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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

BURR, Fred and Emma (Jamestown OH)


Fredric and Emma Burr

UPDATE - this photo has been claimed and sent home to relatives.


PHOTO TAKEN: Mock Studio, Jamestown OH, circa 1902

PURCHASED: 2022 Shelbyville Antiques Mall, Shelbyville KY

This photo was probably taken around the time the young couple was married, which was 1902. The fashions are appropriate for that time period.

The young man is Fredric "Fred" Earl BURR, born 12 Feb 1880 in Greene County Ohio, to parents:

  •    William Hendrickson Burr (1852-1935, son of John Burr & Henrietta Thompson)
  •    Flora Boetler Hussey (1855-1935, daughter of Christopher Hussey & Catharine Lockhart)

The young woman is Emma Maud BALES, born in 1880 in Illinois, to parents:

  •    Walter Warren Bales (1841-1932, son of Walter William Bales & Sarah Cavendar)
  •    Victoria Inskeep (1845-1882, daughter of William Inskeep & Mary Stokes)

The 1900 Census finds Fred's family in the area of Allen OH. There are two older siblings (Charles and Loufemma) who have already left the household.

1900 CENSUS > OH > Union Co. > Allen

  • BURR, William H., head, 47, Nov 1852, born in OH of OH parents, Farmer
  • BURR, Flora, wife, 45, Nov 1854, born in OH, 9 children, 8 living
  • BURR, Fred E., son, 20, Feb 1880, born in OH, farm labor
  • BURR, Horace, son, 18, May 1882, born in OH, farm labor
  • BURR, Henry S., son, 15, Mar 1885, OH, at school
  • BURR, Dwight, son, 12, Apr 1888, OH, at school
  • BURR, Katie L., dau, 8, Jun 1892, OH, at school
  • BURR, Anna M., dau., 5, Jul 1894, OH, at school
  • CHARLTON, Clara, cousin, 20s, Apr 1880, OH

Another farmer in the area at that time was the widowed Walter BALES and his family which included his 19-year-old daughter Emma:

1900 CENSUS > OH > Union Co. > Allen

  • BALES, Walter, head, 58, Oct 1841, born in OH of NH parents, farmer
  • BALES, Frank, son, 28, Aug 1871, OH, farm labor
  • BALES, Walter O., son, 24, Mar 1876, OH, farm labor
  • BALES, Jennie, dau, 21, Oct 1878, OH
  • BALES, Emma M., dau, 19, Jul 1880, OH

Fred and Emma were married in Union County OH on 15 Mar 1902. They made their home near Jamestown (Greene Co.) OH, where their two children were born.

  •   1905 - Lavon Victoria Burr (died 2004) m. Daniel Hennigan
  •   1909 - Loren Dean Burr (died 1980) m1: Jessie McKee, m2: Mary Josephine Barger

1910 Census > OH > Greene > Jamestown

  • BURR, Fred, head, 30, born in OH of OH parents, farmer
  • BURR, Emma, wife, 29, born in IL of OH parents, 2 children, 2 living
  • BURR, Lavon, daughter, 4, born in OH
  • BURR, Loren, son, 11mo., born in OH

The 1920 census shows no change, other than everyone is ten years older.

By 1930, the family has relocated to Stokes, Madison County.

1930 Census > OH > Madison > Stokes

  • BURR, Fred E., 49, farmer
  • BURR, Emma, 49
  • BURR, Lavon, 24, stenographer in automotive industry
  • BURR, Loren, 20, farm labor

By 1940, Fred has given up the farming life and the family has moved into town in South Charleston, OH in Clark County where he and his wife lived for the remainder of their lives. Lavon is married and out of the nest. Loren is also married and his young family lives with Fred and Emma.

1940 Census > OH > Clark > S. Charleston

  • BURR, Fred E., 60, waiter in a restaurant
  • BURR, Emma, 59
  • BURR, Loren, son, 30, laborer at Piano Plate Co.
  • BURR, Jessie May, dau-in-law, 27
  • BURR, Fred, grandson, 3

1950 > Census > OH > Clark > S. Charleston

  • BURR, Fred E., 70, manager of pool room
  • BURR, Emma, 69

Emma died in 1958. This obituary was located in the Springfield News-Sun, 20 Mar 1958.

(click for larger)

Fred died three years later at the age of 81. He seems to have been living alone at that time, although his daughter Lavon Hennigan and her family lived in the same town. 

Fred and Emma are buried at the Greenlawn Cemetery in South Charleston OH.

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