K., daughter, 13, born in WV
CROW, Evelyn S., daughter, 11, born in WV
CROW, Ralph L., son, 8, born in WV

Erma's father is Wesley CROW (1876-1947), son of Barnett Crow (1838-1884) and Sarah Jane LILLEY (1843-1881).

Erma's mother is Elizabeth E. LEACH (1884-1941) dau of ___

Erma's siblings include:
 Sarah Evelyn Crow (1908-2002) m. Robert Berisford.
 Ralph Leroy Crow (1911-1990) m. Mildred Dean Daugherty

Erma Katherine Crow married Ollie C. CHURCH (1903-1966, son of Eli & Lenora Church) and had two children:
  Allan Reid Church (1928-2006) m. __
  Patricia J. Church (1929-_)

1930 Federal Census > WV > Marshall > Moundsville
CHURCH, Ollie, head, 26, born in OH of OH and WV parents, printer at glass factory
CHURCH, Irma K., wife, 22, born in WV of WV parents
CHURCH, Allan, son, 2, born in WV
CHURCH, Patricia J., dau, 8 mo, born in WV

The glass factory in Moundsville at that time was the Fostoria plant.

COURSON, Margaret E. (Williamsport PA)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Margaret E. Courson, 1895"
PHOTO TAKEN: New York Photographic Studio, Williamsport PA, 1895
PURCHASED: 2019 Brandywine River Antique Mall, Chadds Ford PA

This is Margaret Eddy COURSON, who lived near Williamsport PA, in the community of Picture Rocks. Her parents were William Spencer Corson (1864-1896, son of Jacob F Courson & Emily Jane Neece) and Sara "Sadie" Eddy (1866-1952, dau of Charles Eddy & Hannah Mulkey).

It appears that some members of this family spelled the surname CORSON, and I find it both ways in newspaper accounts, even for the same individuals.

Margaret's father William Spencer Courson died in 1896 when Margaret was 4 or 5 years old.

1900 Federal Census > PA > Lycoming > Wolf
EDDY, Charles H., head, 68, born July 1831 in PA of CT parents, truck farmer
EDDY, Hannah E., wife, 63, born Jun 1836 in PA of CT parents
CORSON, Sadie E., daughter, 33 wd, born Nov 1866 in PA of PA parents, music teacher
CORSON, Margaret E., granddaughter, 8, born Aug 1891 in PA of PA parents, at school
CORSON, W. Leo, grandson, 5, born May 1895 in PA of PA parents

1910 Federal Census > PA > Lycoming > Picture Rocks
EDDY, Charles H., head, 78, born in PA of CT parents, farmer
EDDY, Hannah E., wife, 73, born in PA of CT parents
CORSON, Sadie E., daughter, 43 wd, born in PA of PA parents, dressmaker
CORSON, Margaret E., granddaughter, 18, born in PA of PA parents, music teacher
CORSON, W. Leo, grandson, 14, born in PA of PA parents

In 1917 Margaret married Dr. Lawrence Emerson Sprout (1890-1964) and moved to Oneida County, NY. They had a son - Dr. William Lawrence Sprout (1925-2002). This mention of their wedding was found in the 30 Oct 1917 edition of the Evening News (Harrisburg, PA).

Her brother William Leo Courson (1895-1966) married Sarah E. ___. He is buried at Picture Rocks Cemetery.

Margaret died in 1974 in Rome, Oneida County, NY. She and her husband are buried at Picture Rocks PA Cemetery.

Her son, Dr. William Lawrence Sprout, served the area of Newark Delaware. He may have been the owner of this photograph of his mother as a child. Newark DE is a mere 20 miles from Chadds Ford PA where this photograph was purchased.

Monday, April 20, 2020

CARTER, Cecial Virginia (Cleveland OH)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Cecial Virginia Carter, 8 weeks old - 1903"
PHOTO TAKEN: The Elton Studio, Cleveland Ohio, 1903
PURCHASED: 2016 Midway KY, The Eagle's Nest Antiques

What a lovely portrait of a beautiful mother and happy child!

This is Cecial Virginia Carter, born in Cleveland on 11 Jan 1903 to parents Joseph Carter and Bessie Clyde Moore (1881-1982). Her step father was Christopher Columbus Cox (1888).

Mother Bessie was a daughter of Samuel Augusta Moore and Mary Belle Stewart (dau of Rbt Chambers Stewart and Elizabeth Hunter Alford) of Danville Ky. Bessie lived to age 101. She died 21 May 1982 in Tampa FL.

