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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BURK, Boyd's mother

UPDATE - This photo has been claimed by a descendant of Boyd Burk and is going home!

This photo, acquired from the "Breakable Collectibles" booth at an antique show in Stewart Florida. I probably should not have purchased it, as it really does not identify the people in the photo with any certainty.

The mat is stamped Jones Studio, Columbia City, Indiana, and appears to have been taken about 1880-1885. The woman appears to be around 20-25 and the gentleman appears to be a bit older, like about 35-40.

The inscription on the reverse says "Great grandma Burk, Boyd Sr.'s mother."

So I am searching for a couple who had a son named Boyd Burk, and the fact that he is referred to as "Boyd Sr." implies that there is also a "Boyd Jr." in the family.

The only match I have come up with so far, is this:

William Edgar Burk (1840-1923), a German-born contractor, living with his family in Akron Ohio. Wife Lena Mann (also seen as Helena and Alenia) born 1862 in Germany, d. 1935). They have several children, but one of these is Boyd Frederick Burk (1885-1976) who later marries Florence Rundell, and they have a son Boyd F. Burk Jr. (1910-1980).

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