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Monday, March 9, 2015

WARNER children

WARNER children of Holyoke, Massachusetts
Photo was located at an antique fair in Palm Beach County Florida at a booth which also had numerous photos of a family named IVES (future post coming on that group.) I suspect the families may be related.

This photo was taken at a photographic studio in Holyoke, Massachusetts, probably circa 1918. The back contains the hand-written note identifying the subjects as:

Stanley, Viola, Bertha, Pauline & Everett WARNER

1910 Census for Holyoke MA, ward 7, at 1234 Hampden Street
WARNER, Ernest S., head, 37, born in CT, agent in fruit industry
WARNER, Lilian E., wife, 38, Massachussetts
WARNER, Stanley E., son, 16
WARNER, Marian V., daughter, 8
WARNER, Bertha A., daughter, 6
WARNER, Pauline E., daughter, 4

1919 City Directory, Holyoke, Mass.
WARNER, Ernest, S., real estate agency, fire insurance
WARNER, Stanley E., in U.S. Army  (He achieved the rank of Corporal.)

1920 Census for Holyoke MA, ward 7, at 1234 Hampden Street
WARNER, Ernest S., head, 46, born in CT, real estate agent
WARNER, Mabel J., wife, 44
WARNER, Stanley E., son, 25, real estate agent
WARNER, Marian V., daughter, 18
WARNER, Bertha A., daughter, 16
WARNER, Pauline E., daughter, 14
WARNER, Everett R., son, 9

Further research:
First wife, Lilian E. (Bryant) died in April of 1911. Ernest Stone Warner remarried later in 1911 to Mabel James Chase.

Stanley E. Warner (1894-1960) married Kate Robertina Woods (1890-1976)
a brother named Howard, born in 1897, died at the age of 4.
Marion Viola Warner (1901- ) m. Clifford Lucas King
Bertha Althea Warner (1903- )
Pauline Estella Warner (1906- )
Everett Robert Warner (1910- )

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