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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

MARSHALL Children (Ewing IL)


Opal, Willie & Seba Marshall


PHOTO TAKEN: unknown studio, circa 1899

PHOTO ACQUIRED: June 2023, Antique Peddlers, Springfield OR

Four photos were found together in a booth at this antiques shop in Oregon. Although some were labeled with just first names, I could ascertain from adjacent photos that these are children in the Marshall family of Ewing, Illinois.

Opal and Seba

Their parents (no photos found of them) are:

FATHER: Clarence E. Marshall, son of John Whitson Marshall of Tennessee and Sarah Farlow of Illinois. He was born October 1865 and died in 1956. 

MOTHER: Hester Taylor, daughter of Richard Hiram Taylor and Nancy Jane Franklin, both of Illinois. She was born 19 Mar 1873 and died 28 Feb 1964. Both are buried in the Williams Cemetery of Ewing, Illinois.

Their children are:

Opal Edna Marshall, born 29 May 1890. She married in 1908 to Egbert Walker. Opal died in Los Angeles, CA 17 Dec 1980.

William Dow Marshall, born 27 Dec 1891 in Ewing IL. He married Beulah Lawson. He died in Whittington IL on 22 July 1971.

Seba Elsworth Marshall, born 16 Nov 1896 in Ewing IL. His name may be a nickname for Sebastian. He married Nina Kirk in 1919. He died in Columbus OH 2 Sep 1983.

Audra Noble Marshall, (not pictured) born 25 July in Franklin Co. IL. He married Sylvia Denham in 1923. He died 28 May 1985 in Jefferson Co. IL.

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I must admit, I originally thought Seba was a girl's name, having never before heard it applied to a boy, but census records kept referring to him as male. I also came across several news archive articles of him referred to by the title "Reverend Seba Marshall", one of which I post here.

The other two photos found in the same group are individual baby photos. One is labelled Opal Marshall, and the other is labelled Etta Marshall. I am not aware of an "Etta" in this family, but Etta may be a pet name for Edna (Opal's middle name). If they are of the same child, they were taken a few months apart.

Opal Marshall

Etta Marshall

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