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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

KRAUSE children

Nina Krause, Leonard Krause, Robert Krause
UPDATE - This photo has been claimed by a grandson of Nina Krause, and is going home. This photo was acquired at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, at an antique show held there in February.

It contains no clues as to location. My best guess for time period is around 1895-1900. There are three children, identified as Nina Krause, Leonard Krause and Robert Krause.

Using census records, the only instance I see of children with these names in the same household is the 1910 Census for Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

KRAUSE, Edward J., head, 53, [born abt 1857],widowed, Penn., Penn., Penn., sales agent at Steel company
KRAUSE, Hortensia E., daughter, 27, [1883], single
KRAUSE, Nina, daughter, 22, [1888], single, teacher at a school
KRAUSE, Robert, son, 20, [1890], single
KRAUSE, Edward Jr., son 7 [1903]

Interestingly, living right next door is another Krause family:
KRAUSE, Henry A., head, 49, [1861], merchant at hardware store
KRAUSE, May (Mary?), wife, 46 [1864]
KRAUSE, Lenard R., son, 17, [1893] illegible occupation

Findagrave website shows Robert P. Krause (1889-1941) buried in Bethlehem PA, a son of Edward John Krause (1856-1917) and Sarah Coleman Lee (1860-1892). His siblings include Nina L. Krause-Liebig (1887-1973), an older brother Albert E. Krause (1884-1932) and a few half-siblings. It also reports that Robert was a soldier in WWI.

The Findagrave entry for the father, Edward, reports that his parents were Robert Parmenio Krause (1830-1866) and Hortensia V. Weber (1833-1902). Edward was married twice, first to Sarah Coleman Lee, who died in 1892, then to Nina M. Lee (1864-1905), who very likely was a relative of the first wife.  Among Edward's sibling's there is a Henry A. Krause (1860-1930) who is most likely the neighbor on the Census. Henry A. Krause's page at Findagrave lists wife Mayetta Roberts and only one son; Leonard (1892-1978) thus the Lenard (Leonard) in the photo is a first cousin of Nina and Robert, as well as next-door neighbor.

Further research shows that patriarch Robert Parmenio Krause was a son of John Krause and Elizabeth Beitel.

Leonard Krause married Mary Dech and the pair remained in Bethlehem for the remainder of their lives.  Nina married John Leibig. I cannot find a marriage record for Robert.

Eldest daughter Hortensia, mentioned in the Census, married Frederick J. Schmid on Sept 12, 1912. The news was carried on page 1 of the Allentown Democrat the following day.


  1. I am said grandson, son of Nina Krause and John Liebig's oldest child, Helen Albright Liebig Miller, 1916-2012. Nina taught kindergarten in the basement of a Bethlehem, PA church. Kindergarten in that time was private. Robert never married. He was exposed to mustard gas in WW1 and struggled for the rest of his life. Albert graduated from Lehigh University and married a woman named Elise. My mom used to speak about Uncle Albert, Aunt Elise, Uncle Bob and Aunt Tennie (Hortensia) but I never met any of them. Leonard, who I think was a cousin, came to our house once in Fullerton. I was very young, but I remember him as very friendly with a wonderful large black dog.

    1. Thank you for this great, extra information on the Krause family. I am so glad to be able to send Nina home to you.