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Monday, February 2, 2015

KLOCK, Dr. Henry Albright

UPDATE - Dr. Klock has been claimed by a family member and is going home. This photo of "Dr. H.A. KLOCK" was taken in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, circa 1885-1888.

The subject's full name, upon investigation, is found to be HENRY ALBRIGHT KLOCK.

Born 16 Aug 1848 in Pitman, Schuylkill County, PA.
Son of Joseph Z. Klock and Magdalena Hepler, who were farmers in the area of Pitman, Schuylkill County. Henry had a brother named William who continued in the farming business.

Henry married in 1872 to Elizabeth Sidney Seiler.

1880 Census - Mahanoy City, Shuylkill County PA.
54 Centre Street
KLOCK, H. A., 31 yr, head, Physician
KLOCK, Elizabeth, 28 yr, wife, housekeeping (her parents were Welsh immigrants)
KLOCK, Joseph,  7yr, son
SEILER, Cyrus, 21 brother-in-law, laborer

1900 Census - Mahanoy City, Schuylkill PA.
231 East Centre Street
KLOCK, Henry A., head, Aug 1848, 51, Physician
KLOCK, Elizabeth S., wife, March 1852, 48
KLOCK, LeRoy Egbert, son, Dec 1880, 19, at school
KLOCK, Joseph Victor, son, March 1873, 27, Physician
KLOCK, Minnie M., daughter-in-law, March 1873, 27
BARNHART, Edith, servant, July 1879, 20, servant

Dr. Klock died in Mahanoy City on 1 Feb, 1908. Both of his sons followed in their father's footsteps and became doctors in Schuykill County.


  1. This is a great find and I'd love to chat with Kathleen, the blogger, so if you're out there reading this please contact me! Also, need info as to who claimed the photo(s) & where was this photo found? Please...I believe this to be my great, great grandfather! THANK YOU

    1. I replied to you at your email address. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    2. Hi Kathleen! I am here in Utah at The Family Search Center and was looking up my ancestors via It did not provide as thorough results as did your blog. H.A. Klock is my great-great-grandfather.

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  3. Sara, how nice to hear from you. Thank you for your compliments. I have several valuable resources which I use in conjunction. You are actually the second person to contact me in regards to Dr. Klock AFTER I mailed him out to a descendant. You are welcome to copy any image or information from my blog for use in your own projects.