Cecial married Joseph H. Myrick (1900-1989) and the couple were living in Tampa by 1930. Cecial and Joseph were divorced in 1946.  He is buried at Garden of Memories Cemetery in Tampa FL. His double headstone also mentioned Bernadeane Myrick (assuming this is 2nd wife).

1930 Federal Census > FL > Hillsborough > Tampa
MYRICK, Joseph H., head, 29, born in VA of NC & VA parents, Superintendent at Motor Company
MYRICK, Cecial V., wife, 27, born in OH of KY parents
MYRICK, Joseph C., son, 5, born in FL
MYRICK, Marilyn J., dau, 3, born in FL
MYRICK, Lucien L., son, 0 mo, born in FL
COX, Christopher C., Step-father-in-law, 42, born in NC of NC parents, salesman for Drug Company
COX, Bessie C., mother-in-law, 48, born in KY of KY parents

Daughter Marilyn at some point submitted genealogical information to petition for membership into the Alford American Family Association, proving her descent from James Alford of Virginia, as follows:
5th Great Grand Parents -
  James Alford b. 1715/20, Virginia, m. about 1745, VA, 249. Lucy Bailey, b. 1715/25, Virginia. James died May 26 1782, Fluvanna Co., VA.
4th Great Grand Parents -
  Charles Alford b. about 1752, Virginia, m. about 1783, 125. Mary "Polly" B. _____, b. about 1763, d. before 1863, KY. Charles died bef 3 Nov 1819, Garrard Co., KY.
3rd Great Grand Parents -
  Morgan Alford b. Sep 30 1783, Garrard Co., KY, m. Jun 20 1815, Garrard Co., KY, 63. Mary "Polly" Butler Robinson, b. Jan 7 1793, d. Aug 14 1856, Garrard Co., KY. Morgan died Apr 20 1854, Garrard Co., KY, buried: Alford Cemetery, Garrard Co., KY.
Great Great Grand Parents -
  Robert Chambers Stewart b. Apr 6 1820, Kentucky, m. Oct 3 1842, Garrard Co., KY, 31. Elizabeth Hunter Alford, b. Oct 18 1824, KY, d. Jan 15 1899, KY, buried: Danville, Boyle Co., KY. Robert died Dec 19 1882, buried: Bellevue Cem., Danville, Boyle Co., KY.
Great Grand Parents -
  Samuel Augusta Moore b. May 5 1842, m. 15. Mary Belle Stewart, b. Jul 2 1848, d. Nov 6 1897, Danville, Boyle Co., KY. Samuel died May 3 1916, Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL, buried: Bellevue Cem., Danville, Boyle Co., KY.
Grand Parents -
  Joseph Carter m. 7. Bessie Clyde Moore, b. Oct 28 1881, Danville, Boyle Co., KY, d. May 21 1982, Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL. Bessie also m. (2) C.C. Cox.
Parents -
  Joseph H. Myrick b. May 13 1900, Princess Ann Co., VA, m. Jul 25 1923, 3. Cecial V. Carter, b. Jan 11 1903, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, d. Mar 25 1998, Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL. Cecial also m. (2) H. Samuel Kennedy. Joseph died Nov 26 1989, Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL.
Self -
  Marilyn Jean Myrick b. Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL, m. (1) Edgar W. Ralston, m. (2) Ralph J. Human.

Cecial remarried Sam Kennedy (1903-1963) and lived in Clearwater FL.

Cecial died 15 Mar 1998 at the age of 95. This death notice, which appeared in the Tampa Tribune 27 Mar 1998, indicates that she was a member of a boating club in Clearwater.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

CHAPMAN, Miriam Stevens (Manchester NH)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Miriam Stevens Chapman, June 22, 1900, age 6 mos"
PHOTO TAKEN: W.R. Call Studio, Manchester NH, 1900
PURCHASED: 2017 Wildwood (FL) Traditions Antique Mall

Miriam Stevens Chapman was born 22 Dec 1899 in Manchester, to parents John Dilbert Champman and Carrie Ethelyn Crawford. She appears on the 1900 Census.

