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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IVES family photos

Laurison IVES
Last weekend the Antique haul consisted of nearly 20 individual photos of members of the IVES family of the Wallingford Connecticut area.  The photos appear to have been torn out of a family photo album, as some still have remnants of black paper stuck to the edges. I sorted out all I could find of the predominant surname (IVES) and bought those. Since the other surnames were probably also relations in some way, I should have acquired all of them, just to keep them together, but my budget was not that large.

Here is the list of those I brought home. I will include a few photos here, but probably not all of them. Some are from formal sittings at a studio, but most are snapshots.

LAURISON IVES - (1846-1905) The Census records tell an interesting story. His father Wooster Yale Ives ran a hotel in Wallingford, CT, and while other siblings got married and left the household, Laurison remained to help him. He eventually married later in life (around 1891-1892). Laurison was around 45 and his young wife Alice Scranton was around 21. They had three children; daughters Jessie and Laurette, and a son Wooster Laurison Ives.
Jesse, Laurette and Wooster IVES

JESSIE, LAURETTE and WOOSTER LAURISON IVES - Eldest daughter Jessie was born in October 1893. Laurette was born Nov 1896, and Wooster was born in 1900. Their father dired in 1905 and mother Alice remarried within a year or two to William R. Andrews. When daughter Jessie married Edison Leonard, she took her siblings with her into her husband's home, while her mother began a new family with Andrews.

WALTER EARL IVES - was a son of Delano Wooster Ives and wife Emily Frances Bradley. He was born in 1878 and died in 1964. The original photo has numerous discoloration marks, but I was able to manipulate the digital image here so the marks are less noticable.

Walter Earl IVES
Other photos from the same vendor:

Mildred D.(?) IVES
William IVES
Dorothy IVES and Frances IVES
Robert and Caroline IVES
Delano IVES
Mabel IVES at Flora's
Mabel IVES w/ Mr/Mrs James COOPER
Hazel UMBA w/ Flora COOPER
Clarence YOUNG, Annie UMBA, Flora COOPER, Willett IVES on the steamer at Savin Rock Amusement Park
Marie UMBA (Ernie's Marie)
William PRING, Flora BEACH and Florence HARRISON (or NORRISON?)
Ruth and Donald IVES
Ruth and Donald IVES
Donald W. IVES
Ruth Lillian IVES

There were more photos which I did not purchase that were labeled with the surname "Umba" which I have seen in some family trees as "Umbaugh." These appear to be a related family to Ives.

If I can find this same vendor again when I return to the area in December 2015, and if the photos are still available at that time, I may look for more Umba photos. (UPDATE - I never saw that particular vendor again.)

Some more of this group of photos:

Delano IVES
Robert and Caroline IVES

Mildred, wife of Delavan IVES


  1. My deceased husband was the son of Robert Ives and grandson of Delavan Wooster Ives. Mildred was Delavan's first wife. I would love to see the pictures of Robert and Caroline (or Carolyn) Ives and of Mildred Ives. Thank you.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      I am traveling for another two weeks in Europe. When I return home to my photos, I will add the other Ives group of photos to this post so you can see them. Thank you for your patience.

  2. I guess it would be good to see Delano Ives too. Thanks.

    1. I have added the photos of your husband's IVES relatives. Please feel free to snag digital images if you need them for your family tree. And let me know if you'd like to have the originals.

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  4. Thank you for the additional photos.
    Linda Ives