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Friday, March 6, 2015

BROOKS children

This post represents my 100th researched photo in this Blog series.

Mary Brooks, Boston
This image, taken at a studio in Boston between 1895 and 1900, features three children, although the back of the photo only identifies one child; Mary Brooks.

As there is only one name given, and fairly common name at that, the task to find the right family is made more difficult.  But we will start by looking in the Boston Mass census records for a Mary Brooks of the right age, with an older brother, and a sister.

Also, which of the girls in the photo is "Mary"?  The approximate age of the children,in my estimation, is around 9 or 10 for the boy. Around 7 or 8 for the sister with the longer face. And around 5 for the sister with the rounder face.

So far, only one family is found on the census which meets this criteria.

1900 Census - Boston Massachusetts
BROOKS, William J., head, 39, Apr 1861, immig 1882, born in Ireland, occupation Agent
BROOKS, Mary Ann, wife, 38, Aug 1861, born in Mass. of Irish parents
BROOKS, Charles, son, 13, July 1886, Mass.
BROOKS, Mary, daughter, 12, Jan 1888, Mass.
BROOKS, Katie, daughter, 8, Jan 1892, Mass.
BROOKS, William, son, 5, Sept 1894, Mass.
BROOKS, John, son, 3, Nov 1896, Mass.

This mean "Mary" is the elder of the two sisters in the image, and would be the one at the far left of the photo.

1920 Census - Boston Massachusetts
BROOKS, William J., head, widowed, 60, occup Watchman at Court House
BROOKS, Charles, son, 33, occup Mail Clerk at Railway
BROOKS, Mary G., daughter, 29, Stenographer at Grain Company
BROOKS, John E., son, 22, electrician

(Looks lied she may have lied to the census-taker about her age. If she was born in '88, she would be 32 at the time of the census. The rest of the family has aged correctly.)

Massachusetts Death Index shows her years of life as (Jan 28, 1888 - April 22, 1983, died at Weymouth). She apparently never married, as she died still using her maiden name.

Further research:
Her mother was Mary Ann Norton (died 1910), daughter of Lawrence Norton and Helen Flynn.
Charles J. Brooks (15 Jul 1886 - 18 Jan 1951) married Mary J. Callahan (1885-1938) in Oct 1924.
Catherine 'Katie' Brooks (15 Jan 1892 - 8 Nov 1985) married David Shea (1890-1972).

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