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Sunday, May 15, 2022

COPP Family (Groton CT)


Three of the COPP sisters

As I acquired seven photos from the same family at the same Antique Show (May 2022 Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show, Athens Kentucky) I'd like to present them here in a single post.

Ellen COPP

Three sisters seen above are offspring of Belton Allyn COPP (1796-1858) of New London County, Connecticut. Belton Allyn COPP and his wife Betsey Ann Barber (1809-1894) had nine children:

 - Ellen Barber COPP (1834-1916) was the second wife of Christopher AVERY.

 - Sarah Maria COPP (1836-1915) married Frank LARRABEE.

 - Daniel Noyes COPP (1838-1921)

 - John Joseph COPP (1840-1914) married Ellen CHESTER.

 - Catherine Burdick COPP (1842-1932)

 - George Denison COPP (1845-1853) died at age 7.

 - Julia Stanton COPP (1848-1939)

 - William COPP (1850-1935)

 - Belton Allyn COPP Jr. (1854-1930) married Betsey W. AVERY (a daughter of Christopher AVERY and his first wife Sarah Smith.)

Sarah COPP                  Julia COPP


Belton's brother William Johnson COPP (1811-1889) married Charlotte Lindsay and among their four children was a son Joseph COPP, who married Mary Boyd and had a daughter Ethel Grace COPP (1876-1946). Ethel married Lewis CIVILL, and lived in California.

Ethel Grace COPP

This brings me back to Christopher Lester AVERY, the husband of Ellen COPP. His first wife Sarah Smith (1830-1869) provided him with four children: 

 - Latham Avery

 - Mary Louise AVERY (1855-1937) married a coffee merchant Pierre Louis SCHELLENS (1849-1935)

 - Ira Smith Avery

 - Betsey Wood Avery (1860-1930) married Belton Allyn COPP Jr.

Pierre SCHELLENS and wife Mary "Louise" COPP

Second wife Ellen COPP-AVERY produced a son and a daughter:

 - Christopher Lester Avery Jr.

 - Mary Jane Avery

In order to help me see the relationship between these people, I sketched up a rough family tree showing where each of these found photographs (in yellow) fit into the overall tree.

(Click for larger image)

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