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Sunday, February 8, 2015

ORR Augustus and wife Rebecca STEWART

UPDATE - this photo was claimed by a descendent and has gone home. This photo was acquired on February 8, 2015 at a booth at the Antique fair at Palm Beach County Fairgrounds in Florida.

It was taken circa 1890-95 at a photographic studio in Cadiz, Ohio.

On the back is written "Augustus Orr and wife Rebecca Jane Stewart."

Rebecca is the second wife of Augustus and about 19 years his junior. On the 1900 census for Rumley Township, Harrison County Ohio, his birthday is recorded as "Aug 1827" and hers is "June 1846" (although it appears to have been corrected to 1844.)

Also in the household are two children from his first marriage to Levina Arbaugh (1824-1878); Jonathan (Nov. 1856) and Andrew (June 1864), as well as two daughters from his second marriage; Amanda (Jan 1883) and Jessie (May 1885).

Augustus died in 1920. His parents were Singleton Orr and Mary Marsh.

Rebecca lived until 1927. Her parents were Jesse Stewart and Rebecca Haines.

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  1. hello my name is Steve Stewart and i am putting together a genealogy book for my children i have learned i am a decedent of William and Rebecca and would love a copy of this photo if you could email me at i would appreciate it