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Sunday, February 1, 2015


John Jobson
UPDATE - John Jobson has been claimed by his granddaughter, and is going home. This photograph labeled simply "John Jobson" was located at the Vero Beach Florida Antique Fair this weekend.

The fact that it is a snapshot with no matte which might yield clues regarding the location, made me wonder if it would possible at all to correctly identify the family to whom he belongs.

But my fears were unfounded, as he was identified rather quickly.

This is JOHN HENRY JOBSON, born 20 Nov 1901 in Jefferson County, NY, to parents Arthur Jobson and Florence Hearns. He died in July 1955 in Ogdensburg, St Lawrence County, NY.

He married Violet Catherine Brown, and they had eight children.

This photo was found on-line at
In seeking more clues at , I discovered that there were several men named "John Jobson" who appeared to be roughly the same age as the man in the photo. Without a known location, this fellow could have been any of those.

But the clincher came when I saw this photo (at left) on-line, which is clearly the same individual, and was obviously taken during the same studio sitting. His hair is styled the same way. He is wearing the same suit and tie. And the light source at the left of both photos is identical.

Without this second photo as positive confirmation, I do not think I could have been certain exactly which John Jobson I had found.


  1. Thank you again for finding and retuning the photo of our grandfather to our family. We are overjoyed to say the least!

    1. It has been my pleasure to do so.