1900 Federal Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester > 384 Merrimack Street
CHAPMAN, John, head, Dec 1870, 29 (m. 2 yrs), born in NH to VT & Can parents, plumber
CHAPMAN, Carrie, wife, Sep 1870, 29, born in NH to MA and ME parents
CHAPMAN, Miriam, dau, Dec 1899, 4mo, born in NH

Interestingly, it appears John Chapman's parents lived right across the street at 381 Merrimack.
CHAPMAN, Perley O. head, Jan 1844, 56, born in VT to VT parents, carpenter
CHAPMAN, Ellie M., wife, Sep 1843, 56, born in Can to NH parents
CHAPMAN, Sadie M., Oct 1872, 27, born in NH, saleswoman

1910 Federal Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester
CHAPMAN, John W., head, 39, plumber
CHAPMAN, Carrie, wife, 39
CHAPMAN, Miriam S., dau, 10
CHAPMAN, Perley C., son, 9
CHAPMAN, John W. Jr., son, 7
CHAPMAN, Sarah R., dau, 5
CHAPMAN, Caroll, son, 4
CHAPMAN, Carrie E., dau, 3

Miriam married Arthur J. Loree (1894-1995) and had one daughter:
   1917 Louise Ellen Loree (d. 2010) m. 1) Lloyd Keith, and 2) Ernest Kraus
           1938 Carla Louise Keith (d. 2004)
           1940 Paul Manning Keith (d. 1979)
           1945 Ellen Loree Keith (d. 1956, age 11)

Miriam died 5 May 1982. This death notice was located in the Boston Globe edition of May 6, 1982. It notes that she was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Manchester NH. Her husband was also buried there in 1995.

CHRISMAN, Vida (Silver Lake OR)


PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer, Oregon, circa 1907
PURCHASED: 2016 Vintage Industry Antiques, Springfield OR

Inscription on back reads "Vida Chrisman, to Aunt Nancy Porters"

This is VIDA ROSALIA CHRISMAN, born 15 Nov 1891, only child of Francis Marion Chrisman (1865-1948) and Judah E. Robinett (1865-1939). She was born in Silver Lake Oregon.

The Chrisman name is well-remembered in the central Oregon area. People of the county still tell the story of the Christmas Eve disaster that occurred at Francis Chrisman's mercantile in 1894. This story at "Offbeat Oregon" was written by Finn J.D. John in 2011. This story at Oregon Live contains photographs of several of the residents of Silver Lake at that time, including Francis Chrisman, owner of the building where the catastrophe occurred. 

The story was covered in the Portland Oregonian in 1938, and included photos of the Chrisman family who were all still living in Portland at that time.

Clearly Chrisman and his family survived the events of 1894, as they are found on subsequent Census records. Vida would have just turned 3 at the time.

1900 Federal Census > OR > Lake > Silver Lake
CHRISMAN, F.M., head, Oct 1865, 34, born in OR to MO parents, merchant
CHRISMAN, J.E., wife, Feb 1865, 35, born in OR to OR parents, Sales Lady
CHRISMAN, Vida R., dau, Nov 1891, 8, born in OR, at school

1910 Federal Census > OR > Lake > Silver Lake
CHRISMAN, Francis M., head, 44, general merchandise dealer
CHRISMAN, Juda E., wife, 45, mother of 1 child;1 living, hotel landlady
CHRISMAN, Vida R., daughter, 19

In 1914 Vida married Oliver Nathaniel Hill (1899-1965).
Their children:
 1915 - Cecile Vida Hill (d. 19 Sep 1999) m. Andrew C. Biggerstaff (driver for Post Office)
          - they had three children, which I will not post here as they are most likely still living
 1918 - Caroline D. Hill (d. 17 Nov 2003) m. 1) James Hubbard, 2) Verner Rasmussen
 1924 - Charlotte "Dolly" Olive Hill (d. 1997) m. 1) Clayton Sandlin, 2) William Cardwell, 3) Eugene C. Ellison

1930 Federal Census > OR > Multnomah > Portland > 1025 E Broadway
HILL, Oliver N., head, 39, born in Iowa, worker at box factory
HILL, Vida R., wife, 38
HILL, Cecila, dau, 15, born in Nebraska
HILL, Caroline, 11, born in Oregon
HILL, Charlotte, 6, born in Oregon

Vida died 6 Jan 1969 at age 90.

Vida gave this photo to her Aunt Nancy Porters. Vida's paternal grandmother's maiden was named Nancy Porter, but it is highly unlikely that Vida would refer to her grandmother as "Aunt". But Grandma Nancy had a brother James who married Nancy Lebow, who would be a grand-aunt to Vida, and could easily have been referred to as "Aunt Nancy." 

Furthermore, Nancy Lebow-Porter died in Cottage Grove, Lane county, OR, which is less than 20 miles south of Springfield OR where this photo was found.

