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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here was a fun find.  A photo-postcard which was stamped (with a one-cent stamp) on Aug 7, 1910 in Rosenberg, (Texas or possibly Tennessee.) Here is the front of the card:
Here is the back of the card:
The postcard is addressed to MISS MARLE PALMER, Greenwood, Indiana. And it says:

"Do you know this kid? Hello; how are you? I am all O.K. We are having hot weather. How is it with you? What are you doing? I am sleeping. Big meeting is going on, have been going most every night. Cotton picking has be gain. Write. Ida."

Now, I know that Ida never gave her surname, so I cannot really title this entry as IDA PALMER, although that may be correct. I suppose it would be more accurate to label this as a correspondence to Miss MARLE PALMER from someone named IDA.

Perhaps if relatives of Marle Palmer happen to see this blog entry, they might know who Ida was and what her connection to Marle was.

Using a jeweler's loupe, the postal cancellation stamp appears to look more like TEX than TEN.

Further research shows that there is a "Murl Palmer" in Greenwood IN on the 1900 Census, 7-yr-old at that time, living with her parents James W. and Jane Palmer. At the time of this postcard, would have been 17 years old.

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