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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Not really sure why I bought these two photos. Maybe because the faces look so kind. Maybe I just didn't want these two to get broken up. But there may not be enough real evidence here to help these folks find their way back home. The surname is not even certain. Best I can make of the cursive penmanship is either COCKAYE or possibly CORKAYE.

The first is of "Daddy Cockaye, 19 or 20 years".  The photo is badly broken around the edges, so no studio location can be identified. Just part of a street address. No town.

The second photo is of "Grandma Cockaye", although I do not know which person in this group photo is being indicated by that label. The matte appears to be stamped "Simonton" and on the torn paper backing one can vaguely make out a stamp which says Royal Photo Studio.

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