Great-Aunt Nancy was born in Lane County Oregon in 1860, to parents Thomas Simpson Lebow (1828-1908) and Hannah Jane Shields (1837-1907) who came to that region from Tennessee and Illinois respectively. Nancy married James Carlos Porter, and had no children. In the 1900 Census, the couple are living in Silver Lake OR, the same small town as the Chrisman family. By the time of the 1910 Census, the Porters are back in Lane County, living at Cottage Grove. Nancy died in 1933 and is buried at the Shields Cemetery in Cottage Grove, next to her husband.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

CURTIS, Mary Ann (Marion OH)


PHOTO TAKEN: Pontius Studio, W. Center, Marion OH, circa 1931
PURCHASED: 2015 Burlington KY Antiques Fair

Mary Ann Curtis was born 24 Oct 1913 in Ohio to parents Charles Augustus Curtis (1871-1941) and Lillian M. Allen (1870-1952).

She had two older siblings:
 Glen Corydon Curtis (1895-1963) m. Catherine Huston
   - Robert Curtis
   - Maxine Goeke
   - Mrs Raymond Sims
 Sara Jane Curtis (1900-1962)

1930 Federal Census > OH > Marion > Marion
CURTIS, Charles A., head, 57, born in KS of OH parents, contractor
CURTIS, Lillian, wife, 57, born in OH of OH & VT parents
CURTIS, Mary Ann, dau, 16, born in OH

She married Lawrence E. Davis (son of Charles Davis and Jennie Hellen Barger) on 31 Mar 1934.

At some later date, she married Harold W. Thompson of Kirkersville.

Mary Ann died Jan 1975 and is buried at Kirkersville Cemetery in OH.

CONARD, Alfred F. (West Grove PA)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Alfred F. Cunard, of West Grove PA"
PHOTO TAKEN: C. M. Gilbert Studios, Philadelphia PA, Nov 2, 1903
PURCHASED: 2015 Dec, South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

According to Quaker Meeting records, Alfred Conard was born 18 Feb 1835 in Chester County, PA to parents Thomas Conard and Rebecca Shoemaker.

1850 Federal Census > PA > Chester > London Grove
CONARD, Thomas, 43, farmer
CONARD, Rebecca, 41
CONARD, Alfred, 15, farmer
CONARD, Sarah C., 12
CONARD, Thomas P., 10
WILLIAMSON, Margaret, 28
SHOEMAKER, John H., 15, farmer
SHOEMAKER, Elizabeth P., 1

Married in 1862 to Lydia C. Hughes, daughter of Samuel Hughes a "progressive agriculturist of the county."

This Bio (below) was found at and was compiled in 1999 by Marca L. Woodhams, Libarian, Horticulture Branch Library, Smithsonian Inst. Libraries.

Alfred Fellenberg Conard was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1835.  He descended from German Quakers who were part of William Penn’s Colony in 1683.  He worked on his father’s farm and learned the nursery business from Thomas M. Harvey.  Conard formed the firm of Conard & Brother, but some time after 1862 he started a nursery business with Charles Dingee under the name Dingee & Conard.  The business had two greenhouses and the establishment was known as the Harmony Grove Nursery.  About 1867 the firm started propagating roses under a new system introduced by Antoine Wintzer.  Conard conceived the idea of disposing of their rose stock through the mail.  Their first catalog offered bedding plants, shrubbery, bulbs, seeds, and roses.  About 1892 Conard separated from Dingee and along with Antoine Wintzer joined with S. Morris Jones in 1897 to become Conard & Jones Co.  The new company continued with the growing and distribution of roses and flowering plants.  As another specialty, they worked on the improvement of the canna.  Conard died on December 15, 1906.
  --- Biographies From the American Seed and Nursery Industry

1900 Federal Census > PA > Chester > London Grove
CONARD, Alfred, head, Feb 1835, 65, m. 37 yrs, born in PA of PA parents, rose grower and florist
CONARD, Lydia C., wife, Aug 1838, 61, m. 37 yrs, born in PA of PA parents

Alfred Fellenberg Conard died in his sleep Dec 15, 1906. (Note on back of photo says he died Dec 16. but this is incorrect, as several newspaper inserts all mention the 15th.)

His wife Lydia died at age 73 in January of 1913.

They are buried at the West Grove Friends Cemetery.

They had no children.

