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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

JOBSON, Fredrick

Fredrick JOBSON
In my stack of old photos which I had acquired last month but had not yet begun the research, I find another person with the surname of JOBSON. 

I have already placed John Henry Jobson with a granddaughter, but not sure if Frederick JOBSON is also related.

There are no location clues on this photo. I am guessing that the image is circa early 1880's.  The young man appears to be in his 20s.

The back of the photo contains a few confusing clues.

First, written in pencil, are the words "Fredrick Jobson" and then the mysterious word "Englonia" (?), which I suppose could be Euglonia, but that would be weird.

Above image enhanced to bring letters out more clearly.
Secondly, at the bottom of the backside of the photo, written in ink, are the words "Carlos (something illegible) Woolrich (?)" The last word could also say Woolworth.

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