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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Sam Bishop, Philadelphia, Penn.
This photo was located at an antique fair at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

The photo was taken in Philadelphia, around 1885. Sam Bishop appears to be about 25-30 years old, which would  make his birth somewhere around 1855-1860.

The 1880 census for Philadelphia finds a Bishop family living at 17 Sharpnack Street, in the Germantown district. Head of the family is Isic (Isaac?) Bishop (56, teamster) but there is no wife listed. Eldest son in the house is Sam Bishop (22 [thus born around 1858], working in a woollen mill). There are also three daughters, Elizabeth (17), Mary E. (12) and Annie F. (10).

The 1870 census sheds a bit more light. At that earlier time, Isaac's wife, Cathus was present. She was 37 in 1870, thus born around 1833.  At age 13, Sam was already working in the woollen mill.

Now we jump forward to the 1900 Census. The family is now situated on Cumberland Street. Head of the household is Sam, now 41 years old and employed as a machinist. Living with him are sisters Elizabeth Bishop (35), Mary Toner (28, widowed, employed as a grocery cashier), Anna Bishop (22), as well as three boarders.

Father Isaac died in 17-Sep-1895.  News of his funeral was mentioned in the 20-Sep-1895 Philadelphia Times.

Sister Mary married Joseph Vincent Toner in 1895, but he apparently died prior to the 1900 Census as Mary had returned to her family's residence by that time..

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