BURTON, Ernest and Attie (Putnam CT)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Ernest & Attie Burton, their wedding costumes"
PHOTO TAKEN: H.O. Tibeault Studio, 150 Elm St., Putnam CT, Sep 1912
PURCHASED: 2019 Brandywine River Antiques Market, Chadds Ford PA

2 Sep 1912 - Ernest Walter Burton (born 21 June 1892) married Attie Chase in Putnam CT.

1920 Federal Census > CT > Windham > Putnam > 167 Walnut St
BURTON, Ernest W., head, 27, born in CT of CT parents, iron foundry moulder
BURTON, Attie, wife, 28, born in CT of CT parents
BURTON, Elsie, dau, 6, born in CT
BURTON, Walter, son, 5, born in CT
BURTON, Attie, dau, 2, born in CT
CHASE, Henry T., nephew, 18, born in CT, laborer in iron foundry

1930 Federal Census > CT > Windham > Putnam > Sawyer Distr.
BURTON, Ernest W., head, 37, farmer
BURTON, Attie, wife, 38
SHIPPEE, Elsie O., dau, 17 (married at 16)
SHIPPEE, Fred, son-in-law, 21, farm labor
BURTON, Walter F., son, 15
BURTON, Attie E., dau, 12
BURTON, Doris, dau, 7
BURTON, Ernest N, son, 1

1940 Federal Census > CT > Windham > Putnam > Gay Rd
BURTON, Ernest W, head, 47, farmer
BURTON, Attie C., wife, 48
BURTON, Walter F., son, laborer
BURTON, Doris A., dau, 17, born in CT
BURTON, Ernest, son, 11, born in CT

Ernest Burton died 28 July 1948 in Putnam. I cannot find an obituary for him.

Attie Chase-Burton died 23 Oct 1969.  This obit for Attie was found in the Hartford Courant, 25 Oct 1969. (Click image for larger version)

Their children:
Elsie O. BURTON (6 Mar 1913 - 24 Feb 2010)
Walter F. BURTON (1915- )
Attie E. BURTON (1918- )
Doris BURTON (1923-2009)
Ernest Newton BURTON (b. 22 Jan 1929, d. _)

Friday, April 17, 2020

BIGSBY, Minnie (Homer NY)


PHOTO TAKEN: Minard Studio, Marathon NY, circa 1884
PURCHASED: 2017 Aug Madison-Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

The photographic studio was located in Marathon NY, which is in Cortland County.

I have found a BIGSBY family living in Homer NY (also in Cortland County, and 17 miles north of Marathon).  They are found on the 1870 Census.

1870 Federal Census > NY > Cortland > Homer
BIGSBY, Charles, 31, wagon maker, born in NY
BIGSBY, Lottie, 36, keeps house, born in Canada
BIGSBY, Carrie A., 9, attends school, born in NY
BIGSBY, Minnie B., 6, attends school, born in NY
BIGSBY, Barton W., 1, born in NY

1880 Federal Census > NY > Cortland > Homer
BIGSBY, Charles Edgar, 42, general agent
BIGSBY, Charlotte Pamelia, 46, keeping house
BIGSBY, Carrie A., 19, milliner
BIGSBY, Minnie, 16, at school
BIGSBY, Barton Wallace, 11, at school
BIGSBY, Lida Cornelia "Kittie", 8, at school
BIGSBY, Florence Lillian, 2, at home

Minnie died in 1897 (at age 33) and is buried at the Glenwood Cenetery in Homer NY, under her maiden name of Bigsby. In the same cemetery are family members:
 - Charles Bigsby (1838-1883)
 - Charlotte Smith-Bigsby (1832-1922)
 - Florence L. Bigsby-Fox (1878-1947)

BIDWELL, Martha (Elmira NY)


UPDATE - Martha Bidwell has been claimed and is going home!

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Martha Bidwell, 400 Penn Ave."
PHOTO TAKEN: Tomlinson Studio, Elmira NY, circa 1880
PURCHASED: 2017 Aug Madison-Bouckville (NY) Antiques Week

1870 Federal Census > NY > Chemung > Elmira
BIDWELL, Gilbert, 46, Butcher, born in CT
BIDWELL, Cornelia, 46, keeping house, born in CT
BIDWELL, Martha, 20, school teacher, born in CT
BIDWELL, Isabell, 18, attending school, born in NY
BIDWELL, Fannie, 6, attending school, born in NY

1880 Federal Census > NY > Chemung > Elmira > 400 Penn Ave.
BIDWELL, Gilbert, 56, no occupation
BIDWELL, Senith C., wife, 56, keeping house
BIDWELL, Martha L., 30, school teacher
BIDWELL, Fannie L., 17, at school

She was married to Reverend Samuel P. Sanford in 1883.

Samuel Sanford died in 1925. Martha outlived him by five more years. Both are buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira NY.

The FindaGrave website has this brief bio on him:

The following article in the Star-Gazette, Elmira NY, 14 Jun 1930, remarks on the disposition of Martha's will and sizable fortune, following her death a week previous. Her address of 400 Pennsylvania Ave in Elmira confirms that she is the same woman as in the photo. (Click any image for larger version)

Thursday, April 16, 2020

BENEDICT, Evelyn Mae (Bridgeport CT)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: "Evelyn Mae Benedict, 9 mo and 6 days
PHOTO TAKEN: Corbit Studio 1151 Main St, Bridgeport Conn, 12 March 1913
PURCHASED: 2015 Aug, Greenwich NY Fairgrounds Antique Show

This is Evelyn Mae Benedict, born 6 Jun 1912, to parents Harold G. Benedict and Helen M. Tracy.

