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Sunday, May 15, 2022

PERKINS, Anna Belle (Bangor ME)


INDENTIFICATION ON PHOTO:  "Anna B. Perkins, U. of M."

PHOTO TAKEN: Chalmers Studio, Bangor ME, circa 1912

PHOTO ACQUIRED: May 2022 Athens Schoolhouse Antiques

1892 Birth Records states that Anna was born Sept 16, 1892. Father William N Perkins is a mail carrier. Maiden name of mother is Ursula Grindle.

1900 Federal Census > Maine > Hancock County > Brooksville

PERKINS, William N., head, 48, May 1852, born in Maine, farmer

PERKINS, Vesty M., wife, 41, Aug 1858, born in Maine

PERKINS, Jeremiah W., son, 22, Dec 1878, born in Maine, sailor

PERKINS, Herbert H., son, 20, Sep 1879, born in Maine, teamster

PERKINS, Seymour, son, 16, July 1883, born in Maine, sailor

PERKINS, Ray, son, 13, July 1886, born in Maine, at school

PERKINS, Bernice, daughter, 11, June 1888, born in Maine, at school

PERKINS, Anna B., daughter, 6, Sept 1892, born in Maine, at school

PERKINS, Hope, daughter, 1, Apr 1898, born in Maine

At the time of this census, there is an elder sister Vesta Ursula Perkins, age 25, but she is already out of the house at this time. I wonder if the wife Ursula was also known as Vesta Urusula, since she is shown as "Vesty" on the Census.

Anna graduated High School in 1910. Anna Belle Perkins attended University of Maine, studying Romance Languages. She was also active in the yearbook board, and Deutscher Verein (German Club).

1920 Federal Census > New York > Erie > East Hamburgh

MANN, Herbert C., head, 32, born in NY, Doctor in General Practice

MANN, Jennie E., wife, 31, born in NY, no occupation

MANN, Ruth, daughter, 5, born in NY

PERKINS, Anna B., boarder, 27, born in Maine, High School teacher

1950 Federal Census > New Jersey > Passaic > Newark

PERKINS, Anna B., head, 57, born in Maine, Latin teacher at Public High School

CROCKER, Louise S., partner, born in Massachusetts, Latin teacher at Public High School

BRITTEN, Marian G., partner, born in NY, History Teacher at Public High School

This obit was carried in the 03 December 1963, Bangor Daily News:

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