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Saturday, February 28, 2015

McCUE, Evelyn

Evelyn McCUE, 1919
This photo of Evelyn McCUE was located last week at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show in Florida. The photo is a full body shot and presented in a brown tri-fold cover inscribed "Evelyn McCue, B.H.S. 1919." The brown cover is also embossed with a small stamp which reads: Rand, Brockton, Mass.  I believe B.H.S. stands for Brockton High School, and the photo was taken upon completion of her education.

Evelyn McCUE, born 6 Nov 1899 in Randolph, Massachusetts, daughter of Edward T. McCUE and Mary DUFFY.

Marriage record for Evelyn's parents indicate that Edward (b. abt 1863) is a son of Patrick McCue and Sarah (unknown). Mary (b. abt 1864 in Ireland) is a daughter of Patrick Duffy and Mary Burns.

Birth record for Evelyn, notes indicate that Edward was born in South Weymouth and Mary was born in Ireland. Edward worked as a "Treer"  in a shoe factory. (Evidence points to him dying in Randolph or nearby Brockton MA in 1903-1904).

Edward and Mary also had a son (Edward P.) born April 16, 1904, which lived a day.

1924 Brockton City Directory
McCue, Mary, widow of Edward T, resides at 91 E Ashland
McCue, Evelyn M., clerk at 159 Spark (Douglas Shoe Company), boards at 91 E Ashland
McCue, Mary E. waitress, boards at 91 E Ashland

1930 Census, Brockton, Plymouth, MA
McCUE, Mary, 62, widowed, no occupation
McCUE, Mary A., 34, single, stitcher in shoe factory
McCUE, Evelyn, 30, single, typist in shoe factory

1933 Brockton City Directory
McCue, Mary E., widow of Edw T., home 57 Ford
McCue, Evelyn M., clerk 159 Spark, resides 57 Ford
McCue Mary E., shoeworker , resides 57 Ford

1935, all three women are still at 57 Ford.

The 1942 City Directory has both Mary McCue's still at 57 Ford Street but Evelyn is missing. (Perhaps married, moved or deceased.)

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