1930 Federal census > CT > Fairfield > Bridgeport > 164 Grant St.
BENEDICT, Harold G., head, 46, born in CT of CT parents, toolmaker at sewing machine co.
BENEDICT, Helen M., wife, 44, born in CT of CT parents, milliner at hat store
BENEDICT, Evelyn M., dau, 17, born in CT, clerk for ammunition co.
BENEDICT, Helen G., dau, 16, born in CT
BENEDICT, Elizabeth L., dau, 14, born in CT
BENEDICT, Mary L., mother, 76, born in CT

This Census also indicates that Harold and Helen were married at age 24 and 22 respectively.

The 1933 City Directory for Bridgeport CT, shows Evelyn M. Benedict still living at 164 Grant, and employed at Burbank & Co. on New Post Road.

Sometime in 1933 she is married to Harold Morton Burbank (son of Abner Thomas Burbank and Helena Boyden). This is a second marriage for Harold. Harold died Jan 1, 1969, and this obit (click image for larger version), which contains a good deal of information about him, was found in the Bridgeport Post (02 Jan 1969). His survivors include three sons and three daughters, most of which are from his previous marriage.
 - Howard Burbank (1914-2004)
 - Thomas Burbank (1921-1984)
 - Alvera Harlin (1916-1995)
 - Frances Burbank
 - Barbara Buffalina
 - Ernest Burbank (1934-1999)

Evelyn passed away 9 Dec 1996. I cannot yet find an obit for her.

BRAND, William (Dayton NY)


PHOTO TAKEN: Hartford Photo Co., Bradford PA, circa 1899
PURCHASED: 2017 Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week

On I do see a William Brand who lived in and around Dayton NY, and also lived in Bradford PA toward the end of his life. This photo seems to "click all the boxes" for the data I am finding on William Brand of Dayton NY and Bradford PA.

But according to info on several family trees and at, he was born in 1849 and died 1899 at age 50. I originally felt this gentleman was nearer 70 than 50, but upon closer examination I can see that his skin does NOT have excess wrinkles and is actually rather smooth. So perhaps age 50 could be accurate for this man.

IF it is possible that he is 50 in this photo, then he is likely WILLIAM WALLACE BRAND (1849-1899) farmer and sheriff of Cattaraugus county. Son of Henry Clinton Brand (1813-1873) and Sarah Howard (1828-1894).

William was married twice, first to Katie Allen (1853-1888) and they had children:
 - Henry C. Brand (1878-1878) (died as infant)
 - Huldah Brand (1879-1938) m. Lewis Stuart
 - Herman Brand (1881-1882) (died as infant)
 - Hoyt Brand (1883-1915) m. Pearl Robbins
 - son Brand (1887-1887) (died as infant)

After Katie died, William married Annie Aldridge Putnam (1855-1906) and they had children:
Richard Giles Brand (1892-1932) m. Theresa Faiss
 - Anna May Brand (1894-1971) m. Oscar William Bixby
 - Gladys Brand (1898-1945)
 - Lois Brand (1898-1956) m. Alfred James Mulkin

1850 Federal Census > NY > Cattaraugus > Dayton
BRAND, Henry, 33, Farmer
BRAND, Sarah, 22
BRAND, Milton(?), 3
BRAND, David, 2
BRAND, William, 1

1870 Federal Census > NY > Cattaraugus > Dayton
BRAND, Henry, 56, Farmer
BRAND, Sarah, 53, keeping house
BRAND, David C., 22, farm laborer
BRAND, William W., 21, farm laborer
BRAND, Jane H., 17, at home
BRAND, David, 16, farm laborer
BRAND, Josephine M., 14, at school
BRAND, Emma L., 12, at school

This stone for W.W. Brand is in the Cottage Cemetery about 6 miles west of Dayton NY. It reads:

second wife
Bradford PA

Monday, April 13, 2020

BOYER, George (Marshall County IL)


PHOTO TAKEN: Thomas Naughton Studio, Champaign ILL, circa 1880-85
PURCHASED: 2016 Hollywood Antiques, Eugene OR

The Thomas Naughton photographic studio was in operation at Champaign Illinois from at least the early 1870s. The lapels of this gentleman's jackets seem to fit in at about the early to mid-1880s.

