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Saturday, February 7, 2015

MUSGROVE, Roxie Rogers and Arphax

UPDATE - Roxie Rogers and Arphax Musgrove have been claimed by family and are going home. The lovely young lady below was labelled with the inscription above. It took me weeks to finally identify the name as "Roxie Rogers-Musgrove." The last name drove me nuts. I kept seeing it as "Innesgrove" or "Inersgrove." Only when I put these away for a while, then pulled them out and looked again, did I finally see the first letter as an M.

Born 6 Nov 1890 to Parents James William Rogers and Louisa Deaubary Kaster.
Died  25 or 26 June 1930 (age 39)

She had one sister (Mrs. Cecil Willet), and 3 brothers Charles W. Rogers, Kastor C. Rogers, and Glenn W. Rogers.

Married to Gilbert Rowan Musgrove on 7 Apr 1919.

Children: Walter Rowan Musgrove (b. abt 1924), Nellie Lou Musgrove (1925) and Lillie Virgilia "Jill" Musgrove (1928).

1930 Census (April 12, 1930) Canton Township, Missouri.
MUSGROVE, Gilbert R. (36) General Farming
MUSGROVE, Roxy (39)
MUSGROVE, Walter (6)
MUSGROVE, Nellie (3 and 9/12)
MUSGROVE, Lillie (2 and 2/12)

Roxie's husband Gilbert (16 Sep 1893-1954) was a son of Thomas Arphaxad Musgrove and Lillie. Gilbert had a younger brother named Arphax W. Musgrove (born 3 October 1896, died 1969).

In the same box in which I located the photo of Roxie, in fact right next to her, was found this photo of "Arphax Musgrove". I thought at first this may be a photo of the man she married, given the same last name, but it turned out to be her brother-in-law.

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