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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


FRED STAGG, Brockville, Ont.

This snapshot of Fred Stagg was found in the same box as the six previously posted photographs, at the Antique Fair in Vero Beach last weekend.

To this point, most of the other photos all seemed to have a connection to St. Lawrence County, New York.

This photo bears a hand-written note on the back which says "Fred Stagg, Brockville, Ont."

The only obvious connection between this photo and the previous four is that Brockville, Ontario is situated directly across the St. Lawrence River from Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, New York.

I cannot determine from the clothing when this photo may have been taken. My guess 1910 to 1920, and Fred looks to be around age 25 to 30 at this time.

I find a Fred Stagg on the 1891 Canadian Census for Brockville, Ontario.  The family is enumerated thusly:

  • STAGG, Alfred, age 52, born in England, occupation Butcher
  • STAGG, Laura, 52, born in Ontario
  • STAGG, Fred A., 27, Ontario, Butcher
  • STAGG, William, 23, Ontario
  • STAGG, Louisa, 21
  • STAGG, George, 19
  • STAGG, Lillian, 16
  • STAGG, Frank, 14
  • STAGG, Ethel, 11

However, unless the photograph was taken earlier than I suspect, the Fred mentioned in the Census would appear to be too early to be the same man, although the man in the photograph could be from the next generation of Staggs in Brockville. In 1891, Fred was 27, thus born around 1863. That would make him about age 56 in the photo above, if the photo was taken around 1920.

Fred and George are mentioned in this news items from Brockville, Ontario, which appeared in the THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE edition of Monday, March 9, 1896.


Being a butcher, Fred not surprisingly owned some pigs. His name appears in the 1908 edition of the Canadian National Record for Swine, Volume 19, page 31, as the owner of two named sows from the same 1908 litter.

I still suspect the fellow in the photo is a son or nephew of the fellow I have found the evidence for. I would love to hear from someone who can shed more light on this young man and help me find his family.

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