There was a George Boyer married in Champaign IL in 1880. The marriage document states he was born in 1850; his father was William Boyer (1823-1850), his mother Hannah "Fannie" Mallory (1820-1874), and his bride was Anna Elizabeth Lytle (1858-1925).

1880 Federal Census > ILL > Champaign > Scott
BOYER, George, 29, farmer, born in IL of PA and VA parents
BOYER, Lizzie, 22, wife, keeping house, born in PA of PA parents

Either with, or next door, lived the Lytle family, whom I take to be Lizzie's parents and siblings:
LYTLE, John R., 57, farmer, born in PA of PA parents
LYTLE, Elizabeth, 58, wife, keeping house, born in PA of PA parents
LYTLE, Mary, 20, dau, at home, born in PA
LYTLE, Ranken, 18, son, at home, born in PA

1900 Federal Census > Kansas > Marshall > Balderson
BOYER, George, head, Feb 1849, 51, born in IL of PA and VA parents, farmer
BOYER, Lizzie, wife, Nov 1858, 41, born in PA
BOYER, Porter, son, Jun 1883, 17, born in IL, at school
BOYER, Frannie, dau, Sep 1885, 14, born in KS, at school
BOYER, Frank, son, Feb 1888, 12, born in KS, at school
BOYER, Harry, son, Apr 1890, 10, born in KS, at school
BOYER, Arthur, son, Apr 1893, 7, born in KS
BOYER, Albert, son, Apr 1893, 7, born in KS
BOYER, Bessie, dau, Apr 1896, 4, born in KS
BOYER, Charles, son, Sep 1899, 8mo., born in KS

The 1905 State census shows there is also an older son which was not present on the 1900 census, and that is George Burton BOYER (b. 1881). Subsequent Census records show there is also another daughter born in 1912, and she was named Mary Elizabeth BOYER.

I found this other photograph of George Boyer online on a family tree at, and it is clearly the same man, just older. I will contact that account owner to see if they'd like to have this photograph in their family's collection.

This obituary was located in the 27 Jan 1922 edition of the Marshall County News (Marysville Kansas). Click any image for larger version.



PHOTO TAKEN: E.F. Fischer Studio, Charlottesville VA, circa 1905
PURCHASED: Feb 2018 Wildwood Antique Mall, Wildwood FL

This appears to be Louetta E. Baltimore, of Charlottesville City, VA, born in 1873 to parents Thomas McDAVID and Mary COOK.

Wife of George Jackson Baltimore (1855-1924).

Louetta died 10 Apr 1915, a victim of pneumonia.

Her Find-a-Grave memorial contains an obituary with a good deal of information about her.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

BRANDT, Lyyli (Fitchburg, MA)


UPDATE - Lyyli Brandt has been claimed and is going home!

IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  "Lyyli Brandt, my Godmother, minsta kummilta" and on front "My Godmother, Finland" written in the margins
PHOTO TAKEN: photographer Richard Kautto, 811 Main St, Fitchburg MA, circa 1904-1918
PURCHASED: 2016 Cottage Grove (Oregon) Timeless Antiques

Click for larger image.
I have translated "kummilta" as meaning "Godmother" or "project sponsor" in Finnish. I may have the first word "minsta" incorrect.

There was a photographer named Richard Kautto in Fitchburg at least from 1912-1921 (possibly earlier and later), based on City Directories.

This is a photo postcard which can be dated to between 1904-1918 based upon clues found on the back of the postcard. 

I have enlarged the upper right corner of the back of the postcard, so you can more clearly see the stamp box. You will see the words "Place Stamp Here", and the word "AZO" on each side of the box. Also there is a marker in each corner of the box.

The upward-pointing corner markers on the stamp box indicate a specific time period of production.

This information (below) about what an AZO Stamp Box is, and how to determine the general age of the postcoard using the AZO Stamp Box, was found on the "Webfooters Postcard Club" website. 

I find that there was a Finnish Brandt family living in Fitchburg Massachusetts in the early 1900s.  In fact, there were quite a lot of Finnish immigrants in Fitchburg at this time.

After getting some extra eyes on the back of the card, I can see now that the lady's name is LYYLI BRANDT (I had originally thought it might have said LYYTI or LYXLE.)

There was a Lyyli Brandt born in Finland in 1911, to parents Andrew and Elsie Brandt, who came to America at a very young age. She was married in Minnesota to John Ikola in 1930 and they raised a family there for about 20 years, eventually moving to Cottage Grove Oregon (where this photograph was acquired). Her husband John died there in 1969, and Lyyli was remarried in 1970 to Carl Sudrow. Lyyli died in Cottage Grove in 2006.

