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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

KOHLER-GLAUCH, Bertha Theresa (Hamilton OH)


Bertha Theresa KOHLER-GLAUCH

Bertha Kohler was born 4 Mar 1894 in Ohio to parents Fred Kohler (1861-1939, a farmer) and Mary Bandtel (1858-1904).

The 1900 Census states that she was born in Mar 1896, although her headstone says 1894.

1900 CENSUS > OHIO > Butler > Union Township

  • KOHLER, Frederic, head, 38, Nov 1861, married 10 years, born in Germany, farmer
  • KOHLER, Mary, wife, 39, May 1861, 7 births 6 living children, born in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Emma, daug, 9, born 1891 in Ohio, at school
  • KOHLER, Edith, daug, 6, born Sep 1893 in Ohio, at school
  • KOHLER, Bertha, daug, 4, born Mar 1896 in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Luthor, son, 3, born Apr 1897 in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Edna, daug, 2, born July 1898 in Ohio
  • KOHLER, Mary, daug, 1, born Apr 1899 in Ohio

In 1904, Bertha's mother passed away due to complication of diseases. This left Fred as a single father with 6 children ages 13-5 to care for. It is presumed that the eldest daughter Emma would have taken on a great deal of the work of running the house, until her father remarried in 1906 to a woman named Elizabeth Dowd who had two grown sons by a previous marriage.

On the 1910 Census for Hamilton (Butler County) OH, Bertha is 16, living with and working as a maid and cook for a pastor and his wife. That couple was named MYERS. Other than the age, all of the previous information seems to fit. Older sister Emma is also working for a Hamilton family as a servant. Her employer was a bridge builder named J.T. Guillaume.

The 1910 Census also shows Frederic Kohler and his family in Union Township (I am not entirely sure where that is located in relation to the town of Hamilton where Bertha and Emma had gone to work.

1910 CENSUS > OHIO > Butler > Union Township

  • KOHLER, Frederick, head, 48, married 4 years, born in Germany, imm. in 1888, farmer
  • KOHLER, Elizabeth, wife, 2 births 2 children living, born in Germany, imm. in 1863
  • KOHLER, Edith M. daug, 17
  • KOHLER, Edna M., daug, 12
  • KOHLER, Mary L., daug, 10
  • WOLBER, John, nephew, 23, born in Germany, farm labor

In comparing 1900 to 1910, one can see that Luthor seems to be missing. He should be around 13.

The 1920 Census for Hamilton shows a 25 year old Bertha employed as a servant in the household of a retail merchant named Howard Hyman.

In 1920, Bertha married William Edmund Glauch, a machinist who was also a prominent bicycle racer and trombone player. He and Bertha appear to have had no children. William died in 1953, twenty-three years before Bertha passed.

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Bertha's siblings per Findagrave:

1891 - Emma C. Kohler-WITHROW (d. 1972) in 1912 m. Minor T. Withrow (d.1964)

1913 - Wayne Carl Withrow (d.1996)

1917 - Mabel B. Withrow-FISHER (d. 1991)

1892 - Edith Marie Kohler-MORRIS (d. 1987) m. Edward L. Morris

1914 - Leland Stanford Morris (d. 2005)

19xx - Helen Morris-STOFFREGEN

19xx - Marjory Morris-PETERS

19xx - Mary Morris-ITTEL

1897 - Edna Marie Kohler-MORRIS (d. 2004) m. __

1920 - Mildred Edna Morris-BRAMBLE (d. 2018)

1923 - Faye Ernestine Morris-GROH (d. 2006)

1899 - Mary Lilly Kohler-SCHALLIP-WEISS (d. 1989) m1. George S. Schallip, m2. ___ Weiss

1925 - Robert G. Schallip (d. 2014)

1903 - Hilda M. Kohler (d. 1903, died as infant)

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