There is an excellent biography for "Lila" at her memorial on the Find-a-Grave website.

While she cannot be the woman in the photo, I believe she had this postcard in her possession, and was perhaps named in honor of the woman shown therein. Perhaps the person I am seeking is an aunt of the Oregon Lyyli Brandt.

It is also entirely possible that the woman in the photo is NOT Lyyli Brandt at all, but has some other name, and merely wrote Lyyli's name on it when it was presented to the younger woman.

I shall keep searching.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

WRISLEY, Clara Barber


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: Mrs. George Wrisley, nee Clara Barber
PHOTO TAKEN: unknown photographer and location, 1886
PURCHASED: 2019 Feb Kamin's Moment in Time at Fairgrounds Antique Show

The fact that this photo has gold beveled edges points to a time period of between 1885-1892.

Clara Barber was born in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut, on 18 Nov 1862 to parents John Henry Barber (1814-1873) and Clarissa H. Hayden (1821-1891). She was one of seven siblings, the others being:
1849 - James Henry Barber (d. 1868, age 19)
1851 - Strong Hayden Barber (d. 1924)
1853 - Frank W. Barber (d. 1917)
1853 - Mary Grace Barber (d. 1853, infant)
1854 - Milton H. Barber (d. 1856, age 2)
1858 - Gerald Thomas Barber (d. 1873, age 15)

Clara Louise Barber was married to George Manning Wrisley, on 06 Oct 1886. They had five children:
1888 - Gerald Manning Wrisley (d. 1957) m. Beula Culver
1891 - Pearl Hayden Wrisley (d. 1963) m. William J Austin
1895 - Clara Louise Wrisley (d. 1971) m. Andrews
1900 - Cecil Clarence Wrisley (d. 1937, age 36) (he was a teacher) m. Dorothy Pirie
         -- they had two children
1906 - George M. Wrisley Jr (d. 1906, infant)

1900 Federal Census > Conn. > Hartford > Windsor
WRISLEY, George M., head, Feb 1860, 40, bookkeeper
WRISLEY, Clara L., wife, Nov 1862, 37
WRISLEY, Gerald M., son, Jun 1888, 11
WRISLEY, Pearl H., dau, Apr 1891, 9
WRISLEY, Clara L., dau, Nov 1895, 4
WRISLEY, Mary, sister, Aug 1853, 46

Sometime between 1900 and 1907 the family relocated to Los Angeles California.

1910 Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > 942 W. 35th Street
WRISLEY, George M., head, 50, born in CT of CT parents, Gardener, lawns & flowers
WRISLEY, Clara L., wife, 47, born in CT of CT aprents
WRISLEY, Gerald M., son, 21, born in CT, secretary at YMCA
WRISLEY, Pearl H., dau, 19, born in CT, student
WRISLEY, Clara L., dau, 14, born in CT
WRISLEY, Cecil C., son, 9, born in CT

1920 Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > 707 36th Street
WRISLEY, George M., head, 60, bookkeeper for Auto Co.
WRISLEY, Clara L., wife, 57
WRISLEY, Clara L. Jr, dau, 24
WRISLEY, Cecil, son, 19

George Wrisley died Nov 1938.  Clara Barber-Wrisley died in Los Angeles, California on 27 Dec 1936.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

BERND, Stella Kummerer (Trumbauersville PA)


IDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO: Stella Kummerer, Mrs. Charles Bernd
PHOTO TAKEN: Weidner Studio, Quakertown PA, circa 1903
PURCHASED: 2015 July Brandywine River Antique Mall, Chadds Ford PA

Stella Kummerer (b. 30 May 1885) to parents Elam Stauffer Kummerer (1849-1928) and Olivia Brey Pflieger (1853-1924)

Married to Charles Calvin Bernd (1886-1976), a son of Oliver P. Bernd and Anna E Johnson.

1910 Federal Census > PA > Bucks > Trumbauersville > Broad Street
BERND, Charles C., head, 24, born in PA of PA parents, works at cigar factory
BERND, Stella, wife, 24, born in PA of PA parents, works in cigar factory
BERND, Oliver K, son, 4, born in PA

They had one child:
 1906 - Oliver Kummerer Bernd (d. 1976) m. Myrtle Anna Brey, they had no children

1930 Federal Census > PA > Montgomery > Red Hill > Main Street
BERND, Charles C., head, 44, proprietor of garage
BERND, Stella, wife, 44, operator in sewing factory
BERND, Oliver, son, 22, music teacher
BERND, Myrtle, daughter-in-law, music teacher

Stella died 9 May 1967.